Vol 9 (2020): Материалы XVI Международной Бурденковской научной конференции 23-25 апреля 2020 года

Акушерство и гинекология


Abyzbaeva A., Baikosova G.


This article discusses the delivery of pregnant women with cholestatic hepatosis, their somatic history, as well as perinatal outcomes and complications of childbirth in women with a diagnosis of CGB.

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The effect of combined oral contraceptives on the female body

Belyak M.A., Morozov A.M.


relevance: in the modern world, the issue of contraception is especially important. Using various methods of contraceptive protection helps keep women healthy and reduce the number of abortions. This group of drugs has a contraceptive and therapeutic and prophylactic effect, which improves the prognosis of diseases and the quality of life of women. Purpose: to identify the effect of COCs on the female body and women's awareness of the use of hormonal contraceptives. Methods: Mass questionnaire was used as a research method. The sample size consisted of 60 female respondents, among whom 3 age subgroups were identified. The analysis of the effect of COCs on the female body was carried out on the basis of the developed questionnaire - "Study of the effect of combined oral contraceptives on the woman's body." The data were statistically processed to determine the percentage of negative and positive effects of COCs on the health of the surveyed women. A study of relevant literature on this issue was made. Results: from the data obtained, it was revealed that 50% of the respondents take oral contraceptives, of which 30% use COCs. When carrying out statistical calculations, such aspects as the purpose of use, a visit to a doctor before starting use and the side effects of this group of drugs were taken into account. The purpose of using COCs for most of the respondents was to prevent unwanted pregnancies and only 10% to treat dysmenorrhea and normalize the cycle. 63% of the respondents went to a consultation with a gynecologist before the appointment, 57% of whom did not receive a proper examination; 37% received information from other sources: 22% based on data received from the media, 78% based on reviews of friends and acquaintances. When questioning, it was revealed that most of the side effects of COCs are weak and occur at the beginning of use in 10-40% of patients. The incidence of side effects decreased to 5-10% with increasing duration of use. A worsening of the condition with the use of COCs is associated with about 18-50% of women, an improvement is noticed by 3-35% and 39-65% do not notice changes. In 6% of cases, serious complications were identified due to the use of the drug, which can be explained by the presence of diabetes mellitus in 2% of women, varicose veins in 3% and hypertension in 1%. Conclusion: in the course of the study, on the basis of the calculation performed, it was found that at the beginning of the use of COCs, a fairly large percentage of the respondents observed the appearance of undesirable side effects, regressing within three months. A visit to a therapist and gynecologist before starting the use of drugs in this group can reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

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Study of the level of personal and situational anxiety in patients with full-term pregnancy on the eve of delivery

Katsura K.S.


Relevance: Pregnancy and childbirth is an important stage in the life of not only the expectant mother and her family, but also the child being born. Well-known facts demonstrate a high dependence of the fetal state on the emotional mood of the mother and the level of her anxiety. A large number of factors, such as emotional experiences, hormonal disorders, deviations from the normal functions of organs and systems, cause a pregnant woman to experience fears and doubts, which has a direct or indirect impact on the health and life of the unborn child. According to numerous literature data, some pregnant women have a high level of anxiety that affects the condition of the fetus.
Objective: Study the level of personal and situational anxiety in pregnant women with a gestation period of 37 weeks or more due to the influence of various disorders of somatic, reproductive and social health.
1. Analyze the data of obstetric, gynecological, somatic and social anamnesis of the examined pregnant women;
2. Assess the level of situational anxiety in pregnant women with a gestation period of 37 weeks or higher;
3. Assess the level of personal anxiety of pregnant women in the study group;
4. Assess the influence of the number of factors aggravating the history on the level of personal anxiety.
Methods: We used a questionnaire for self-assessment of the level of anxiety by CH. D. Spielberger modified by Yu. L. Khanin, as well as data from the medical history and exchange card of 40 pregnant women with a gestation period of 37 weeks or more. Based on the analysis of the survey results, the level of personal and situational anxiety of the subjects was determined. The influence of obstetric, gynecological, somatic and social anamnesis on the indicator of personal anxiety was studied. Data processing was performed using descriptive statistics methods.
Results: According to the results of the study, it was found that high indicators of personal anxiety of pregnant women before childbirth are more common than similar indicators of situational anxiety. In the study sample, there were no women with a low level of personal anxiety. When analyzing the effect of the number of factors burdening the anamnesis, on indicators of trait anxiety found no direct relationship between the number of complicating medical history factors and increasing the level of personal anxiety.
Conclusion: Anxiety is an inherent character trait of pregnant women, which in reasonable manifestations is a way of adaptation and protection. One of the most important roles of an obstetrician-gynecologist is to provide psychological training for women before the planned pregnancy, during its duration and in the postpartum period.

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Iron-deficient conditions of pregnant women and their medical correction.

Litvinenko O.


Relevance: iron deficiency anemia (IDA) is a fairly frequent disorder during pregnancy, which can negatively affect the status of the fetus and mother. A highly effective solution for the treatment of anemia in pregnant women will be correctly selected therapy.
The purpose of this study: to study the quality of treatment of IDA in women during gestation with Tardiferon.
Research methods: in 2019 - early 2020, 46 test subjects with grade I IDA were monitored. Patients were prescribed FeSO4 (Tardiferon) for 30 days at a dosage of 80 mg (1 tablet) 1 p./day. Next, we evaluated blood parameters after 1 month of treatment.
Results of the study: pregnant women who were given Tardiferon showed an increase in blood values (Hb, Er) and values of iron metabolism: the level of serum iron, ferritin and other indicators. The appearance of adverse reactions, such as dyspeptic phenomena and defecation disorders, was observed in 15.7% (8 people).
Conclusion: the results obtained are a criterion for good tolerability of the drug, which means that in pregnant women with IDA, laboratory hemogram values are normalized in the outcome of treatment with Tardiferon, which results in a positive dynamics of the clinical picture and somatic status.

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Research of the phenomenon of multiple pregnancy and various factor that cause it

Rudenko E.S., Fomicheva O.R.


This paper presents the results of a study of the relationship between physical health indicators and anthropometric characteristics in female students of RSMU. Currently, representatives of the fair sex for various reasons have become more likely to resort to the use of modern technologies and turn to reproductive health centers, which, in turn, has led to an increase in the frequency of multiple births.

Objective: to investigate the relationship between physical health indicators and anthropometric features in 2nd-year female students of RSMU and contextually link them with the features of natural and artificial mechanisms of pregnancy.

The research was carried out in accordance with articles 5, 6 and 7 of the universal Declaration on bioethics and human rights. Based on the analysis of the data obtained, the BMI of the subjects was calculated and they were divided into 3 groups by body type: asthenic, normosthenic and hypersthenic types. The survey also revealed such parameters as: blood type, the presence of identical and fraternal twins in the family, and cancer patients.

Determination of the level of physical fitness of the subjects was made according to the standards of the TRP-jumping rope or Martinet test (30 squats, if there are contraindications). They were asked to make more skipping rope jumps in 30 seconds. To reach the norm, the subjects had to make at least 50 jumps. If there were any contraindications, the subjects performed 30 squats as another exercise.

Before and after physical exercises, we measured the arterial pulse for 1 minute and blood pressure (BP) of students, after which they were divided into 3 groups (low, medium and high level of training) according to asthenic, normosthenic and hypersthenic body type.

We determined the level of physical fitness of the subjects of different body types. It was revealed that at the current time, the identified contraindications were identified in 40% of the studied female individuals (age from 19 to 24 years, category: students). Accordingly, they are at risk of developing, first of all, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as other systems, and, therefore, without proper correction, the use of drugs to stimulate ovulation in the future is not recommended.

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Влияние факторов внешней среды на здоровье человека


Abramyan A.A., Silkin A.V.


Relevance. Flooding is the most common natural disaster compared to other natural disasters. Floods are regularly observed on most of the rivers of our country and occupy the first position in a number of natural disasters in terms of frequency, area of distribution and real damage.
Goal. To study the organization of medical care in case of floods, to perform the preparation of forces and means of the Ministry of health to work in emergency situations hydrology, and to assess the work of medical institutions carrying out medical and sanitary-epidemiological measures on liquidation of consequences of floods.
Methods. In the course of the scientific work, the material was analyzed and data on health care in the event of hydrological disasters in the far Eastern Federal district in 2013 were summarized.
Results. Proper organization of interaction of forces of the QMS of the Ministry of health of Russia, divisions of Rospotrebnadzor and FMBA of Russia, as well as timely implementation of necessary measures would prevent an increase in the degree of morbidity among the population to prevent the spread of viral and bacterial diseases, to maintain favourable sanitary-epidemiological conditions and the disease at its natural level.
Conclusion. Preventive measures carried out purposefully can significantly reduce material damage, and timely provision of the entire complex of medical and evacuation measures can save lives and preserve the health of the population in this emergency, that is, reduce the number of both irrevocable and sanitary losses.

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Antiterrorist activity. 15 years of tragedy in Beslan.

Aladkina T.A., Artamonova A.R.


In the XXI century, the problem of terrorism has become the most urgent for the world community. It is important to expand the social base of terrorism in the current world and involve a significant part of the population in extremist activities. Terrorism is one of the main threats to modern peace and human security. Unfortunately, Russia has become one of the main targets of terrorists.

To highlight the issues of public safety in case of possible terrorist acts based on the study of special literature on the prevention of terrorism and analyze the decisions taken during the terrorist act in Beslan.

The research methods used were systematization and study of specialized available literature on the prevention of terrorism, normative legal acts and journalistic investigations of the Beslan case.

In the course of our work, we studied the structure and classification of terrorism and the system of anti-terrorist security on the scale of our state on the basis of normative legal acts and on the basis of the analysis of the terrorist act that occurred in Beslan in 2004.

Counter-terrorism in our country is carried out through a clear system of anti-terrorist security, which at any time is able to ensure the safety of citizens and the country as a whole. Also, every citizen should be aware of the rules of conduct in the event of a possible terrorist attack. To date, no one is insured against getting into the zone of a terrorist attack and its consequences. Let's recall the recent tragedy that occurred in Thailand (08.02.2020), as a result of which at least 12 people were killed.

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The prevalence of burnout syndrome among medical workers in the admission department of a children's hospital

Arsentev L.L.


Relevance. According to the publicly available literature, burnout occurs in human-to-human occupations, including physicians and other healthcare professionals. In addition, there are not many data in the literature on the prevalence of this syndrome among pediatric healthcare workers. This paper analyzes the prevalence of burnout syndrome among medical workers of the admission department of a children's hospital, its impact on the health of workers, and the general patterns of its development.
Goal. The aim of the study was to identify the burnout syndrome in medical workers of different ages, with different length of service and working conditions, to assess the level of its development, to identify possible links between the presence of the syndrome and the occurrence of health abnormalities in workers and the emergence of bad habits, the presence of chronic diseases, analysis of industrial the environment in a particular department and the attitude of the workers themselves to it, the influence of the production environment on the formation of the syndrome.
Methods. As a research method, an anonymous questionnaire survey was adopted using the MBI method as edited by N.Ye. Vodopyanova.
Results. When analyzing the questionnaires, it was found that the emotional burnout syndrome is most clearly manifested in workers with little work experience, having part-time jobs, night shifts or combining work with studies at a university; In addition, the generally weak manifestations of the burnout syndrome in the team are noteworthy.
Conclusion. The data obtained suggest that burnout syndrome may be not only a consequence of chronically acting work stress. In addition, the article proposes methods for the prevention of burnout syndrome in employees of a particular department.

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Early spring plant species of the V.G. N.N. Burdenko

Badanova A., Dautova R.


Early spring plant species of the V.G. N.N. Burdenko

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Analysis of the effectiveness of the use of pedagogical technologies in small educational groups when conducting first aid classes among students of closed paramilitary educational institutions on the example of the Voronezh Mikhailovsky Cadet Corps

Barbashova L.A., Zaitseva A.M., Trofimov P.L.


Relevance: childhood and adolescent injuries are much more likely to cause death than illness. Moreover, young men predominated among the injured children. In addition, their injuries were more severe. Closed-type paramilitary educational institutions imply further admission to military service, which is associated with a risk to life.
Purpose: training cadets in the basics of self-and mutual assistance, both in peacetime and in wartime.
Methods: students of V.G. N.N. Burdenko conducted a cycle of classes on life safety in frontal and group form. The proposed topics covered the most common life-threatening emergencies and the algorithm of actions in case of their occurrence.
Results: the students successfully mastered the basics of desmurgy, methods of stopping bleeding, the algorithm for self-and mutual assistance in case of airway obstruction, and the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Conclusion: The most effective way to organize the educational process is the frontal and group form. Demonstration of educational films, practicing practical skills on dummies, training with the use of standard first aid aids can interest the cadets and motivate them to further cognitive process.

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Features of the organization of rehabilitation of victims with traumatic brain injuries in road accidents in the Voronezh region

Belesikova V.


Relevance: traumatic brain injury (TBI) is positioned as one of the most important problems in medicine. According to statistics, this type of injury is one of the first among the diseases that lead to death. A high percentage of patients of working age with disabilities implies significant socio-economic damage.
Objective: to study the process of rehabilitation of patients with TBI in the Voronezh region.
Methods: in the course of the work, the material was studied and the data of the Regional center for disaster medicine on victims of TBI as a result of road accidents for a five-year period were processed.
Results: the number of victims who received TBI in the region over the past five years was more than 27,000 people. Patients received medical care in district, city and regional hospitals of the Voronezh region. It should be noted that the largest number of victims with open injuries were admitted to the regional clinical hospital.
Conclusion: in the organization of rehabilitation activities for patients with various types of TBI, the regional Department developed a three-level rehabilitation scheme.

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Analysis of the causes and consequences of forest fires in Siberia in 2019

Bogacheva A.A., Kadieva E.A.


Relevance. Natural fires are a powerful factor that can affect the environment, life and health of people, and cause serious economic damage to the state.
Purpose: analysis of the causes of the occurrence and spread of forest fires in Siberia; study of their impact on the environment and public health.
Methods. The method of expert assessments, statistical analysis of data from official agencies and the media, comparative analysis.
Results. The main causes of the fires were the careless handling of fire by people and dry thunderstorms, as well as (according to unofficial data) deliberate arson for the purpose of illegal logging for sale. The scale of the fires was due to the lack of measures for fires in hard-to-reach areas of the taiga, passive monitoring in order to save money and due to a lack of funding. According to Russia's Greenpeace, 5.4 million hectares of forest were affected. The Siberian fires had the most catastrophic consequences for flora and fauna. A number of areas were in the smoke zone. In the city of Kirensk, an excess in the atmospheric air of the maximum permissible concentrations for the content of carbon oxide - 1.2 times, sulfur dioxide - 1.02 times. In Krasnoyarsk, the content of suspended particles of the PM2.5 fraction, according to Rospotrebnadzor, was twice the norm. For a comparative analysis, we took Rospotrebnadzor data for the Voronezh region for August 2010 during the period of forest fires, when there was a strong relationship between the concentration of carbon monoxide and hospitalization, moderate - between the concentration of suspended particles and hospitalization, strong - between the concentration of suspended particles and mortality. Thus, the level of morbidity and mortality in the territories affected by the Siberian fires could differ insignificantly, which was confirmed by media reports. However, according to the official data of Rospotrebnadzor as of June 31, 2019, there were no high health risks.
Conclusion. The main causes of the fires were the careless handling of fire by people and dry thunderstorms, as well as (according to unofficial data) arson for the purpose of illegal logging. The scale of the fires was due to the lack of measures taken in case of fires in hard-to-reach areas of the taiga. 5.4 million hectares of forest were affected. A number of areas were in the zone of smoke with an excess of the MPC. Based on the results of our comparative analysis with data on fires in the Voronezh region in 2010, an increase in morbidity and mortality in the areas of Siberian fires with smoke was predicted. This forecast was confirmed in the media, however, according to the official data of Rospotrebnadzor, there were no high risks to public health.

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The awareness of toxoplasmosis in Voronezh

Boima M.


Relevance. Toxoplasmosis is a neglected protozoal ubiquitous disease, which entails serious consequences for newborns and HIV-infected people.

The heterogeneity of the scientific literature data on the routes of transmission of toxoplasmosis is a circumstance that complicates the development of prophylaxis for this disease. Nevertheless, sanitary and educational work remains a primary direction of a preventive nature for this disease.

Aims: The study was conducted to analyze the levels of awareness of the population of Voronezh about toxoplasmosis and to increase the levels of education of the population by indirectly informing people who are completely unaware of this disease.

Methods: An anonymous survey of various groups of the population of Voronezh was conducted from 09/30/2019 to 10/19/2019. The questionnaire forms consisted of 12 questions. Almost all the answers to the questions were formally correct in order to comply with ethical principles.

Results: A total of 123 people were surveyed. One of the fundamental questions "do you know what toxoplasmosis is?" 69 people answered in the affirmative, which was 56% of the respondents, 28 people know little about this disease, which is 23% and (subjectively) 26 people do not know anything about this disease (21%). The results give some reason for optimism when compared with data from a similar survey conducted in Moscow. However, on the other hand, this creates a picture of make-believe well-being in the field of educating the population about the aforementioned disease.

Conclusion: The data was obtained reflecting the perception of the population  of Voronezh about toxoplasmosis, which will make it possible to form a number of corrective measures for the prevention of this disease.

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Epidemiological characteristics of influenza in the city of Voronezh, a priority of prevention

Volkova V.


Relevance: acute viral respiratory diseases are the most common pathology. Their contribution to the infectious morbidity of the Voronezh region is 85%, of which 12-16% is caused by influenza. Due to biological features, new, previously unknown flu viruses appear. Due to the fact that the flu virus is an anthoponosis, spreads easily among people, and is unfamiliar to modern generations due to its surface antigens, in 2009 the world health organization named the influenza a (H1N1) virus as a candidate for pandemic strains.
Objective: to identify the epidemic characteristics of influenza depending on the prevailing flu serotypes in different years of the study period.
Methods: the analysis of flu incidence in the Voronezh region for 2016-2018 was performed. The analysis of clinical and laboratory studies of 118 patients with a diagnosis of "Flu" (22% of them are inpatient treatment, children). In the course of the work, the clinical picture of influenza and its course were evaluated. A survey of medical University students about their attitude to influenza vaccination was completed.
Results: in 78% of cases, the diagnosis of "flu" was confirmed in the laboratory with the installation of the virus group A (H1N1 pdm 09). The most dangerous complication is pneumonia. Patients with influenza pneumonia showed a higher intensity of viral load and long-term detection of the virus in the bronchial contents. Early diagnosis and treatment provided effective therapy and prevention of complications.
The survey showed a negative attitude of students to active immunoprophylaxis against influenza. 59% of students do not consider a reliable method against flu, 77% do not consider flu vaccination mandatory, and only 19% get a flu shot every year.
Conclusion: patients with influenza pneumonia have a higher intensity of viral load and long-term detection of the virus in the bronchial contents. Laboratory diagnosis was made in 78% of cases and influenza a (H1N1) pdm9 was diagnosed. In other cases, the diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms.
The conducted survey allowed us to objectively consider the problem of negative perception of active immunization against this disease, when the high variability of the influenza a/H1N1 virus, which causes pandemics and most epidemics, is a problem for creating effective etiotropic treatments and anti-influenza vaccines. The emergence of new technologies for making vaccines, such as genetic engineering and DNA technologies, allows us to take a new look at the problem of eradicating influenza on the planet. Vaccination of not only high-risk groups, but continuous continuous vaccination should be included in all national vaccination programs. Only such a policy will help solve the problem of flu incidence.
Keywords: influenza; clinical and laboratory examinations; epidemiological features

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Study of the dynamic role of the epiphysis on the quality of cognitive and physical activity

Voloshina E.K., Medzhidov M.P., Korshunova A.


The purpose of the work: to study the qualitative role of the epiphysis in the implementation of various types of activities by students of Rostgmu.

Method questionnaire explored a number of parameters including: quality of sleep according to the method of J. I. Levin, level of anxiety according to the method lusher, chronotype test (Horne-Ostberg); For the treatment of results was used program STATISTICA 12.6. Also, to determine the degree of influence of the epiphysis on the cognitive activity and physical activity of students, we tracked their academic performance and well-being throughout the experiment, which was 28 days.

- Revealed during the experiment that 27.7%-the first week and 13% - the second week sleeps with artificial light;

-According to the data obtained: with an increase in the percentage of sleep quality (from 36.6 % at the beginning of the experiment to 41.6 % at the end of the experiment), academic performance also increased (from 3.5 at the beginning of the experiment to 3.6 at the end of the experiment)

- After analyzing the results of the lusher test at the beginning of the experiment and at the end of the experiment, we found: a decrease in anxiety from 5.95 to 5.04, which also had a positive effect on the percentage of quality of academic performance (the number of twos decreased from 19% to 16%). The results were compared with academic performance and noticed that with a decrease in anxiety, academic performance increases.

- Revealed the dynamics of changes in academic performance and the level of anxiety of students after passing the experiment, which includes daily physical activity. During the experiment, it was found that when using daily exercise, the level of anxiety decreased by 15.3% and, accordingly, the overall academic performance increased by 2.9%

- At the beginning of our experiment, the decline was at the level of 32%, and by the end of the experiment, this indicator decreased to 20.5%. That is, the performance of the subjects increased by 11.5% compared to the initial indicator and by 13.5% compared to the generally accepted indicator of decline in the autumn-winter period ( performance decreases by 34-36%)

- We studied the effect of the chronotype on circadian rhythms. We found that 74% of the subjects belong to the "pigeon" chronotype, which means that most of the subjects have approximately the same circadian rhythms.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):27-28
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The prevalence of personality type "D" among students

Gogolyuhina N.A.


Relevance. It has been proven that the presence of type D has a destructive effect on the quality of life, on the course of various diseases, etc. The concept of personality type D can be characterized as a combination of some human character traits - negative emotionality, anxiety, irritability. Most of these individual differences can affect physical and mental health, with the introduction into clinical practice of the concept of problematic character traits or type D personality, renewed interest in the role of personality.
Goal. Study of the prevalence of type D among students. Thus, we will highlight the special personality traits that make people more vulnerable to stressful influences. Also, we will compare types "A" and "D" in order to identify their physical characteristics and features of the world view. A survey was conducted with the participation of 65 students from two different universities.
Methods. The study involved 65 people. (8 males (12.3%), 57 females (87.7%). 19 respondents are students of the Tyumen State Medical University (29.2%), 46 respondents are students of the Tyumen Institute of Culture and College of Arts (80.7% The experiment was carried out as follows: each participant was offered a questionnaire compiled by Denollett (questionnaire DS 14).
Results. According to the results of the experiment, 21 out of 65 people (32.3%) with a high degree of probability belong to type D. Moreover, 20 people are trained in the field of culture. Thus, among the students of the medical university, only one student can be attributed to the studied personality type, while among the students of the institute of culture, this type includes 20 people (35%), of which one student and nineteen female students.
Conclusion. Psychological distress occurs in 32.3% of students. The presence of type D is associated with a high level of situational and personal anxiety and the highest values ​​on the depression scale than among students who do not belong to type D.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):28-29
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The organizational structure of health care for children in Voronezh and Voronezh region in emergencies of various types

Gorokhov G.A., Margulis M.Е., Khodarina Y.V.


Rationale: one of the urgent problems of disaster medicine at the present stage is the provision of medical care to children affected by various emergency situations (ES). The peculiarity of this problem is that the provision of medical care to the population of children is determined by a number of factors. It is necessary to keep in mind the possibility of a high proportion of this contingent in the structure of sanitary losses in various emergencies.

Aim: to determine the features of the organization of providing qualified and specialized medical care to the population of children affected by various emergencies in Voronezh and the Voronezh region.

Methods: during the research, a science-based action plan was created, which was used to collect and process statistical data of the diagnostic process of the "case-control" type. We evaluated the dynamics of patients with open and closed craniocerebral injuries in various medical institutions in 2014-2018 on the basis of data obtained by us from the TCCM of the Voronezh region.

Results: Medical institutions were divided into 3 groups. The first group (n=1) consisted of city hospitals, the second group (n=2) included district hospitals, and the third group (n=3) included regional institutions. According to the data obtained by us from the TCCM of the Voronezh region, statistics were compiled on traumatic brain injuries (hereinafter – TBI) of the children's population in the Voronezh region for 2014-2018, after analyzing which the authors noted, first, an increase in the total number of open TBI and mortality in this disease, but after 2015 their gradual decrease. Second, in the period from 2014 to 2017, there was a decrease in the number of closed TBI, as well as their mortality, but after 2017, there was an increase in these indicators again. And third, for open TBI, the largest number of admissions was observed in regional institutions, while cases of closed TBI were more common in the CRH.Conclusions: thus, despite fluctuations in the number of children with this type of pathology in different years, each of the victims needs urgent and qualified assistance in order to prevent the development of fatal outcomes.

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Evakuatsiya obozhzhennykh i yeye svyaz' s rezul'tatami lecheniya. Sozdaniye shkaly otsenki tyazhesti sostoyaniya postradavshikh s termicheskoy travmoy Annotatsiya Aktual'nost'. Evakuatsiya obozhzhennykh v spetsializirovannyye lechebnyye uchrezhdeniya, takzhe kak i printsipy organizatsii meditsinskoy pomoshchi yavlyayutsya vazhnymi voprosami, voznikayushchimi v khode vooruzhennykh konfliktov i chrezvychaynykh situatsiy. V nastoyashcheye vremya sozdany i ispol'zuyutsya mnozhestvo shkal, s pomoshch'yu kotorykh vozmozhno dat' boleye tochnuyu otsenku tyazhesti povrezhdeniy i sostoyaniya ranenykh, kotoryye s uspekhom primenyayutsya na etapakh meditsinskoy evakuatsii (TS, TRISS, AIS, ISS, shkaly VPKH, shkaly ostroy travmy i dr.). Odnako dlya obozhzhennykh ne sushchestvuyet obshcheprinyatoy shkaly, blagodarya kotoroy mozhno ne tol'ko otsenit' tyazhest' travmy i sostoyaniye obozhzhennykh, no i prinyat' resheniye otnositel'no ikh diagnostiki i lecheniya. Tsel'. Otsenka vliyaniya srokov transportirovki na etap spetsializirovannoy pomoshchi, khirurgicheskoy taktiki i vozrasta postradavshikh s tyazhelymi ozhogami na rezul'taty lecheniya, a takzhe provedeniye analiza vozmozhnosti sozdaniya novykh otsenochnykh shkal obozhzhennykh dlya opredeleniya u nikh tyazhesti sostoyaniya. Metody. Provedeno statisticheski-analiticheskoye issledovaniye 606 patsiyentov kliniki termicheskikh porazheniy Voyenno-meditsinskoy akademii, postupivshikh v period s 2003 po 2018 goda. S pomoshch'yu paketa prikladnykh programm Microsoft Excel s ispol'zovaniyem opisatel'noy statistiki byli vydeleny vazhnyye parametry, kotoryye mogut vliyat' na tyazhest' sostoyaniya porazhennykh. Rezul'taty. Ustanovleno, chto letal'nost' snizhena v gruppe operirovannykh obozhzhennykh, dostavlennykh v kliniku za pervyye 3 chasa posle travmy. Optimal'noy taktikoy lecheniya takikh patsiyentov yavlyayetsya vypolneniye nekrektomii na 3-i sutki posle polucheniya ozhoga. Vyyavleno, chto u patsiyentov starshe 70 let otmechalos' naibol'sheye chislo letal'nykh iskhodov. Prinyato resheniye dlya boleye tochnoy otsenki sostoyaniya porazhennykh na razlichnykh etapakh evakuatsii sozdat' shkalu tyazhesti sostoyaniya, kotoraya budet vklyuchat' v sebya krome osnovnykh parametrov: ploshchadi, glubiny ozhoga i vozrasta patsiyenta, dopolnitel'nyye kriterii takiye kak, sroki transportirovki postradavshikh i vypolneniya khirurgicheskogo lecheniya, dlitel'nost' nakhozhdeniya v otdelenii reanimatsii i intensivnoy terapii. Obshchaya summa ballov, vychislennykh s pomoshch'yu dannoy shkaly, budet ravna kolichestvennoy kharakteristike tyazhesti sostoyaniya obozhzhennogo. Zaklyucheniye. Takoy vazhnyy etap razvitiya predstavleniya ob otsenke tyazhesti sostoyaniya patsiyentov s termicheskoy travmoy budet sposobstvovat' boleye effektivnomu i tochnomu vychisleniyu veroyatnosti letal'nogo iskhoda obozhzhennykh, a takzhe prognozirovaniyu rezul'tatov lecheniya. Klyuchevyye slova: termicheskaya travma; tyazheloobozhzhennyye; evakuatsiya; tyazhest' sostoyaniya; spetsializirovannaya pomoshch'; otsenochnaya shkala Ещё 2747 / 5000 Результаты перевода Evacuation of the burned and its relationship with the results of treatment. Creation of a scale for assessing the severity of the condition of victims with thermal injury

Gudkova M.S.


Relevance. The evacuation of the burned to specialized medical institutions, as well as the principles of organizing medical care, are important issues that arise during armed conflicts and emergencies. Currently, many scales have been created and are being used, with the help of which it is possible to give a more accurate assessment of the severity of injuries and the condition of the wounded, which are successfully used at the stages of medical evacuation (TS, TRISS, AIS, ISS, VHF scales, acute trauma scales, etc.) ... However, there is no generally accepted scale for the burned, thanks to which it is possible not only to assess the severity of the injury and the condition of the burned, but also to make a decision regarding their diagnosis and treatment.
Goal. Assessment of the impact of transportation time at the stage of specialized care, surgical tactics and the age of victims with severe burns on the results of treatment, as well as analysis of the possibility of creating new rating scales for burned patients to determine their condition severity.
Methods. A statistical and analytical study was carried out on 606 patients of the clinic for thermal injuries of the Military Medical Academy who were admitted in the period from 2003 to 2018. Using the Microsoft Excel software package, using descriptive statistics, important parameters were identified that can affect the severity of the condition of the affected.
Results. It was found that mortality was reduced in the group of burned patients who were operated on, delivered to the clinic within the first 3 hours after injury. The optimal tactics for treating such patients is to perform necrectomy on the 3rd day after receiving a burn. It was found that patients over 70 years old had the highest number of deaths. It was decided to create a scale of the severity of the condition for a more accurate assessment of the condition of the affected at various stages of evacuation, which will include, in addition to the main parameters: area, depth of the burn and the patient's age, additional criteria such as the time of transportation of the injured and performing surgical treatment, the duration of stay in department of intensive care and intensive care. The total sum of points calculated using this scale will be equal to the quantitative characteristic of the severity of the burned condition.
Conclusion. Such an important stage in the development of the concept of assessing the severity of the condition of patients with thermal trauma will contribute to a more efficient and accurate calculation of the probability of lethal outcome of burned patients, as well as to predict the results of treatment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):31-33
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Gurova D., Timashova A., Djumack R.


Objective: To Evaluate the indicators of adaptation of foreign students in Russian higher education, to develop recommendations for successful adaptation of students in Russian Higher education.
Methods: Simultaneous studies were conducted in which the studied indicators were evaluated for a group of students (62 foreign students of the medical faculty of the Voronezh medical University), in different age categories. To solve these tasks, a questionnaire was created that contained questions about the level of adaptation, the daily routine, the level of awareness of students in different areas of life of the Russian University, etc. Situational and personal anxiety was assessed using the spielberger-Hanin test. Indicators such as the dynamics of workload during the school week were evaluated and a scale of difficulty of subjects was compiled. Processing and analysis of the obtained material was carried out using mathematical and statistical methods, using standard software packages Microsoft Excel 2007.
Results: As a result of the assessment, it was revealed that the adaptation process for many third-year foreign students continues. Such problems in the process of adaptation as a new climate, language barrier, lack of experience of independent life, unusual food, high academic load, irrational weekly schedule are revealed. There is a high level of situational and personal anxiety among foreign students. All these factors hinder the development of social and psychological adaptation of foreign students in the new environment.
Conclusions: As a result of the study, the problems of adaptation of foreign students in Russian higher education were evaluated and recommendations Were developed for the successful adaptation of these students in Russian Higher education.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):33-35
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The functional state of the respiratory system of frequently ill children 4-6 years old

Davydova Y.A.


Relevance. Frequently ill children are a problem for the whole family as a whole, which depends on numerous factors: social, economic, psychological, and cultural. In preschool age, children who are often sick, through properly selected physical exercises, have a faster rate of improvement in the state of the respiratory system. In this regard, early identification of children with deviations in health is of particular importance.
Goal. The aim of our study was to study the functional state of the respiratory system of frequently ill children aged 4-6 years.
Methods. Generalization and analysis of scientific and methodological literature on the research topic;
assessment of the physical development of frequently ill children: somatometric indicators - height, body weight; physiometric indicators - vital capacity of the lungs (VC), NPV and hemodynamic indicator - heart rate and blood pressure; express assessment of the physical development and functional state of the external respiration system - determination of the Quetelet index, vital index, calculation of the respiratory-pulse coefficient, conducting the Stange test, Genche's test and Serkin's test; statistical processing of research results, the formation of conclusions and recommendations.
The study involved 12 children 4-6 years old - 6 boys and 6 girls.
The results of the study were preceded by anthropometric measurements and some hemodynamic parameters. VC was determined. The results of the study did not reveal any differences in this indicator in boys and girls, but VC, the VC value corresponding to the height, body weight, age and sex of the subject, had significant differences compared with VC and ranged from 43.7% to 63.2% ... The greatest deviation is observed in frequently ill boys and girls 6 years old.
The study of NPV and heart rate revealed a slight increase in the first indicator in boys and girls four years old. In 5- and 6-year-old children, they were within the physiological norm.
Respiratory pulse rate data indirectly indicate a low oxygen level in the body or fatigue in frequently ill boys of 4 and 6 years old.
The girls in the surveyed group had BMI slightly below normal values, which indicates a lack of weight. In boys, BMI indicators corresponded to normal values, but were within the lower limit of normal.
The value of the vital index in the surveyed frequently ill children was significantly lower than the physiological norm for this age - by 13% - 20% for boys and 16% - 40% for girls.
The indicator of Stange's test was reduced in all subjects by 53%, and Genchi's tests, also in all frequently ill preschoolers, by 38%. Serkin's test data were below normal and were obtained only in two 6-year-old girls.
Functional tests by Shtange and Genchi showed that frequently ill children showed a decrease in the time of holding their breath, which indicates a decrease in the function of external respiration. Frequent respiratory diseases limit the physical activity of children and even inhibit the physical development of the child's body.
Conclusion. The functional state of the external respiratory system in frequently ill children is characterized by a decrease in VC, especially in boys and girls six years old. Respiratory pulse rate data for all subjects indirectly indicate a low oxygen level in the body or overwork. A significant decrease in the body mass index was found in girls 4-6 years old and a significant decrease in the vital index in all subjects.
The indicators of the Stange test and the Genchi test in all frequently ill preschoolers were significantly lower in all subjects. The decrease in the function of external respiration in the subjects makes it possible to recommend a course of health-improving physical education with elements of respiratory gymnastics as means of preventive medicine and effective means of increasing the physical capabilities of frequently ill children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):35-37
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Pharmacopoeia medicinal plants growing in the botanical garden of VSMU N.N. Burdenko

Dautova R.


Pharmacopoeia medicinal plants growing in the botanical garden of V.G. N. N. Burdenko

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):37-39
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Anniversary Economic Forum in Davos as an opportunity to solve environmental problems

Egunov I.S., ZHeludkova A.D.


The relevance of this topic is due to the environmental crisis, which requires its solution in the near future [1, 2]. An attempt to participate in solving environmental problems was made by the participants of the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF), held in 2020 in Davos (Switzerland). Three thousand people from 117 countries are planned to participate. Representatives of business structures, entrepreneurs feel the measure of their social responsibility before society, therefore, they consider it necessary to invest part of the capital in improving the environment. The main topics that are touched on in the field of ecology are climatic changes, in particular global warming, natural disasters, a significant reduction in biodiversity, destruction of ecosystems, man-made and environmental damage, disasters that can lead to irreversible processes on our planet, and, consequently, even to her death.
Study of the results of the World Economic Forum in the field of ecology and consideration of the proposed ways to solve environmental problems in relation to our country and the world community.
As research methods were used: note-taking, abstracting, analysis. The objects of the research were environmental problems and their consideration at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Russia has an environmentally friendly fuel - gas. New gas pipelines to China and Europe are a very important contribution of Russia to the global environmental agenda. In addition, Russia has the largest forest areas that are the lungs of our planet. However, the domestic economy has yet to prepare for the emerging climate challenges. We have to admit that the representatives of our country and other states did not make sound scientific and practical proposals regarding climate change, as well as the digital transformation of the modern economy and society.
Environmental problems are widely discussed at various forums, including economic ones. Businessmen and heads of state offer different directions in solving urgent environmental problems. In our opinion, no breakthrough statements, opinions, assessments, like a year ago, were made at the anniversary WEF in 2020.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):39-40
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Effect of some household products in aerosol form on plant growth and development

Ishkina K., Badanova A.


Justification:Each of us uses daily antiperspirants, perfume water and air freshener, but how many people think about how all these products affect the living body, in particular the plant.

Purpose: to Study the effect of household products in aerosol packaging on the growth and development of the plant organism.

Methods: the Object of this study is common beans. Sources of household products are:air freshener, perfume water, antiperspirant deodorant. The experiment was conducted for 25 days. During the study, plants were grown under normal conditions (control) and under the influence of household chemicals in aerosol packaging (experimental plants). The results produced by measurement of vegetative organs and microscopy of the leaf blade in all studied plants. Statistical analysis of the data was performed.

Results: The study revealed differences in plant growth and development between control and experimental plants. Under the influence of household chemicals in plants, there were violations in the development of vegetative organs. Microscopy of leaf blades revealed foci of necrosis in experimental plants.

Conclusion: the influence of household products stimulates intensive growth of vegetative organs of experimental plants, which is accompanied by the appearance of necrotic foci on leaf blades.




Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):40-42
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Assessment of the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation on human health

Kastyrin M.I., Bedzhanyan A.G.


Relevance. Means of electronic warfare, which are sources of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, are subject to constant modernization, and are also dangerous objects due to significant chronic damage to employees and the population who find themselves in the coverage area.
Goal. The aim of the work was to build a tree of events of the impact of excess electromagnetic radiation on a person and calculate the probabilities of various consequences.
Methods. Data were collected on the adverse health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. The analysis included both data on systematic observations of personnel associated with the equipment under discussion, and descriptions of single exposure events, for example, in emergency situations. On the basis of mathematical processing of the obtained data, we built a tree of events of the adverse consequences of the action of electromagnetic radiation of ultrahigh frequencies.
Results. It was found that the most likely consequence of the excess of electromagnetic radiation is asthenovegetative syndrome (the probability of occurrence is about 12%). Asthenic syndrome occurs in about 4% of cases. The likelihood of special injuries such as internal and external burns, oncological diseases, infertility is extremely small, since they can occur only in the event of accidents and gross violations of safety measures.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):42-43
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Epidemiology of breast cancer and their development factors

Knyazeva V.A.


Relevance. One of the main health problems at the present stage is cancer incidence. According to the world health organization, current trends will lead to an increase in global cancer rates by 60% by 2040. Moreover, the jump in the number of new cases of diseases (by about 81%) will occur in developing countries, where the survival rates of cancer patients are at a fairly low level correlating with low income. In the structure of causes of death in the Russian Federation, Oncology ranks second. The leading cancer pathology among women both in the world and in Russia is breast cancer (BC). In 2018, the incidence of breast cancer in the Russian Federation reached 89.79 per 100 thousand us, and in the Voronezh region-93.53 per 100 thousand us. Similar indicators in 2009 were 71.22 and 68.04 per 100 thousand us. in Russia and the Voronezh region, respectively, which can not but attract attention to this nosology.
Goal. Identification of epidemiological characteristics of breast cancer in the Voronezh region and the city of Voronezh and determination of current methods of prevention.
Methods. The method of retrospective analytical research was used.
Results. In the structure of mortality from malignant neoplasms in women, breast cancer is the leader – 16.2%, and the average age of women who died is 66.1 according to 2018 data. It was possible to reduce the mortality rate from malignant neoplasms of this localization in comparison with 2009 (the absolute loss rate was -17.23 per 100 thousand people), but the distribution of indicators by age groups of the female population remained the same.
Conclusion. The incidence of breast cancer remains at a high level; in the Voronezh region, this indicator is higher than in the Russian Federation. However, it is worth noting that by 2018, it was possible to reduce the mortality rate among breast cancer patients.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):43-45
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Explosion hazard of electronic nicotine delivery systems and their general characteristics

Komova A.K., Makarova A.M.


Relevance: The development of new systems for the delivery of nicotine to the body by tobacco campaigns is expanding the market boundaries. So, relatively recently, INT - products from heated tobacco and ENDS - electronic nicotine delivery systems appeared. For these products, an active marketing policy is carried out, which, firstly, is aimed at a teenage audience, and secondly, carries false information about the effect on the body. This is what helps to increase the sale of products. So, for example, according to manufacturers, it is often mentioned that these devices are safe to use, and also help to quit smoking by reducing the intake of nicotine and other hazardous compounds in the body.

The purpose of this work is to study the explosiveness of electronic nicotine delivery systems and their effect on the human body.
Research methods: in the preparation of this work, a large number of scientific articles, studies were considered, as well as joint work was carried out with the departments of "propaedeutic dentistry" and "disaster medicine and life safety" VSMU named after N.N.Burdenko, in the process of which students of MBOU were interviewed LYCEUM №7 8 and 11 grades. The survey showed that more than 50% of children have tried tobacco products, or are still using it. Also, according to statistics, 70% of people trying to quit smoking using vapes and e-cigarettes return to smoking standard cigarettes, and 50% use both ENDS and cigarettes. In addition, there is no clear regulation for the composition of liquid for electronic cigarettes, as a result of which the manufacturer can add various impurities and harmful chemical compounds, and the device of such products implies the presence of a heating device, a battery, which is a reason for fire and explosion hazard. In Russia alone, in the period from 2015 to 2017, there were 2035 emergency calls due to the explosion or ignition of vapes and electronic cigarettes. There are also known cases of death and severe injuries by users.

Result: The question of the explosiveness of ENDS and the consequences of its use was studied.

Conclusion: we would like to note that it is necessary to conduct more educational work, including in schools, raising awareness about the principles of operation of electronic nicotine delivery systems, possible failures in their work, as well as about the effect of the substances used on the body.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):45-47
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To the question of the relationship between physiological changes and external conditions

Krasnozhen V.V.


The formation of the health of future doctors (physical and mental), issues of its preservation and strengthening, since it (health) is important for fulfilling the functions of professional activity in the future, is urgent. The key role in this process belongs to individualization (for treatment and diagnostics, especially prenosological), as a promising area of ​​preventive medicine.
The aim of this work was to assess the health status of students of a medical university of the Donetsk region living in difficult socio-economic and political conditions using methods of preventive (prenosological) diagnostics of this contingent (determining the adaptive potential and biological age).
The article presents the physiological mechanisms of the emergence of psychosomatic disorders as a result of the action of stress factors.
As a result of the examination and analysis of the results obtained, we came to the conclusion that the assessment of the likelihood of various pathologies (taking into account the functional indicators, the specificity of metabolism, the level of physical health, the state of sanogenetic processes, the psychological state) in the conditions of specific (educational) activities, mental and physical health of students, and will contribute to the formation of a motivational component in improving their own health (both as a person and as a future doctor), increasing academic performance and, ultimately, improving the quality of life. This will make it possible to implement a personalized approach aimed not only at pre-symptomatic diagnosis of the disease, but also at the selection of individualized health improvement schemes based on the adaptive capabilities of the students' body.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):47-48
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The use of variola virus as a potential bioterrorism agent

Kuznetsova A., Gurova N.


Purpose: to involve the population in the problem of possible reintroduction of the virus and the appearance of new outbreaks of the disease.

Methods: systematic and statistical analysis of scientific literature, abstracting, note-taking, analysis of data on the epidemiological situation and the incidence of smallpox in the population of the world, analysis of official data on currently available variola virus strains.

Results: Potential leakage of variola virus samples from official research institutions in the United States and Russia. This can lead to epidemics and pandemics due to the lack of immunity against the virus in more than half of the population. Most countries in the world do not have an adequate supply of vaccines. Vaccines of a new generation are being actively developed.

Conclusions: there is a potential threat of infection with variola virus for the population in the world, therefore it is necessary to consider the issue of resuming vaccination and revaccination with smallpox vaccines of a new generation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):48-50
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The role of the chronobiological personality type in the development of Internet addiction in schoolchildren

Kuznecova E.V.


Relevance: in connection with the requirements of educational standards in the information competence of schoolchildren, the time they spend on the Internet increases significantly. In combination with the lack of accounting for individual biorhythms, this can lead to the development of various pathological conditions, including Internet addiction.
Purpose: to substantiate preventive measures to optimize the learning and recreation regime of schoolchildren, taking into account the chronobiological type of personality and the severity of Internet addiction
Methods: among 163 students in grades 8, 9, 10 of educational institutions in Voronezh, a questionnaire was conducted using the Horn-Ostberg questionnaires to determine the chronobiological personality type and Kimberly Young to determine the presence of Internet addiction. Statistical processing of the questionnaires was performed using the Microsoft Office Excel 2010 software package.
Results: when analyzing the data, it was found that Internet addiction develops more often in adolescents with a morning chronobiological personality type.
Conclusion: on the basis of the data obtained, it can be assumed that it is necessary to introduce a differentiated approach to the training regime, taking into account the chronotype, which will create conditions for the assimilation of educational material at the optimal time for each chronotype and effectively organize the rest of adolescents.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):50-52
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Revealing the relationship of the incidence of malignant neoplasms with the environmental situation and work in hazardous industries.

Marshalova V.A., Manzhosov O.O.


Relevance: Today, there are many risk factors that contribute to the formation of cancer. One of them is the ecological situation.

Purpose: To reveal the relationship of the incidence of malignant neoplasms with the environmental situation in the Tula region and work in hazardous industries.

Methods: Analysis of statistics on the occurrence of cancer and changes in the number of cases in 2012-2017 both in the Tula region as a whole and in some of its areas. An analysis of the incidence of malignant neoplasms (MNO) was carried out.

Results: In the course of the work, it was revealed that malignant neoplasms were more common in men. The main age groups of patients are from 45 to 50 years old and from 60 to 75. Cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and endocrine systems predominated among the respondents. 47.2% of respondents are not and were not employees of a carcinogenically hazardous organization, 33.3% work in these organizations, and 19.4% were employees.

Conclusion: The incidence can be influenced by the environmental hazardous industries to increase the likelihood of cancer in the population.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):52-53
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Awareness of medical University students about the impact on health non-alcoholic and energy drinks

Morozova S.A., Radchenko K.A.


Relevance: Proper nutrition is a necessary condition for maintaining health
Nations. However, a large number of advertising materials in the media do not promote
not only the use of "healthy" food, but also fast food, including
non-alcoholic and energy drinks.
Purpose: to assess the awareness of medical students about the impact on
health of non-alcoholic and energy drinks and offer recommendations for
formation of healthy eating skills.
Methods: General scientific, sociological using questionnaires, analytical.
Results: sugar is a potential threat to human health,
caffeine, food colorings, flavorings, sulfites, sulfuric acid salts, phosphoric acid
acid and sugar substitutes that are part of non-alcoholic and energy drinks
drinks. 84% of respondents limit themselves to the use of energy drinks, considering them
dangerous to health, but most (85%) of respondents use simple drugs.
fizzy drinks on a regular basis, even knowing that fizzy drinks are harmful
the body.
Conclusion: based on the materials studied, a set of measures has been developed,
aimed at replacing carbonated and energy drinks with "health-friendly" ones
health" alternative beverages and includes various approaches to
formation of healthy lifestyle skills.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):53-55
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Post-traumatic stress in combat veterans

Muradyan A.A., Latypov A.S.


Relevance. One of the most significant manifestations of post-traumatic stress syndrome in combat veterans is aggression. In addition, veterans often have depressive disorders, chronic pain, and problems with the cardiovascular system. In addition, recent studies show that such people often have family problems and difficulties in social life.
Goal. The aim of this study is to identify functional disorders associated with post-traumatic stress syndrome in combat veterans.
Methods. In this study, we conducted a survey of 16 combat veterans. In our sample, there was not a single veteran who displayed violent (criminal) behavior. None of them were convicted or involved in compulsory treatment. The questionnaire was filled out anonymously and included questions about the types of aggressive behavior that are characteristic of a person.
Results. It was found that the types of aggressive behavior among combat veterans are different. Conventionally, all types of aggressive behavior can be divided into two groups: autoaggressive behavior (aggression directed at oneself) and heteroaggressive behavior (interpersonal aggression). It was revealed that social status, education and the presence of negative events in the past, even before participation in hostilities, play an important role in the formation of a particular type of aggressive behavior.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):55-56
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The contribution of specialists of the sanitary-epidemiological service to the combat capability of the country's armed forces during the Great Patriotic War.

Ovcharova M.S., Gudcov V.M.



The current stage of social development is characterized by close attention to the key and crucial events in Russian history. Thanks to the accumulated experience of various wars, it is now an indisputable fact that anti-epidemic measures are important as one of the main means of maintaining the health of army personnel, as well as the combat readiness of troops, the probability of which became possible only because of the fruitful work of specialists in the sanitary and epidemiological service.

Aim. To draw the attention of students of VSMU named after N. N. Burdenko to the importance of military epidemiology during the Great Patriotic War, to evaluate the contribution of Russian scientists to its formation and development, as well as the merits of epidemiologists of the Voronezh region during the war.

Methods. As research methods were used: note-taking, abstracting and analysis. The objects of the study were the biographical data of scientists - epidemiologists who held responsible positions during the Great Patriotic War, as well as epidemiologists of the Voronezh region. The research is aimed at studying their special merits in the organization of sanitary and epidemic work during the Great Patriotic War.

Results. In the course of our research, we studied bibliographic sources about scientists of the highest positions who stood at the leadership of the anti-epidemic support of the Red Army and the Navy of the USSR, scientist fellow countrymen, the state of the anti-epidemic support system for troops in the army in 1941-1945. The final result of the work was to obtain information about

Conclusion. Russian military epidemiology has overcome all difficulties and trials with dignity, confirming in practice the viability and effectiveness of its organizational foundations, and the work of Soviet epidemiologists in 1941-1945 required incredible dedication and emotional fortitude, their contribution to the victory over fascism was truly significant.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):57-59
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Ovchinnikova D., Akuneeva T.


Relevance. Noise pollution is the noise resulting from anthropogenic activity and disrupting the vital activity of not only humans but also other living creatures. In our time, due to growing urbanization, people face this problem every day, which has an adverse impact on the physiological systems of the body and leads to the development of many diseases.
Goal. To study the problems of noise pollution from motor vehicles and the impact of noise on the human body in the city of Voronezh.
Methods. Study of the data of measurements of noise levels (maximum Lamax. And equivalent LAeq), which were carried out during day, evening and night time, the morbidity data for the city of Voronezh "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Voronezh region». Carrying out statistical analysis of data, calculating the correlation coefficient, making charts and tables. Creation of a noise pollution map.
Results. A decrease in noise levels exceeding hygienic standards was detected in the dynamics of noise pollution. Decrease in morbidity rate by diseases of systems influenced by noise was revealed. Calculation of correlation coefficient established a direct correlation between the rate of morbidity of diseases of cardiovascular system, hearing organs, mental and nervous disorders and noise level. According to the monitoring data, the streets with the highest noise level were identified. With the help of Scribblemaps program a noise pollution map was created.
Conclusion. We observe a decrease in the level of traffic noise in the city of Voronezh from 2015 to 2017 and against this background, a decrease in the rate of incidence of mental disorders, diseases of the ear and spine, cardiovascular system and nervous system. There are still high levels of traffic noise, exceeding the hygienic standards in many streets of Voronezh.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):59-61
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The study of the quality of radiation safety at health care facilities (on the example of BHI VR "VRCOD»)

Korchagina S.A., Petrova N.S.


Relevance. Due to the introduction of modern technologies in medicine, there is a need to use an increasing number of sources of ionizing radiation, including as one of the components of complex treatment of cancer. Under certain conditions, as well as in case of violation of the operating rules, these devices may present radiation and non-radiation hazards. In this regard, it is necessary to study their mechanism of operation, know the radiation hazard factors, and have information about the number of such devices in a particular medical institution in order to avoid negative consequences and ensure radiation safety for patients and medical personnel.
Goal. Study radiation safety for medical facilities (for example, BHI VR "VRCOD").
Methods. Study and analysis of scientific, special and publicly available literature on radiation safety at health facilities; familiarization with the documentation of the medical institution; analysis of the research object (BHI VR "VRCOD").
Results. BHI VR "VRCOD" is the only specialized medical institution in the Voronezh region, which is a key link in the cancer control system. When studying medical equipment and sources of ionizing radiation (AI) 1 of the VRCOD building, it was found that the most dangerous are THE Electa linear accelerator and the THERATRON gamma-therapeutic device. The main factors of radiation hazard when working with: a) ELECTA accelerator: accelerated electron beam; bremsstrahlung; x-ray radiation; b) with THERATRON: radiation of a closed source AI Co60. Instructions on radiation safety when working with linear accelerators and a Teratron containing the main requirements and measures for ensuring radiation safety are studied. It is determined that monitoring of ionizing radiation sources is carried out by the physical and radiological Department. Personnel working with AI sources have knowledge about the operation of the devices, as well as instructions for operating in an emergency (quarterly exercises are conducted at the facility). Inspections of the don Department for Rostekhatomnadzor are organized annually.
Conclusion. Ensuring radiation safety at health facilities is an extremely important aspect, since the life and health of patients and employees of the institution directly depends on compliance with safety regulations. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the harmful effects of ionizing radiation on the health of present and future generations, which must be able to carry out not only in normal, but also in an emergency situation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):61-63
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Electronic environment as a risk factor for the health of students

Popov M.V.


Relevance. The widespread use of electronic devices leads to an increase in the electromagnetic load on the body and can cause changes in the state of health, which is especially important in childhood and adolescence. The child is exposed to additional EMF radiation due to Wi-Fi, as well as tablets, smart boards and other wireless devices. The effects of EMF on the brain of a child from a mobile phone are especially dangerous.
Goal. To assess the impact of electronic devices on the health status of medical students.
Methods. The main studied contingent were students of the Voronezh Medical University (100 people). The studies were carried out simultaneously. The created questionnaire included questions related to the goals and frequency of use of electronic devices, the impact on health. A personal dosimeter "Mera" was used to control the load from the electromagnetic radiation received by the body. The processing and analysis of the obtained material was carried out using standard Microsoft Excel 2007 software packages.
Results. As a result of the study, it was revealed that 100% of the surveyed respondents use electronic devices on a daily basis. 83% of students cannot be more than 3 hours a day without gadgets; students are insufficiently informed about the operation of devices emitting an electromagnetic field (EMF). After analyzing the screen time on the phone for one day and 7 days (week), it was determined that the average value for the time of use per day was 6 hours; in just a week - 44 hours 57 minutes. After using gadgets 42% of students reported headaches and 65% - drowsiness and fatigue. Unreasonable anxiety was observed in 15% of respondents, 9% of students experienced apathy after using gadgets, 24% - a state of sudden aggressiveness, 35% - noted their irritability. A significant positive association (r = 0.79) was found between the use of electronic devices and decreased vision.
The subjects received the highest EMP power at cellular stations, WiFi access points, while the level did not exceed 200-300 nW per cm2, this is less than one μW.
Conclusion. The overuse of modern electronic devices by students significantly alters their quality of life and social well-being. The resulting changes are most often negative in nature and negatively affect the state of the body. Taking into account the identified features of using various electronic devices and assessing their impact on health, it is necessary to search for the most effective forms of organizing healthy lifestyle attitudes among young people, aimed at forming a culture of using electronic devices.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):63-64
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The role of microbiota in the formation of allergic diseases

Pchelinceva A.A.


Relevance: about a quarter of the world's population suffers from allergic diseases of various etiologies, the incidence tends to increase, cases of polysensitization appear that are more difficult to treat. According to statistical documents, the prevalence of allergic pathology among residents of our country ranges from 5 to 20.5%, and the results of epidemiological studies conducted at the Institute of Immunology of the FMBA of the Russian Federation show that in various regions the incidence rate ranges from 17.5 to 30%.
Purpose: to study the influence of the diverse composition of the microbiota on the formation of allergic pathology according to the literature analysis of domestic and foreign authors; to assess the daily diet of the population of the analyzed territory according to the survey data in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents; analyze the data of the survey materials to identify symptoms of allergic manifestations among the analyzed population; to trace the relationship between the nature of food and the diversity of the microbiome (according to literary sources) and the manifestation of allergic symptoms.
-retrospective epidemiological analysis of the morbidity of the population of the Voronezh region according to statistical data;
- questionnaire survey of the population based on the questionnaire developed at the Department of Epidemiology;
-search for evidence-based information when analyzing the literature data of domestic and foreign authors.
Results: data from literature studies prove the positive effect of correcting the microbiota of the body in the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases. A survey of the population of Voronezh and the Voronezh region made it possible to assess the diversity of food, as well as to suggest the composition of the microbial flora and its ability to protect the body from sensitization.
Conclusion: informative methods of true diagnosis of human microbial composition are currently not available in the Voronezh region. The survey data suggest that the true incidence of allergic pathology exceeds the official statistics.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):64-66
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Assessment of students' external respiration parameters

Sergeeva A.E.


Relevance. Respiratory tract diseases are very common diseases, therefore, early diagnosis of lung diseases is relevant. Breathing is the main life process that is interconnected with all systems and organs of the human body. The conditions of educational activity, social status, lifestyle of students distinguish them from all other strata of the population. Strengthening the educational process and insufficient physical activity negatively affect the functional capabilities of the body of students.
The aim of the research is to study the parameters of the students' external respiration system using a computer spirometer Spiro-Spectrum.
Methods. Using a computer spirometer "Spiro-Spectrum" (LLC "Neurosoft", Russian Federation, Ivanovo), the parameters of external respiration were determined in 40 volunteer students of the Faculty of Medicine and Biology of Voronezh State University (25 girls and 15 boys).
Results. It was found that the indicators of VC, FVC, FEV1 of the examined students corresponded to the age norm, and the indicators of PIC and MVL were below the norm.
Conclusion. Assessment of indicators of the respiratory system of student youth testifies to the wide variability of individual parameters of external respiration of students. The MVL index according to our research is below the norm, which may reflect a decrease in the limiting capabilities of the external respiration system of the examined students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):66-68
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Questioning of medical workers of VOKB No. 1 on the organization of safety in the workplace

Tarasova A.A., Borodina A.S., Merzlikina M.A.


Relevance. In connection with the increase in the number of medical institutions equipped with high-tech equipment, new methods are being developed to ensure the safety of life and labor protection of medical personnel.
Purpose: to study the features of the occupational health and safety system at VOKB No. 1.
Methods: 40 people took part in the research work, of which 20 are doctors and 20 nurses of various departments of the VOKB No. 1. A questionnaire was developed for a systematic survey of subjects, who, in turn, were divided into two groups, in accordance with the position. The statistics obtained were counted and presented in accordance with the results of the study.
Results: based on the results of the work carried out, it was concluded that further study of the occupational health and safety conditions of medical workers is required in order to improve the quality of the provision of qualified assistance to applicants and the working conditions of personnel.
Conclusion: in the departments of the hospital, the individual safety of personnel is insufficiently ensured, the sanitary and hygienic regime is inadequately maintained, the initial and current briefings of employees are not carried out in a timely manner, at the same time, control over the items of emergency response in an emergency is fully carried out

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):68-69
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Functional nutrition and its role in the formation of skills of a healthy lifestyle

Tonkih D.A., Konstantinova A.A.


Relevance: the quality and safety of food products is one of the fundamental factors of the body's health. In addition to standard food products, manufacturers in retail chains sell functional products, the systematic use of which has a positive effect on human health.
Purpose: to study the attitude of medical University students to the features of functional nutrition as an element of health saving and disease prevention.
Methods: General scientific, sociological using questionnaires, analytical. The work was carried out with 60 students of the Voronezh state medical University of the following faculties: medical-preventive, pediatric and curative.
Results: Functional products fully meet the quality and safety requirements according to N29-FZ, TR CU 021/2011, TR CU 023/2011, TR CU 029/2012, GOST R 52349-2005, etc.and are specially enriched with trace elements and specialized substances "classic" food products.
Only 16.7% of respondents follow the principles of healthy nutrition among the studied students, which forms the agenda for more active promotion of a healthy lifestyle. When studying the attitude of students to functional nutrition, it was found that many medical students do not know about functional foods and their health benefits, but a fifth of the respondents who do not use functional foods are ready to add them to the diet when they receive proven evidence of the impact on health of functional foods.
Conclusion: Most medical students do not adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition. Every third student violates the" regime " of nutrition. Less than half of the respondents have an idea of functional nutrition, and only a quarter of respondents add these foods to their diet. There is a need to cooperate with the media in promoting healthy nutrition, including the use of functional products.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):69-71
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Clinical case of vibration pathology

Uzdenov I.P., Suhinina E.A.


The relevance of considering a particular case of occupational pathology using the example of vibration disease is due to the fact that an occupational disease can be disguised as a general disease and is rather difficult to diagnose correctly due to the need to use narrowly focused instrumental research methods.
Purpose: to substantiate the diagnosis of vibration disease on the example of a patient's medical history using laboratory tests and instrumental diagnostic methods, to prescribe the necessary treatment and measures to prevent further progression of the disease.
Methods: as research methods were used: survey, general examination, note-taking, abstracting, analysis. The object of the study was a patient of the BUZ VO "VGKB No. 2 named. K.V. Fedyaevsky ", who was admitted with suspected joint disease.
Results: the diagnosis of occupational pathology was confirmed on the basis of a survey and examination of the patient, data of laboratory and instrumental diagnosis of the disease. The end result of the work was to obtain information about vibration as an occupational hazard, its effect on the health of workers, the stages of the formation of vibration pathology, as well as preventive measures.
Conclusion: data were obtained on vibration as a harmful production factor that causes disturbances in the work of the musculoskeletal system and other organs. Differential diagnosis of vibration pathology with other more common diseases of the joints was carried out. The result of this interdisciplinary study was the clinical history of the patient with the main and concomitant diagnoses. As a concomitant diagnosis, a vibration disease from local vibration was made, manifested in vegetative-sensory polyneuropathy of the upper extremities and degenerative-dystrophic changes in the joints of the hands.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):71-73
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Smoking in adolescents as a way to reduce body weight

Ulyanov D.A., Kolesnikov Е.А.


Relevance. There is a growing concern among health workers about smoking among adolescents. Despite the legal ban on the sale of tobacco products to minors, the addiction continues to spread among children, even of primary school age. The motives leading to smoking are varied, one of them is the desire to reduce body weight or maintain it at the required optimal level.
Goal. This study examined the relationship between tobacco smoking habits in adolescents and young people, both boys and girls, from nine to nineteen years old and the expectation that smoking helps to reduce body weight or maintain it at a constant desired level.
Methods. The survey was conducted on the Internet. Young people were asked to answer a series of questions about smoking. After that, the results of the survey were analyzed using the methods of mathematical statistics.
Results. The study showed that among female smokers over the age of twelve, a larger percentage of respondents said they agreed with the thesis that smoking helps to control body weight and stay lean. This pattern is less obvious among non-smoking girls and boys, as well as among smoking boys.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):73-74
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Fedortsov A.A., Maltseva E.A.


Relevance: Today, tattoos and piercings on the human body no longer surprise anyone, the fashion for them is actively supported by glossy magazines. But do tattoos and piercings harm a person's physical and mental health? It was this question that we were guided by when starting this work.

Purpose: To identify some manifestations of auto-aggression in persons studying at the universities of Voronezh.

Methods: Statistical analysis, generalization, full induction.

Results: We have proved the presence of the phenomenon of autoogression in some of the students. This phenomenon can manifest itself not only in a direct desire to harm oneself (cut, hit, etc.), but also in the desire to manipulate one's body, despite the high risk of worsening one's health.

Conclusion: Summing up the results of the work, we can say that 63% of the surveyed students are at risk, and 15.5% directly show manifestations of auto-aggression. These results can be associated both with abnormalities in the mental state (can arise as a result of excessive stress, an incredibly fast pace of life), and with the desire of people to stand out from the crowd, to declare themselves as a person. However, it is necessary to clarify that we have not considered all the aspects under the influence of which a person decides to modify the body, therefore, in the future, it is planned to study in more detail the reasons why certain modifications are made, as well as the influence of society on the phenomenon of auto-aggression.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):74-76
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Fedortsov A.A., Sobkalova T.A.


Relevance: The demographic situation reflects the main trends taking place in the social and economic sphere and can serve as an indicator of the development of the country as a whole, as well as of individual regions. Voronezh Region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation that occupies the European part of the country. This region has favorable conditions for people living: a temperate climate, the development of industry and agriculture, the provision of social facilities.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to study the demographic structure of the population of the Voronezh region.

Methods: To achieve this goal, an analysis of literary sources was carried out, statistical processing was carried out

Results: When analyzing the data for 2011-2019, it was revealed that in the Voronezh region there is a decrease in the birth rate, while the birth rate in the region remains below the average values ​​for the Russian Federation. The demographic situation is worsening, as there are processes caused by the excess of the death rate over the birth rate. In the region, the prevalence of the female population over the male is traced, moreover, more male children are born than female ones. There is a trend towards an increase in the proportion of the population of retirement age. The number of the urban population, as well as the migration activity, is increasing.

Conclusion: Appealing to the results of our study, we can conclude that there is a natural population decline in the Voronezh region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):76-77
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Remote sensing technologies in military medicine annotation

Shanenkov G.V., Konev S.S.


Relevance. Throughout the history of wars, not only the types of weapons, but also the principles of military medical care, have undergone changes for the better, which made it possible to significantly reduce the overall mortality of servicemen. However, even now the main problem of military medicine is the fact that most of the victims are often in the far zone of hostilities. One of the main causes of death is blood loss, and the cause of death is not enough prompt assistance. Weapon efficiency, modernization of military intelligence, innovation in command and control, and the use of simulation have made tremendous progress through the development and deployment of advanced technology. However, medical support for warfare still uses technologies created decades ago without upgrading electronic equipment, and therefore mortality statistics have changed little.
Goal. The aim of this study is to review the available data on the latest technological developments that are intended to be used in providing first aid to victims, as well as in field surgery.
Methods. To study the prospects of military medicine, a review of scientific publications in the field of telepresence, remote surgery, geolocation in medicine in international journals was made.
Results. A review of modern remote medical devices made it possible to identify three main areas: remote sensing of the condition and location of victims using health sensors of military personnel, remote surgery with telepresence, as well as training on virtual reality simulators.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):77-79
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Внутренние болезни

Гериатрические синдромы в амбулаторной практике.

Brykina E.O., Skrizhalina E.E.


The purpose of the work was to study the prevalence of senile asthenia, cognitive dysfunction and the risk of falls in patients with a geriatric profile on outpatient admission.
- questionnaire
- KBTFF tests for equilibrium, walking speed and chair lifting test
- statistical analysis of all obtained data.
In the analysis of the obtained data, it was determined that most of the patients who took part in the study needed a geriatrician consultation to develop an individual prevention program, namely, changing the mode of physical activity, the need for cognitive training and, possibly, the correction of drug therapy.
Based on the results of a brief battery of physical activity tests, senile asthenia was detected in more than half of the examined. Preasthenia - in a quarter. These patients need a geriatric consultation. In assessing cognitive impairment, it was determined that with a cut-off point of 4 points, according to the mini-KOG test, more than 75% of patients need in-depth counseling. It is necessary to provide patients with access to information about the risks of the formation of geriatric syndromes and their prevention measures.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):80-81
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Preclinical markers of myocardial remodeling in young patients with genetically induced by blood preasure

Jojua R., Panieva N., Stupakova K.


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate preclinical laboratory markers of myocardial remodeling and their dynamics under the influence of two treatment regimens (only medication and medication with hypoxy-hyperoxytherapy in young patients with genetically induced hypertension.

Methods: The study included 124 hypertensive patients aged 18 to 35 years without morphological changes according to the results of echocardiography. 72 (58.1%) patients with established genetic polymorphism were included in the main observation group, and 52 (41.9%) patients without genetic polymorphism were included in the comparison group. The control group consisted of 30 apparently healthy people of the same sex and age. Representatives of the main group were randomly randomized into two observation groups of the same type (1st and 2nd), comparable in terms of gender, age, duration and severity (stage and degree) of hypertensive syndrome. Group 1 (n = 35) received only drug treatment (ACE inhibitor or sartan, slow calcium channel antagonist, beta-blocker in various combinations), and group 2 (n = 37) received similar drug treatment, but with 20-day sessions GGT using a universal hypoxy-hyperoxicator "Tibet-4", "Newlife", Russia. In total, during the year of observation, 4 quarterly courses of GGT were carried out, 20 days each. Before starting the course of GGT, the individual sensitivity of patients to hypoxia was determined by conducting a 10-minute hypoxic test (inhalation of a gas mixture containing 12% oxygen through a mask) with minute monitoring of the heart rate (HR) and hemoglobin oxygen saturation (SaO2)). All patients underwent tests to further select the optimal treatment regimen. The breath hold test was performed in two versions: breath hold on inspiration (Stange's test) and breath hold on exhalation (Gench test). The samples were assessed by the duration of the delay time and by the rate of response (CR) heart rate. PR was obtained when the ratio of the heart rate after the end of the test to the initial pulse rate. The breath holding test on inspiration was performed as follows. Initially, the subject's pulse was twice calculated in 30 seconds in a standing position. The breath was held on a full breath, which the subject did after three breaths at 75% of the depth of a full breath. A clip was put on the nose. The delay time was recorded using a stopwatch. Pulse rate was counted immediately after resuming breathing. According to the duration of breath holding, the test was assessed as follows: less than 39 seconds - the result is unsatisfactory; 39-49 sec - satisfactory result; over 50 seconds - the result is good. PR in healthy people did not exceed 1.2. Its higher values ​​indicate a negative reaction of the cardiovascular system to hypoxia. Each session consisted of 5 series of five-minute inhalation of the hypoxic mixture and intervals of breathing room air (normoxic intervals) of the same duration or hyperoxic O2 gas mixture. In case of unsatisfactory Shtange's test and Gench's test, PR of more than 1.2, workouts were started with the supply of 15% -14% hypoxic mixture. With a satisfactory Stange test and Gench's test, training began with 13% -12% oxygen saturation of the hypoxic mixture. With the Shtange test and Gench's test - "good", training begins with 12% -11% hypoxic mixture. The study included patients who met the following criteria: age from 18 to 45 years; verified diagnosis of stage 1-2 and stage 1-2 hypertension; persons of the Caucasian race who are not related; written informed consent of the patient to participate in the study. Criteria for non-inclusion / exclusion: symptomatic nature of hypertensive syndrome; significant lesions of the valve apparatus of the heart (mitral regurgitation more than II degree; tricuspid regurgitation more than II degree; aortic regurgitation more than II degree, aortic stenosis with a transaortic pressure gradient more than 25 mm Hg; aortic regurgitation more than I degree); cardiomyopathy; the presence of a diagnosed ischemic heart disease in the form of exertional angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, chronic heart failure; anamnestic data indicating acute cerebrovascular accident; acute inflammatory and chronic diseases in the phase of exacerbation and incomplete remission; oncological diseases and blood diseases; diabetes; clinically manifest / not medically compensated thyroid disease; a history of severe renal dysfunction accompanied by a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate below 60 ml / min (calculated using the CKD – EPI formula); a history of liver dysfunctions, accompanied by an increase in the level of hepatic transaminases, total bilirubin more than 3 times higher than the upper limit of the norm; chronic alcoholism, mental disorders; pregnancy and lactation. With the help of detecting amplifiers "DT-96" and "DTprime" (Russia), genetic studies of polymorphism of genes ADD1 (alpha-adductin 1378 G˃T), AGT (angiotensinogen 704 T˃C), AGT (angiotensinogen 521 C˃T), AGTR1 (type 1 receptor for angiotensin 2 1166 A˃C), AGTR2 (type 2 receptor for angiotensin 2 1675 G˃A), CYP11B2 (cytochrome 11b2, aldosterone synthase 344 C˃T), GNB3 (beta 3 subunit of G-protein) - guanine-binding protein 825 C˃T, NOS3 (nitric oxide synthase 786 Т˃С), NOS3 (nitric oxide synthase 894 G˃T). For this, the polymerase chain reaction technique was used. MMP-1 levels were studied using the Biotrak ELISA System kits manufactured by Amersham Biosences (USA) and TIMP-1 using the Diagnostics MMP-1 test system manufactured by Biochem Canada Inc. " (Canada). Statistical data processing was carried out on a personal computer using the Statistica 6.0 software package for statistical analysis. The distribution normality was analyzed using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. To compare quantitative parameters, the Student's test (t) was used for dependent / independent samples. The level of significance (p) was taken as p <0.05.


Results: In the 1st and 2nd observation groups, the initial concentration of MMP-1 was 114.6 ± 1.39 and 115.1 ± 1.12 ng / ml, respectively, which statistically significantly exceeded the same level in the comparison group (91 , 6 ± 1.19 ng / ml) and in healthy people (63.9 ± 1.13 ng / ml). The concentration of TIMP-1 in the initial blood test in groups 1 and 2 was 42.3 ± 1.20 and 42.0 ± 1.24 ng / ml, respectively, while in the comparison group it was 45.1 ± 1, 59 ng / ml and 50.0 ± 1.04 - in the healthy group. In the dynamics of one-year follow-up in group 1, the level of MMP-1 decreased from 114.6 ± 1.39 to 113.1 ± 1.05 (the differences are not statistically significant) , in group 2 - from 115.1 ± 1.12 to 101.1 ± 1.18 ng / ml (the differences are statistically significant). In the comparison group, the value of the same indicator was 91.6 ± 1.19 and 92.4 ± 1.80 ng / ml, respectively (the differences with were not statistically significant). The TIMP-1 level in group 1 ranged from 42.3 ± 1, 20 to 44.1 ± 1.70 (the differences are not statistically significant); in group 2 - from 42.0 ± 1.24 to 48.0 ± 1.33 (the differences are statistically significant); in the comparison group - from 45.1 ± 1.59 to 49.0 ± 1.66 ng / ml (the differences are statistically significant).


Conclusions: Disorders of the MMP-1 / TIMP-1 ratio were found in all observation groups, but the degree of imbalance was different. high likelihood / rate of appearance of clinical and echocardiographic signs in the near future. 3. Regression of the abnormality of the MMP-1 / TIMP-1 imbalance was established only in representatives of the 2nd group against the background of combined drug-GGT therapy. 4. Standard drug therapy without GGT did not provide proven impact on identified violations.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):81-83
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Pasternatsky's symptom

Efremova V.O., Zhdankina J.S.


Актуальность. Метод перкуссии почек по Ф.И. Пастернацкому был открыт в 1907г. Данная работа приурочена к 175-летию с момента рождения великого ученого.

Цель. Рассмотреть основные этапы создания метода перкуссии почек по Ф.И. Пастернацкому и осветить историю жизни ученого.

Методы. Обзор литературы, посвященной данной тематике. Консолидация полученной информации из исторических источников о жизни Ф. И. Пастернацкого и данных о методе перкуссии почек из учебников для медицинских ВУЗов.

Результаты. В результате данного исследования были подробно освещены многие интересные аспекты жизни великого русского врача, этапы создания метода, а также все стороны и нормативные критерии, которые по сей день соблюдаются при выполнении перкуссии почек по методу Ф.И. Пастернацкого.

Заключение. Профессор Ф.И. Пастернацкий внес неоценимый вклад в развитие медицины в России. Его деятельность оказала большое влияние на многие поколения врачей. Раскрывается значение сохранении памяти ученого и важности его методики по сегодняшний день.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):83-84
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Magnetotherapy and darsonvalization in the treatment of hypertension

Zagumyonniy K.


The aim of this study was to study the effectiveness of magnetic therapy and darsonvalization techniques in patients with hypertension of stages I-II with the subsequent development of criteria for selecting patients for physiotherapy.

Methods. We examined 55 patients with stage I-II hypertensive disease who are inpatient treatment in the cardiology department for the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and those injured during the hostilities of Donetsk DOCTMO. Depending on the initial tone of the autonomic nervous system, the patients were divided into 2 groups: 1 - patients with a predominance of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and group 2 - patients with parasympathicotonia. In turn, each group was divided into subgroups. Patients in subgroups 1.1 and 2.1 received only medication (β-blockers and ACE inhibitors). These subgroups were controls. Patients 1.2 and 2.2. subgroups received physiotherapy on the background of drug therapy. Patients with ANS normotonia (16.4% of the total number of patients) did not participate in the study. To determine the ANS tone, all patients underwent an orthostatic test according to the classical technique [4]. Before treatment, after 10 procedures, and 1 month after the course of physiotherapy, the state of the ANS divisions was also assessed using the Kerdo vegetative index (VIC). The Kerdo index was calculated using the formula VIC = (1 - BPP / R) * 100%, where DBP is diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg), P is pulse (beats / min). Normal index values ​​were from -15 to + 15, which was regarded as the ANS balance. VIC values ​​above +15 were regarded as a manifestation of sympathicotonia, below -15 - parasympathicotonia. Sympathicotonia was detected in 18 patients (39.1% of the total). They made up 1 group. Patients with parasympathicotonia (28 patients) are group 2.

Magnetic therapy on the collar zone according to the longitudinal technique was carried out to patients of group 1.2 using the Gradient-1 apparatus, a sinusoidal form of continuous generation of a magnetic field with a magnetic induction of 10 mT. The duration of the procedure was 10 minutes, the course was 10 procedures performed daily. Patients in groups 2.2 received darsonvalization from the Iskra-1 apparatus with a large mushroom-shaped electrode on the collar zone with a power up to tingling and tingling sensation, lasting 10 minutes, 10 procedures per course. The procedures were carried out daily. Before the appointment of a course of physiotherapy, the circadian rhythm of blood pressure was studied for 5-7 days. The pressure was measured every 2 hours from 6 to 22 hours. The hours of maximum rise in blood pressure were determined. Physiotherapy procedures were carried out two hours before the expected maximum rise in blood pressure. During treatment, each patient underwent daily monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. The effectiveness of the treatment was judged by the dynamics of blood pressure during wakefulness (from 6 to 22 hours). The values ​​of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean pressure for 11 hours of the study, and heart rate were determined. The criterion for the hypotensive effect was the normalization of diastolic blood pressure, when its level reached 90 mm Hg. and below. In this case, the effect was considered good. If the level of diastolic blood pressure decreased by 10% from the initial level and did not reach 90 mm Hg, then the effect of physiotherapy was assessed as partial. If the diastolic pressure decreased by less than 10%, then the absence of a therapeutic effect was stated. Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation. Statistical analysis was performed using Statistica 10 software.

The results of the study showed that the features of the course of hypertension in patients are significantly determined by the balance of the ANS departments. In group 1, patients with FIV above +15 against the background of sympathicotonia showed an increase in SBP and heart rate against a background of a slightly increased or even in some patients normal level of DBP (Table 1). Clinically, HD in these patients was manifested by cramping headaches, neurotic changes with excitement, sleep disturbances, dizziness, a tendency to tachycardia, numbness and parasthesia of the extremities were noted. Often these patients indicated a history of sympathoadrenal crises. When the VIC value was below -15, the patients were diagnosed with parasympathicotonia. HD in these patients was manifested by a higher level of DBP and lower heart rate in comparison with the first group (Table 1). The constancy of blood pressure during the day, edema of the eyelids and puffiness of the face, stiffness, fatigue, depression were clinically determined. The course of physiotherapy changed the blood pressure indicators in patients of all groups. Appointment of magnetotherapy to patients against the background of sympathicotonia contributed to the earlier stabilization of blood pressure indicators. Significant changes were observed in the dynamics of systolic blood pressure. On average, 10-15 mm Hg. SBP decreased from 3-4 procedures. A decrease in heart rate was also revealed (statistically significant in 18.1% of cases). The VIC values ​​decreased from 5-6 procedures, and at the end of the course of physiotherapy, 6 patients showed a relative vegetative balance. Improved performance during the orthostatic test. Good effect with a decrease in the level of diastolic blood pressure to 90 mm Hg. and lower was observed in 54.5% of cases, partial effect - 27.7%. In the control group (1.1), the effectiveness of drug treatment in patients was somewhat lower than in the main group. Clinically, the patients of the main group showed an earlier decrease in the intensity of headache. Patients noted a pronounced sedative effect of the procedures, normalization of sleep.

Darsonvalization led to a decrease in blood pressure indicators. The maximum changes in the dynamics of blood pressure were observed after 5-6 sessions of therapy, when the level of systolic blood pressure became 1.3-1.4 times lower. Diastolic pressure decreased on average by 1.2 times in comparison with the initial data and approached normal values ​​by 6-7 days of physiotherapy treatment. The heart rate did not change significantly. There was an upward trend in VIC. In several patients, the VIC became normal, which indicated the restoration of the balance of the autonomic nervous system. While in the control group, against the background of traditional drug treatment, there was only a tendency to normalize the indicator even on the 10-12th day of observation. Good effect with a decrease in the level of diastolic blood pressure to 90 mm Hg. and lower was observed in 69.2% of cases, partial effect - 26.9%. In one patient, no positive changes were observed. In the control group (2.1) in patients with parasympathicotonia, the effectiveness of drug treatment was lower than the main group and amounted to 50% - a good effect, partial - in 20%. In 1 patient, worsening of the condition was noted with subsequent correction of therapy. In patients with parasympathicotonia, who received darsonvalization, in comparison with the control group, an earlier improvement in general well-being, normalization of sleep, and a decrease in the frequency and intensity of headache attacks were noted. When studying the dynamics of blood pressure after a course of laser therapy for 2-3 months, the stabilization of blood pressure was noted, which made it possible to reduce the dose of drugs without deteriorating the well-being of patients. The results obtained confirmed the correctness of the assumption about the advisability of using sedative, sympatholytic methods in patients with hypertension against the background of an increased tone of the sympathetic division of the ANS. And adaptation therapy is indicated for patients with parasympathicotonia. The high efficiency of the complex treatment of hypertension using differentiated methods of physiotherapy for hypertension is apparently associated with the effect of the procedures on the vegetative tone and with the restoration of relative vegetative balance. This is confirmed by the normalization of the Kerdo vegetative index and orthostatic test data.

Conclusions. Physiotherapy methods of treating hypertension are highly effective. The choice of physiotherapy methods depends on the initial state of the patient's autonomic nervous system. In patients with a predominance of the sympathetic part of the ANS, sedative methods, such as magnetotherapy, are indicated, and in case of parasympathicotonia, adaptation methods (darsonvalization) will have the maximum therapeutic effect. The criterion for selecting patients for sedative or adaptive physiotherapy can be the Kerdo index. At values ​​above +15, magnetotherapy is recommended, at values ​​of VIC below -15, it is better to prescribe darsonvalization to patients.





Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):84-85
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Quantitative assessment of treatment adherence factors in patients with myocardial infarction

Kasatkin E., Abramova M.


Background. Reducing mortality from cardiovascular diseases, provided for by the national project "Zdravoohranenie", is one of the most priority tasks of domestic medicine. Myocardial infarction (MI) is one of the most common and dangerous cardiovascular diseases with a high mortality rate. One of the ways to reduce mortality in MI may be to increase patients ' adherence to treatment. Currently, there is no clear understanding of the impact of psychosocial factors on treatment adherence in these patients. Aim. Study of the influence of psychosocial, gender factors and the degree of coronary artery damage on treatment adherence in patients with myocardial infarction (MI). Methods. A comprehensive assessment of the treatment adherence of 40 inpatient MI patients (average age 60.45±1.63 years) of both sexes was performed. The number of patients' adherence to treatment was assessed using questionnaires from the KOP-25 questionnaire. Levels of anxiety and depression were determined on the HADS. The level of patients' awareness of cardiovascular diseases was assessed by means of a questionnaire. All patients underwent complete clinical examination, including coronary angiography (CTA). Results. Depending on the degree of adherence to treatment, 3 groups of patients were identified: 1st - with high, 2nd – with medium, and 3rd - with low. The 1st group included younger and more educated patients with a high level of awareness. In the 2nd group of older patients, there was a lower level of awareness, in the 3rd group, which did not differ in age from the 2nd group, the level of education and awareness was even lower. Levels of anxiety and depression increased from group 1 to group 3 without reaching the subclinical level. According to the severity of myocardial damage, there were no pronounced differences between the groups. Conclusion. In inpatients, a high degree of adherence to treatment was found only in 12.5% ​​of younger patients with a high level of education and awareness, low rates of anxiety and depression. With increasing age in the 2nd and 3rd groups, a decrease in the level of education and awareness decreases with treatment, a slight increase in the level of anxiety and depression.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):85-87
pages 85-87 views


Cozlova E.C.


Arterial hypertension is accompanied by damage to target organs, which lead to a sharp deterioration in the quality of life of people, and are also a significant cause of mortality. It is possible to avoid complications in arterial hypertension with the constant intake of drugs that normalize blood pressure figures, as well as having a protective effect on target organs. But, unfortunately, compliance remains low. Among 56 patients surveyed, only 38% were adherent to treatment, in this group, target organ damage was significantly less

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):87-89
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Information technology and adherence of patients with essential hypertension to treatment in a polyclinic

Kovyrshina E.P.


Relevance. Patient adherence to treatment is a significant problem in modern medicine, requiring the study of factors influencing it.

The aim of the study was to assess the adherence to therapy of patients with essential hypertension of different age categories, depending on their use of information technologies.

Methods. In the course of the work, 109 patients with hypertension were interviewed using the Morisky-Green questionnaire. To determine the extent to which patients use modern information technologies in the treatment and diagnostic process, their own questionnaire was developed. Anxiety-depressive disorders were assessed using the HADS hospital anxiety and depression scale.

Results. The study revealed the relationship between patient adherence and indicators reflecting the level of anxiety and depression with the number of drugs taken. Results were also obtained on the degree of use information technology for patients, including the method of making patient appointments and their impact on patient adherence to treatment.

Conclusion. Patients using information resources before visiting a doctor showed greater adherence to treatment than patients who do not use or rarely use information technology. With regard to the method of making an appointment with a doctor, the greatest adherence to treatment was revealed in the group of patients who sought help from relatives. A direct correlation was also determined between the patient's age, the level of anxiety-depressive disorders and adherence to treatment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):89-91
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Assessment of indicators of the psychoemotional sphere in women with an enlarged thyroid gland (according to ultrasound - research)

Lagutina S.


Thyroid pathology, at present, is one of the leading, which entails a change in psycho-emotional status. Changes in this area are deploying their clinic even before the diagnosis is made and at the pre-laboratory level.
Purpose. To study the changes in the psychoemotional sphere in patients with an enlarged thyroid gland according to ultrasound research. Materials and methods. A total of 122 patients were examined at the initial examination by a district therapist, from whose anamnesis changes in the cognitive sphere were revealed, manifested by various changes in psychoemotional arousal. The analysis of the quality of life was carried out, statistical processing of the data was carried out using the STATISTIC 6.0 program. Research results. It was found that 54% of women had the following symptoms: lability of the emotional background, menstrual irregularities in women of the reproductive period, heart palpitations, memory impairment.This group of patients also showed a change in the ultrasound study (enlargement of the thyroid gland). Conclusions. The increase in patients with thyroid pathology occurs more and more. Based on the research conducted, it is worth concluding that this clinical symptomatology significantly reduces the quality of life.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):91-93
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Detection of senile asthenia syndrome and renal dysfunction in patients with coronary heart disease

Panin D.


Abstract Relevance
Patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) older than 60 years are characterized by the development of senile asthenia syndrome (SA), which leads to an increased risk of complications and increased mortality. Reduced renal function also plays a significant role in reducing muscle strength, balance disorders, and increasing the risk of falls.

Objective: to study the frequency of SA syndrome and renal dysfunction in inpatient patients with IHD, to assess the impact of age, gender, comorbidities, glomerular filtration rate (GFR) on the severity of these indicators.

Methods. To identify SA syndrome, patients were surveyed using three questionnaires: Fried, "Age is not a hindrance"(Pirogov Russian national research UNIVERSITY, RUDN) and the SA criteria in the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures – SOF-index. GFR was determined using the CKD-EPI formula. Patients were divided into 3 age groups: 1st-middle age, 2nd – elderly, 3rd-senile.

Results. 40 patients (men – 19, women – 21) with IHD were examined: stable stenocardia – 17 people, unstable-13 people, with primary myocardial infarction (MI)– 8 people, repeated MI-2 people. aged 50 to 86 years (average 69.8±9.3 years).Group 1 included 6 people, group 2-24 people, and group 3-10 people. SA syndrome was detected in 50% of the examined patients, preaste-NII (PA)-in 37.5%, not detected in 13.5%. in group 1, SA syndrome was diagnosed in 66.6%, in group 2 in 91.1%, and in group 3 in 100% of patients. The prevalence of SA in women was revealed. Impaired renal function - in 20% of patients without SA, in 26.6% with PA and in 65% with SA. Hypertension (GB) in group 1 was observed in 66%, in group 2-in 79.0%, in group 3-in 100% of patients. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) was more common in group 2 (20.0%) and group 3 (35.0%) compared to group 1 (16.6%). Calculating GFR allowed us to determine the stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In patients without SA, CKD C3-C4 was detected in 20.0%, with PA-in 26.7%, with SA - in 65.0%.

Conclusion. In various forms of IHD, the presence of PA and SA worsens with age, the PRO-phenomena of IHD are more severe in them, functional disorders of the kidneys also increase due to age and an increase in the degree of SA. Correction of SA and renal function may improve the prognosis of patients with IHD.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):93-94
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Cirrhosis of the liver as an outcome of chronic hepatitis C

Parfenteva M.A., Rubcov D.


A virus that parasitizes the liver, which can be transmitted through the blood, from mother to child, sexually, leads to the development of cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) and sometimes to the death of the patient. HCV must be prescribed antiviral therapy and diet, but the appointment of interferons with combinations of antiviral agents does not allow to achieve the desired effect in treatment, especially in a number of patients who received interferons, there are many undesirable side reactions. At the moment, the diagnosis of viral hepatitis is very problematic, since viral hepatitis is latent. The patient usually does not feel pain in the right hypochondrium, the absence of jaundice, which will be associated with liver disease

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):94-96
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Atherosclerotic lesion of the lower limb arteries in type 2 diabetes

Polulyakh T., Kirilenko I.


Diabetes mellitus is a predominantly metabolic disease. Against the background of this pathology, there is a risk of developing atherosclerotic vascular damage in the lower extremities, which is a factor in disability in patients with type 2 diabetes .
Objective: to Analyze laboratory data, complaints, symptoms, and perform additional diagnostic manipulations to clarify the clinical diagnosis.
Methods: viewing medical records, collecting anamnesis, analyzing data from the initial examination and studying laboratory and instrumental research methods on the basis of the Stationary unit No. 2 at the Otrozhka station. Processing the results obtained using the Student's t-test.
Results: a blood Test showed that 18% of patients with insulin resistance have increased levels of total cholesterol and LDL, which is a factor in the appearance of vascular atherosclerosis. According to the results of the study of the USDS of the lower extremity arteries, 27 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes show the initial stages of vascular ischemia.
Conclusion: type 2 Diabetes is one of the main factors of disability in people due to complications that occur against the background of the leading pathology. This complication is an atherosclerotic lesion of the iliac arteries. According to statistics, 88% of patients with this complication undergo surgical treatment. This suggests that there are not enough diagnostic manipulations to detect such complications in a timely manner.
Key words: type 2 diabetes mellitus; complications; atherosclerotic lesion

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):96-97
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Association between parameters of clinical blood analysis and relative light sum of chemiluminescence of whole blood in iron-deficency anemia and pulmonary, stomach and liver diseases

Puzikova O.


The research aim is to reveal the dependence of relative light sum of whole blood chemiluminescence on the general blood test parameters in patients with iron deficiency anemia, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, gastritis and chronic viral hepatitis.


We have determined hematocrit by microcentrifugation.

We have measured percentage of neutrophils on XT-2000i hematology analyzer.

We have measured light sum of chemiluminescence on BLM 3606M chemiluminescence analyzer.

Results. In all groups of patients, the values ​​of relative light sum of whole blood chemiluminescence are higher than in the control group, especially in chronic viral hepatitis. We have observed the largest relative light sum of chemiluminescence in patients with chronic viral hepatitis (1.014 ± 0.099 conventional units). The value of relative light sum of chemiluminescence is associated with hematocrit. The modulus of the β-regression coefficient between the relative light sum of chemiluminescence and hematocrit is -0.426045 ± 0.417039.

Conclusions. The values ​​of relative light sum of whole blood chemiluminescence increase in examined pathologies. We have observed the highest value of relative light sum in chronic viral hepatitis. According to the results of our study, it is associated with a decrease in hematocrit, which can be proved by an increase in the number of microcytes.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):97-99
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Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko

Letnikova J.C., Tokmachev R., Margulis M., Chernik T.


Atrial ibrillation (AF) is a heart rhythm disorder that is most common in clinical practice. An increase in the average life expectancy of a person leads to an increase in cardiovascular diseases, including AF. It was reported that the presence of chronic heart failure (CHF) increases the risk of AF by 5 times. There are currently no well-defined markers of AF progression. Therefore, the identification of such markers in patients with CHF is reasonable and relevant.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):99-101
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Comprehensive assessment of the 6-minute walk test in patients with COPD

Tolbin A., Shalnev I.


COPD is the most common disease of the bronchopulmonary system, often leading to disability and premature mortality. Diagnosing COPD requires expensive equipment. An alternative study could be a 6-minute walk test using new technologies to assess the state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of a person.
Objective: To expand the diagnostic capabilities of the modified 6-minute walk test and to determine the changes in hemodynamic parameters, ECG and pulse oximetry in patients with COPD.
Methods: The 6-minute walk test was carried out in accordance with the National Guidelines for CHF in the author's modification. The test included 3 stages of walking: 3-minute walking at the patient's usual pace to a minimum degree of shortness of breath, stage 2 - accelerating walking to moderate shortness of breath (2 minutes), and the last stage - 1-minute walking at the patient's maximum tolerated pace.
Results: It was possible to identify differences among patients of the same age with COPD and patients without COPD. The intensification of the load revealed various mechanisms of adaptation to physical activity - in the comparison group, an increase in the body's demand for oxygen during the test is achieved by an increase in blood pressure and heart rate while maintaining oxygen saturation. In patients with COPD, adaptation to stress by increasing the work of the cardiovascular system is not compensated by an increase in pulmonary ventilation, which is manifested by a decrease in blood oxygen saturation.
Conclusion: A comprehensive assessment of hemodynamic parameters and oxygen saturation during the 6-minute walk test, along with spirographic examination, will help improve the assessment of the patient's condition and objectify the effectiveness of the therapy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):101-102
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Fedortsov A.


Relevance: Glucocorticoids, being both drugs and natural hormones of the adrenal cortex, have not only the necessary pharmacological effect, but also contribute to the development of changes in the endocrine system of the body. As a result of such transformations, exogenous Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome may develop. Therefore, the task of modern medicine is the timely prediction and correction of this condition.

Objective: To analyze the prevalence of Itsenko-Cushing's drug syndrome among patients of the rheumatology department, depending on the nosological form, duration and scheme of taking synthetic glucocorticoids.

Methods: Hypothetical-deductive method, comparison, probability-statistical methods, generalization.

Results: In total, the rheumatology department received treatment: in 2017 - 1468 people, in 2018 - 1433 people, in 2019 - 1389 people. Including nosologies in which glucocorticoids are used for a long time: with a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus - 57, 48 and 65 people, respectively, rheumatoid arthritis - 365, 320 and 334 people, respectively, systemic vasculitis - 24, 35 and 24 people, respectively, systemic scleroderma - 61, 48 and 56 people, respectively. Itsenko-Cushing's drug syndrome was determined in 56.4% of patients receiving glucocorticoid therapy for systemic lupus erythematosus, in 34.2% with rheumatoid arthritis, in 58.1% of patients undergoing treatment for systemic vasculitis and in 57.4% with systemic scleroderma.

Conclusion: One of the important problems of modern medicine is the Itsenko-Cushing drug syndrome. The use of glucocorticosteroids for a long time or in high doses leads to the development of serious complications. This phenomenon requires comprehensive accounting, analysis and prediction of the likelihood of adverse consequences and, as a consequence, the appointment of modern therapy in order to prevent and promptly correct possible complications.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):102-103
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The analysis of the current pharmacotherapy of COPD in the hospital

Fedortsova T.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a very common disease of the respiratory system. COPD occurs in 11.8% of men and 8.5% of women over the age of 40. It should be noted that a large proportion of these people are long-term smokers. The aim of the study is to study the pharmaceutical properties of drugs used in drug therapy of COPD; their influence on the course of the disease, the speed and quality of recovery, expressed in spirometry indicators. Materials and methods included the analysis of 60 patient case histories on the basis of THE Kursk city hospital No. 1 named after N. S. Korotkov Based on the results obtained, it is clear that women's recovery rates are lower than those of men, respectively, VEL - 10.4 times, FVC - 1.9 times, FEV1 - 1.7 times. In conclusion, it should be noted that COPD therapy was characterized by pronounced effectiveness, which led to an improvement in the functional state of the respiratory system, in particular, the external respiratory system. The low dynamics of FVD indicators among women, compared to those for men, is associated with the initial lower norms of these indicators for women and weaker adaptation systems.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):104-105
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Fedortsov A.A., Maltseva E.A., Bulygin Y.О., Zolotareva M.A.


Relevance: In connection with the norms of the Ministry of Health, no more than 15 minutes are allotted for the initial admission of one patient to a district therapist, pediatrician, general practitioner, as well as narrow specialists - a neurologist, otorhinolaryngologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist [1]. During this period of time, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible about the patient, record his complaints, collect anamnesis, and conduct an examination. One of the ways to solve this problem is to interview the patient through a questionnaire.

Objective: To find out the positive and negative aspects of using questionnaires. Determine how much time saves the questionnaire, compared to the classic survey. Identify the most qualitative and fastest way to conduct a survey when a patient is admitted to a hospital.

Methods: Statistical analysis, direct observation, empirical description, generalization.

Results: This method of interviewing is effective for the work of novice doctors or residents who may get confused in the patient's testimony or forget points that need clarification. However, despite the aforementioned plus, the questionnaire is not suitable for all patients; its use is most relevant for people aged 18-55 with a satisfactory state of health.

Conclusion: The study showed that the questionnaire is a convenient tool in the doctor's work for collecting the most complete anamnesis and complaints, but is not suitable for all patients. We also found out that the method we have chosen allows the doctor to meet the time specified by the norms of the Ministry of Health.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):105-107
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Иммунология и инфекционные болезни

Clinical, epidemiological and laboratory features of enterovirus infection in children

Aldokhina E.O., Bryzhak D.


The urgency of the problem of enterovirus infection (EVI) is due to the ubiquity, high frequency of occurrence, clinical polymorphism of EVI and high contagiousness, which makes it possible to classify this disease as a high-risk group. The aim of the study was to study the epidemic and clinical and laboratory features of isolated and combined forms of enterovirus infection in children. A retrospective analysis of 100 case histories of children with various forms of enterovirus infection was carried out according to the data of the infectious diseases department of OGBUZ "KB No. 1" in Smolensk for 2017-2019. On the basis of clinical and laboratory data, various clinical forms of EVI (exanthema, herpangina, enteritis, myalgia, meningitis) were identified, and features of the course of combined forms of EVI and serous meningitis in children were noted. From 2017 to 2019, there was a trend in the course of EVI in the form of combined forms of this disease, which is due to their more severe course and, as a result, an increase in indications for hospitalization. Key words: enterovirus infection; herpangina; exanthema; enterovirus meningitis; children

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):108-109
pages 108-109 views


Amanmukhamedov D.A., Mamonova V.A.


Relevance.  According to the World Health Organization, every second resident of economically developed countries suffers from sleep disorders.  Regular sleep deprivation has a significant effect on the immune system and also increases the risk of obesity, depression, heart attacks and strokes. 

Purpose.  To establish a relationship between the duration and quality of night sleep, the frequency of the general sickness rate of students during the year, and the risk of immunodeficiency syndrome. 

Methods.  In the work, a pre-laboratory method of remote immunodiagnostics was used by questioning 76 students of the 3rd year of the therapeutic and pediatric faculties of ASMU named after N. N. Burdenko at the age of 20 to 21 years.  Also, to determine the influence of the duration and quality of night sleep on the risk of developing diseases, the hardware-software complex “Medscanner Wellness” was used. 


Results.  The results of the questionnaire revealed a straight line of the duration and quality of night sleep with the frequency of the general morbidity of students during the year. In the course of the survey, students with a night's sleep of less than 6 hours were found to have a high risk of developing immunodeficiency syndrome. When examining these students on the hardware-software complex “Medscaner Wellness”, a high risk of developing diseases from the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems of the body was established. 

Conclusion.  It was found that in 39 surveyed students the incidence of acute respiratory infections during the year is 2 times higher, they have an infectious syndrome, as well as a high risk of developing diseases from the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.  This is due to the lack of night sleep of the above students, since regular lack of sleep at night significantly reduces the reactivity of the immune system.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):109-111
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Age-related features of the course of adenovirus infection

Artemieva A., Burigina V.


Relevance: Adenovirus infection (AI) is characterized by pronounced catarrhal phenomena, often leading to the development of complications from the ENT organs and respiratory tract. Especially susceptible to the disease are young children, in whom AI can occur in a severe form and for a longer time [1].
Objective: to study age-related features of clinical manifestations of AI in children.
Methods: 38 children with confirmed AI were monitored, selected by random sampling and were hospitalized in the CSTO No. 2 medical center IN 2019. To study the clinical features of AI, patients were divided into two groups depending on their age. The first group – children from 1 month to 3 years (20 people), the second group – children older than 3 years (18 people). Inclusion criteria: positive results of PCR of nasopharyngeal smears on adenovirus DNA in the absence of ARVI markers of other etiology (respiratory screen).
Results: AI occurs mainly in a moderate form-89.5% of children, severe was registered only in 10.5%. Severe feverish intoxication syndrome was significantly more often detected in children over 3 years of age (33%) compared to children under 3 years of age (15%). The leading clinical symptom of AI is rhinopharyngitis, which is equally common in the compared groups (95% and 100%, respectively), but with a significantly longer course in young children (6.8±0.4 and 3.0±0.8 days, respectively). Rhinopharyngoconjunctival fever (RFC), as the most typical form of AI, occurred in the group of children under 3 years of age only in 1 child (5%), while in the group of children over 3 years of age, this form was detected in almost every third patient (27.8%, p<0.05). Lymphadenopathy with an increase in mainly submandibular and cervical lymph nodes was observed in more than half (76.7%) of patients over 3 years of age and in 25% under 3 years of age (p<0.05). In most of the hospitalized patients, AI proceeded with the development of complications. In young children, obstructive bronchitis prevailed in the structure of complications-31.6%, less often stenosing laryngotracheitis of the 1st degree (25%) and catarrhal otitis (5.2%). Bacterial complications were more often registered in children over 3 years of age: purulent tonsillitis in 25% and urinary tract infection in 5%.
Conclusion: In young children with AI, catarrhal syndrome prevailed with damage to both the upper and lower respiratory tracts and the development of grade 1 respiratory failure, while in older children, lymphoproliferative and feverish intoxication syndromes were more pronounced.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):111-112
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Features of seasonal coronavirus infection in children

Atachuk T.


Relevance: Acute respiratory infections remain one of the urgent problems of Pediatrics. In the vast majority of cases, the etiological factor of ARI is viruses. There is a constant variability of viral agents with the formation of new viruses. The situation in China with the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has shown the particular relevance of this problem.
Objective: to study the course of seasonal coronavirus infection in children.
Methods: a prospective study of cases of coronavirus infection in children of Voronezh and the Voronezh region was Conducted. 1024 children were under observation who were hospitalized in the regional infectious diseases hospital in Voronezh in the period from 2017 to 2018 with laboratory-confirmed Ari etiology. The study of clinical and laboratory features of coronavirus infection in children was carried out based on the analysis of the course of the disease in 27 children with laboratory-confirmed infection.
Results: during the follow-up period, coronavirus infection was 2.6%. Children with this infection were most often hospitalized during the winter months. In 22%, coronavirus infection occurred in Association with other viral agents. The number of boys exceeded girls twice: 67% and 33%, respectively. The age of children was from 2 months to 12 years: children under one year-22.2%, from one to three years-48.2%, from three to 6 years-22.2%, over 6 years-7.4%. The disease began with an increase in temperature and the development of catarrhal syndrome, mainly rhinitis. With the development of coronavirus infection, almost all patients (89%) were concerned about coughing. The total duration of cough was 7 [6; 9] days. 40.7% of children were diagnosed with acute bronchitis. In 22% of cases, children were diagnosed with acute laryngotracheitis, laryngeal stenosis developed in 18.5% of children, in most cases stenosis of the first degree, in one child of the second. Phenomena of first-degree respiratory failure were detected in 18.5% of children, all due to the development of bronchoobstructive syndrome. Bacterial complications of coronavirus infection were observed in 40.7% of cases, among them acute otitis media or acute bacterial tonsillitis prevailed.
Conclusion: seasonal coronavirus infection begins acutely with fever and catarrhal syndrome. The clinical picture is dominated by rhinitis, bronchitis, and every fifth hospitalized child is diagnosed with acute laryngotracheitis. The complicated course is characterized by bacterial lesion from the ENT organs, no development of pneumonia was noted, and no intestinal syndrome was detected in children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):113-114
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Batishcheva E.


Relevance. Despite the success of modern medicine, acute intestinal infections (ACI) remain a common pathology in the practice of doctors of various specialties. These diseases are found everywhere, are caused by a variety of pathogens, some of them are highly contagious and are not always easily controlled, which is why their timely diagnosis is so important. Molecular biological methods such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are considered promising methods for early detection of intestinal pathogens. The use of this technique in many regions of Russia has expanded the range of detected pathogens of AKI, including viral diarrhea (VD). To date, the pathogenicity of many virus families has been confirmed for humans: rotaviruses of groups A, B, C, noroviruses, astroviruses of serotypes 1-8, adenoviruses of types 40, 41, enteroviruses, etc.
Goal. To study the structure and clinical and epidemiological features of viral diarrhea in adult patients for timely diagnosis and use of adequate therapy.
Methods. A retrospective analysis of 245 case histories of patients of the 2nd infectious (intestinal) Department of the Voronezh regional clinical hospital (VOKIB) who were treated in 2018 was performed.inclusion Criteria: the presence of a clinical picture of acute intestinal infection and laboratory confirmation of the viral nature of the disease. In addition to traditional bacteriological and serological methods, PCR was used to determine the etiology of the disease.
Results. During the analysis of medical histories, it was revealed that viral diarrhea accounted for 45.5% of patients with laboratory-verified AKI. The etiological structure of VD was dominated by noroviruses (45.7 %) and rotaviruses (44.9%), adenoviruses made up 5.7 %, astroviruses – 3.7% of patients. The group nature of the disease and mixed infections occurred in a small part of patients (17.9% and 10.2%, respectively). VD in adults did not have a certain seasonality and was recorded year – round: rotavirus infection is more common in spring and summer, norovirus infection-in autumn and winter. The topological diagnosis in the vast majority of patients was gastroenteritis (84.9%), which led to exicosis in 53.1% of cases, and fever was absent in 65.7% of patients. Respiratory syndrome were detected in adults is quite rare (15.6 per cent). The clinical course of the disease had a mostly favorable outcome regardless of age and premorbid background. There were no significant, diagnostically significant changes in General clinical analyses. Most of the patients received antibiotic therapy (86.5%) prescribed in the emergency Department.
Conclusion. The introduction of molecular genetic methods (PCR) into the complex of examination of patients with AKI allowed us to significantly expand our understanding of the frequency of VD in adults and optimize a differentiated approach to the appointment of adequate therapy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):114-116
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The effect of diabetes on the course of shingles.

Dakhova E.


Relevance: Herpetic infection occupies one of the leading places in the structure of the entire infectious pathology. Shingles, the causative agent of which is herpes zoster type 3, is considered a marker of severe immunodeficiency of the body. In this regard, the manifestation of the disease is caused by various chronic diseases,including diabetes.
Objective: to Study the effect of diabetes mellitus on the clinical course of herpes zoster.
Methods: 73 patients with the diagnosis of herpes zoster were under observation in the period from April to December 2019. All patients underwent laboratory and instrumental methods of research, which are standard for herpetic infection, and patients with diabetes mellitus underwent a daily glucose profile. All results were processed using Excel 2007.
Results: during the follow-up period, it was found that the combined course of diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage with shingles leads to more extensive skin damage, worsens the outcome of the infectious disease, increases the number of relapses and lengthens the time of convalescence.
Conclusion: thus, the presence of decompensated diabetes mellitus in individuals with herpes zoster contributes to prolonging the time of convalescence and the occurrence of relapses. Maintaining compensated diabetes allows you to avoid complications of this infectious disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):116-117
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Dzhumaboev S., Moreplavceva I.


Relevance: Purulent meningitis in children is currently the most severe pathology among acute infectious diseases. Despite advances in Pediatrics, the mortality rate remains at a very high level, which can only be reduced by optimizing diagnosis and treatment.
Objective: to study laboratory features of purulent meningitis in children.
Methods: 19 children aged 15 days to 17 years, selected by random sampling, were hospitalized in BUZ VO "obkb No. 2" under observation. Inclusion criteria: the presence of clinical manifestations of meningitis and laboratory data of cerebrospinal fluid confirming purulent meningitis. The main outcome of the study is the analysis of laboratory features of purulent meningitis in children. Information from patients ' medical records was used to determine the study outcomes.
Results: neutrophilic pleocytosis 1369±28.01×106/l was detected in all children, the protein level increased to 1.6±0.32 g/l. in 42.1% of patients, a decrease in glucose level was registered. In 73.7% of patients, the level of lactate in the cerebrospinal fluid (CPF) increased to 5.39±1.17 mmol/l and in 79% of children - LDH to 84.9±17.04 U/l. Changes in the hemogram were represented by leukocytosis of 16.17±17.04×109/l of neutrophilic nature, an increase in ESR of 36.5±4.39 mm / h. In 100% of cases, at the height of the disease, there was an increased CRP of 194±35 and PKT≥2 - ≥10. The blood lactate level was elevated in 78.9% and amounted to 4.88±0.5 mmol/l, the serum LDH level-in 52.6% to 617.75±26.6 U/l.
Conclusion: All children with purulent meningitis had an inflammatory nature of the peripheral blood and an increase in CRP and PCT. The level of decrease in CSF glucose correlated with the height of pleocytosis, reflecting the severity of the bacterial process. In most cases, high LDH and liquor lactate were recorded, which characterize the severity of CNS damage.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):117-119
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Epidemiological features of pneumonia in the Voronezh region, taking into account the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics

Kalashnikova P., Buksha M.


Acutality: the Relevance of the analysis of epidemiological features of pneumonia in the Voronezh region, taking into account the sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics, is difficult to overestimate, because lung inflammation continues to occupy one of the Central positions in the structure of all infections, and the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant strains continues to grow.
Purpose: the purpose of this work was: to make a comparative analysis of cases of pneumonia in the Voronezh region for the same time intervals (9 months) 2018 and 2019, taking into account the etiology of the pathogen and the sensitivity of causal pathogens to antibiotics.
Methods: the Study was conducted on the basis of statistical analysis of cases of pneumonia in the adult population for 9 months of 2018-2019..
Results: the results of the study showed that in comparison of data from 2018 and 2019, there were some changes in the ratio of the leading causal factor of pneumonia among the groups of staphylococci and streptococci. There were no significant differences in the assessment of the sensitivity of pathogens to the main groups of antibiotics.
Conclusion: This study showed that the etiological picture of pneumonia in the Voronezh region for 9 months of 2018-2019 indicates the dominant value of the following groups of bacteria: Enterobacteriae, Staphylococcus and Enterococcus. The predominance of the role of opportunistic representatives of Staphylococcus (in 2018) and Streptococcus (in 2018 and 2019) as pathogens of pneumonia is probably associated with a decrease in immunity in the population.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):119-120
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Kovalenko Y.V., Begina O.G., Suslov S.S.


Relevance: The body state of adolescents in correctional facilities differs significantly from national indicators. The main reasons for the health violation of convicts are insufficient knowledge of sanitation and hygiene, pre-social lifestyle and low general cultural level. According to a number of sources, the indicator of significant diseases in this category of convicts increased: hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and others. Outbreaks of infections occur mainly in conditions of unsanitary conditions and overcrowding of the prison population, therefore, persons in prison are a high-risk group.

Work objective: the analysis of the prevalence of infectious diseases among adolescents in a closed penitentiary institution.

Methods: studies were conducted at the Federal State Healthcare Institution "Medical and Sanitary Unit No. 61 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia". The study group included 76 adolescents aged 14 to 19 years. The median age was 17.7 years. Urban residents – 44 people (57.9%), rural residents – 25 (32.9%), homeless – 7 (9.2%).

Results: the structure of chronic infectious diseases in adolescents of the study group was distributed as follows: 1 (1.3%) – lymphadenopathy, 1 (1.3%) - frequent tonsillitis, 1 (1.3%) – chronic bronchitis (against the background of smoking), 1 (1.3%) – HIV-infected. Over the past year, there have been no outbreaks of acute respiratory viral, acute intestinal and other outbreaks within the institution.

Discussion: Chronic infectious diseases in adolescents in the study group were found in only 4 cases (5.3%). Over the past year, there have been no outbreaks of acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections and other outbreaks within the institution, which indicates the early detection of isolated cases of acute infectious diseases, the timely isolation of sick people and properly organized anti-epidemic measures.

Conclusion: The hypothesis that the long stay of adolescents in a closed-type institution creates favorable conditions for the spread of dangerous infections (HIV infection, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, C, etc.) was not confirmed in our study, which indicates a relatively favorable medical prognosis for juvenile convicts who were in a penitentiary after the end of the established period compared to adult criminals. The absence of outbreaks of acute infectious diseases in a closed institution and in conditions of increased crowding indicates the well-organized work of medical personnel, timely isolation and adequate anti-epidemic measures carried out in this institution.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):120-121
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Analysis of the spectrum of microflora and antibiotic resistance of the main pathogens in the pathology of ENT organs

Korchagina S.A.


Relevance. Among all purulent-inflammatory diseases, pathology of the upper respiratory tract and ear accounts for up to 15% of patients. Microorganisms play the greatest role in the occurrence of diseases of these organs. However, in recent years, the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains has increased sharply, which is one of the important public health problems of the 21st century according to WHO.
Goal. To study and analyze the spectrum of various microorganisms in purulent-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs and to assess their antibiotic resistance to the most commonly used groups of drugs.
Methods. Study of scientific, special and public literature; analysis of microbiological monitoring of the main biomaterial (ear discharge; upper respiratory tract discharge) of the ENT-1 department BUZ VO VOKB No. 1 for the period 2014-2019.
Results. During the time period from 2014 to 2019, with purulent-inflammatory ear diseases, the following dynamics of the microflora spectrum is observed: the leading position is occupied by the Pseudomonas aeruginosa (an increase from 12.24% to 33.89%), the share of diseases caused by Staphylococcus aureus decreases (from 32 , 65% to 10.17%), the dynamics of saprophytic staphylococcus fluctuates slightly (from 18.37% to 18.64%). In case of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the following can be noted: Staphylococcus aureus retains 1 position, but the percentage of diseases caused by this pathogen decreases from 41.94% to 20.96%. Streptococcus viridans and Staphуlococcus saprophyticus, which until 2016 were at 2 and 3 positions, respectively, however, in 2019 Staphуlococcus epidermidis decreases (from 10.81% to 9.97%), while Klebsiella increases (from 9.80% to 10, 99%), although diseases associated with the pathogen - Klebsiella are relatively stable.Investigating the level of resistance of the leading flora to antibacterial drugs, it turned out that the highest resistance of Staphуlococcus aureus is observed to ampicillin (35-42%); Streptococcus viridans - to oxacillin (17-23%); Staphylococcus saprophyticus - to erythromycin (47-49%); Pseudomonas aeruginosa - to ceftazidime (6-15%); Staphуlococcus epidermidis - to ampicillin (27-50%); Klebsiella pneumoniae - to fosfomycin (20%). Therefore, treatment with the listed drugs in relation to these pathogens will be the least effective.
Conclusion. Assessment of the antibiotic resistance of microflora at the present stage will allow the otorhinolaryngologist to choose the most appropriate antibacterial drugs. Monitoring the dynamics of the spectrum of microflora in inflammatory diseases caused by certain bacteria will make it possible to correctly predict the effectiveness of the treatment, reduce the number of complications in purulent-inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract and ear, and reduce the transition of an acute inflammatory process into a chronic one.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):121-124
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Lagutina S., Chizhkov P.


Relevance. Morbidity indicators, today, are leading in characterizing the health of the population. The deterioration of the health of the younger generation, in particular of students, contributes to a significant reduction in life expectancy, and also entails economic losses [3].
The goal is to analyze the statistical data on vaccination / revaccination rates of the student population for the period 2015 - 2019. on the example of a student polyclinic (BUZ VO VGKP No. 1) in Voronezh.
Materials and methods. A statistical analysis of the official reporting data of VGKP No. 1 was carried out, relative indicators were calculated, the following values ​​were calculated: t - Student's test. Differences in values ​​were considered significant at p <0.05.
Research results. By 2019, there is a downward trend in vaccination and revaccination rates against many infectious diseases (influenza, revaccination against measles, rubella). A study and analysis of the outpatient records of patients of the AHEC # 1 was carried out for vaccination, revaccination of students for 2018 - 2019. During the study, 300 outpatient patient records were studied (150 - for the period of 2018, 150 - for the period of 2019, respectively). Statistical data were processed using the Student's t-test with the calculation of the mean, standard deviation, differences were considered significant at p≤0.05. It was noted that 32% of students refuse vaccination in favor of using other drugs for preventive purposes, and 26% of students do not know about the need for revaccination against many diseases in accordance with the national calendar of preventive vaccinations. It was also revealed that
Conclusions. During the study period (2015 - 2019), it is worth noting that the rates of vaccination and revaccination of students decreased (in most cases due to medical indications and mistrust of vaccination as a specific method of preventing infectious diseases).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):124-125
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Lagutina S., Chizhkov P., Chernikova A., Samkov K.


Relevance. Throughout the history of mankind, epidemics accompanied wars and often the losses from infectious diseases were dozens of times higher than the combat losses of troops, and also determined the outcome of the war and victory. The exception to this rule was the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, where major epidemics were avoided thanks to the selfless work of Soviet military doctors, one of whom was M.V. Zemskov.
Goal. To summarize the contribution of a major organizer of military health care during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the chief epidemiologist of the Southwestern and 3rd Ukrainian fronts, Honored Scientist of Russia, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor M.V. Zemskov in the theory and practice of anti-epidemic protection of troops and civilian population. Materials and methods. The analysis of literary and archival sources reflecting the activities of M.V. Zemskov during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was carried out.
Research results. The experience of organizing large-scale anti-epidemic protection of troops and civilians during major operations of the Red Army, in which M.V. Zemskov was a participant, was studied. The assessment of the possibility of using the global threat of bioterrorism in modern conditions is carried out.
Conclusions. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the great scientist to the victory in the Second World War. Thanks to the merits of M.V. Zemskov, a victory was won not only over fascism, but also over many infectious agents.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):125-126
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Mukhina E.N., Glushchenko O.N.


Actuality: In recent years there has been a tendency to increase gerpeticescoy infection. In Russia, about 20 million people suffer from various forms of herpetic infection [1].
Purpose: the Purpose of our study was to study the features of the course of infectious mononucleosis in patients depending on their age.
Methods: the Study was conducted on the basis of BUZ VOKIB Voronezh in 94 patients with infectious mononucleosis who were treated in the period from 2015 to 2019. The clinical and laboratory examination included a clinical examination, routine studies of peripheral blood, and biochemical parameters. The diagnosis was confirmed by ELISA and PCR.
Results: the study showed that the course of infectious mononucleosis varies depending on the age of the patient. So in older patients, after a decrease in temperature, the subfibrile temperature persists, the size of the tonsils and lymph nodes normalizes more slowly, and hepatomegaly persists for a long time. The initial level of white blood cells varies from lymphopenia to leukocytosis, in contrast to younger patients. Initially overestimated levels of Alat and thymol samples are preserved for a longer period of time.
Conclusion: the Data obtained suggest that full recovery after infectious mononucleosis depends on the patient's age. Younger patients experience more complete clinical and laboratory remission. This requires mandatory follow-up of older patients on an outpatient basis in order to reduce the patient's risk of developing chronic mononucleosis.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):126-127
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Children's intrauterine infections

Sarkisyan A., Kachkina E.


Relevance: Congenital infections (IUI) are quite serious diseases, they occupy the third place in the structure of infant mortality. The frequency of intrauterine infection varies from 2 to 58% and reaches 70% among premature infants, and among the causes of perinatal mortality is up to 45%. Currently, there is a steady increase in the incidence of IUI.
Objective: to evaluate the structure of infectious agents in pregnant women and newborns in Voronezh based on the results of PCR examination and to study the actual frequency of perinatal EBVI based on the results of a comprehensive examination and its impact on the health of children.
Methods: the study was conducted in two stages: a PCR screening examination (for 10 pathogens) of ear smears from 212 newborns and cervical canal smears from 1436 women in labor who were treated in the Voronezh city clinical emergency hospital No. 10 IN 2019. The second stage was a retrospective analysis of the health status of children with congenital Epstein-Barr virus infection, established by the results of a comprehensive examination.
Results: the infection rate of pregnant women with Streptococcus agalactiae was 6.2%, while in newborns – 5.6%. Ureaplasma spp. was detected in 65.3% of pregnant women and 21.7% of newborns. Pathogens of urogenital mycoplasmosis mycoplasma genitalium and mycoplasma hominis were found in women in 2.9% and 12.2%, respectively, while in children M. genitalium was not detected, and M. hominis was found in 4.3%. Chlamydia infection (Chlamydia trachomatis) occurred in 4.8% of pregnant women and 4.7% of children. Epstein-Barr virus was detected in 9.3% of mothers, while the virus was not detected in children. However, serological examination revealed that the risk of congenital EBV is 17.4%. The main manifestations of the disease were non-specific manifestations of intrauterine infection with prematurity in 17.4%, SVUR-38.5%, and the development of RDS in 46.2%. No significant impact of perinatal EBVI on the health status of these children was found during the follow-up.
For the purpose of laboratory diagnostics of congenital infections, it is not enough to conduct a PCR study, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis with the determination of serological markers of infection in both the mother and the newborn child. In perinatal EBVI, no specific clinical manifestations were found, either in the neonatal period or during catamnestic observation. Intrauterine infection can manifest itself as a pathology of pregnancy with a fairly rapid recovery of children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):127-129
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The level of knowledge about STI and the nature of sexual behavior among medical students

Simenskaia E.


Relevance: changes in the current socio-cultural norms, in particular the characteristics of sexual behavior, are reflected in the epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The significant role of behavioral factors in the spread of STIs indicates the importance of improving the formation of precautionary behavior.

Purpose: to assess the level of awareness of first and fourth year medical students on prevention and risky sexual behavior in relation to sexually transmitted infections.

Methods: an anonymous survey was conducted 200 students of the Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N.Burdenko (VSMU named after N.N.Burdenko), studying at the 1st and 4th courses. The test consisted of 27 questions, affecting the nature of the sexual behavior of each respondent and awareness of sexually transmitted diseases.

Results: 1st year students are less informed about STIs and correct sexual behavior than 4th year students.

Conclusion: promotion of a healthy lifestyle. life at the pre-university (school) level and educational work on STI issues among junior students of the university are important factors in the formation of correct sexual behavior.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):129-130
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Comprehensive rehabilitation of children with respiratory diseases. Survey of parents.

Tempelin E.


Relevance: about 70% of childhood diseases are caused by a violation of the normal functioning of the respiratory system of infectious origin.

In this regard, it is important to develop specific and clear criteria for the effectiveness of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation care for children with respiratory diseases.

Goal: expected and obtained results of rehabilitation of children with respiratory diseases.

Methods: we conducted a survey of parents of children who were undergoing rehabilitation in the regional state-funded health care institution "children's sanatorium grayvoron". The questionnaire questions contained information about the patient's age, the main disease, the rehabilitation carried out before the current admission to the sanatorium, and the expected (input) and actual (output) results of rehabilitation. The questions in the "at the entrance" and "at the exit" questionnaires were identical. 64 questionnaires were received at the entrance. The output is 54 questionnaires.

Results: there is a high need For improving the health of the child, improving the quality of life, behavior and communication of children, training in healthy lifestyle skills (HLS).

At the end of the rehabilitation course, the majority of respondents noted General improvement, weight gain, improved communication and behavior of the child, improved quality of life of children and training in healthy lifestyle skills.

Conclusion:the needs of parents identified according to an anonymous survey in the state medical INSTITUTION "children's sanatorium grayvoron" in most cases relate not only to the General health of children with respiratory diseases, but also to the psychological, social, creative and communicative aspects of rehabilitation.

The revealed difference in a high degree of confidence according to the student's criterion (p<0.05) in the direction of decreasing indicators for the result "training in healthy lifestyle skills" should encourage participants in rehabilitation programs to strengthen this aspect of rehabilitation in the children's sanatorium of grayvoron.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):131-131
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Fedortsov A.A., Pugacheva E.A., Naraeva I.R.


Relevance: Responding to sexually transmitted diseases (hereinafter STIs / STDs) should be a global priority. STIs negatively affect the quality of life, sexual and reproductive health of people, as well as the health of children and newborns. These infections indirectly contribute to the sexual transmission of HIV infection and lead to changes at the cellular level that lead to the development of some types of cancer.

Objective: To identify the level of awareness of students of medical and non-medical universities on the issue of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as to develop and provide the population with recommendation materials on this group of diseases.

Methods: Statistical analysis, full induction, generalization.

Results: Briefly describing the main outcome, it can be argued that the majority of the surveyed students have a general idea of ​​what sexually transmitted diseases are and how to avoid them. However, some aspects of this issue, affecting specific information on the diseases themselves, as well as the principles of sexual hygiene are not so embedded in the minds of the masses, which can negatively affect the health of the population. Also, with a sufficient degree of reliability, it was revealed that students of medical schools are better versed in the issues of this topic.

Conclusion: Summing up the results of the work, we can conclude that the awareness of students about STDs is at an average level or even lower, and, of course, it needs to be increased.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):132-134
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Monitoring of antibiotic resistance of pathogenic enterobacteria that cause acute intestinal infections

Filimonova M.


Relevance. Bacterial diarrhea, despite the predominance of viral intestinal infections, does not lose its relevance, as antibiotic resistance increases in pathogens of bacterial intestinal infections.
Goal. Study of regional antibiotic resistance of pathogenic enterobacteria that cause acute intestinal infections in children.
Methods. Analysis of the nosological structure of acute intestinal infections in children and data from the bacteriological examination of feces for pathogenic microflora of children admitted to the CSTO No. 2 medical CENTER with OKI in 2017-2019. Antibiotic sensitivity was determined by sequential dilution and disco-diffusion method EUCAST (Version 6.0, January 2017). in 2017, 3634 test results were processed, in 2018 – 2261, in 2019 – 3353. A total of 9248 were identified and antimicrobial sensitivity was determined in 2017-2019.
It is shown that the structure of bacterial intestinal infections in children the first place is occupied esherihioz: 2017 – 46,0% of all OKA bacterial etiology, 2018 – 51,7%, 2019 – 46,0%; Salmonella in these years, observation is 29.4% and 11.5%, 10.6% and shigellosis 0,18%, 0,88%, up 0.44%, respectively.
In enteropathogenic Escherichia, there is a tendency to increase sensitivity to aminoglycazides (from 22% of resistant strains to 11%), while antibiotic resistance to cephalosporins of the third generation, on the contrary, increases (from 2% to 13%), probably due to their more frequent use in recent years.
Salmonella remains highly sensitive to carbopenems (100%), but there is a growing tendency to increase antibiotic resistance to aminoglycazides (more than 50% are resistant).
Shigella are isolated in isolated cases, mainly Shigella sonnei, but the antibiotic resistance of the isolated Shigella strains is high.
Conclusion. Escherichia is the leader in the structure of bacterial etiology in children IN our region. There is a high resistance of Escherichia to aminoglycosides with a downward trend due to reduced use of this group of antibiotics, and a slow increase in resistance to cephalosporins of the third generation and fluoroquinolones.
Salmonella gr. D еnteritidis and Salmonella gr. B typhimurium is the most common of the genus Salmonellae, they also have a decrease in sensitivity to aminoglycosides.
Shigella is isolated in isolated cases, mainly Shigella sonnei, but the antibiotic resistance of the isolated strains is high.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):134-135
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Shestakova T.V.


Every year in the Voronezh region, more than 6 thousand people apply for bites from wild or domestic animals. At the same time, rabies is regularly detected in 22-25 species of wild and domestic animals in our area. The aim of the work was to study the clinical and epidemiological features of human rabies according to the medical histories and protocols of pathoanatomic studies of the corpses of all 4 patients with rabies over the past 14 years, as well as to analyze the reasons for the failure of post-exposure prevention of rabies in patients. The rabies clinic had typical symptoms in all patients. Rabies disease in all four patients can be explained by a combination of several factors: dangerous localization of bites in all patients, complete lack of anti-rabies care in half of patients, late treatment for anti-rabies care in 1 patient (25%), antisocial lifestyle combined with alcoholism in 25% of patients. Timely access to anti-rabies care and strict adherence to the rules and vaccination regimen, in our opinion, would prevent the death of these patients, even with dangerous localizations of bites, which were observed in 3 out of 4 of our patients.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):135-138
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Клиническая фармакология и фармакоэкономика

Rational approach to the use of fixed and non-fixed drug combinations in patients with arterial hypertension

Babkin M.O.


Objective: to compare the pharmacological and clinical efficacy, the feasibility of using various therapies, including fixed and non-fixed combinations of diuretics, ACE inhibitors and ARA II, in relation to hypertension combined with MS. Methods: 136 women with first or second degree arterial hypertension were selected for implementation. A set of examinations was carried out at all stages of the study, including a biochemical blood test and an ECG. Results: During the analysis of the effect of therapy, it turned out that the use of a combination of eprosartan and indapamide was comparatively better than the combination of eprosartan and hydrochlorothiazide, perindopril and indapamide in reducing the blood pressure level in women with arterial hypertension of I and II degrees and metabolic syndrome in both age groups. When using a non-fixed combination of drugs, the percentage of patients who reached cut-off BP values ​​was quite high. Conclusions: the clinical effects of some drugs are more pronounced in reducing SBP, while the effects of others - in reducing DBP. However, at the same time, it cannot be denied that the non-fixed therapy is superior to the fixed one in a specific group of subjects - women 40-49 years old.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):139-140
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Treatment of a burn wound in rats in an experiment

Bakutina Y.Y., Azarova Y.V.


Justification: Currently, burns are very common, this is due to the development of industry in cities. According to who they are in fourth place among all the injuries. A burn wound in most cases is accompanied by infection. Medicinal products in the treatment should have such pharmacological effects as: antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Goal. To compare the effectiveness of the wound-healing effect of a paste containing rubidium chloride and platelet-rich plasma when modeling a burn wound.
Methods. Non-linear male rats weighing 134±4.5 (control group) and 130±5.1 (experimental group # 1, # 2) were used to model an uninfected burn wound. The wound healing process was evaluated for two weeks. Statistical data was processed using Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics 22.
Results. In the experiment, the animals were divided into three groups of ten rats-control, experimental #1 and experimental #2. In each group, a test tube with boiling water was applied to the shaved surface in the upper third of the thigh for 15 seconds. The wound healing process was observed for two weeks .The use of rubidium chloride made it possible to reduce the time of wound healing, as well as to avoid infection of the wound surface.

Conclusion. Thus, this experiment showed that rubidium chloride gave a more pronounced wound-healing medicinal effect. It has a wide spectrum of action. Its use is possible not only in the treatment of burn wounds, but also other injuries on the skin, especially with a pronounced inflammatory course of the process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):140-141
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Features of antimicrobial therapy in patients with exacerbation of urolithiasis

Vasyshkin S., Bunina N., Smolyaninova D.S.


Relevance: Antibiotic resistance takes a significant place in infection
urinary tract, in particular with exacerbation of urolithiasis, therefore
it is necessary to study the structure of causative agents of urinary tract infections,
features of the appointment of antibacterial drugs and their rationality
Objective: to assess the feasibility of prescribing antibacterial drugs in patients with
exacerbation of urolithiasis.
Methods: retrospective analysis of case histories of patients admitted to
urology department BUZ VO "VGKBSMP No. 10" with a diagnosis of urolithiasis for
2019 year.
Results: an analysis of 150 case histories of patients who were admitted in 2019 was carried out
in BUZ VO "VGKBSMP No. 10" with a diagnosis of urolithiasis and had positive
the results of bacteriological culture of urine. Species structure of urinary tract infection
pathways are represented by E. Coli - 37%, Klebsiella pneumonia - 17%, Enterococcus faecalis - 16%,
Enterococcus spp. - 12%, S. saprophyticus - 6%, Pseudomonas aeruginosa - 4%, Proteus mirabilis -
4%, Enterobacter 2% and S.epidermidis 2%.
For the isolated strains of E. coli, there is a high level of resistance against
ampicillin and ciprofloxacin - 61% each, respectively, while maintaining sensitivity
to amikacin - 87%, gentamicin - 75%, nitrofurantoin - 86%, cefepime - 61% and
meropenem - 100%.
Klebsiella pneumonia is characterized by resistance to ampicillin - 100%, ciprofloxacin
- 78%, nitrofurantoin - 93% and ceftazidime - 64%. Highest level
sensitivity of Klebsiella pneumonia is typical for meropenem - 86%.
The isolated strains of Enterococcus faecalis had resistance to ciprofloxacin - 77%,
levofloxacin - 75% gentamicin - 75%. This pathogen retained sensitivity
to nitrofurantoin - 88%.
As antibiotic therapy, most patients with exacerbations
kidney stones received ceftriaxone - 86%, in a limited amount
ciprofloxacin - 9%. When assessing the indicators of a general blood test and a general urine test, it was noted that
29% of patients admitted to the urology department had no signs
inflammatory reaction, since they had leukocyte counts within normal limits. Of these
of patients 81% received antibacterial treatment, which does not correspond to clinical
recommendations for antimicrobial therapy for urinary tract infections.
Conclusion: For the rational appointment of antibacterial drugs, it is necessary to take into account
the structure of pathogens, the level of resistance to antimicrobial drugs and indicators
inflammatory reaction in patients with exacerbation of urolithiasis.

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Transdermal therapeutic systems

Vsesvyatskaya N., Mamonova V.


The development of modern medicine involves not only the search for new drugs, but also the justification of the most optimal effect, depending on the method of their introduction into the body. Some active substances have the best effect when they are injected, but they are not effective at all when administered orally.

Goal. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs as part of transdermal therapeutic systems.

Methods. To study the positive and negative qualities of the selected drugs, we used a descriptive method based on the study of drugs in various sources of information.

Results. As a result of the study, we noted the pros and cons of transdermal therapeutic systems in the form of patches containing lidocaine and nicotine, as well as an implant containing the hormone etonogestrel.
Conclusion. Thus, we have found that the use of transdermal therapeutic systems is the most modern, convenient and effective method of treatment and prevention of various pathological conditions.

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Morphological changes in the kidneys and liver with the introduction of ionized fluids with different ORP against the background of staphylococcal sepsis.

Zyakun A., Neronova O., Yaremenko N.


Relevance: the problem of sepsis is global in nature. Even with early diagnosis and timely treatment, mortality reaches 6 million people. In this regard, the search for new methods of therapy, easy and cheap to manufacture, can change the statistics towards reducing the incidence of severe sepsis and mortality from it.
Objective: to study the effect of intravenous administration of ionized fluids with different oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) on morphological changes in kidney and liver tissue in staphylococcal sepsis.
Methods: an experiment in which rabbits with staphylococcal sepsis were injected with ionized fluids with different ORP. Subsequently, using microscopy of the liver and kidneys of animals, the effect of these fluids on the course of the pathological process in the tissues and, as a consequence, on the morphological changes in organs was studied.
Results: as a result of the experiment, it was proved that a liquid with a positive ORP has a favorable (antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory) effect.
Conclusion: ionized liquid with a positive potential can be used in the complex therapy of sepsis.

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Isaevskaya E.A., Agbalyan S.


The use of medicinal plants is becoming one of the most demanded areas. Almost all parts of plants can be used for herbal medicine. The two main types that are most popular when using medicinal plants are infusions and decoctions. They are popular among the population because the easiest to prepare and use. For the manufacture of infusion or decoction, medicinal plant raw materials (HP) must be crushed. In pharmacies, for the convenience of the population, already crushed medicinal product in briquettes or filter bags is released.
Purpose: conducting a comparative analysis of water extracts by the quantitative content of tannins and the amount of organic acids from the raw material "Marigold medicinal flowers", produced in packs and filter bags, depending on the pharmaceutical group to which the product belongs and the conditions of infusion of raw materials.
Methods: the object of the study was an aqueous extract from medicinal plant raw materials "Marigold medicinal flowers", belonging to two groups of the pharmacy range - biologically active food additives and medicines. The quantitative content of tannins and the amount of organic acids was carried out by titrimetric methods.
Results: in the course of the study, it was found that, subject to the instructions given by the manufacturer, for the manufacture of an aqueous extract, the amount of tannins and the amount of organic acids are lower in aqueous extracts made from raw materials belonging to the group of dietary supplements than in aqueous extracts from medicinal plant materials belonging to a group of drugs.
Conclusion: the most complete extraction of active substances from medicinal plant raw materials is achieved when an aqueous extract is prepared according to the pharmacopoeial method, taking into account the water absorption coefficient for each type of raw material.

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Mironova D., Yastrebov B.


Relevance: The pathology of the cardiovascular system has remained an urgent problem for many years, due to which the quality of life of patients and its duration decreases. Undoubtedly, atherosclerosis is one of its components. The inflammatory theory of atherogenesis is gaining more and more popularity in the modern world.
Purpose: In our study, we tracked the relationship between lowering cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels while taking statins under conditions of an inflammatory response.
Methods: The study involved 70 people with coronary artery disease, some of whom at the time of the study also suffered from acute respiratory viral infection. Results: After a fourteen-week course of taking rosuvastatin at a dosage of 10 mg / day in patients with coronary heart disease with acute respiratory viral infection with isolated hyperlipidemia, there was a significant decrease in cholesterol levels (-10.3%) in men and (-9.3%) in individuals female, while with combined hyperlipidemia by 8.1% and 7.8%, respectively. The decrease in cholesterol and low density lipoproteins was (–33%) and (–38%) in women with isolated and combined hyperlipidemia, and in men (–27%) and (–39%), respectively.
Conclusion: Our study demonstrates the hypolydemic effect of the therapy under ARVI conditions.

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Modern view of the pharmacological effects of treatment of purulent inflammatory diseases

Naraeva I.


Relevance. To date, the high frequency of formation of immuno-metabolic disorders determines the relevance of the presented study. In turn, purulent-inflammatory lesions of the genitourinary sphere are a determining component in the development of secondary diseases and are often accompanied by a chronization of the process.

Goal. To analyze the data of immuno-pharmacological examination of patients suffering from purulent-inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere.

Methods. This study describes the data of a retrospective study of outpatient records of patients suffering from acute cystitis and exacerbation of chronic cystitis with a study of the processes of pharmacological correction of immune and metabolic disorders that occur in patients suffering from purulent inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs. The results of immuno-pharmaco-laboratory examination of patients suffering from acute cystitis and exacerbation of chronic cystitis were analyzed. Immuno-pharmacological examination was performed using flow cytofluorometry. The oxygen-dependent metabolism of neutrophils was carried out test with nitrosonium tetrazolium. The content of circulating immune complexes was determined Spectro-photometrically by Naskova with polyethylene glycol, serum immune globulins of the main classes-by turbodimetric method, and cytokines-by immunoassay method.

Results. As a result of the study, we obtained data on the direct correlation between immunological and metabolic parameters in patients suffering from various variants of purulent-inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs, which confirms the unity of the mechanisms of oxidative stress.

Conclusion. A direct correlation was found between key immuno-metabolic tests of patients, indicating the unity of the mechanisms of immuno-oxidant stress.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):148-150
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Analysis of the use of medicines in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in children

Pertseva M., Mironova E.N., Ishkova O.I.


Currently, there is a trend towards a constant increase in the prevalence of infectious diseases. One of the main places in the structure of infectious morbidity and mortality is occupied by pneumonia. Reducing the mortality rate from this disease is one of the urgent problems of Pediatrics. Along with the correct choice of antibacterial therapy, much attention is paid to the timely and reasonable administration of bronchodilators and other symptomatic medications in the treatment of children with pneumonia.
Goal. Evaluation of the rationality of prescribing bronchodilators and corticosteroids in the treatment of acute community-acquired pneumonia of moderate severity in children.
Material and methods. A retrospective analysis of 100 case histories of patients aged 1 to 17 years who were treated at the Regional children's clinical hospital No. 2 in 2019 with a diagnosis of acute community-acquired pneumonia of moderate severity was performed. We took into account patient examination data, results of additional examination methods, drug therapy, treatment effectiveness, and duration of hospitalization.
Results: the Majority of children (83%) were under the age of 14 years, in this age group, obstructive syndrome occurred in 3 children (3.6%). Among patients older than 14 years, the incidence of bronchial obstruction was significantly higher and amounted to 76.5% (13 children), p<0.05. Among all patients with bronchial-obstructive syndrome was dominated by the boys – 13 children (81.3 per cent). Treatment of bronchoobstructive syndrome included the administration of bronchodilators (ipratropia bromide/fenoterol) to 11 patients (68.8%), inhaled glucocorticosteroids – 5 children, including one child receiving combined therapy with these drugs. Children without bronchial obstruction syndrome in 73% (62 children) received therapy with bronchodilators (ipratropia bromide/fenoterol), in 5% budesonide (4 children), 10 patients were prescribed combination therapy with these drugs. Treatment of 15 children included the use of systemic glucocorticosteroids (dexamethasone) and bronchodilators (aminophylline). The duration of hospitalization of patients with the presence and absence of bronchoobstructive syndrome did not differ, and the average duration was 12 days.
Conclusion. The clinical picture of acute community-acquired pneumonia of moderate severity included the development of bronchial obstruction syndrome in only 16% of patients. However, 91% of children received therapy with the inclusion of bronchodilators (ipratropia bromide / fenoterol) and inhaled glucocorticoids (budesonide), which does not fully comply with clinical recommendations.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):150-151
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Samokish A., Venidiktova Y., Zabolotnaya N., Krivokolysko B.


The problem of peritonitis occupies a special place in medicine, since in most cases it leads to the death of the patient. This study is aimed at finding new effective treatments for abdominal sepsis. The study used substituted di- and tetrahydropyridine derivatives of cyanothiacetamide, the potential action of which is directed at adenosine receptors. The studies were carried out on a model of fecal peritonitis, which was caused by the introduction of 20% fecal suspension intraperitoneally. The animals were divided into 9 groups. The comparison group received thiotriazoline. Each of the experimental groups received samples of the tested pyridine derivatives of cyanothiacetamide at a dose of 5 mg / kg. In animals of the control group, fecal peritonitis was simulated, without subsequent pharmacotherapy. The lethality of the animals was monitored for 14 days. The first death of a rat in the control group was observed 9 hours after modeling fecal peritonitis. The last death of the animal was recorded at the 100 hour mark. In the experimental group CV043 in the first 12 hours of administration, lethality is at the level of zero values.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):151-152
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Tymenzeva V., Cherkashina E.A., Sevostyanova I.


Relevance: Currently, most countries have implemented regulatory requirements for drug monitoring using global standards. The system for monitoring the movement of drugs (MD) for medical use is the basis for ensuring the identification of pharmaceuticals worldwide and creates a global and secure structure for a complete traceability system at all levels of packaging [1]. Globally harmonized drug tracking systems play a key role in the fight against counterfeiting. More and more regulators are demanding the use of unique identifiers that must be encoded into the secondary packaging media and linked to the corresponding information in the database. Regulators are increasingly recommending or requiring the use of global standards to implement these traceability requirements. Adopting requirements for a harmonized approach across countries using global standards enables these regulators to effectively address counterfeit drug issues and ensure cross-border traceability. In accordance with the current situation, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation made a decision to implement data monitoring for drug circulation, using drug labeling with Data Matrix barcodes [2].
Purpose: The purpose of our study is to consider the problems at the stage of introducing the drug labeling system in the retail network of pharmacy organizations (JSC).
Methods: This study was conducted by interviewing pharmaceutical workers actively interacting with the drug monitoring system.
Results: The results of a survey of pharmaceutical workers in Voronezh of various forms of ownership clearly show that today, in 26.99% of cases, employees are not familiar with the regulatory documents of the introduced project, in 46.6% of JSCs there is no technical support, 74.6% of respondents had difficulties in working with the innovation, of which 41.26% find it difficult to answer what ways of solving this problem they see.
Conclusion: In the course of our research, we identified shortcomings of the introduced program "Marking" at the stages of training specialists, software and hardware.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):152-154
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The effect of squalene-containing compositions on wound healing in an experiment

Khodarina Y.V., Margulis M.E.


Rationale: Currently, soft tissue infections account for up to 24% of hospital-acquired infections in Russia. The best results of treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases are shown by a complex of systemic and local therapy. As a means of local action, drugs with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and necrolytic activity are used. A number of these properties have squalene-a natural highly active compound with a wide range of biological activity.

Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of systemic use of a composition containing 6% squalene in the treatment of burn wounds in an experiment.

Methods: an experimental model of a burn wound was performed, its local and systemic treatment was performed, and the results of therapy were analyzed. The outcome of treatment was evaluated by the following parameters: changes in body weight, animal appearance, hair condition, behavior, attitude to food, wound area and appearance, including the presence and severity of exudation, perifocal inflammation, granulation and epithelization; laboratory parameters (white blood cell count, ESR, C-reactive protein). Statistical data processing was performed in the Statistics 10.0 environment. Nonparametric Wilcoxon and Mann-Whitney criteria were used to assess the significance of differences between groups (at p≤ 0.05).

Results: as a result of research work, the best indicators were observed in the group that received a 6% squalene solution based on amaranth oil, namely: a significant reduction in the wound surface area, complete disappearance of exudation manifestations on day 7, and normalization of ESR and white blood cell levels on day 10. The animal's body weight, appearance, hair condition, behavior, and attitude to food did not change.
Conclusion: the best results of treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases are achieved using a complex of systemic and local therapy. As a means of systemic action, drugs with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity are used. These conditions are met by a composition of 6% squalene based on amaranth oil. The use of this complex leads to a significant reduction in the area of the wound, the disappearance of exudation phenomena and normalization of ESR and leukocyte levels in the early stages.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):154-156
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Features of poisoning with nasal decongestants in young children

Cheleva Y., Karpushkina E.


Relevance: Poisoning with nasal decongestants occupies a leading place among drug poisoning in children, therefore it is important to study the structure, clinical features of drug poisoning with the subsequent development of prevention methods.
Purpose: to study the structure and clinical features of nasal decongestant poisoning in children of the Voronezh region.
Methods: retrospective analysis of case histories of children admitted to the hospital with drug poisoning in the period 2016-2018.
Results: 127 case histories of patients were analyzed, of which 73 people (57.5%) were admitted with drug poisoning. Poisoning with nasal decongestants was observed in 15 children (20.5%), mainly at the age of 1 to 3 years (86.7%). The main drug that caused the poisoning was naphazoline in 13 patients (86.7%). Intranasal route of drug intake was observed in 5 people (33.3%), oral - in 10 people (66.6%). Moderate poisoning was observed in 7 children (46.6%), severe poisoning also in 7 patients (46.6%), extremely severe poisoning in 1 child (6.6%). The oral route of administration of the drug led to a more severe course of poisoning in children (p <0.05) with the development of severe bradycardia in 9 cases (60%). Therapeutic measures included gastric lavage, infusion therapy; 1 child (6.7%) needed atropine. All children were discharged with recovery.
Conclusion: analysis of the structure of poisoning in children is necessary in order to develop preventive measures to reduce their number and prevent poisoning.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):156-158
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Comparative analysis of evolutionary conservatism of some proteins of the human proteome and coelacanth

Andreev P.Y., Ilina I.S.


One of the main methods for studying molecular evolution is multiple alignment of protein and nucleic acid sequences with subsequent construction of a philodendrogram. Such an in silico analysis reflects the qualitative changes in biopolymers, their dynamics and evolutionary patterns; in a number of cases, it seems possible to identify a common ancestor. At the same time, the evolutionary process is characterized by the conservatism of structures that are critical for the implementation of key biological acts. However, the issues of conservatism of biological macromolecules are complex and controversial. One of the main difficulties associated with this category is which of the considered structures should be considered conservative, and how much its monomeric composition should maintain molecular authenticity during evolution. According to one of the opinions, a protein molecule that is 29% similar to its ortholog can be considered conservative. From this point of view, of particular interest is how conservative are the abstractly taken proteins of the human proteome and their orthologues in a much more ancient organism. One suitable candidate for such a phylogenetic analysis is the unique ancient fish Latimeria chalumnae. Goal. Comparative analysis of evolutionary conservatism of amino acid sequences of polypeptide chains of some proteome structures of humans and living fossil fish Latimeria chalumnae. Methods. All peer-reviewed amino acid sequences of coelacanth proteome proteins (n ​​= 18) and their human orthologs were taken from the UniProt database, including proteins involved in the functioning of the redox chain, carriers of reducing equivalents; α and β-chains of hemoglobin; components of ATP synthase and others. Each sequence and its ortholog were aligned in pairs using the EMBOSS Needle software. Results. Subunit 1 of cytochrome C oxidase - 85.2%, subunit 3 of cytochrome C oxidase - 80.1%, triose phosphate isomerase - 71.4%, cytochrome b - 70.7%, chain 1 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 65.3% subunit 2 cytochrome C oxidase - 64.5%, chain 4 of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 62.7%, glycohydrolase of ADP-ribose - 60.9%, chain 5 of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 58.7%, parvalbumin alpha - 56.8% , chain 3 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 56%, subunit A of ATP synthase - 52.8%, α-hemoglobin chain - 50.3%, β-chain of hemoglobin - 47.6%, 4L chain of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 46 , 9%, chain 2 of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 46%, chain 6 of NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase - 35.9% and protein 8 of ATP synthase - 24.7%. Conclusion. The analyzed sequences were 18 proteins of the human proteome and their orthologues from living fossil fish Latimeria chalumnae. It was found that the most conservative structure of those considered is the subunit 1 of cytochrome C oxidase, while the least homology is characteristic of protein 8 of ATP synthase.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):159-160
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Effect of immobilization stress on the structure of the lymph node

Zatolokina E.S.


At present, the important role of lymphoid organs in the protective and adaptive reactions of the body has been established. According to modern scientific data, the lymph node, being one of the immunocompetent organs, responding to various environmental influences, provides protective mechanisms. Goal. The aim of this study was to study the morphological changes of the lymph nodes in the experimentally created conditions of immobilization stress. Material and methods. The studies were carried out on laboratory rats kept in hypokinetic chambers for 3, 7 and 14 days [3,4,5]. After fixation in formalin and embedding in paraffin, histological sections were made from the lymph nodes, which were stained with hematoxylin and eosin. The obtained micropreparations of the lymph node were studied using light microscopy. Results. In the lymph nodes of animals under immobilization stress, the presence of three groups of morphological changes was revealed: a group of structural changes in animals resistant to stress, a group of animals predisposed to stress, but adapting, and a group of unresistant to stress. In the first group, there were no significantly significant changes in morphological characteristics compared with the control. In animals of the second group in the medulla, an increase in the area of ​​the pulp strands by 1.4 times and an expansion of the sinuses of the medulla by 15% were observed in comparison with the control. Lymphoid nodules were not detected. The number of macrophages and destructively altered cells increased 2 and 4 times, respectively. In animals of the third group, the absence of the border between the cortex and the medulla was revealed. Lymph nodules in the cortex were not visualized, and the sparseness of cellular elements was observed. The number of destructively changed cells was more than half of the total cellular composition. Conclusion. An experimental-morphological study of the lymph nodes of laboratory animals under conditions of experimentally created immobilization stress revealed the individual characteristics of the reaction of these immunocompetent organs. The obtained morphological data indicate a different reactivity of the structural elements of the lymph nodes in rats of various types: resistant, adaptable and unstable to stress.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):160-161
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Klyukin A.A., Silkin A.V.


Relevance. Currently, there are many different approaches to the study of changes and restructuring of the human body during embryonic development. One such approach was proposed by the Russian biologist Alexey Severtsov, calling it “the theory of phylembryogeneses”. This theory is considered one of the most advanced in this matter, which is based on the knowledge gained about human development in the embryonic period.

Goal. To consider the theory of phylembryogeneses by A. N. Severtsov on the example of the development of the human cardiovascular system in the embryonic period, and also to trace the relationship with the development of structures and the occurrence of pathologies of this system, classifying them using the theory of the russian biologist.

Methods. Research of literature on this topic. Analysis of the results obtained.

Results. Applying knowledge about the development of the cardiovascular system in human embryonic development, we were able to confirm the Severtsov's theory of phylembryogeneses, and also classified the pathologies of this system of the human body by the time of their occurrence, based on the theory taken as a basis.

Conclusion. The development of the structures of the cardiovascular system of the human body is subject to the theory of phylembryogenesis, proposed by A. N. Severtsov.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):161-163
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CD3 and CD7 T-lymphocytes in the colorectal tumor microenvironment and their influence on the progress of tumor growth.

Kornilova S.V.



Currently, the incidence of colorectal cancer is growing steadily. By assessing the immune response to tumor growth, it is possible to predict outgoing diseases and choose the most effective therapy.



To investigate the response of T-lymphocytes to tumor growth and to determine the relationship between tumor progression and the prevalence of T-lymphocytes.



Analysis of patients who underwent primary tumor resection: life expectancy, sex, age, stage, presence of metastases in regional lymph nodes, degree of tumor differentiation, quantitative assessment of the prevalence of T-lymphocytes with surface antigens CD3, CD7.



In preparations of colorectal cancer, the presence of subpopulations of T-lymphocytes CD3 and CD7 was revealed. Their highest density is observed in the invasive edge of the tumor.

In the group of patients with early death, the density of CD3 lymphocytes in the stroma is increased compared to long-lived ones, and the number of CD7 lymphocytes is reduced in the invasive edge. In the presence of metastases in regional lymph nodes, the following features are observed: the number of CD3 lymphocytes decreases in the invasive edge in long-lived patients, and in ones with early death it increases in both the stroma and the invasive edge; the number of CD7 lymphocytes in the invasive edge decreases in long-living patients, and increases in patients with early death. With a decrease in the degree of differentiation, these regularities are observed: the density of CD3-lymphocytes in long-lived ones decreases in the invasive edge of the tumor, while in patients with early death it increases; the density of CD7 lymphocytes is increased in the invasive margin of patients with early death.



Subpopulations of T-lymphocytes CD3 and CD7 are one of the main representatives of the tumor microenvironment in colorectal cancer, and the patterns of their distribution, as well as the volumes of representation in the tumor itself and in the invasive edge, can serve as criteria for prediction of the course of diseases for a particular patient.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):163-164
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Dependence of the metastatic potential of a cancer tumor on the depth of its germination in colon cancer

Likhodkin V.A., Savelyev G.N.


Today, despite the advances in medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, it remains one of the most common causes of death. And often cancer is localized in the colon (1 million cases per year in the world). Clinical cases of colorectal cancer in world practice are characterized by the difficulty of its diagnosis, which complicates the appointment of timely treatment, as well as predicting the dynamics of the disease associated with the spread of tumor metastases throughout the body. In colon cancer, the tumor is detected late, because in such a hollow organ as the intestine, it must increase to such a size that the first symptoms appear, forcing a person to see a doctor. This happens already in the late stages of tumor development, when it grows deeply into the surrounding tissues. The aim of the study was to establish the dependence of the metastatic potential on the depth of tumor invasion and localization. Methods used: general scientific methods of analysis and synthesis, statistics. Results: The analysis of pathological studies of the Central Pathological Laboratory of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for 2018 was carried out to establish the nature of the dependence of the metastatic potential of a cancerous tumor on the depth of its invasion, as well as on its localization. A direct relationship was established between the metastatic potential of a colorectal cancer tumor on the depth of its invasion into the intestinal wall (with the degree of invasion of T4, metastases spread with a greater probability than with T3: 35.7% and 28.5%, respectively).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):164-165
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On the question of the variant anatomy of the sciatic nerve

Kirill P.M., Rakhimova S.R., Korotkih K.N.


The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the human body and provides motor and sensory innervation to the lower extremities. With combined severe injuries of the lower extremities, the sciatic nerve is often susceptible to injury, which can lead to temporary and even permanent disability of patients. That is why the study of the variant anatomy of the sciatic nerve does not lose its relevance in the medical community.
Objective: To study the variant anatomy of the sciatic nerve.
Methods: 1. The study was conducted on fixed and non-fixed cadaveric material. 2. The objects of the study were 60 corpses of men and women who died at the age of 22 to 78 years, without traumatic injuries of the lower extremities. 3. On the cadaveric material with the help of layer-by-layer preparation of tissues, the sciatic nerve was isolated, as well as the measurement of its main characteristics. 4. The study was conducted from February 2019 to November 2019.
Results: All research objects were divided into 2 groups. The first group included 30 corpses of male people who died at the age of 22 to 67 years. The second group consisted of 30 corpses of women who died at the age of 26 to 78 years. In each case, a layer-by-layer dissection of the tissues with the isolation of the sciatic nerve and the study of its characteristics was performed. Moreover, in each case, the study was carried out on both lower limbs. The study determined the length of the sciatic nerve, its diameter, as well as the presence of possible branches and feeding arteries.
Conclusion: the study obtained relevant data for surgical doctors.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):165-167
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New data on the topographic anatomy of the semilunar (Spigelian) line

Popov N.


Currently, a special place in surgical practice is occupied by the treatment of patients with hernias of the semilunar (spigelial) line, which can be subcutaneous, interstitial and preperitoneal, and account for 1% of all external abdominal hernias. The difficulty of diagnosis spigelian hernias can lead to serious complication is infringement of hernia and requires emergency surgery. Therefore, the study of the typical and variant anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall, including the spigelial line, is of great importance in improving the diagnosis and treatment of patients with external abdominal hernias.
Objective: To study the features of the sexual, typical and variant anatomy of the semilunar (spigelian) line.
Methods: 42 unfixed corpses of persons of both sexes without signs of pathology of the anterior abdominal wall were studied. There were 20 (47.6%) male corpses and 22 (52.4%) female corpses. At the autopsy, topographical and anatomical dissection of the spigelial line was performed, and the width of the aponeurotic stretch was measured from the end of the muscle fiber of the transverse abdominal muscle to the lateral edge of the rectus abdominis muscle at level d.bicostarum, the umbilical ring, and d. bispinarum.
Results: The width of the spigelial line at the level of d. bicostarum averaged 0.8±0.5 cm, the umbilical ring-1.9±0.7 cm, d.bispinarum – 1.3±0.8 cm, as a result of which four clusters were identified that correspond to the established forms of the spigelial line: tapering down (9.5%), uniform width (19%), tapering up (28.6%) and wide in the middle (42.9%). The form of the spigelial line, tapering downwards, was found only in men, and the spigelial line, tapering up, was significantly more often observed in women (83.3%). It was found that the uniformly wide spigelial line was significantly more common in persons of brachymorphic body type (75%), and the mid-wide form of the spigelial line was more common in persons of mesomorphic body type (66.7%). Forms Spigelia line tapering upward and downward, were absent in individuals brachymorphic body type. At the same time, form tapering to the top Spigelia line was found without significant differences in individuals mesomorphic (41,6%) and brachymorphic (58,4%) body types, and narrowing down form spigelius lines – persons with dolichomorphic body type (75%).
Conclusion: The obtained data may allow us to more accurately predict the location and type of spigelial line hernia, as well as better plan the tactics of surgical treatment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):167-168
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Variant anatomy of the radial nerve and radial artery on the forearm

Rakhimova S.R., Sanzharova A.I.


According to statistics, mortality from cardiovascular diseases remains at a fairly high level in the world as a whole and in Russia, in particular, amounting to 31 and 57.1%, respectively. Despite the constant introduction of new, often minimally invasive, methods of treating coronary heart disease, a fairly large percentage of patients still have to resort to coronary artery bypass grafting. There are several options for possible autografts, one of which is the radial artery. However, when it is “taken away”, a complication is possible - damage to the superficial branch of the radial nerve, which is negatively reflected in the postoperative period on the zone of its innervation. Objective: To study the variant anatomy and topographic relationship of the radial nerve and radial artery in the forearm. Methods: 1. This study was conducted on both non-fixed and fixed cadaveric material. 2. The objects of the study were 20 corpses of people of both sexes, who died at the age of 18 to 67 years, without traumatic injuries of the upper limbs. 3. Using the method of layer-by-layer tissue preparation, the radial artery (LA) and radial nerve (LN) were isolated, and their topographic relationships were studied. 4. The study was conducted from January 2019 to February 2020. Results: Analysis of the diameter of the superficial and deep branches of the LN did not reveal significant differences on the right and left, the average value was M-2.6 ± 0.4. No unusual positioning of the radial artery was identified; the position was classical. It was found that the LN is located as close as possible to the LA in the / 3 shoulder and is located with it in the same fascial bed. The location of the nerve and artery in one fascial bed with separation by thin fibrous bridges was determined in 6 cases, which corresponds to 30%. The location of the radial artery and nerve in different fascial beds was revealed in 4 cases, which was 20%. In other cases, a parallel arrangement of the radial artery and the superficial branch of the radial nerve was revealed. The distance between them was from 3 to 5 mm. The length of the closest location was M - 2.9 ± 0.7 cm. The distance of the closest approach of the radial artery and radial nerve to each other from the medial epicondyle of the humerus was M - 8.7 ± 2.1 cm. Conclusion: The revealed features must be taken into account during operative approaches to the radial artery on the forearm.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):168-170
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Features of changes in the structural formations of the testes of dogs in age and seasonal chronodynamics

Ulyanov I.A.


The paper presents a comparative characteristic of the structural formations of the testes of dogs, the morphological and functional features of which, despite the availability of material for research, have not been studied. 2. Purpose. Therefore, the aim of the study was to establish seasonal and age differences in the processes and structure of the testes. 3. Methods. To study the age indices of the testes, 12 animals were used at the age of 15 days, 5 and 12 months (4 animals in each group), in which the diameter of the convoluted seminiferous tubules (50 for each animal) and the diameter of the nuclei of Leydig cells (100 measurements ) and the area of ​​the nuclei was calculated from the diameter. For the study of seasonal characteristics, 8 animals (4 in winter and 4 in summer) were used, in which the primary pachycin spermatocytes and early (round) spermatids were counted on cross-sections of convoluted seminiferous tubules (50 tubules for each animal). 4. Results. In dogs 12 months old, the seminiferous tubules, which contain all spermatogenic cells, predominate. The morphometric indices of the diameters of the convoluted seminiferous tubules were statistically significantly higher in dogs at the age of five and 12 months compared to those at half and five months of age. In the summer period, the average number of pachycin spermatocytes was 44.6; the number of round spermatids theoretically should be 178.4, but in fact 108.4 spermatids were detected. 70 spermatids died, which is 39.2% of the theoretically possible number of spermatids. 5. Conclusion. In dogs aged 12 months, the most pronounced signs of spermatogenic and hormonal activity of the testis were revealed, which is confirmed by morphometric and karyometric indicators. The number of dying spermatogenic cells significantly increases in dogs in summer (39.2%), while the efficiency of spermatogenesis decreases to 60.8%. Establishing the activity of the established processes of spermatogenesis will allow using these data in the selection of individuals for breeding.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):170-171
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Influence of the geometry of the femoral epiphysis on the distribution of stress in it

Shitova A.D., Gadzhimuradova I.A., Zubkov D.D., Knyazev M.O.


Fracture of the proximal femoral epiphysis is an important medical and socially significant problem, as it is characterized by a high prevalence among people of any age and gender and significant economic costs for treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, in our study, we studied the influence of the values ​​of the geometric parameters of the proximal femoral epiphysis - the cervico-shaft angle, the antivision angle, and others - on the distribution of stress in it using virtual modeling of the physiological, stress and pathological load that occurs when falling onto the greater trochanter region.

The aim of the work is to assess the relationship between geometric parameters and the influence of the value of the cervico-shaft angle and other parameters of the proximal pineal gland on the distribution of stress in it under conditions of vertical physiological load and load during lateral fall.

We conducted a one-stage retrospective study, during which 70 samples of femurs from the storage of the museum of the Department of Anatomy of the First Moscow State Medical University were used to analyze the morphometric features of the proximal pineal gland. THEM. Sechenov. The assessment of changes in the projections of the bone onto a plane parallel to the viewer's gaze was carried out on the basis of video recording of the bone rotation by 360 degrees using a Canon d60 camera. Using the CAD software package (AutodeskCAD2018), the projection values ​​of the main parameters of the proximal pineal gland were measured on frames from the obtained video recordings (the image scale was adjusted using a piece of a centimeter tape fixed to the bone) and the parameters of the proximal epiphysis on 10 X-ray images of the femur from the storage of the Department of Anatomy person of the First Moscow State Medical University THEM. Sechenov and 10 pictures from the GKB im. S.P. Botkin. X-rays were also photographed using a Canon d60 camera. In AutodeskCAD2018, three-dimensional models of the proximal femoral epiphysis were created, and the stress distribution in them was analyzed in Ansys Workbench.

Results: A strong positive correlation was determined between the size of the zone of minimum resistance and the ratio of the upper and lower neck length (r = 0.872). The mean cervico-shaft angle was 125.9859 +/- 7.1742 (t = 3, Cv = 9.09), and the zone of minimum resistance was 23.9014 +/- 4.056 (t = 3, Cv = 5.67 ). When analyzing the distribution of stress in the proximal epiphysis of the femur, we showed that under conditions of physiological stress in the region of the base of the neck, a region is formed that is less susceptible to stress than the neighboring regions. The greatest influence on this distribution is exerted by the value of the cervico-shaft angle: as the cervico-shaft angle increases, the load on the region of minimum resistance increases both with vertical load and with lateral application of force corresponding to the impact when falling on the greater trochanter region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):172-173
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Fractographic signs of damage to the compact substance of a long tubular bone under conditions of bone tissue tensions normal growth and movements of deforming forces based on the analysis of fracture morphology.

Shcherbakova I.G., Glushchenko O.N., Tyrnova N.U., Biryukova Y.I.



When testing solids from the perspective of the strength of materials theory, the properties, structural specificity of objects and their deformations are evaluated by the texture of the fracture surface. Studying the specificity of the long tubular bones destruction, we decided to investigate the properties of a compact substance as a composite material under various tension methods for standard samples of tibial diaphysis in the age range of 20-60 years, which corresponds to the characteristics of brittle-plastic deformation of the studying object.


Development of forensic criteria for the diagnosis of long tubular bones destruction under various types of external effects based on the analysis of fracture morphology.


Modeling of damage to standard bone samples using standard devices - a pendulum tabletop copra (for an impact reproduction) and a tabletop hydraulic press (for pressure reproduction), researching of the nature and specificity of bone tissue destruction under conditions of a combination of deformations by the methods of osteoscopy, light microscopy, stereomicroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.


It was studied in 32 experiments the characteristic of bone tissue destruction in the compact substance of the tibia under impacts and pressure on bone samples, comparative studies of damage to bone samples were performed with practical objects - fractures from the materials of practical forensic medical examinations. Significant differences in the structure of the fracture surface were revealed in the ranges of the ratios of the cross section and the length of the working span of the samples 1 / 20-1 / 14 (group I), 1 / 12-1 / 8 (group II) and 1/6 (group III). In samples of groups I and II, local fractures with triangular fragments were formed, the size of which were decreased as the length of the working span of the sample decreased. In group III, the destruction is cross-zigzag, fragments-free. Under pressure, the fracture shape was in the form of a "brush" or "hole burst", on impact it acquired a jagged shape. On impact, their disposition in the walls of osteons and intersteonic spaces was chaotic, under pressure - only in intersteonic areas. In the rupture zone, microcracks were concentrated around the Haversian canals of osteons and resorption cavities in the form of bundle clusters. In the rupture zone, they spread along the course of destruction, had the appearance of sinuous formations mainly on the tops of the ridges. In the first group, in the rupture zone, microcracks took a ladder-like shape, in the second, they were concentrated tightly along the edge of the rupture, in the third, single short micro-fractures were formed.


The revealed morphological criteria of bone damage allow solving expert problems of the external effects reconstruction according to the characteristics of a fracture in order to specify the level of external effects and the rate of impact or pressure of an object, which is necessary when performing forensic studies in case of an car-accident and falling from a height.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):173-175
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Epilepsy in the acute period of stroke

A. L.R., K. A.V.


Relevance: In 10-25% of cases of acute cerebrovascular accident (CVA), one of the components of clinical manifestations are symptomatic epileptic seizures, which aggravate the course of the underlying disease and cause a significant decrease in the quality of life of patients. [1] Also in the acute period of stroke there is a risk of developing a clinical picture of epileptic seizures and the appearance of epileptiform activity on the EEG in patients with epilepsy by history, the incidence of which, according to domestic and foreign authors, ranges from 2.8% to 8.6%. [2]

Purpose: to study the incidence of symptomatic epileptic seizures and seizures in the acute and acute period of stroke.

Methods: analysis of case histories, systematization of the information received.

Results: the nature of changes in the biopotentials of the brain and the presence of epileptiform activity on the electroencephalogram of patients with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, the location of the lesions of brain structures reflected on X-ray computed tomography were studied and analyzed. We have found that clinically expressed epileptic seizures in most cases are not reflected in the form of epiactivity on the EEG, and the frequency of coincidence of ischemic foci and epileptiform activity in ischemic stroke is higher than in hemorrhagic stroke.

Conclusion: during the study of the case histories of patients for 2019, who had acute symptomatic epileptic seizures in the acute period of stroke, a relationship was revealed between the localization of the ischemic focus on the CT scan and the location of epiactivity on the EEG.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):176-177
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Clinical features of myasthenia gravis with late onset of the disease

Batishcheva E.A.


Myasthenia gravis can develop at any age, from childhood to old age, its course can differ significantly in individuals of different ages. According to the literature, in recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence in patients over 60 years old. Objective: to study the clinical features of the course of myasthenia gravis in adults and elderly patients with myasthenia gravis in the Voronezh region. Methods: in the period from September 2019 to February 2020, 36 patients aged 18 to 72 years (mean age 54.6 ± 13.4 years) were examined, including 25 women and 11 men with myasthenia gravis. The severity of neurological disorders was assessed in points on the scale of severity of clinical manifestations QMGS, as well as on the five-point scale MGFA. According to the age of the onset of the disease, the examined were divided into two groups: patients with the onset of myasthenia gravis in adulthood from 18 to 60 years - 21 (58.3%) and over 60 years - 15 (41.7%). Results: when assessing the severity of the disease according to the MGFA scale, the average severity of manifestations prevailed in the group of adult patients, and mild in the group of elderly patients. The average score for the quantitative assessment of movement disorders on the QMGS scale was significantly higher in the group of patients with the onset of the disease before the age of 60 - 18.4 ± 4.4, which corresponded to the average degree of movement disorders than among elderly patients - 12.5 ± 5.2 , which corresponded to a mild degree of motor disorders (p (0.05). In the elderly, changes in the thymus were less common and myasthenic crises were not recorded. Conclusion: the clinical course of myasthenia gravis with late onset of the disease has features consisting in the predominance of eye symptoms and the ocular form of the disease, which has a milder course, as well as in a lower incidence of changes in the thymus gland and the development of myasthenic crises.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):177-179
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Changes in the electrical activity of the frontal areas of the brain under the influence of cognitive anxiety in humans

Varvarova S.I., Zyablova P.V.


Cognitive anxiety is an emotional experience associated with the performance of cognitive tasks; this is one of the most common fears of young people in the learning process, which can both reduce the effectiveness of the task and stimulate. Multiple surveys of students demonstrate that future exams or demonstration of the performance of cognitive tasks may have an adverse effect on the psycho-emotional health of students. The aim of the research is to study and analyze changes in the bioelectrical activity of the brain under the influence of cognitive anxiety in students during the examination session. Research methods. The experimental series consisted of two stages: 1) psychometric research (assessment of the levels of anxiety, depression and propensity to aggression); 2) registration of EEG of background activity with open, closed eyes and when performing cognitive tasks to shift attention to emotional visual stimuli. We studied the data of psychometric tests BPAQ, HADS and the characteristics of the power of the alpha-band rhythm in the frontal leads of the brain zones and indicators of the time of sensorimotor reactions when performing cognitive tasks to shift attention to emotional (threatening) visual stimulation in elementary students of the medical university. Results. The shift of visual attention to threatening information is accompanied by a relatively higher level of activation of the frontal zones of the brain on the right. It has been shown that people with intense right-sided frontal cortex activation demonstrate: a decrease in the ability to regulate emotional reactions, a shift in attention to stimuli with negative content. Conclusion. Thus, the frontal asymmetry of the EEG spectral power in the α-rhythm range can be used as one of the promising biomarkers of psychoemotional stress manifestation.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):179-180
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The effect of drugs of the nootropic group on cognitive functions of the brain

Gorodnichev K.I., pakhomov M.A.


relevance: drugs of the nootropic group are neurometabolic stimulants. The main area of ​​application of these drugs among healthy people is the prevention of stressful conditions and the maintenance of performance in critical situations, with increased physical and mental stress. Nootropics have become widespread among the population belonging to the group of mental workers, including among students. The main problem with the use of this pharmacological group of drugs is the high degree of dependence of the effects of these drugs on the individual characteristics of each organism. Purpose: to study the effect of drugs of the group of nootropics on cognitive functions of the brain, to prove or disprove the myth of the positive effect of nootropics on human memory. Methods: the study was carried out on the basis of the "Methods for diagnosing the properties of perception, attention and memory", compiled by A.D. and Fedotova Yu.Yu. The subjects were selected on a voluntary basis among university students. Nootropil was used as the drug of choice for a month. Results: Based on the results obtained when the participants of the study passed tests to test the cognitive functions of the brain, an improvement in the properties of perception, attention and memory was recorded in an average of 8 students for each criterion. Three subjects showed negative side effects characterized by increased irritability and insomnia lasting up to three days. Conclusion: the results obtained in the course of research and the identification of side effects in a number of subjects proves the individual effect of nootropics on body functions. The question arises about the need to conduct long-term studies of the safety and efficacy of drugs belonging to this pharmacological group.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):181-182
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Depressive disorders in cadets of military universities in connection with the events of the past and academic performance in exams

Dundukov N.S., Kolchugin M.V.


The increase in the frequency of depressive disorders among young people studying at universities is a clear trend in recent years. This is due to the strengthening of informational and moral and psychological pressure.

Goal. This study analyzes the frequency of depression in cadets of military educational institutions, in addition, discusses the relationship of the occurrence of depression with adverse events in the past.

Methods. 351 cadets of the first and second years of study were interviewed. Depression was identified on the basis of the Beck scale, in addition, respondents noted adverse events that happened to them over the past year. The performance of cadets was also taken into account in the form of an average mark for the exams of the winter session.

Results. As a result of the study, it was found that the level of depressive disorders in higher military educational institutions is quite low (7.8% and 6.2%). The first and second year cadets did not show significant differences in the incidence of depression. The available cases were related to mild depressive disorder. Depression has been shown to be significantly associated with financial hardship, as well as personal illness and injury. An analysis of the relationship between depressive disorders and the academic performance of cadets allowed us to reveal a significant inverse relationship between depression and exam scores.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):182-183
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Comorbid diseases in multiple sclerosis

Naydenko A.A.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) often affects young, middle-aged people, leading to disability [1]. Comorbid diseases in MS can worsen its course; in addition, the awareness of doctors about the presence of comorbid diseases in a patient may influence the choice of drugs when prescribing them for the treatment of MS [2,3]. The study allows us to identify the most frequent comorbidities, which can increase the effectiveness of therapy

Purpose: to determine and assess the relationship of comorbid diseases in MS to improve the effectiveness of therapy.

Methods. A retrospective analysis and questionnaire survey of 19 MS patients was performed at the neurological department of the VOKB in the period from 12/21/19 to 02/08/2020. The study design included a sample of MS patients, their questionnaire survey, and the study of case histories. The obtained data have been statistically processed

Results: according to a study of patients with MS, it was found that 47.4% of the study participants have comorbidities of the ENT organs. Of these, 55.5% have chronic tonsillitis, 33.3% have chronic laryngitis, with the same frequency there are pathologies of the nose and paranasal sinuses, 22.2% have decreased hearing in both ears. In 47.4% of cases, the participants were hypotensive, 10.5% experienced a decrease in blood pressure about once a month. 10.5% have a concomitant pathology in the form of hypothyroidism. 21% suffer from migraines. 26.3% have a concomitant diagnosis of VSD; 15.7% experience chronic fatigue syndrome, the same percentage had benign tumors in the past. Of these, 66.6% are uterine fibroids, 33.4% are benign skin tumors; 5.3% met sarcoidosis of the right lung, chronic dental diseases, angina pectoris, coarctation of the aorta, pancreatitis, flatulence, sex hormone disorders, epilepsy. In 47.7% of patients, comorbid diseases manifested themselves at the time of MS onset. 10.5% of MS exacerbations are accompanied by an exacerbation of concomitant diseases

Conclusion: Based on the results of the conducted studies, it can be seen that other diseases of an autoimmune nature, such as chronic tonsillitis and sarcoidosis, are often encountered in MS patients. It is important to note the low blood pressure in half of the cases and the manifestation of concomitant pathology together with the onset of MS.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):183-185
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Cognitive impairment and anxiety-depressive disorders in patients with traumatic brain injury

Nazarova A.".


Objective: to study impairment of cognitive functions and anxiety-depressive disorders among patients with neurosurgical and neurological profile.
Methods: Cognitive assessment using a range of tests such as the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) and the Montreal School of Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The level of depressive disorders regardless of the etiology of depression, stage and phase of the disease was determined using the Self-Questionnaire of Depression (Patient Health Questionnaire, PHQ-9). To measure the severity of anxiety, a test for the presence of generalized anxiety disorder (Generalizes Anxiety Disorder-7, GAD-7) was used by the patient's self-report method [2]. And also, we analyzed the patient records.
results: the results of our study were statistically processed. According to the MMSE test, 5 people (16%) have no cognitive impairment. 3 patients (10%) scored the sum of points characteristic of subject disorders. In the remaining 22 people, the values of this test correspond to dementia of varying severity. According to the MoCA test, the mean values were 17.4 ± 0.9, which indicates the presence of cognitive impairments. In 24 subjects on the PHQ-9 test, depression of varying severity.
Conclusions: this group of patients is at risk for the development of cognitive impairments and anxiety-depressive disorders due to the formation of endogenous intoxication after traumatic brain injury. The data obtained can be used to prevent possible complications and improve the rehabilitation of patients with a similar pathology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):185-186
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Analysis of the quality of life of a patient with arthrogryposis, a clinical case

Polyakova V.


1872 / 5000

Результаты перевода

Arthrogrippus is a serious disease of the musculoskeletal system, which is manifested by muscle atrophy and atony, accompanied by the appearance of joint contractures. Pathology is often congenital, hereditary and inevitably affects the patient's quality of life, his daily household and work activity, and the ability to self-service. Purpose: to analyze the quality of life of a unique patient with a distal form of congenital arthrogripposis, his ability to self-service and to carry out everyday physical activity. Methods: Data were obtained by collecting a history of life and disease, analysis of the medical history of a patient with distal congenital arthrogripposis, as well as general and neurological examinations. Results: Based on the results of life history and disease, general and neurological examinations, additional laboratory and instrumental research methods, medical and genetic counseling, the patient was diagnosed with congenital arthrogryposis, distal form. Physiotherapeutic supportive therapy, consultations of various narrow specialists are regularly carried out. Despite the presence of contractures in the small joints of the hand, the patient managed to maintain daily and domestic activity, the ability to self-service by means of self-correction of joint deformities (bandages and splints). Conclusion: The quality of life of this patient with this congenital and inevitably disabling disease remains high due to the fact that from the very beginning he was determined to fight his illness, followed the recommendations of the attending physician and, despite the pain he experienced daily due to pathological processes in muscles and tendons, tried to preserve the function of the affected joints (successfully).
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):186-188
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Compliance features of patients diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia

Ponomareva D., Nomokonova E.


The study is devoted to the problem of non-compliance with the medication regimen in patients with paranoid schizophrenia. Non-compliance of patients leads to a more severe course and exacerbation of mental illness, an increase in cases of repeated hospitalizations, as well as the formation of psychopathological disorders resistant to pharmacotherapy. Special attention was paid to the influence of various factors on the patient's purchase of medicines prescribed by the attending physician as part of the treatment of a patient diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Objective: to Identify risk groups for non-compliance and determine the factors that have the greatest impact on its formation.

Methods: the survey of patients and processing of information collected during the survey were used. The results were interpreted using a statistical method.

Results: during the analysis of the observations revealed a group of patients who do not always comply with a doctor's prescription, as well as factors, to varying degrees negatively affect adherence to therapy related to the individual patient and the associated physician and the patient at home and on the database selected for collecting information of the medical institution microsocial environment; among them are the high duration and severity of the disease, conflict relations in the family, low social and material level, subjectively high assessment of the patient's mental state, the patient's age is more than 40 years, low level of access to the HDP, etc.

Conclusions: The study identified risk groups for non-compliance with prescribed medication and key factors that negatively affect compliance.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):188-190
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Sinyvskay I.A.


Relevance. Autism is a group of phenotypically similar conditions of various etiologies, characterized by anomalies of social interaction and communication, and stereotyped activities. The problem of autism is one of the most urgent problems in child psychiatry. The relevance of this problem, especially in the aspect of the need for timely detection of such conditions, providing early care to patients, correctional work with them, creating an accessible environment for children with autism spectrum disorders and their social support, both to improve the quality of life of patients and their immediate environment, and to reduce the financial burden on the state. Autism spectrum disorders are often accompanied by comorbid conditions, including anxiety-phobic ones.

Results. In 2017-2019, 45 children aged 3 to 6 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder were examined on the basis of MDOU of compensating type No. 11 "Kolokolchik" in Gorlovka, DPR. A control group of healthy children aged 3 to 5 years was also studied. 15 such children were examined. As a result of the study, the presence of greater anxiety in healthy children, in comparison with autistic patients, in the conditions of chronic psychosocial stress associated with military operations in the Donbas was determined experimentally and psychologically.

Conclusion. For RACES with a predominance of severe autism, moderate and significant behavioral disorders, with an average age on the PEP-R development scale from 1.27 to 2.5 years, paradoxical reactions to stressful situations are characterized by the presence of persistently fixed, non-correctable and arising for no apparent reason fears of everyday events and things. The level of anxiety in these children, according to the preschool anxiety scale, is significantly higher (p<0.05)than in healthy subjects.

The purpose of this study was to study anxiety-phobic disorders in children with autism.Methods. The degree of autism was assessed using the early childhood autism assessment scale (SARS). An augmented psychoeducational profile (PEP-R) was used to determine psychological age and behavioral disorders. Psychopathological research was conducted using a unified clinical and epidemiological map. The level of anxiety was determined by the anxiety scale in preschool children (Spence S. H., Rapee R., 1999, testing in Russia was conducted in 2012-2013 by A. N. Veraksa, A. E. Gorova, A.V. Kisel under the guidance of S. Spence). Data processing was performed using the program STATISTICA version 10.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):190-192
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Anxiety Spectrum Disorders in Patients with Parkinson's Syndrome and Disease

Tarasova A.A.


Relevance. Every year in the world there are 300 thousand newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson's disease, the total number of patients in the world is 3.6 million. Currently, Parkinson's disease is characterized not only by motor manifestations, but also by the development of non-motor disorders: in patients, there is also a deterioration in psychological health, in particular, an increase in anxiety, which affects the patient's attitude towards his disease and the treatment.

Purpose: To determine the level of anxiety in patients of both sex groups with Parkinson's disease and syndrome.

Methods. The study was conducted with the participation of patients with Parkinson's disease and syndrome who applied for an outpatient appointment and were undergoing inpatient treatment at the Department of Neurology. The object of the study was the respondents' responses to testing for anxiety on the Taylor scale. All patients were divided into subgroups by gender to assess the effect of this aspect on the level of anxiety. Statistical research was carried out using Microsoft Office Excel. In addition, a separate analysis of patients' responses to questions characterizing their experiences and aspects causing anxiety in connection with their disease was carried out.

Results. Patients with Parkinson's disease and syndrome have a high level of anxiety in 65%, the rest (35%) have an average level of anxiety with a tendency to a high level. When analyzed in a subgroup, most of the women: 90% have a high level, 10% have an average level with a tendency to high. In men, the percentage ratios differently: 30% have a high level and most, 70%, have an average level with a tendency to high.

Conclusion. Based on the data of the general analysis, it was found that the majority of patients with Parkinson's disease have a high level of anxiety. Gender subgroup analysis data show that women are more likely to increase anxiety levels than men. An increase in anxiety can be explained by 2 reasons: the patient's response to a progressive chronic disease, and a deficiency of monoamines, this requires additional research in the dynamics in the future.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):192-193
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Prevention of psychosomatic disorders in healthcare workers

Urazaeva D.R.


Purpose of the study. Identification of the presence of psychosomatic disorders in medical workers directly related to professional activities. Analysis of the frequency of occurrence of psychosomatic disorders. Identification of the most frequently occurring diseases, in the etiology of which are psychological factors. Search for ways to prevent the most common psychosomatic disorders in nurses and doctors. Development of various techniques to help prevent psychosomatic disorders in healthcare workers.

Conclusion. This study made it possible to identify the frequency of psychosomatic disorders in medical workers, to study in detail the problems of nursing service specialists and doctors. It was also revealed that among 54% of those surveyed, 19% already have somatic diseases, and the remaining 35% are at risk for the onset of diseases based on psychological factors. Methods of prevention were developed, which made it possible to improve the psychoemotional state of medical workers, increase productivity, endurance, performance, and avoid the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases in the future.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):193-194
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Chzhu M.B.


Relevance: Post-stroke depression has a significant negative impact on the quality of life of stroke patients and also reduces their neurorehabilitation potential. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a non-invasive therapeutic method that affects the excitability of neurons, which has a modulating effect on the imbalance of nervous processes, helping to reduce the severity of depression.
Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of rhythmic transcranial magnetic stimulation in the rehabilitation of patients after ischemic stroke, followed by the development of post-stroke depression in the acute, early and late recovery periods.
Methods: analysis of case histories, testing using the Hamilton scale for assessing depression, and statistical analysis of data.
Results: before the start of therapy with rhythmic transcranial magnetic stimulation, the average value on the Hamilton scale in the experimental group was 16.88 ± 0.74 points, in the control group - 15.24 ± 0.85 points. The severity of post-stroke depression did not depend on the age of the patients. After rhythmic transcranial magnetic stimulation in the experimental group, the mean value on the Hamilton scale decreased to 10.08 ± 0.67 points, in the control group it was 13.12 ± 0.77. There was revealed a significant statistical significance of the differences between the two groups according to the Hamilton scale.
Conclusions: according to the results of the study, transcranial magnetic stimulation had a positive effect on the course of post-stroke depression and contributed to its regression.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):194-195
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Neuropsychiatric disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis. Investigation of the influence of changes in the quality of life on the emotional and volitional properties with impaired cognitive functions in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Shpinova E.A.


Relevance: Multiple sclerosis is a disease that mainly affects young people of working age, for whom mobility impairment, difficulty in daily activities is a significant factor in the occurrence of emotional-affective disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders.[1]
It was also previously believed that since pathological changes in the cortex in MS are minimal, impairment of cognitive functions in this disease is rare.[1]
However, neuropsychological studies show that more than half of patients have cognitive defects, which can be caused by cerebral degeneration, as well as depression and anxiety disorders that often accompany this disease.[1,3]
Purpose: To study the quality of life of patients with MS and neuropsychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders in this category of patients, to determine the frequency of occurrence of these disorders.
Methods: For this study, we used questionnaires EQ-5D-5L, Beck Depression Inventory, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, STAI for personal and reactive anxiety, Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA). The study was conducted on the basis of the neurological department of Voronezh Regional Hospital No.1, where patients with MRI-verified, reliable diagnosis of MS were selected, who agreed to work with the research group.
Results: In most patients, MS caused a deterioration in QOL, manifested in impaired mobility, and performing routine daily activities caused pain and discomfort. Depressive disorders of varying severity have been identified in most MS patients, as well as reactive and personal anxiety. Cognitive dysfunctions were observed in the majority of patients.
Conclusion: QoL deterioration accompanying MS disease can cause disorders in the patient's neuropsychiatric state. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of mental disorders in MS patients in the practice of a neurologist so that such patients receive the necessary correction of these disorders.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):196-197
pages 196-197 views

Body-oriented psychotherapy for anxiety disorder

Yarova A.R.


The prevalence of anxiety disorders is high among people, especially those living in large cities. Anxiety disorders reduce the quality of life, ability to work, social activity, but other areas of functioning are affected. Lack of knowledge about various treatments for a patient's condition can lead to uncontrolled drug use, alcoholism, feelings of guilt and the risk of suicidal behavior.

The aim of the study is to analyze the effect of body-oriented therapy on the patient's condition in the treatment of anxiety disorder.

Research methods. The study involved respondents with a confirmed anxiety disorder. Participants from the Tyumen district, the Tyumen region, the city of Tyumen in the day hospital of the outpatient-polyclinic service of GBUZ TO "OKPB". The age of the participants ranged from 19 to 28 years old. The analysis was carried out in the form of: questionnaire Ch.D. Spielberg - a study of personal anxiety, Ch.D. Spielberg - A Situational Anxiety Study. The effect of psychotherapy after a month gave its results, namely a decrease in anxiety and fear in some indicators, a decrease in physical stress and an improvement in the quality of sleep.

Results. The study involved individuals with a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Participants from the Tyumen region, the Tyumen region, the city of Tyumen in the day hospital of the outpatient-polyclinic service GBUZ TO "OKPB". The age of the participants ranged from 19 to 28 years old, the respondents were 24 people. As a result, it turned out that at the end of the month, the experimental group's general condition improved, namely, sleep improved, the feeling of anxiety and fear decreased according to some indicators and physical stress decreased.

Conclusion. Survey data showed that body-oriented psychotherapy can help manage anxiety disorders and improve the well-being of patients.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):197-198
pages 197-198 views

Управление в здравоохранении


Arzhanykh Y.


Relevance. Local wars and armed conflicts have arisen and are emerging both in the past and in the present. They pose a threat to the health and life of citizens, cause significant economic damage and are accompanied by medical and social losses. This requires paying special attention to the quality of training of doctors, because it is this profession that has always allowed the possibility of working in extreme conditions.
This makes it necessary to pay special attention to the training of persons who take part, both in the provision of medical assistance to the victims and in the elimination of the consequences. It is the profession of a doctor that has always allowed for the possibility of working in extreme conditions.
Purpose. To study the features of training students of medical and military medical universities of the country for emergencies in peace and wartime.
Methods. exploratory, descriptive, work was carried out with the narrative material that was collected and structured, including with the help of materials from the VSMU museum complex.
Results. Today in Russia there are 6 military medical universities: the Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Volga Research Medical University, Samara Military Medical Institute, Saratov Military Medical Institute, Tomsk Military Medical Institute, where, based on the latest achievements of medical science, research and development of effective methods of treating surgical consequences of emergency situations. A special place is occupied by the Military Medical Academy. CM. Kirov, which is rightfully considered the main higher military medical educational institution, the main research institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Military Medical Academy is actively involved in the introduction of new modern technologies into clinical practice for the treatment of severe wounds and injuries, as well as their consequences.
Conclusion. The training of future doctors is based on the achievement of the main goal - the ability to solve the most difficult problems in the provision of surgical care both in peacetime and in war. The training is conducted under the guidance of competent teachers with in-depth knowledge and, in some cases, experience of working in areas of armed conflict.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):199-200
pages 199-200 views


Bayazova O.A., Nurmotov N.S.


Scientific relevance

In today’s world of global information processes, every year the scientific and technical progress puts new challenges to the quality of specialists’ training and therefore to the process of this training focusing firstly on optimization and intensification of educational media and methods. Films belong to the most important forms of learning information from the point of easy understanding and perception of new material.

That’s why there is no doubt as to the relevance of using educational films as an important element of future specialists’ education and upbringing.


The purpose of this research is the wish to prove the necessity of using educational films in the upbringing of medical students as the highest manifestation of close interaction of important forms of presentation of information, i.e. words and images. 


This article uses the following research methods: theoretic methods (work with various legal sources, other authors’ works) and experimental methods (conversation, material modelling).


The outcome of this work is to give well-reasoned proof to the fact that an educational film as an instrument of medical students’ learning and upbringing plays an important role in education because it stimulates and increases learning of the required information.


Many factors influence the educational process but, in our opinion, information should be presented with the use of many various media, simple and illustrative – such a description is absolutely true of educational films.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):200-202
pages 200-202 views

Abortion as an aspect of forced measures in modern society

Bakutina Y.Y., Zarubico A.Y.


Maternal mortality due to termination of pregnancy occupies one of the leading places in the structure of significant socio-economic problems. Thus, approximately 70% of mothers belonged to the group of low-income, unemployed, without housing, as well as negatively related to a healthy lifestyle. Most of them are residents of rural areas (66%). It is established that the woman herself is responsible for her decision. It comes primarily from the ability to provide for the child, and this directly depends on the conditions for maintaining motherhood in the country. In many countries, sexual activity before marriage is unacceptable, and as a result, legislation restricts "infanticide" by unmarried young girls. Despite the availability of information in our time, many people do not know how to use contraceptives, as well as where to buy them. Most refuse to consult with specialists on this issue, as a result of which later they have to face more serious problems and make important decisions: whether to perform an abortion or not. Goal. Analysis of the demographic situation in the Russian Federation and research of the direct causes and problems that push girls to have abortions. Methods.Study of statistical data reflecting the demographic indicators of abortions in the Russian Federation. Results.In the Russian Federation, since 2016, there has been a demographic crisis: in 2016, 688,117 abortions (26.18%) accounted for 2628,696 pregnancies, while at present, 567,180 abortions (12.33%) accounted for 2166,180 pregnancies. It can be concluded that the percentage of abortions decreased by 13.85%, but the birth rate also decreased significantly. Conclusion. Analyzing the indicators among the subjects, it is clear that the first place in the number of abortions is occupied by Tuva (34.5%), as well as the Sakhalin region (32.2%), the smallest – Ingushetia (6.2%), Dagestan (7%), Moscow (8.5%).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):202-203
pages 202-203 views

Comparative analysis of the activity of VOKB No. 1 on the example of the otorhinolaryngology Department.

Boyko N.A., Polshkova A.A., Sabynina K.A., Zhdanova N.I.


elevance: every year there is a complication of technologies for providing medical care and an increase in its cost. In this regard, increased attention is paid to the problems of evaluating the effectiveness of medical organizations. Analysis of statistical information about the activities of medical institutions helps to identify current problems, determine further tasks, set priorities, the implementation of which will contribute to improving the efficiency of the medical organization.
Objective: to conduct a comparative analysis of the activities of the VOKB No. 1 for the period from 2014 to 2018 on the example of the otorhinolaryngology Department.
Methods: evaluation of statistical indicators of the ENT Department based on the analysis of reports for the period from 2014 to 2018.
Results: the number of patients discharged from the Department was 2,049 in 2014, 2,150 in 2015, 2,229 and 2,180 in 2016 and 2017, respectively; by 2018, the number of discharged patients was close to 2,064. Number of hospital bed days spent by patients in 2014. it was 18446, in 2015 - 18436, in 2016-17703, in 2017-17659, and in 2018 - 16642. Average annual bed occupancy for 2014 it was 376.5; in 2015 - 359.2; in 2016 - 354.1; in 2017 and 2018 - 353.2 and 332.8, respectively. Average patient stay in bed by 2014. there were 9.2; in 2015 - 8.5; in 2016 - 7.9; in 2017 and 2018, the same values were observed (8.1). When evaluating the bed turnover indicator, the following values were obtained: in 2014 - 40.8; in 2015 - 42.5; in 2016 - 44.6; in 2017 - 43.6; in 2018 - 41.2. According to the mortality rate, the following data were obtained: in 2014. the mortality rate was 0.15%, in 2015 - 0%, in 2016-0.04%, in 2017-0.18%, in 2018 - 0.1%. Surgical activity for the period 2014. it was 101%, in 2015 -117.2%, in 2016-125%, in 2017 and 2018. this indicator reached the same values - 129.4%. in 2014. the financial plan was fulfilled by 111.2%, in 2015 by 113.4%, in 2016 this indicator acquired the value of 108.2%, in 2017-107.3%, in 2018 - 105.5%. Implementation of the paid services plan for 2014. it was 161%, in 2015 - 115.57%, in 2016-132%, in 2017-176%, and finally in 2018 - 133%.
Conclusion: the results obtained in this study allow us to judge the highly effective work of the otorhinolaryngology Department of the VOKB No. 1.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):203-205
pages 203-205 views

Medical and demographic analysis as a tool for managing state health development programs

Bondarenko A.


Relevance. To achieve a positive effect of state programs, their planning and management must take into account the current and projected medical and demographic specifics of the region, since it significantly affects the development of the economy and social sphere, including the labor market, active life, the volume of social assistance, and the cost of preventing and treating diseases. The purpose of the study is to place emphasis on the implementation of the state program of the Voronezh region " development of healthcare. Methods: when performing this work, we analyzed the information contained in the Report on the implementation of the state program of the Voronezh region "health Development". Results: it is necessary to pay close attention to the classes of diseases that have a high mortality rate of the population, especially citizens of working age, and to increase the number of measures to prevent abortions. It should be borne in mind that migration activity is associated with an increased risk of the spread of acute infectious diseases. Conclusion: high values of mortality rates of residents of the region of working age due to coronary heart disease may indicate problems in the provision of primary medical care, as well as unconvincing educational and preventive work. The increase in the number of late first births requires the use of assisted reproductive technologies. The increase in migration activity should be accompanied by a targeted medical examination of newcomers to detect acute infectious diseases, detect the presence or absence of vaccinations, as well as the feasibility of applying quarantine to them.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):205-206
pages 205-206 views


Gavrikov A., Gavrikova D.


The increase in the incidence of diseases of the colon, rectum, rectosigmoid junction and anal canal and the hospitalization of coloproctological patients is associated with an increase in the availability of specialized care by increasing the capacity and intensity of specialized departments in many regions of the Russian Federation. The predominance in the structure of the patient population mainly of working age determines the economic and social relevance of the problem. Of particular importance are malignant neoplasms of the appropriate localization: colon cancer occupies a leading position in the structure of morbidity and mortality in Russia.
Objective: to analyze the hospitalized incidence and performance indicators of coloproctological care for patients in the Bryansk region in 2019.
Materials and methods: analysis of 945 patients with pathology of the large intestine, rectum and anus according to the reporting documentation of the Coloproctology Department of the Bryansk regional hospital for 2019; extensive indicators of the structure of hospitalized patients by nosology and the structure of the Department's work in bed days were calculated.
Results. In the structure of hospitalized morbidity, the most common pathology was hemorrhoids (19.4%); 5-10% were malignant neoplasms of the rectum (9.1%) and colon (5.4%). The average length of hospital stay was 10.45 days. On average, cases of congenital malformations of the bowel (23), malignancies of the anal canal (21.5), rectosigmoid junction (18.33), and large intestine (18.31) had the longest duration.
Conclusion. Malignant neoplasms of the colon and anorectal region make a significant contribution to the structure of hospitalized morbidity; they carry the greatest load on departments in absolute terms; they have the longest average length of stay of patients in the hospital.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):206-208
pages 206-208 views

Wartime history: N. L. Grevtsov

Zaharova S.S.


The theme of war will never become outdated and will always remain relevant. The study of the experience of those years, the fate of ordinary people is not only of practical significance, but also has an invaluable educational effect on subsequent generations.
The purpose of the work is to trace the life of an ordinary person during the war on the basis of archival sources and the memories of close relatives of N. L. Grevtsev himself.
Method of research. The work mainly used information from the archive of the Ministry of defense of Russia, in terms of awarding medals for years of combat path to a serious injury to the arm and its amputation. Most of the work is based on the memoirs of his sons and daughters, to whom, at their request, he told about his military past. When writing this article, the author used the descriptive method, as well as the historical-comparative method and the method of decoding archival sources.
Results: N. L. Grevtsev's Life path, overshadowed by the war, was difficult and thorny, but later life was successful and happy, he raised worthy sons and daughters, planted many trees and built a house. It must be remembered that it was our great-grandfathers who brought Victory as close as they could.
Conclusion: the Publication of new archival sources, their analysis and study should provide new material not only for historical research, but also be used for Patriotic work in higher education.
Keywords: Great Patriotic war; Grevtsev N. L.; human destiny

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):208-209
pages 208-209 views

Healthcare safety

Kanevskaya A., Abdullaev M.


Relevance. The article is devoted to the study and analysis of the safety and quality of medical
services provided in medical institutions of the city of Voronezh. At the moment, the safety of medical services is a patient-oriented category of services and ensures the protection of both patients and medical workers18.
Goal. Analysis of the level of safety of medical services in the city of Voronezh.
Methods. As a research method, the processing of data obtained
Voronezh territorial body of Roszdravnadzor. Based on the checks carried out, a sufficient number of violations on the part of medical personnel were discovered. The analysis of the number of violations of the procedures for the provision of medical care, depending on the profile.
Results. In the course of our work, we identified the main problems of Voronezh medical organizations, such as: insufficient training of employees of medical organizations in the city of Voronezh due to the problems of timely and correct execution of documents on administrative violations2 and lack of awareness
health workers on the condition and problematic issues of the procedure for providing medical care to the population of the subject of the Russian Federation; and recommended ways to solve them. To achieve high quality medical services, we considered the process of continuous improvement of the quality of medical services. We also talked about the task of the Faculty of Medicine of VSMU.
Conclusion. Nowadays, safety is very important, especially in medicine. The study yielded satisfactory results, indicating a gradual improvement in the safety and quality of medical services.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):209-210
pages 209-210 views

Nikolai Sergeevich Korotkov - a method for measuring blood pressure.

Klukin A., Dobrynina M.


Relevance. Method for measuring pressure with elements of auscultation according to N.S. Korotkov was opened in 1905, and approved by WHO 30 years later, in 1935. This work is timed to coincide with the 115th anniversary of the discovery and the 85th anniversary of the approval of this technique.
Goal. Consider the main stages of creating a method for measuring blood pressure with elements of auscultation according to N.S. Korotkov and illuminate the history of the scientist's life.
Methods. Review of literature on this topic. Consolidation of the information received from historical sources about the life of N.S. Korotkov and data on the method of measuring pressure from textbooks for medical universities.
Results. As a result of this study, many interesting aspects of the life of the great Russian doctor, the stages of creating the method, as well as all aspects and regulatory criteria that are still observed when measuring pressure according to the method of N. Korotkov.
Conclusion. Pressure measurement with elements of auscultation, discovered in 1905, is the basic method used in examining patients today - the days of new diagnostic methods. The significance of preserving the memory of the great figure N.S. Korotkov and the importance of its discovery in modern realities.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):210-212
pages 210-212 views


Korchagina Y., Shevtsova A.


Relevance: The number of infected diseases in our country is one of the important problems in medicine. It is necessary to know the level, possible consequences and the proportion of the working population in order to predict the probable outcomes of this disease and, in the future, reduce the total number of infections and ensure optimal results in treatment [1], [2]. The health of citizens is the highest value for a social society, taking into account which the direction and strategy of preventing and combating the disease should be determined. Currently, the main problem of the population is carelessness. Most patients simply do not want to believe that a small scratch on the leg can lead to its amputation. This can negatively affect not only the patient himself, but also his family and his environment, as well as the country's economy, because there can be a large number of such patients.
Purpose: It is necessary to study the statistical data of purulent-infected diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat in order to anticipate possible risks and prevent serious consequences [3]. This article covers the indicators of purulent-septic diseases of the subcutaneous fat in patients of the district hospital in the village of Ramon.
Materials and Methods: The study was carried out by observation and calculation of data obtained in the period for 2019. Medical patients and the inpatient journal of the surgical department were used as research materials.
Results: indicators of the number of patients with this disease, as well as the level of the working population and the number of issued certificates of incapacity for work.
Conclusion: This study speaks of the need to improve the level of medical literacy of citizens by bringing them knowledge about the first symptoms of diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):212-213
pages 212-213 views

Analysis of the incidence of urolithiasis in the population of Voronezh and the Voronezh region

Kochukova M.O., Akhmedova Z.N., Zhdanova N.


In recent years, medical science has taken a huge step forward. However, despite all this, many diseases remain, which are still an urgent problem for the whole world. A striking example of this is urolithiasis. The incidence of urolithiasis in the world is more than 3% and is increasing every year. For the Russian Federation, the ICD problem is quite urgent. In 2013, 161,241.5 cases of diseases were recorded in the Russian Federation per 100 thousand population.
The Voronezh region is characterized by a similar trend.
Purpose: to analyze the incidence of urolithiasis in Voronezh and the Voronezh region, to compare the incidence with other regions of the Russian Federation.
Methods: analysis of statistical data from official sources of the Ministry of Health of Russia, journals on urology, public health and health care, Russian and foreign dissertations and abstracts, official statistics of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Results: In the study of primary morbidity in 2016, the highest level was noted in Moscow (11104) and the Moscow region (8744). And also a large number of cases were registered in Voronezh (3230) and Lipetsk (3295) regions. The dynamics of morbidity in the Voronezh region is similar to that in the country. According to the data for 2013, 10 districts are leading in terms of the average long-term incidence rate of the ICD population. The largest number of cases was recorded in Buturlinovsky, Kantemirovsky and Olkhovatsky districts. Also in the risk category are Rossoshansky, Podgorensky, Talovsky districts. They are followed by the Kalacheyevsky and Repyevsky districts, and the Borisoglebsky and Petropavlovsky districts with the highest incidence of ICD complete the list. The situation has changed somewhat in recent years. When studying the data for 2016, 13 municipal districts were assigned to the territories of "risk". Studies of the average values ​​of the incidence rate in 2016 showed that the highest rate was in the Kamensky (545.84), Buturlinovsky (401.12) and Repyevsky (374.85) districts. Kantemirovsky and Verkhnekhavsky districts have indicators slightly lower - 312.16 and 301.53, respectively. The Podgorensky (272.44), Olkhovatsky (251.5) and Anninsky (231.49) districts are also classified as at risk. The list includes districts in which the indicators are lower, but also falling into the risk zone according to the ICD: Paninsky (231.83), Pavlovsky (223.27), Gribanovsky (145.33). The list is completed by the Nizhnedevitsky district with an indicator of 119.30 and the Semiluksky district - 166.46. The average incidence rate in Voronezh is 177.18.
Conclusion: The presented statistical data indicate an increase in the number of patients with urolithiasis both in the Russian Federation as a whole, and in individual districts of the Voronezh region.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):213-215
pages 213-215 views


Lagutina S., Chizhkov P.


Relevance. Morbidity indicators, today, are leading in characterizing the health of the population. The deterioration of the health of the younger generation, in particular of students, contributes to a significant reduction in life expectancy, and also entails economic losses.
Goal. To analyze the statistical data on the morbidity rates of the student population for the period 2015 - 2019. on the example of a student polyclinic (BUZ VO VGKP №1) in Voronezh.
Materials and methods. A statistical analysis of the official reporting data of VGKP No. 1 was carried out, relative indicators were calculated, the following values ​​were calculated: t - Student's test, arithmetic mean value (M), standard deviation (σ), arithmetic mean error (m). Differences in values ​​were considered significant at t> 2.0; p <0.05.
Research results. The overall morbidity of students studying at the N.N.Burdenko VSMU has decreased by 28.2%. Indicators of primary morbidity of students decreased by 17.5%. Distribution of disease classes in the structure of the total morbidity of students in 2015 - 2019 showed that non-infectious diseases prevail 4.75 times over the group of infectious diseases. The leading pathologies among were: diseases of the respiratory system (32.4%), as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system in 36%, pathology of the musculoskeletal system (19.6%), visual analyzer (12%). Morbidity with temporary disability among students of V.G. NN Burdenko during the study period decreased. In the number of registered cases of temporary incapacity for work, ZVUT decreased 1.7 times from 7.9 to 4.2 per 100 students of the university.
Conclusions. By 2019, the overall and primary morbidity tended to decrease, but despite the ongoing preventive measures, it still remains at a fairly high level.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):215-216
pages 215-216 views


Maslov V.A.


The article is devoted to the traditions of A.V. Suvorov, which are the basis of the whole military hygiene system, in which attention was paid to all aspects of the life of officers. An attentive and caring military commander, who had completed nine years of military service, from a simple soldier to a Generalissimo, paid great attention to both the life and health of a soldier. At that time, due to unfavorable hygienic conditions, there was a huge morbidity and mortality. Suvorov could not put up with this. Upon arrival in the regiment, he immediately engaged in the arrangement of the hospital and sanitary part of it. They were drawn a whole military-hygienic system, which reflected all aspects of civilian life: recreation, work, clothing, shoes, housing. Cleanliness of the body and linen, work without exhaustion, healthy food, boiled water - the precepts of Suvorov, which the officers had to strictly observe. Teaching soldiers to hard work, he said that work is more important than laziness, military training should always be, even in the guard house it was forbidden to play checkers [1, p. 48].
A.V. Suvorov raised the system of training troops to a height at which it did not stand at that time in any country in the world. The principles of A.V. Suvorov included moral and strong-willed training, education of patriotism to the Motherland and the military-hygienic system, which has not lost its role at the present time. Created by A.V. Suvorov, "the True art of good morals" is still relevant today.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):216-217
pages 216-217 views


Markin D., Klokova C.


Relevance. The number of natural disasters on the planet and in our country is rapidly increasing every year, which leads to an increase in the number of not only human casualties, but also material and environmental damage. This topic acquired particular relevance and public attention after the events of the summer of 2019 in the Irkutsk region.
Goal. Analyze the causes, medical and sanitary consequences of the flood in the Irkutsk region in the summer of 2019 and measures to eliminate the consequences of this flood.
Methods. The method of expert assessments, statistical analysis of data from official departments and the media.
Results. The flooding in Irkutsk, which entailed human casualties, can be divided into two waves, since the water level in the rivers has repeatedly changed. Having studied the opinions of experts regarding the causes of the flood, we came to the conclusion that the catastrophic situation has developed as a result of the influence of a complex of reasons. These include: intense rainfall combined with a powerful tropical cyclone; melting snows from the Eastern Sayan; breakthrough of dams and other hydraulic structures; massive deforestation; location of the city's territory within the water protection zone; other natural and anthropogenic causes. During two floods in the Irkutsk region, 10,890 residential buildings were flooded, of which more than 5.4 thousand were completely demolished. More than 45 thousand people were left without a roof over their heads. Tulun and Nizhneudinsk suffered the most. According to officially provided data, 517 people were injured, 40 of whom were children. Also 112 people were hospitalized, 19 of them are minors. The death toll was 25. Automotive infrastructure was destroyed. As a result of this destruction, traffic on the federal highway R-258 Baikal, which was part of the Moscow-Vladivostok automobile corridor, was interrupted. The economic damage to the state amounted to 35 billion 152 million rubles.
Conclusion. In order to prevent such floods, it is necessary to take a number of preventive measures. Namely:
1. control of the state of hydraulic structures, their modernization and financing;
2. rational nature management and forestry;
3. Improvement of the activities of RSChS services (regular planned exercises, teaching the population the basics of safe behavior in an emergency).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):218-219
pages 218-219 views

The attitude of Voronezh medical University students to the birth of a child in the existing socio-economic conditions.

Nikonova Y.A., Pankratov V.S.


Relevance: Issues related to the birth rate and mortality of the population of the Russian Federation do not lose their relevance from year to year. In this regard, it is necessary to study the current situation in the Voronezh region on the example of students of the Voronezh medical university.

Goal: Studying the attitude of students of the Voronezh medical University to the issue of childbearing and the factors that determine it.

Methods: Drawing up a research plan and program, developing an anonymous questionnaire, conducting a survey (Google Forms) among students of Voronezh medical University, processing and analyzing the results obtained using Microsoft Office Excel, formulating conclusions and practical significance of the study.

Results: The study is based on data from an anonymous survey of 238 students of Voronezh medical University. The age of the respondents ranged from 18 to 27 years.

Among all respondents, 9,3% of men and 20,6% of women indicated that the birth of a child is planned in the next 2 years. Later than two years – the response of 44,1% of men and 55,6% of women. 23,2% of men and 14,9% of women did not think about this question. Almost a quarter of men (23,2%) and 8,3% of women expressed their reluctance to have children regardless of the timing.Conclusions: Regional policy should be based on three vectors: 1. financial assistance to students, increased funding for such an item of expenditure as a scholarship; 2. creating optimal conditions for combining education and upbringing of children, possibly forming special training programs for students with children; 3. informing students about existing programs to support families with children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):219-221
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Take a fresh look at a great victory

Ovsyannikova N.S.


Subject: 75 years ago, the bloodiest war in the history of our country ended. This fact is known all over the world, but oddly enough, the attitude towards this victory is currently changing. Like many years ago, our country is becoming the center of attacks and unfounded accusations. Many are trying to reconsider the results of that war. Some European states are destroying monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators, substituting fictional stories for facts, liberation from fascism is called occupation. And sadly, but most of all in this persecution our former allies, those who owe us their sovereignty, succeed, and this makes it even worse. The most striking example of this information bullying is the propaganda campaign in Ukraine and Poland. And we ask ourselves the question: "Why did this become possible?" and we try to answer - "Because young people are brought up on false ideals." The relevance of our research lies in an attempt to find new methods of patriotic influence on the education of modern youth.
The aim of the study was to study the military family heritage of the students of the Stary Oskol Medical College.
During the study, the following methods were used:
1) theoretical - generalization, hypothesis formation;
2) practical - questioning, observation, conversation.
Expected result: the formation of students' interest in studying the history of their own family, as a structural unit of the entire Russian society.
After conducting the research, we received confirmation of the hypothesis put forward, and in the future we will work on preparing material for the "Soldiers of Mercy" conference for students of the Stary Oskol Medical College.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):221-223
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OTC dispensing problems and their consequences

Pavlenko L.


Relevance. The problem of over-the-counter dispensing of drugs has been one of the most urgent in the pharmaceutical industry for many decades. At the legislative level, this problem has not been fully studied, and, therefore, cannot be clearly regulated.
Goal. To study the features of dispensing OTC drugs and their consequences in the territory of Voronezh.
Methods. Search, descriptive, content research, a survey of medical workers was carried out on the basis of pharmacies and medical institutions.
Results. At present, more than 20 federal chains, from 5 to 7 small private pharmacy chains are located in the city of Voronezh, and 1,069 pharmacy points are currently registered in the directory of the Internet portal "My Company". As a result of the study, which was carried out with the help of a questionnaire, the following was found out: 85% of 155 people have no idea what drugs are dispensed with a prescription and which without a prescription; 15% of respondents know which drugs are on the list of dispensed drugs only with a doctor's prescription.
Conclusion. The main problem with the dispensing of OTC drugs is the weak medical and pharmaceutical education of the population by the employees of the pharmacy organizations themselves. As a result of a survey of pharmacy workers, it was found that 55% of employees know the rules for dispensing drugs from pharmacies and strictly follow them. The rest of the pharmacy workers do not delve into the procedure for dispensing drugs and have no idea that drugs with the same active ingredients in the state register of drugs have a different order of dispensing from pharmacies.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):223-224
pages 223-224 views


Silkin A.V., Klyukin A.A.


Relevance. In 2020, the Department of biology of the Burdenko state medical University will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

Goal. Get acquainted with the biography of the first head of the Department of biology, a participant in the great Patriotic War, professor I. A. Rutsky.

Methods. Study of archival materials; review and analysis of literature on this topic.

Results. I. A. Rutsky made a huge contribution to the development of the Department of biology. Under his leadership, the Department of biology began its formation, with him gradually expanding the educational base, improving the educational process, much attention was paid to extracurricular work of students.

Conclusion. Getting acquainted with the biographies of famous scientists, teachers, and participants of the second world war is an important component in preparing medical students for their future professional activities.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):224-225
pages 224-225 views


Smyslova D.G., Shvetsova V.S., Kuleshova I.S.


Public-private partnership in the field of health care is the interaction of one and the other sectors with the aim of implementing socially important projects and the subsequent provision of quality medical services to the population. Purpose: to support the organization's approaches to public-private partnerships in healthcare in the Russian Federation with arguments and to show the positive dynamics of this interaction.Methods: Questionnaire questions were compiled and posted in Google forms, which allowed all participants to complete an online survey using electronic devices, not limited to time frames. The participants (objects) of the study were: students of VSMU named after N.N. Burdenko 1-6 course; workers and students of other professions. The results of the study tested our hypothesis: the possibility of using the results obtained to improve the work of medical institutions, both private and public, which will certainly affect the quality of medical services provided. As a rule, qualified medical care at a high level determines the high cost of providing these services. And this is one of the provoking factors for the interaction of private and public organizations. Conclusion: 86% of those who voted consider it necessary to have a public-private partnership. 76.1% consider it effective, which gives grounds for its further improvement. Most of the respondents believe that private clinics complement the work of government agencies. Nevertheless, 54.3% of the population seek medical help at private medical centers, of which 64.5% for diagnostics, 29% for treatment. Despite the advantage in choosing private clinics, 63.3% voted to reduce prices for medical services. Also, 73.9% of citizens believe that services under the compulsory medical insurance system should be available not only in state organizations, but also in private ones.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):225-227
pages 225-227 views

Assessment of the impact of nutrition on students ' health VSMU named after N. N. Burdenko

Starodubtseva N.A.


Relevance. The health of the younger generation is the basis of a strong state. The article is devoted to the study of the assessment of the nutritional quality of VSMU students. N.N. Burdenko. The issue of maintaining and improving the quality of life of the population is one of the main directions of the state's social policy. According to WHO experts, the percentage of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract will increase sharply in the near future.
Purpose. The aim of the work is a comprehensive assessment of nutrition and its impact on the health of VSMU students. N.N. Burdenko.
Methods. The representative group was randomly sampled and continuous. Comparative analysis was used as a research method. Statistical processing was carried out using Microsoft Excel.
Results. Research objects. The questionnaire survey was attended by 30 junior and senior students of various faculties of VSMU. N.N. Burdenko.
Conclusion. Analysis of a comprehensive assessment of nutritional status of VSMU students N.N. Burdenko revealed a negative trend towards a deterioration in the nature of nutrition. The health indicators of students correspond to the all-Russian ones. The information obtained contributes to the understanding of the problems of the quality of nutrition of young people, the need for measures to improve its organization.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):227-228
pages 227-228 views

Method of diagnostics of phenotypic manifestations of polygenic connective tissue dysplasia based on a survey in children of Belgorod

Stepenko Y.V., Linnik M.M.


A large number of scientific publications on diagnosis and treatment are devoted to this nosology, as researchers are increasingly interested in finding universal verification of clinical diagnosis and creating optimal treatment standards. This is undoubtedly due to the high prevalence of DST among children and a significant risk of developing multiple organ complications.
Purpose: to conduct a survey in children of Belgorod to assess the frequency of phenotypic manifestations of polygenic connective tissue dysplasia.
Methods: survey of parents took place in the children's municipal polyclinics of the city of Belgorod with 01.12.2018 for 01.12.2019 years by random sampling. Based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria, the main group included 800 children, 2 questionnaires were excluded by age factor.
Results: At this stage of the study, data from 798 children were analyzed, including 412 boys (51.62%) and 386 girls (48.37%). For the analysis of phenotypic manifestations, taking into account the age category, 798 children were divided into three groups: 1) 1-5 years; 2) 6-10 years; 3) 11-18 years. According to the data obtained, it is possible to judge the high prevalence of DST, so in the first age group the frequency of occurrence was 39 (13.8%), in the second 54 (19.6%) and in the third 82 (34.3%).
Conclusion: thus, the diagnosis of DST should be comprehensive, i.e. not only objective examination and data collection, but also the appointment of special molecular genetic studies to prevent complications and disability in children.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):228-229
pages 228-229 views

Coronary heart disease as a public health and health problem

Fedyukova V.


Relevance. Ischemic heart disease is damage to the heart muscle caused by ischemia (impaired blood supply). The prevalence of this disease is higher among men, because in the body of women there are a number of hormones that prevent the development of cholesterol deposits in the lumen of blood vessels. However, with a change in the hormonal background, which occurs during menopause, the possibility of developing coronary artery disease still increases.
Goal. The aim of the study was to prove that coronary heart disease is a socially significant problem of public health and health care, as well as to find out the dynamics of the development of the disease by the example of its prevalence in the Starooskolsky urban district.
Methods. The research was carried out by means of questionnaires and statistical method.
Result. The study revealed belonging to the risk factors for coronary heart disease among the adult population of the Starooskolsk urban district.
Conclusion. Most people are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease, but people do not always pay attention to this and in most cases are negligent about their health, which can lead to tragic consequences. Today, this problem is solved, first of all, with the help of prevention and medical institutions.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):229-230
pages 229-230 views


Horoshun D., Amosha D., Baron A.


The modern Donbass is a broadly industrial region, in a state of depression of an ecological, socio-economic and political-psychological nature. For more than five years, the population of the DPR has been living in conditions of a civil war. War is the most primitive and cruel way of resolving conflict situations. The greatest casualties in this case are noted among the civilian population and, above all, among children. Infant mortality is a “public welfare barometer”. In our study, we evaluated and studied the influence of biological and social factors of influence, which are leading in our wartime conditions. The coefficients of "conjugation" were calculated when they were squared, and the coefficient of determination expressed as a percentage was determined.
The results of the study presented in the ranks made it possible to more clearly determine the place of each factor in general on infant mortality and in its main periods: neonatal and postneonatal. The level of education of the mother, her culture is the main factor determining the level of infant mortality in the early period and, in general, in infant mortality due to this particular period. Of the biological factors, the leading one is the number of abortions that preceded pregnancy with a given child. In the main early neonatal period, the following factors are identified as leading: the number of abortions and the culture of the mother.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):231-231
pages 231-231 views

Teaching methodology and development of histology and anatomy in the late 19th - early 20th centuries in Russia

Chernobrovkin G.


Relevance: At the beginning of the twentieth century, the teaching of anatomy and histology began to change rapidly due to the scientific revolution in the field of medicine, most of the teaching methods of that time are still valid. Purpose: to identify the features of teaching and development of histology and anatomy in the late XIX - early XX century in Russian Empire. Methods: comparison of information contained in Russian textbooks on histology and anatomy of the early 20th century with materials from earlier or modern manuals. Results: it was found that the teaching of medicine in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century was divided into several large schools, where, among other things, new information about histology and anatomy was taught and discovered.Conclusion: although formally in Russia histology and anatomy were considered independent sciences at the beginning of the twentieth century, there were still many circumstances (combined textbooks on histology and anatomy) that impeded reading these courses separately ... Histology at that time was experiencing a tremendous scientific upsurge due to the improvement of microscopic technology and methods of studying tissues of animal organisms. Teaching anatomy has practically taken a form close to modern, due to the fact that within the framework of any course in anatomy, considerable attention is paid to discoveries made in the past.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):231-232
pages 231-232 views

About research activities of E. I. Pokrovskaya – Professor of the Department of biology of Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University

Chibisova T.A., Kutsuradis A.F.


Relevance. In 2020, the department of biology of Burdenko VSMU turns 90 years old. E. I. Pokrovskaya's contribution to the development of the Department and biology in the post-war years is of great importance for science and history.

Goal. Using the materials of the library fund, get acquainted with the life history and scientific activities of professor E. I. Pokrovskaya.

Methods. The paper uses a general scientific research method.

Results. The results obtained are of great importance for biology as a historical fact. Establishing the role of ticks and insects as carriers of infectious and parasitic human diseases has allowed the development of a number of preventive measures.

Conclusion. Familiarity with the scientific and research activities of the department's employees is an integral part of the educational process.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):232-233
pages 232-233 views


Yachmenev K.S.


According to Rosstat data for 2019, the share of people 60 years and older in the Russian Federation is 21.8%. Due to the increase in the life expectancy of the population and improvements in working conditions, automation of production, the relevance of studying diseases with temporary disability in elderly workers is also increasing. The study presents the structure of cases of temporary disability in the elderly working population based on data from form No. 16-VN of one of the medical sections of the Kursk region in 2019. The study found that the share of cases of temporary disability of the working elderly population accounts for 9% of all cases of disability. The most common cause of temporary disability is diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal and connective tissue, injuries, poisoning, and some other consequences of exposure to external causes of the disease. At the same time, differences in the structure of working men and women were established.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):234-235
pages 234-235 views


The state of the initial autonomic tone in children with an enlarged thyroid gland

Bokina A., Dubyanskaya Y.


The article presents an analysis of the initial autonomic tone in children with both an enlarged thyroid gland and a normal thyroid gland. It was found that the thyroid gland affects the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. With the normal functioning of the endocrine organ, the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system is maintained. The territory of the Khabarovsk Territory is an endemic zone of natural iodine deficiency, which causes a high prevalence of iodine deficiency states.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):236-237
pages 236-237 views


Deriusheva A.


The article presents the result of an observational prospective study of the clinical and laboratory features of acute intestinal infections in children from 1 to 3 years old.
The aim of the study is to establish the clinical and laboratory features of intestinal infections in young children.
Results. The medical histories of 76 children aged 0 to 3 years who were hospitalized for acute intestinal infection were retrospectively analyzed. Two groups of children were compared - 34 people with slmonellosis / shigellosis and 42 children with viral diarrhea. A clinical assessment of the main symptoms was carried out, a general blood test was carried out, the "nuclear intoxication index" (NII) was calculated using the formula: NII = ((monocytes + young + stab,%) / segmented,%) × 100 (%). It was shown that mixed viral-bacterial infection proceeds more severely with a pronounced syndrome of endogenous intoxication, for the assessment of which it is proposed to use the leukocyte index, calculated on the first day of the disease, and if its values ​​exceed 0.3, then, in the presence of an appropriate clinical picture, bacterial or the viral and bacterial nature of the disease and make an informed decision on the appointment of antibiotic therapy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):237-238
pages 237-238 views


Lagutina S., Chizhkov P.


Relevance. Allergic diseases are one of the most common forms of chronic diseases in children. Their successful treatment largely depends on early diagnosis, which can be difficult, especially in young children. Given that oxidative stress is the basis of many diseases, it is possible to change some of its parameters in the presence of an allergic process in a child. Purpose. To conduct a study of indicators of oxidative stress and the activity of antioxidant systems in 48 children with various allergic diseases. Methods. Determined the levels of malondialdehyde and the concentration of dinitrophenylhydrazine derivatives as markers of oxidative stress, as well as the activity of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase and reduced glutathione to assess the functioning of antioxidant systems. Results. A significant increase in the parameters of lipid peroxidation and an imbalance of indicators of antioxidant systems, most pronounced in children with bronchial asthma, were recorded. The results obtained allow us to conclude that allergic diseases in children may be accompanied by the development of oxidative stress. Conclusion. This method can be used in the early stages of the disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):238-240
pages 238-240 views

Opportunities for studying oxidative stress in patients with allergic diseases

Lagutina S.N., Chizhkov P.A.


Allergic reactions are one of the most common forms of chronic diseases. Timely diagnosis allows you to correctly prescribe the necessary therapy, improve the patient's well-being.

Goal. To study the role of oxidative stress during allergic diseases in patients. Assess the role of enzymatic indicators in primary diagnosis.

Materials and methods. We carried out a study and analysis of allergic reactions in students of VSMU named after N.N.Burdenko. The supernatant was also taken for the purpose of detecting oxidative reactions to assess the level of oxidative stress "in allergic reactions. The data were processed using Student's t-test with the calculation of the mean, standard deviation, differences were considered significant at p≤0.05.

Research results. 160 students of VGMU named after N.N.Burdenko were studied. Among the total number, indicators of allergic diseases and their symptoms were identified. Also, studies were carried out among the child population on the basis of BUZ VGKP No. 5, a comparative analysis of the diagnosis of the supernatant was carried out at the time of detection of "oxidative stress" before the development of clinical manifestations of the disease (bronchial asthma). It was revealed that this technique is more effective in children than in adults and can be an auxiliary diagnostic method.

Conclusions. This technique makes it possible to determine the level of oxidative reactions at pre-laboratory stages, which can significantly improve the diagnosis of allergic diseases before the onset of clinical manifestations.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):240-241
pages 240-241 views

Features of the course of thyroid diseases in children

Lebedeva E.S., Kitsenko A.I.


Thyroid diseases are a serious problem in modern healthcare. The study of this pathology, the peculiarities of its clinical picture and variants of the course in children will improve the timely diagnosis of diseases and determine the prognosis.

Objective: to study the features of the course of thyroid diseases in children.

Methods: the study included analysis of medical records from 2017 to 2019, 91 children aged 1 to 18 years with thyroid diseases. In order to assess the characteristics of the course of the disease, a statistical analysis of the data obtained was carried out.

Results: 91 children aged from 1 to 18 years old were selected to participate in the study, among them 49 were girls and 42 were boys, 72 people were residents of the city and 19 people were residents of the region. The subjects were divided into three groups. Group I included 23 people with diffuse non-toxic goiter. Group II consisted of 10 people with diffuse toxic goiter. Group III included 22 people with autoimmune thyroiditis. During the work, it was revealed that the hypofunction of the thyroid gland was more often accompanied by obesity (r = 0.24, p <0.05), and children more often complained of increased fatigue (r = 0.651, p <0.05), headaches ( r = 0.267, p <0.05). Hypertriglyceridemia was more common in hypothyroidism (r = 0.243, p <0.05). With manifest thyrotoxicosis, an increase in the level of high-density lipoproteins was more often observed (r = 0.28, p <0.05). In patients with protein-energy deficiency, there was a decrease in the level of high-density lipoproteins (r = 0.26, p <0.05). Rhythm disturbances were more often observed in children with deviations in physical development (with protein-energy deficiency r = 0.31, p <0.05; with obesity, r = 0.28, p <0.05). There was a direct correlation between the level of cholesterol and the degree of obesity (r = 0.21, p <0.05).

Conclusion: The results of this study revealed the lack of specificity of the clinical picture of the manifestation of thyroid pathology. Thyroid function in diffuse non-toxic goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis is more often characterized by euthyroidism. The hypofunction of the thyroid gland more often contributed to the development of obesity and dyslipidemia in patients. With overt thyrotoxicosis, an increase in HDL levels was more often observed. In patients with protein-energy deficiency, there was a decrease in HDL levels. Rhythm disturbances were more often observed in children with disabilities in physical development.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):241-243
pages 241-243 views


Lesovoi V., Lesovaya E.


The Topicality:  The rate of premature mortality in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) remains unacceptably high, which necessitates more individualized therapeutic and surgical strategies. The end-stage of DCM is the main indication for heart transplantation.

The Goal: To analyze the current understanding of DCM by a pediatric cardiologist in the daily clinical practice and to present a clinical case.

The Methodology:  The authors have analyzed the patient’s medical history, the clinical records of cardiac examination and treatment, performed in the Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Voronezh Region “Voronezh Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1” in the period from 2018 to 2020. The authors have also scrutinized the clinical summaries from “Federal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after academician V.I. Shumakov” of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and studied the outpatient health record of the patient K... born on 22 December 2006.

Findings: Initial diagnosis: Dilated cardiomyopathy. Atrial Fibrillation/ Flutter.
Stage B Heart Failure, Functional Class 3.
 Cardiac dropsy. Pulmonary fibrosis of the lower lobe. The patient K...was acknoweledged to be in the group of patients who are at high risk of developing life-threatening arrhythmias, thromboembolic complications and acute cardiovascular failure at the age of 11, when she was admitted to the hospital with the signs of congestive heart failure. Taking into account the probable disease progression, the doubtful effectiveness of the therapy, the patient underwent orthotopic heart transplantation at the “Federal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs named after academician V.I. Shumakov” of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. According to the results of the year and a half follow-up patient observation, there is a satisfactory improvement in the patient’s state.

Conclusion: Current treatment of DCM is based on neurohumoral blockade, and for other forms of heart failure (HF) with a reduced ejection fraction (EF) as well. Heart transplantation is currently the therapeutic gold standard for children with symptomatic dilated cardiomyopathy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):243-245
pages 243-245 views

New biochemical indicator of intestinal permeability in children with autism spectrum disorders

Maschenko S.A., Bavykina I.A.


Goal. To study the level of intestinal protein binding fatty acids in children with ASD. Materials and methods. The study involved 52 children aged 3 to 15 years with an established diagnosis of ASD, 20 of whom observed HD. Blood levels of I-FABP were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Statistical analysis was performed using Statistica 10.0 statistical software. Results. indicators of the level of intestinal protein binding fatty acids were distributed in the range of 1.63-209 PG / ml, the average value of 63.54 ± 48.5 PG / ml with age, there is a decrease in this indicator (r=-0.786).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):245-246
pages 245-246 views

Influence of connective tissue dysplasia on the formation of idiopathic scoliosis in preschool and school-age children

Pertseva M.


Currently, there is a tendency to increase the number of children of preschool and school age with a specified diagnosis of idiopathic scoliosis. The very wording of the diagnosis indicates that at the moment there are no known causes of the development of this pathology. The disease mainly occurs during the period of intensive growth of the skeleton, and, in most cases, has unknown causes. Statistics of recent years indicate that there is a tendency to increase the prevalence of the disease in childhood. An urgent problem of Pediatrics is to identify specific causes that contribute to the formation of this frequently occurring disorder of the musculoskeletal system.
Goal. To determine the frequency of phenotypic signs of connective tissue dysplasia in children with spinal deformity.
Material and methods. The study included 40 patients of preschool and school age (from 5 to 16 years) with an established diagnosis of idiopathic scoliosis.
By means of anonymous questionnaires, using patient medical records, as well as interviewing patients and their parents for the period of their stay in the Department of medical rehabilitation in the CSTO No. 2 and receiving treatment at Healthy child LLC, information was collected and analyzed, including: the nature of spinal deformity (scoliosis), age of patients, neuropsychic development, and physical development of patients. Obstetric and hereditary anamnesis was collected from the parents ' words.
Results: on examination, signs of connective tissue dysplasia were detected in 70% of patients in the observation group. It was found that such factors as fatigue (in 42.5% of children), frequent respiratory viral infections (65% children), flat feet (62,5%), muscle loss (from 17.5% of children), poor sleep (40% children) were found in two age pahrumph and their frequency did not differ significantly, but the gender differences: most often, these symptoms were recorded among girls in the age group of 12-16 years (80%). It was also determined that 65% of cases were diagnosed with DST in the mother/father.
Conclusion. Statistical analysis of anonymous questionnaires, interviews and examinations of patients allowed us to determine the high frequency of clinical signs of connective tissue dysplasia in 70% of patients with idiopathic scoliosis, which allows us to confirm the causal relationship of this pathology with persistent spinal deformity in childhood.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):246-247
pages 246-247 views

Burnout risk factors for pediatricians

Romanova D.A., Mikhailova M.A.


The profession of a doctor is one of the most noble, humane and necessary professions in the world, but at the same time one of the most difficult, because the doctor is responsible for people's lives. Burnout syndrome (EBS) is defined as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, including the development of negative self-esteem, negative attitude to work, loss of empathy, compassion and understanding in relation to patients and their loved ones [1]. The problem of "emotional burnout" of doctors is relevant due to the fact that a significant number of highly qualified doctors are susceptible to this condition.

Objective: To study the possible causes and risk factors for "emotional burnout" in pediatricians.

Methods: A questionnaire was compiled for doctors, including questions about the age, work experience and specialty of the doctor, daily workload, actual time spent on various types of work, basic motivations and job satisfaction, signs of "emotional burnout" (23 questions in total). 126 doctors of different specialties took part in the survey - 77 pediatricians, 28 therapists and 21 surgeons. Statistical processing of the results was carried out using standard parametric methods.

Results: Many doctors are forced to combine basic work with additional work due to insufficient material support, incl. young doctors with less than 5 years of work experience. About half of pediatricians do not have enough time to spend with their families. The feeling of fatigue among pediatricians is more pronounced due to the fact that they have the opportunity to rest only during their annual leave. In the best situation, therapists and surgeons find time to rest. However, more than half of doctors do not want to leave their jobs after reaching retirement age, including about half of the pediatricians surveyed. Moreover, more than a third of pediatricians have already reached retirement age and continue to work, which significantly exceeds the number of doctors in other specialties. This fact can be explained by insufficient material support of doctors of retirement age, as well as a greater need to be needed by patients.

Conclusion: The results obtained indicate the presence of burnout syndrome in at least one third of pediatricians.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):247-248
pages 247-248 views

Vaccine prophylaxis of children from the point of view of parents

Skorbich O.O.


Despite the proven positive role of vaccination, the attitude towards preventive vaccinations remains ambiguous. The number of refusals to carry out preventive vaccinations annually tends to increase, both among adults and among children. Probably, the reasons for the refusal are associated with insufficient awareness of parents about the benefits of vaccine prevention, because it was with its help that it was possible to "defeat" poliomyelitis, smallpox and other infectious diseases dangerous for children.

Purpose: The study was conducted to study the attitude of parents towards vaccination of children and the main reasons for refusing to immunize.

Methods: the study was carried out on the basis of the city children's polyclinic №5.

Results: It was found that 38% of parents have a mixed opinion about immunization. The most common reason for refusing to vaccinate was the risk of side effects (63%), 24% of parents do not trust Russian-made vaccines, 9% believe that the harm from vaccinations exceeds the risks of infection, 2% of respondents do not trust medical workers. 55% of respondents do not need more information about the importance of preventive vaccinations and increase the level of knowledge on vaccination, while 45% want to receive information through consultation with a doctor.

Conclusion: Parents cannot correctly interpret the information received from Internet sources, therefore it is necessary to create an additional information system about vaccination for parents - activating work by pediatricians, creating special stands in clinics, as well as conducting webinars for parents with the participation of doctors. specialists

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):249-249
pages 249-249 views

Physical development of convicted juveniles

Suslov S.S., Kovalenko Y.V., Begina O.G.


Physical development is an important indicator of human health. Social and medical support of adolescents in penitentiary institutions is an urgent problem.

Purpose: to analyze the main indicators of the physical development of adolescents who were in a closed penitentiary institution.

Methods: the characteristics and analysis of the physical development of 76 juvenile convicts serving sentences in the FKUZ MSCh-61 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, included in the study by the method of random sampling, are presented.

Results: The deviation of the indicators was in the form of a decrease in body weight: 10 people (13.2%); excess weight: 7 people (9.2%). Obesity was recorded in only one teenager (1.3%). According to the results of processing data on blood pressure, deviations were present only in 10 adolescents: a tendency to hypertension - 6 adolescents (7.9%); to hypotension - 4 people (5.3%). Heart rate per minute ranged from 62 to 88 beats per minute, and respiratory rate from 16 to 21 beats per minute. The values ​​obtained by us correspond to the age norms. Discussion. It was found that there was no relationship between the stay of the study group of 76 adolescents in a closed penitentiary institution and the possible development of pronounced deviations in their physical development.

Conclusion: despite the fact that more than a third of the adolescents in the study group led an asocial lifestyle (38.2%), we did not find any deviations in physical development significant for their health. Growth basically fit into the parameters of the average, deviations in body weight were found in less than a quarter of cases (23.7%). BMI had acceptable fluctuations. Despite the fact that the adolescents included in the study group were in a closed penitentiary institution, that is, they experienced chronic stress, the objective indicators of their somatic health did not affect in any way. The indicators did not go beyond the age norms.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):250-251
pages 250-251 views

Clinical features of protein-energy deficiency in children

Syanova I.N., Levandovskaya M.S.


Relevance: in the modern world, the problem of protein-energy deficiency (BEN) among children and adolescents has become one of the most urgent in Pediatrics, which is associated with the widespread prevalence of the disease. Given the negative impact of BEN on the state of all organs and systems of the body, underestimating the importance of mild disease severity, it is extremely important to study the clinical features of the course of the disease.
Objective: to study the clinical features of protein-energy deficiency in children.
Methods:the study included analysis of patient histories covering a 5-year period, 52 children and adolescents aged 1 to 17 years with protein-energy deficiency of I, II and III degrees. Statistical analysis of the obtained data was performed using the software "STATISTICA10" (StatSoftInc.) and MicrosoftExcel 2010.
Results:52 children aged from 1 to 17 years were selected to participate in the study, including 31 boys(59.6%) and 21 girls (40.3%), with an average age of 11 (6.8; 15.5) years.The study involved dividing patients into three groups according to the severity of BEN. Group 1 included 19 patients (36.5%) with BEN I, group 2 – 23 children(44.2%) with BEN I, group 3 – 10 patients (19.2%) with BEN I.
The analysis showed that the most common concomitant diseases in patients with EB are thyroid diseases – in 25 children (48%), osteopenic syndrome, osteoporosis – in 23 cases (44.2%); eye pathology – in 18 cases (34.6%), chronic gastritis – in 15 patients (28.8), autonomic nervous system disorder – in 13 patients (25%), gastroesophageal reflux disease – in 9 children (17.3%).
Among the complaints presented by patients, vegetative and gastroenterological ones prevailed: dizziness – in 15 cases (28.8%), emotional lability – in 13 patients (25%), aching abdominal pain – in 10 children (19.2%), constipation – in 8 patients (15.2%), nausea – in 5 children (9.6%), diarrhea – in 3 patients (5.7%).
Hemogram indicators were characterized by the presence of anemia in 14 (26.9%) patients.
The results of a biochemical blood test showed the presence of hypoproteinemia in 9 cases (17.3%), hypoglycemia in 4 (7.7%), hypocholesterolemia in 5 patients (9.6%), hypotriglyceridemia in 2 (3.8%) children, a decrease in high –density lipoproteins (HDL) in 4 (7.6%) children, and an increase in low – density lipoproteins (LDL) in 5 (9.6%) patients
Conclusion:The presence of protein-energy deficiency is most often associated with the formation of pathology of the digestive tract, the autonomic nervous system, diseases of the visual organs and diseases of the musculoskeletal system due to violations of phosphorus-calcium metabolism.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):251-253
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Clinical features of acute respiratory viral infections of different etiology in children

Shmeleva V.P.


In recent years, there has been a trend towards an increase in the share of viral infections in the structure of childhood diseases. Doctors more and more often observe a longer course of ARVI, accompanied by complications from the ENT organs and the respiratory system. At the same time, the age group of children remains the most vulnerable to the penetration of viruses: newborns, infants and preschool children, for whom it is extremely difficult to find the right drug. Purpose: This article discusses the features of the course of ARVI among vaccinated and unvaccinated children in the period from 2018-2019 in Yekaterinburg registered at the MAI Children's hospital No. 8

Methods: A study of the clinical course of ARVI was carried out, a comparative analysis.

Results: In the incidence of ARVI in 2019, the H1N1 and H3N2 viruses, RS and metapneumovirus were of the leading importance.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):253-255
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Сестринское дело

The role of the nurse organizer in the formation of a psychological microclimate in the workplace

Moskvina V.D.


Psychological microclimate – the mood that has developed between the members of the team. The success of colleagues in any organization depends on it. Creating an optimal psychological microclimate in a medical organization directly depends not only on the individual characteristics of each member of the team, but, first of all, on the nurse-organizer. Its role in creating a favorable microclimate in the workplace is crucial. A nurse organizer should be able to listen to suggestions for improving the workplace and improving relations between her subordinates, as well as find compromise solutions to conflicts among employees. It is impossible to avoid conflicts in any group of people [1]. But it is possible to minimize the resulting omissions among subordinates. Possible interpersonal conflicts in the medical team are caused by individual characteristics of the individual and the nature of interpersonal relations in the team [2]. In the departments, an anonymous survey was conducted to find out the objective shortcomings of workplaces and identify interpersonal conflicts hidden from the eyes of the organizing nurse, where 24 employees took part. In questions concerning interpersonal relationships, the main points that employees could identify as negatively affecting the ability and desire to work in this team were highlighted. These include: distrust based on the unprofessionalism of a colleague, personal conflicts, passivity and irresponsibility when performing work tasks, short temper, unpleasant smell of a colleague, etc. In matters of an objective nature, such moments were: disorder in the workplace, the inconvenience of the workplace in terms of ergonomics, the aggression of patients and/or their accompanying persons, the desire of patients to pass away, due to the lack of self-service ability, etc. To optimize the comfortable microclimate, the staff highlighted the following points: the colors in the interior of the departments are warm and inviting, a comfortable workplace for nurses (chair, desk), confidential communication with colleagues, the opportunity to make an appropriate but important remark, a comfortable waiting area for a certain number of incoming and outgoing patients (with a sufficient number of seats). The nurses, organizers, recommendations were made to improve relations teams and a shared psychological climate at the workplace: − in the team to develop trusting relationships and the ability to win as a colleague and patient; − to enable professional growth and realization of potential of young employees [3]; − to improve psychological comfort nurses for full/almost complete satisfaction with the working area; - change the state of the department for a comfortable location of patients in it. Keywords: psychological microclimate; nurse-organizer; interpersonal relationships

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):256-256
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Implementation of rehabilitation programs of gerontological orientation on teaching the basics of active longevity on the basis of AU SON TO "Center" Krasnaya Gvozdika»

Nikolaev А.A.


Relevance: today, the growth in the number of elderly people in Russia leads to an increase in the number of citizens experiencing problems related to the medical field of activity. Rehabilitation programs for training the basis of active longevity are aimed at the overall improvement of health criteria. Keywords: rehabilitation program, gerontology, sanatorium-resort rehabilitation, active longevity, health-improving and educational technologies.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):257-258
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Palikhova L.S., Korotyaeva A.S.


Objective: to study the opinion of first-year students on the subject of their ideas about the appearance of a doctor.

Methods: survey of first-year students of medical and pediatric faculties with the help of a special form with ten questions in September and January 2018-19. Answers were analyzed, compared and described the results obtained.

Results: Anonymous survey of 70 students of medical and pediatric faculties, studying in the first year of the Voronezh Medical University in September 2018 and January 2019, was conducted.The questionnaire consisted of 10 questions and revealed general views of freshmen, yesterday's applicants, about their conditionally ideal physician image.

Conclusion: Becoming a good doctor is not easy. This lofty goal can be more effectively achieved after identifying students' initial ideas about their professional ideal, family characteristics, idols, orienting specialization. The presented results demonstrate good potential and correct orientation of future medical professionals.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):258-259
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Formation of the image of a nurse in the therapeutic department

Faizova V.R.


This article provides a definition of the concept of "image", the role and types of image. The importance of image in modern medicine is given.

Goal. To study the awareness of the nurses of the therapeutic department of GBUZ TO "OKB No. 2" in Tyumen with the concept of "image", their attitude towards it, and also to study how the image of a nurse affects her professional activities.

Materials and methods. -analysis of the literature on the research problem, -analysis of medical records, - survey of respondents - generalization of the results obtained,

Results. The article highlights the importance of image in building a positive, trusting relationship between a nurse and a patient, and also assesses the awareness of nurses with the concept of "image", their attitude to it. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):259-260
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Research on the implementation of the basic rules of medical ethics and deontology by secondary medical personnel

Fedortsova T.


Medical ethics is a science that studies the moral principles in the professional activities of medical professionals. The purpose of the study: to study the extent to which ethical norms and rules are currently being implemented by secondary medical personnel in their professional activities. Research method: statistical analysis of the results of a survey of patients communicating with secondary medical personnel in Bryansk. The study was divided into two groups – the average medical staff of children's and adult clinics was studied. It was found that the indicators between the two groups differ - in children's clinics, rudeness of secondary medical personnel is 3% more common than in adult clinics. The highest scores (4 and 5) on the politeness of nursing staff were given more by patients of adult clinics (79%), while patients of children's clinics – 63%. The same applies to professional responsibility: in adult clinics – 80%, in children's-63%. In conclusion, it should be noted that the identified "negative" indicators of secondary medical personnel indicate an incomplete study of their main legal act – the ethical code of nurses. The comparatively poorer results in children's clinics can be explained by the fact that parents of sick children who are subject to more stress and irritability due to the unhealthy state of their children were interviewed in this group.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):260-261
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Training of patients with hypertension in the school of health

Fokina A.S.


The article presents modern approaches to the prevention of GB, in particular, self-monitoring of their condition, improving the quality of life and obtaining practical skills using methods: questionnaires and analysis of situational problems. The results of the initial study revealed: lack of knowledge about the disease, the need for its treatment, compliance with the diet and the need for first aid during a crisis.

During the classes at the school of health, topical issues about GB, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and prevention were considered. In fact, after these sessions, patients ' perception of the disease changes. First, they learned that there is no "working" pressure. Secondly, they began to understand that high blood PRESSURE is not always accompanied by a headache in the back of the head. It turned out that many cases of increased blood PRESSURE are asymptomatic, respectively, the prevalence of hypertension is much higher than previously thought. Modern approaches were considered

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):261-263
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Analysis of nurses ' activities in providing outpatient drug treatment

Yachsenko A.


The most important part of the modern health care system is nursing. Nurses are a huge human resource with real potential opportunities in the context of modernizing domestic healthcare. This article presents the results of a survey of nurses of the regional narcological dispensary. Analysis of a time-based study of the main types of functional responsibilities of outpatient nurses in the dispensary Department. This study may affect the organizational activities of a specialized drug treatment nurse. The purpose of this study is to improve the organization of nursing activities in a medical organization that provides specialized medical care. Proper organization of work of nurses contributes to high involvement in the treatment process, improving the quality of medical care and motivation for active professional development. Effective professional activity of nursing staff is aimed at meeting the needs of patients in affordable and acceptable medical care.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):263-264
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"Incomplete" vertical fracture of the tooth root after mechanical treatment of the root canal. Prevention of occurrence.

B I., F M., Rebriev M.


Relevance. An archival endodontic problem, in the etiology of which lies an iatrogenic cause, is the occurrence of microfractures, microcracks, in the root dentin after protocol interventions in the root canal system. Studying the etiology of tooth root fractures is an urgent problem that requires additional study.
Goal. Identification of factors provoking the occurrence of tooth root fracture.
Methods. To achieve this goal, we created an author's research design, which includes the following directions of methods: clinical studies, which included working with 36 patients, scanning electron microscopy, statistical studies using the X2-Pearson criterion.
Results. In the research results, I would like to note the different quality of root canal treatment with various types of instruments. Despite the high degree of technical feasibility of using the machine method of processing, the manual one turned out to be more gentle on the biological tissues of the tooth root.
Conclusion. Based on the research results, we can conclude that the machine method of root canal treatment is a better, more efficient, time-saving method. But, at the same time, trauma to the dentin of the tooth canal requires, in our opinion, additional measures to prevent the occurrence of root fractures. For example, in-root treatment with a root bond. The manual method of root canal treatment, as more economically available and biologically feasible, can be an option and is recommended for budget and pediatric practice.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):265-266
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Research methods of the oral part of the digestive tract.

B A., S A., S M.


The article is devoted to the study of the effectiveness of the masticatory apparatus depending on the morphofunctional state of the dentition, determining the influence of the size of the dental cusps on the processes of chewing food, determining the relationship between the height of the cusps, their overlap and the range of movement of the jaws. Development of a research methodology. The study involved 20 students of the Faculty of Dentistry GOOVPO Donetsk National Medical University. M. Gorky. The measurements were carried out on 40 plaster models of the jaws, while using the tools: Altimeter, base for casting models, which were developed by the authors and protected by rationalization proposals. Statistical research method using the package of statistical programs "EpiInfo" and "MicrosoftExcel" and experimental methods developed by the authors. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the height of the tubercles and the speed of the appearance of the swallowing reflex are inversely proportional to each other, and it was also revealed in persons with higher tubercles, higher indices of chewing efficiency are determined. Analysis of the data obtained allowed us to conclude that chewing efficiency is directly related to the condition of the teeth, and weakening of chewing ability is more common when the integrity of the dentition is compromised.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):266-269
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Comparative analysis of the composite material packing using various techniques.

Deyneka Y.V., Bortnikov D.S., Belenov I.S.


Background:At present, there are a large number of sealing techniques, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Very often in practice, dentists face such a problem as a post-sealing pain. The occurrence of a post-sealing pain is usually associated with a violation of the adhesive protocol or debonding, but we assume that this may also be due to the formation of pores in the layers of the packed composite material.Therefore, we identified the most optimal method of filling.

Purpose:To identify the regularity of pore formation in the layers of the filling material depending on the method of packing the composite material.

Methods:We examined 16 removed teeth (incisors, premolars, molars) that preserved their anatomical integrity, and divided them into 4 groups with each group having teeth of different group affiliation. Then we prepared the teeth for filling: opening the carious cavity, expansion, necrectomy, finishing the edges of the cavity, polishing. For each group we used different tools and filling materials: group I -composite + ironer, group II - liquid filling material + composite + ironer, group III - liquid filling material + composite + ironer + applicator, group IV -liquid filling material + composite + ironer + applicator + brush. In order to detect the presence of the voids between the filling material layers, we prepared dental preparations using a separation disk and a straight tip. To assess visually the quality of filling, all dental preparations were treated with a color indicator solution. The presence of pores was recorded using a microscope and a camera.

Results: During the study, we managed to establish that the number of pores was smaller in the preparations in which the maximum number of tools was used for packing materials.

Conclusion:The technique involving the use of an ironer, applicator, brush, leads to a better result, namely: reducing the formation of pores, which prevents the excessive development of polymerization stress.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):269-271
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Kibartas Y.S.


The research work provides a comprehensive system for assessing the quality of odontopreparation, including automated analysis, scoring of parameters and modeling of the result. The methods of preparation quality control widely used at present in the treatment of patients with an orthopedic profile (visual control, marker burs, etc.) are not accurate enough, because predominantly based on visual control and do not allow obtaining accurate digital characteristics of the sufficiency of removal of hard tissues of teeth.

Therefore, at the Department of Faculty Dentistry, a comprehensive methodology for assessing the parameters characterizing the quality of preparation of abutment teeth has been created, including a computer program and a system for complete assessment of clinical, laboratory, radiological indicators of patients with an orthopedic profile.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):271-273
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Manufacturing and application of an individual matrix ring to restore the correct and most accurate contact point

K E.


Very often, the carious process is localized on the contact surfaces of the teeth, as in the places of the greatest accumulation of plaque and in the low availability of interdental spaces for full hygiene. That is why the question of restoring contact points during the restoration of such teeth remains relevant. The goal of every dentist is to create the most accurate contact between the teeth in order to avoid injury to the marginal gum, for the correct distribution of the chewing load in the dentition.
To prove the convenience, efficiency and economic feasibility of using an individual matrix ring in the daily work of a dentist by examining this technique in a dental appointment. Assess the quality of the subsequent restoration and the accuracy of the restoration of the contact surface.
In this work, in the process of treating caries on the medial surface of tooth 1.6, we used the method of making an individual matrix ring using a ready-made metal matrix ring and a liquid rubber dam.
The method for solving the existing clinical situation turned out to be simple and convenient to use, it made it possible to restore the contact point with maximum accuracy without additional time consumption and the need to use expensive matrix systems.
The technique of using an individual matrix ring in case of restoration of a contact point is an affordable alternative to using standard matrix sets. This method is simple, convenient and provides high-quality and accurate modeling of the contact point, minimizes the number of errors associated with the presence of insufficiently tight contacts between the teeth or their incorrect orientation relative to the tooth crown. Moreover, this technique does not require the use of expensive matrix systems, is easy to implement and saves time.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):273-275
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Improving the effectiveness of caries treatment

Logunova E.A., Moiseeva N.S., Kunin A.A., Kharitonov D.Y.


Nowadays, with the development of high-technological diagnostic approaches, it has been possible to somewhat reduce the prevalence of caries complications, but still no technologies have been created that can effectively prevent the development of a carious process, including secondary. It is known that, in general, complications arising after the treatment of dental caries are associated with a violation of the adhesion of the filling, chips, cracks, therefore, it is necessary to increase the strength properties of filling materials, which will increase the service life of the fillings. The aim of the study is to improve the strength properties of composite materials for the treatment of dental caries. Research methods. For a comprehensive assessment of the chewing load, the strength of the treated materials of two groups was assessed according to GOST R 31574-2012, including: diametral rupture and bending strength, as well as for a comprehensive assessment of compression. Results. A comparative study of the strength properties of composite materials treated and untreated by a magnetic field showed a positive result of increasing the strength of the material. Considering that the bulk of complications in the treatment of dental caries is reduced to the loss of material strength, the appearance of cracks, chips, premature wear of the fillings, the data obtained are important for solving the urgent problem of increasing the efficiency of dental caries treatment. Conclusion. The data obtained can serve as a basis for the development of materials with improved physical and mechanical characteristics, which will contribute to an increase in the efficiency of dental caries treatment.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):275-276
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Cytobacterioscopic features of the oral fluid of students of the dental faculty as a preventive biomarker of somatic pathology

Makarova A., Robakovsky V., Logunova E., Kunin А.A., Moiseeva N.S.


Cytobacterioscopic research methods have been known for more than 100 years, but they became widespread in dentistry in the 80s. The value of this method lies in the non-invasiveness of its application, and the results obtained make it possible to adequately visualize desquamated epithelial cells, assessing the degree of their maturity, bacterial and fungal flora. The aim of the study was to determine the state of the coccal and microbial flora, including the cytostatus of the oral fluid of the second-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry of V.G. N.N. Burdenko. Research methods. The rapid diagnostic method was used to assess the cytological and bacterioscopic parameters in the oral cavity of the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, taking into account the presence or absence of general somatic pathology. This technique made it possible to identify a violation of the microbiosis of the oral fluid even at a young age. Interesting, in our opinion, is the study of the state of the oral fluid according to the listed indicators in junior students. Results. The results of the study showed the relationship between the presence of general somatic pathology, including diseases of the digestive system, and the development of the fungal flora of the genus Candida and 4-5 mature cells of the prickly layer. There were single filaments of giant mature pseudomycelium and, in rare cases, single filaments of Leptotrics buccalis. In patients with endocrine pathology (hypothyroidism, small-nodular goiter, etc.), the cytobacterioscopic picture consisted of a large number of cells of the spiny layer of the epithelium and young filaments of pseudomycelium of the Candida fungus. Conclusion. According to the data of cytobacterioscopic examination of patients without somatic pathology, a minimum amount of pathological microflora is revealed. In patients with diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems, the amount of fungal flora, desquamated epithelial cells and the appearance of protozoa significantly increase. The obtained indicators can serve as a preventive diagnosis of pathology of internal organs.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):276-277
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Assessment of the structure of dental pathology in patients with HIV.

M N., M K.


Relevance. Oral mucosa lesions are the earliest indicators of HIV infection and may be the first available symptoms of the disease. Goal. To study the structure of dental pathology in HIV-infected patients. Methods. Eighty HIV-infected patients were examined according to the standard technique, which included conventional clinical examinations of the oral cavity and the determination of the communal periodontal index. Results. It was found that in HIV carriers, diseases of the oral mucosa were distinguished by a latent course and an erased clinical picture. The course of periodontitis in HIV-infected patients was characterized by a weak severity of clinical manifestations of the inflammatory process in the gum tissues with an almost complete absence of subjective sensations, which was confirmed by the results of determining the CPI index.
Conclusion. Knowledge of the polymorphism and characteristics of the clinical manifestations of HIV infection in the oral cavity can allow practitioners to promptly suspect the presence of the virus in the body.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):277-278
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The use of platelet-rich fibrin in the treatment of odontogenic diseases of the maxillofacial region

Makarova A.M., Moiseeva N.S., Stepanov I.V.


An increase in the incidence of odontogenic diseases of the maxillofacial region leads to the search for new methods of treating this nosological pathology. The use of platelet-rich plasma obtained at a low centrifugation speed is an innovative technology today and has great success in dental practice, given that platelets contain growth factors (various proteins, cytokines and other bioactive factors) that play an important role in healing and bone formation. As a result, the severity of postoperative edema and pain is reduced, and the rehabilitation period is shortened, which is widely used in bone grafting and dental implantation. The aim of the study was to study the results of the use of platelet-rich fibrin for closing the bone cavity in the complex treatment of chronic odontogenic osteomyelitis of the lower jaw. Methods: on the basis of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of V.G. NN Burdenko treated odontogenic diseases of the maxillofacial area with platelet-rich fibrin. A-PRF has been used to close bone cavities after surgical treatment of odontogenic diseases of various etiologies. Results: The study of the qualitative composition of the microscopic view of the bone wound in patients with HCONCH revealed different groups of microorganisms. The use of OTF in the complex treatment of HCONCH made it possible to reduce the duration of inpatient treatment by almost three days. Disease relapses were not observed in our study. Conclusion: on the basis of the results obtained, it can be concluded that the beneficial effect of platelet-rich fibrin on the bone cavity and a decrease in its volume due to the improvement of local blood circulation and stimulation of bone regeneration in the area of ​​surgery.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):278-280
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Study of the adhesion force and peel strength of 8th generation adhesives.

P A., P A.


Relevance: no existing composite material, even the most modern one, can be applied without an adhesive system.
Objective: To investigate the efficacy of the 8th generation adhesive systems on 6 extracted molars without caries.
Methods: For the study, the most popular modern adhesive systems from DentsplySirona and 3M ESPE: Prime & Bond universal and Single Bond Universal were taken. The experiment was carried out on 6 molars, extracted for medical indications, not affected by caries.
Results: as a result of an in vitro experiment, the adhesion force for Prime & Bond Universal (Dentsply Sirona) was 34.3 MPa, for Single Bond Universal (3M ESPE) - 31.4 MPa (p = 0.25).
Conclusion: The data obtained indicate that both the studied adhesive systems showed excellent adhesion to the hard tissues of the tooth and they can be recommended for widespread use in clinical practice.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):280-281
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Using the latest XP-ENDO SHAPER instrument for mechanical treatment of root canals.

S A.


Relevance. It is very important for a dentist to do his job efficiently, without spending a lot of time on it. Fortunately, the developed modern instruments allow us to simplify the treatment and at the same time improve the procedure for root canal enlargement.
Goal. The aim of this study was to review the literature on the use of the XP-endo Shaper (FKG Dentaire SA, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland) for root canal preparation, assessed using microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) technology, with an emphasis on intact wall analysis. channel.
Methods. I searched the Science Direct, SciELO and MEDLINE databases for articles published between 2018 and 2020 using the following keywords: micro-CT, intact walls, XP shaper, and XP-endo. Articles without abstract were excluded. Three entries were selected. Several studies are available on this topic.
Results. Studies published to date show that the XP-endo Shaper system performs well in terms of canal preparation, but leaves the walls intact.
Conclusion. However, the use of this unique instrument makes it possible to simplify and speed up the time of mechanical treatment of root canals, as well as reduce the risk of errors and complications, and preserve a larger volume of dentin. This makes canal treatment a fast, simple and safe procedure.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):281-282
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Results and analysis of microscopic examination of modern methods of preparing baby teeth

Solovyov A.


Currently, the main reasons for patients ' fear of dental appointments are associated with the use of the most common standard rotational technique for preparing carious cavities. Alternative methods of removal of affected hard tissues are not widespread enough at the reception of dentists, but they have a number of advantages in comparison with the usual turbine tip for a dental unit.
The GOAL is to Compare the current methods of preparing baby teeth and find out whether they are effective and acceptable at children's dental appointments.
Methods caries of removed baby teeth was prepared using standard rotational and available alternative methods (chemical-mechanical, ultrasound and laser). After the first part of our study, we decided to combine the preparation methods. At the first stage, the samples were initially prepared, followed by comparative staining of the samples with caries detectors. This was necessary to evaluate the quality of removal of carious dentin in all samples. Further, for a more accurate result, a comparative microscopic study of all samples was performed on an electron microscope. This was necessary for a detailed study of the "smeared layer" that is formed as a result of standard rotary dissection and comparison with samples obtained as a result of using alternative and combined methods.
Results In the course of the study, it was found that not one of the methods used did not fully meet all the requirements, there were positive and negative aspects everywhere.
Conclusion one of the best methods of dissection, in comparison with the rest, were: laser technique and a combination of chemical and ultrasound dissection.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):282-283
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Comparative characteristics of methods for preparation of hard dental tissues using standard diamond burs and a high-intensity erbium laser PLUSER

Trushkina N., Kostilev E.


RELEVANCE: high-quality preparation of the carious cavity is the key to the successful treatment of caries and the prevention of its recurrence, in this regard, this work was carried out.
PURPOSE: To carry out a comparative characterization of the cytoarchitectonics of dentin during preparation using standard diamond burs and a high-intensity erbium laser PLUSER.
METHODS: The study was carried out by studying electron microscopy images obtained as a result of the preparation of extracted teeth with fissure caries using a PLUSER laser and diamond burs.
RESULTS: in the course of the work carried out, it turned out that preparation using a laser has a number of advantages, such as the cavity walls are smoother, there are no chips and microcracks, the angles between the bottom and the walls are rounded, the cavity shape optimal for the best retention of the filling is achieved, also when laser preparation does not require the use of anesthesia, it is painless, the resulting cavity is sterile, prevention of secondary caries is achieved, after laser preparation, enamel etching is not required. When using diamond burs, dentinal tubules are visible on the walls of the cavity, sealed with sawdust, the walls have an uneven surface, and the angle between the walls and the bottom is about 90 degrees.
CONCLUSION: A comparison of the methods of preparation of hard dental tissues using a high-intensity erbium laser PLUSER and using diamond burs was carried out, as a result of which the advantage of tooth preparation using a laser was revealed.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):283-285
pages 283-285 views

A modern and predictable approach to direct composite restorations (Black Grade I) using the occlusal key technique

F M., B I.


Relevance: One of the most common problems at the reception of a therapeutic dentist is dental caries. Currently, much attention is paid to reproducing the original (natural) anatomy of the occlusal surface. This is due to the fact that the relief of the occlusal surface directly affects the ratio of the jaws in both the central and lateral occlusion, as well as the function of the temporomandibular joint and, of course, aesthetics.
Purpose: the most accurate restoration of the original relief of the occlusal surface of the tooth; ergonomic consumption of time spent by a dentist-therapist, reduction of temporary, physical and psychological stress on the patient rational use of dental materials.
Methods: On the basis of the Department of Hospital Dentistry of V.G. N.N.Burdenko collected information about the above method, studied scientific articles, tested this technique on educational dental phantoms and selected a clinical case suitable for performing this restoration work. A patient with a diagnosis of Medium caries was selected as the object of the clinical study. Dentin caries. K.02.1. according to ICD-10.
Results: As a result of the treatment we were able to restore the anatomical shape of tooth 3.6. with the original "natural" relief and individual articulation paths, which does not require occlusal correction. Anatomical accuracy and correctness of the work performed determine the functional rehabilitation of the tooth and its relationship with antagonists, evenly distributing the chewing load.
Conclusion: The technique of the occlusal composite key makes it possible to functionally rehabilitate the occlusal surface of the tooth and its relationship with antagonist teeth, thus avoiding occlusal adaptation and grinding.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):285-286
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Study of the quality of life of patients with complications after orthodontic treatment.

S L.


Today the number of dental-jaw anomalies is growing, the need for orthodontic treatment is naturally increasing. Treatment of an orthodontist dentist, like any other, can be accompanied by complications, the most common of which are: demineralization of enamel, multiple caries, gum recession, inflammation of periodontal tissues. The listed complications after orthodontic treatment negatively affect the aesthetics of a smile, in some cases they are accompanied by discomfort and pain. The aim of this study is to study the quality of life indicators in young patients after complications of orthodontic treatment with braces. An analysis of the quality of life of 28 male patients aged 19 to 24 years, who came to the dental clinic after complications of orthodontic treatment, was carried out using the SF-36 and OHRQoL questionnaires. The average indicators for this group of patients were compiled for each factor of quality of life. The study found that complications resulting from orthodontic treatment negatively affect the lives of young people, impede communication and are a negative psychological factor. Symptoms inherent in nosological forms and accompanying complications negatively affect the psychoemotional state of patients, especially young patients, proportionally reducing their quality of life. Thus, it is necessary to include preventive measures in the treatment plan, to give the necessary recommendations with their obligatory observance to prevent the negative consequences of orthodontic treatment.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):286-288
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Antioxidant activity of water-organic extracts of black elderberry flowers (Sambucus nigra flos)

Klimets N.S.


Black elderberry is a promising object for study, since it has proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, GE-pathoprotective and anti-tyrosine kinase activity. This spectrum of activity is mainly due to the presence of a large number of flavonoids in the fruits and flowers of black elderberry. The purpose of this work was to study the recovery capacity of various water-organic solvents (glycerol, ethylene glycol, dimexide (DMSO), acetonitrile and ethyl acetate), followed by spectrophotometric determination of the antioxidant activity (AOA) of the obtained extracts. The DPPH spectrophotometric method was used to determine AOA. The method is based on the interaction of antioxidants with the stable Chromogen radical 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH). The obtained results allowed us to evaluate the dependence of antioxidant activity on the amount of flavonoids in the obtained water-organic extracts: the universality of extraction of flavonoids from black elderberry flowers by the studied extractants was revealed, since each of the studied solvents showed sufficient extracting ability. It was also found that aqueous solutions of solvents at concentrations of 20, 40, 60 and 80% extracted flavonoids better than absolute solvents, while the AOA of water-organic extracts takes fairly high values at any solvent concentration, and thus does not directly depend on the percentage of flavonoids.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):289-290
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Modern aspects of pharmaceutical activity in the release of antibacterial drugs

Lesina V.V.


Relevance. Currently, vacation and irrational use of anti-bacterial drugs is one of the serious problems that can lead to thousands of lives. The aim of the study was to find out how antimicrobial drugs are dispensed in pharmacies and the correctness of prescribing. Research methods: the study was conducted using a statistical method and a questionnaire. The results showed that the release of antibacterial drugs is made mainly without a doctor's prescription. Another problem is that doctors tend not to write prescriptions. A recipe is an official document, and violation of its writing is punishable. After all, the patient has every right to apply to the Executive authorities and present an incorrectly written prescription. Conclusion. The Ministry of health does not fully address the issue of the release of antibacterial drugs. And this problem is not only that pharmaceutical workers in most cases, as the survey showed, release antibacterial drugs without a prescription, but also that doctors and pharmaceutical workers do not improve their knowledge in this group. Prescribing, and the study proved the need to increase the level of knowledge of the population on the use of antibiotics, since ignorance about the use of antibiotics leads to other diseases.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):290-291
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Lukashenya V.


Relevance. Dandelion officinalis is a widespread medicinal plant used as a choleretic and diuretic in both official and folk medicine. This is due to a number of biologically active substances that make up its composition. In order to increase the yield of these substances from raw materials, various pre-treatment methods are used: ultrasonic treatment, degreasing, and heat treatment. This paper examines the effect of pre-heat treatment of medicinal plant raw materials – an effective method for increasing the yield of various groups of biologically active substances.
Methods. Preliminary heat treatment of raw materials was carried out in a drying Cabinet in metal packaging and without it for one hour at temperatures of 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180°C. To determine the optimal heat treatment time, we selected intervals of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours. In order to determine the optimal layer thickness, samples with a layer thickness of up to 1 cm, 1-2 cm, 2-3 cm, 3-4 cm, and 4-5 cm were heat-treated. Heat treatment of whole, cut and crushed raw materials was carried out.
Goal. To determine the effect of pre-heat treatment of raw materials on the content of hydroxycinnamic acids (HCC) in dandelion medicinal roots.
Results. Pre-heat treatment of raw materials significantly affects the content of PCC in dandelion medicinal roots. Heating to 40, 60, and 80 °C reduces the PCC content in the samples (up to 0.347%; 0.348% and 0.359%, respectively). At 140 °C, the thermal inactivation of enzymes is maximal, as evidenced by a 1.4-fold increase in the PCC content in the samples (0.657±0.082%). Using pre-heat treatment without packaging is inefficient. The optimal time for pre – heat treatment is one hour, and the layer thickness is 1 cm.
Conclusion. For further use as a method for intensifying the extraction of PCC from dandelion medicinal roots, it is proposed to use pre-heat treatment of crushed raw materials at a temperature of 140 °C for one hour in a package with a layer thickness of 1 cm.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):291-292
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Synthesis of 1,4,5-trisubstituted 3-hydroxy-3-pyrrolin-2-ones

Namyatova K.V.


Purpose. Synthesis of 1,4,5-trisubstituted 3-hydroxy-3-pyrrolin-2-ones and confirmation of the structure of the obtained compounds by 1H NMR spectroscopy.

Methods. To obtain 3-hydroxy-3-pyrrolin-2-ones, a multicomponent reaction of glycinamide with aroylpyruvic acid methyl ester and aromatic aldehyde was used. Free glycinamide was isolated by reaction of glycinamide hydrochloride and sodium bicarbonate in an aqueous medium. Thanks to this reaction, it became possible to synthesize new potentially biologically active substances.

Results. Five compounds were synthesized using the above-mentioned multicomponent reaction proceeding with slight heating. Their structure was confirmed using 1H NMR spectroscopy.

Conclusions. Thus, previously unknown substances of the 3-hydroxy-3-pyrrolin-2-ones group with various radicals were obtained, which have a nootropic effect, which is one of the most important tasks of modern organic chemistry and clinical pharmacology. The structure of the compounds was confirmed by 1H NMR spectroscopy.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):293-294
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Физическая культура и медицинская реабилитация

Dynamics of indicators of the system of adaptation of students of the faculty of MIMOS in the conditions of climate change.

Arinicheva S.A., Arustamyan A.A.


Relevance: today, a Large number of foreign students who came from different parts of the world study at the Burdenko VSMU. At first, it is very difficult for them to get used to new living conditions. In this regard, successful adaptation of students from other countries becomes extremely relevant. It allows foreign students to quickly understand the essence of the educational process, affects the prospect of maintaining their number and the quality of training [1]. Changes in climate, time zone, mode and daily routine, diet, as well as meeting new people in one way or another affect the functional state, functional capabilities and abilities of students, and therefore, in terms of adaptation, the first year is the most difficult for them.
Objective: To determine the characteristics of the cardiovascular system response to physical activity in students of MIMOS Burdenko VSMU, as well as to evaluate the dynamics of students ' adaptation to new conditions using the obtained data.
Methods: the Research was conducted at The Department of physical culture and medical rehabilitation of the Burdenko state medical University using a combined Functional test of S. P. Letunov with dosed physical activity. The object of our study was healthy 1st year students of the faculty of MIMOS. The duration of the study was 4 months. Evaluation of the results of the work was carried out by studying the types of reaction, the degree of change in the indicators of the adaptation system (heart rate and BLOOD pressure).
Results: the study found that all subjects have a normotonic type of reaction, but for 2 out of 10 students, this type of reaction is hypotonic. Important criteria of the normotonic type are significantly increased Blood pressure, heart rate, Add decreases and the duration of the recovery period is within the limits of 2, 3, 4 minutes after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd loads, respectively. This type of reaction is the most favorable and reflects the body's good adaptability to physical activity.
Conclusion: Thus, our study showed that foreign students of 1 year of study have features of the reaction of the cardiovascular system to physical activity-ADP, Add, heart rate do not have time to recover in the prescribed time. This indicates the tension of all body systems, in connection with finding it in the acute phase of adaptation. After 3 months from the date of the 1st wave of tests, the cardiovascular system's response to the load was normalized-the body adapted (due to living in one place for 4 months and regular physical training)

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):295-297
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The dynamics of changes in the adaptive abilities of sportsmen-badminton players during the training period.

B M., S R.


Relevance. Today, sports are becoming more and more popular in society. This leads to an increase in the number of people discovering one or another of the many sports. This study aims to show that not only habitual training in the gym can have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system and adaptive abilities, but also playing sports such as badminton. In addition, scientific interest was fueled by the fact that research in the field of changes in the parameters of the health status of sportsmen badminton players was carried out insufficiently both in Russia and abroad.
Goal. Study and assessment of the dynamics of the adaptive abilities of sportsmen-badminton players during the training period.
Methods. The study was carried out at the VSMU at the Department of Physical Education and Medical Rehabilitation. Its experimental part was attended by 10 athletes badminton (6 boys, 4 girls), who trained in the section for 5 months. In parallel with this, according to the plan, control and measuring activities were carried out and the data obtained were analyzed.
Results. In the course of the study, it was revealed that the majority of athletes had expressed the tension of adaptation mechanisms. In addition, it was noted that in girls the level of adaptive reactions of the body is somewhat lower than in boys.
Conclusion. Thus, the conduct of this study made it possible to reveal that the majority of the participants expressed the tension of the adaptation mechanisms. Therefore, when developing a training plan, it is necessary to carefully select the level of load and its increase as you continue training, in order to avoid injury and reduce the effectiveness of training.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):297-298
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Evaluation of the integrated approach of rehabilitation measures for children with with cerebral palsy on the basis of the Regional rehabilitation centre «Sail of Hope»

Buchneva K., Glavatskikh Y.


Target: According to current statistics, incidence of childhood cerebral palsy tend to increase. Сerebral palsy cannot be fully cured, but with effective rehabilitation techniques these children are able to recover some of their impaired physical skills, and to improve the living standards of patients, improve the development of everyday skills. The aim of this work was to analyse the effectiveness of different rehabilitation methods to improve the condition of children with cerebral palsy on the basis of the Regional rehabilitation centre «Sail of hope».

Methods: 60 children with cerebral palsy with motor impairments with varying muscle strength were monitored. The results of the rehabilitation programmes were reviewed. All patients were given a standard set of rehabilitation methods which includes therapeutic gymnastics, classical massage sessions and physiotherapy treatment. In comparison groups, besides the proposed methods, the simulators "Stender", "Spider" and Adele’s costume were used. The results of the course were evaluated on a six-point scale of muscle strength, a decimal visual analog pain scale, and on the scale of assessment of the severity of the exotic paresis (from the NIHSS stroke scale). 

Results: Our research has shown that positive trend as improvements in motor functions noted in groups wich used in the rehabilitation programme the simulator "Stender" and Adele’s costume. 

Conclusions: Based on the work done, it was identified that the medical rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy is most effective in groups where an integrated approach has been adopted in the development of rehabilitation programmes.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):298-300
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Influence of a set of exercises using a speed ladder on the coordination abilities of volleyball players

Z E., Syrov G.


Relevance: volleyball is technically one of the most difficult playing sports, even at the amateur level, it requires high coordination and coordination of movements [1]. Coordination abilities in volleyball are manifested when performing all technical techniques and are closely related to accuracy and speed. The level of development of coordination abilities largely determines how quickly a volleyball player makes decisions in constantly changing conditions of the game, as well as affects the speed, accuracy and quality of performing techniques. High mobility of nervous processes with the manifestation of coordination abilities allows the player to quickly change the position of the body in space and correctly choose the direction of movement.
Purpose: to experimentally substantiate the influence of a set of exercises on a speed ladder on the coordination of movements among students involved in volleyball.
1) We conducted a study in which volleyball players aged 18-22 years old studying at VSMU named after V.I. N.N.Burdenko.
2) The object of the research is the functional state of the nervous system of student volleyball players performing a set of exercises.
3) Before and after the course of exercises, it was necessary to determine the coordination abilities.
4) The study was conducted from September 2019 to February 2020.
5) Improvement of indicators of coordination of the experimental group of students was expected.
6) The study was carried out using a set of exercises on a speed ladder.
Results: the study involved student volleyball players, in the amount of 10 men, divided into 2 groups: control and experimental, 5 people in each, with approximately the same indicators of the development of coordination during the initial testing. When re-measuring, there is a significant increase in the indices of the development of coordination among those involved in the experimental group. The control group also showed positive deviations from the initial values.
Conclusion: after studying the results of the study, it was found that most of the students, taken in the form of experimental and control groups, showed a result corresponding to the average values ​​in tests for dynamic coordination of movements. During repeated testing, after systematic performance of a set of exercises by the experimental group on the speed ladder, they have more favorable dynamics of the development of coordination, compared with those engaged in the control group.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):300-301
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Dynamics of indicators of the respiratory system among students involved in Scandinavian walking.

K C., K O.


Relevance. More and more people with poor health are now found among the population of Russia. One of the urgent problems of our time is the restoration and preservation of health, which is not only of scientific and practical interest, but also contributes to the solution of social, demographic, economic and other social problems. Lifestyle creation involves the formation of a behavioral strategy, attitudes and values, norms and rules adopted in order for a person or group to comfortably exist in a social context [1]. The system of physical education in Russian universities considers the creation of favorable conditions for regular physical exercises of a health-improving and restorative orientation. From the list of various diseases, diseases of the respiratory system come to one of the first places. Scandinavian walking has useful properties for improving the body, preventing diseases of the respiratory system, as well as developing the functional capabilities of the respiratory system. To investigate the influence of Nordic walking classes on the respiratory system of students. Methods. To monitor changes in the functional parameters of the respiratory system, we used the following methods: measurement of chest excursion, functional breathing tests of Genchi and Stange. Results. As a result of the research carried out, the arithmetic mean values ​​were derived in the three groups participating in the experiment. Each group had its own kind of physical activity: one was engaged only in Scandinavian walking 2 times a week, the second - once in Scandinavian walking, and the second time in swimming, the third - in Scandinavian walking and athletics at the stadium (in the arena). Changes in indicators (chest circumference, Genchi and Stange tests) were observed in all groups, but the greatest increase in indicators was in the group that walked and swam in the pool. A more rapid development of the functional capabilities of the respiratory system occurs during Nordic walking and swimming in the pool. When practicing only Scandinavian walking, there is also a positive dynamics in the work of the respiratory system, but its rates are lower. For best results, you need to practice walking with poles for a longer time.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):301-303
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Dynamics of anthropometric indicators among students of VSMU named after N.N.Burdenko 2 courses of the Faculty of General Medicine, systematically engaged in Scandinavian walking

K E., S K., G A.


Relevance: Analysis of the dynamics of indicators of physical development and the positive impact of systematic Nordic walking, to maintain good physical shape, and with intensive training, and to reduce body weight.
Purpose: To assess the dynamics of anthropometric indicators among students of VSMU named after N. N. Burdenko 2 course of the medical faculty, systematically engaged in Scandinavian walking.
• Research, which was attended by students of VSMU them. N.N.Burdenko.
• The object of the research is the indicators of physical development of the 2nd year students of the medical faculty, who regularly go in for Scandinavian walking.
• Assessment of physical development using anthropometry indicators and the index method (Broca-Brugsch, Quetelet (body mass index)) before and after a course of Nordic walking. Also, keeping a diary of self-control throughout the experiment, which takes into account both subjective indicators (health, mood, sleep and appetite) and objective indicators (pulse, number of steps, distance, time, calories).
Results: Using a comparative analysis of anthropometric indicators, as well as Brock-Brugsch indices, Quetelet revealed that at the beginning of the study, the true weight in 43% of students exceeds the Brock-Brugsch index, and the body mass index is excessive. Gyrometry indicators at selected points, namely, the percentage of body fat in girls was 21.2% -23.2%, in boys 29.1% -31.2%. Initial measurements were taken in September 2019. Throughout the study, students kept a self-control diary with subjective and objective indicators. By the end of the experiment, there was a significant improvement in health, appetite, and mood. The number of steps taken and calories burned also increased. After the experiment, control measurements were carried out for the same indicators. It was found that the degree of fat deposition from the sum of measurements at 4 points decreased, in girls to 17.7% -19.9%, in boys 27.1% -29.1%. The Quetelet index decreased by 2%. The rest of the indices remained within the normal range.
Conclusion: Thus, there was undoubtedly a positive effect of Scandinavian walking on the health of students, their anthropometric indicators. All this suggests that Scandinavian walking is a very simple and effective way to keep yourself in shape, improve your health, including emotional. This makes it possible to assert that this type of physical activity is one of the obligatory types of physical activity for students.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):303-304
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Dynamics of indicators of aerobic performance among second-year students involved in Scandinavian walking and swimming

P D., P A.


Relevance: the assessment of the dynamics of aerobic performance, as well as the influence of swimming and Nordic walking on the state of the functional indicators of respiration can become the basis for the development of the most effective training programs for students in order to increase physical performance, endurance and reduce the risks of morbidity.
Purpose: to identify and trace the dynamics of aerobic performance among second-year students involved in Nordic walking and swimming.
Methods: cross-sectional research design; objects of research - second-year students of VSMU named after N.N. Burdenko, engaged in Scandinavian walking and swimming; study of the dynamics of aerobic performance by calculating the maximum oxygen consumption (MOC) by a continuous method using the Astrand nomogram.
Results: using the Astrand method, according to the nomogram, the indicators of the maximum oxygen consumption of students were calculated before and after five months of Nordic walking and swimming. It was revealed that aerobic performance in the period from September 2019 to February 2020 increased, which shows positive dynamics, as well as an increase in the level of physical condition of students. Subjectively, the subjects noted that they received positive emotions from the course of physical exercises.
Conclusion: as a result of the work, it was revealed that Scandinavian walking and swimming increase aerobic performance, and also have a positive effect on the physical and emotional state of students, which makes it possible to include these types of physical activity in the compulsory program of the course of physical culture in order to increase their effectiveness.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):305-306
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Features of the influence of sports nutritional supplements on the body.

R A.


Relevance. Modern sports achievements are strongly associated with the use of various sports nutritional supplements. The market was filled with a variety of dietary supplements that promise fast weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength, flexibility and vitality, and relieve fatigue. However, there is little information available about the potential negative effects of their consumption.
Goal. The aim of our research is to analyze data, including the results of scientific experiments and event reports, on the most common sports nutritional supplements, including creatine, chromium, ephedra, protein and amino acids, including their purpose and side effects.
Methods. More than 60 articles from international scientific journals were analyzed.
Results. According to the data obtained, among the presented nutritional supplements, only creatine can have reliable effectiveness. In addition, only professional athletes, whose training requires high energy costs, can get the potential benefit from it. Of the supplements reviewed, ephedra has been proven to be hazardous as there are significant reported cases of cardiovascular disease when using dietary supplements that include ephedrine. In addition, there is currently no evidence that protein powders are associated with increased muscle growth.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):307-308
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Analysis of physical performance of 2nd year VSMU students involved in Scandinavian walking and swimming

S S., F U.


Relevance: the physical performance of students is the most important condition for the development of all basic physical qualities. Efficiency is always ensured by the functioning of the same systems of the body, its level is influenced by the same factors, but the role of these systems and factors is different depending on the activities of the trainees, age, etc. [2,3]. This information is extremely necessary for adequate control of the functional state of the organism of students, since physical performance is an integral indicator of the functional state and functional fitness of the organism [1].
Purpose: to analyze the dynamics of physical working capacity of 2nd year students of VSMU, who go in for Scandinavian walking and swimming.
1) Study the indicators of physical development;
2) Compare the received individual indicators of physical development with anthropometric indicators;
3) Assess physical performance using the PWC170 test;
4) Analyze the results.
Results: as a result of the study, we selected 2 groups of 2nd year students of VSMU; 11 boys and 19 girls involved in Scandinavian walking and swimming took part in the study. Anthropometric indices were measured in these students and the PWC170 (PhysicalWorcingCapaciti) test was carried out, based on the linear dependence of heart rate and power of the work performed, which made it possible to assess their physical performance.
Conclusion: Having analyzed the results obtained, we can say that Nordic walking and swimming have a positive effect on the physical development of students, and also contribute to an increase in physical performance.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):308-310
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Analysis of changes in the indicators of general working capacity and strength of the flexors of the hand in basketball players of the men's youth team in Voronezh

S U., K I.


Relevance: Modern achievements in team sports have become possible due to a significant increase in the intensity of training loads.
Purpose: To trace the dynamics of indicators of general working capacity and the strength of the flexor muscles of the hand in basketball players, as well as to assess the influence of physical activity during training on the dynamics of these indicators.
Methods: Cross-sectional study design; objects of research - basketball players included in the youth national team of the city of Voronezh, born in 2005; there is no medical intervention; tracking the dynamics of the overall performance of the PWC170 (using a step test) and the strength of the flexor muscles of the hand using a medical electronic dynamometer. The intensification of the training process requires the search for new ways to increase the reserve capabilities of the cardiovascular system of basketball players, which ensure a high level of physical performance.
Application of the method of functional training using the method of circular training and exercises of the "forechecking" system for the indicators of physical working capacity, aerobic performance of 15-16 year old basketball players. The main part of each lesson included forechecking exercises to improve adaptation to extreme loads. The forechecking system is based on the shuttle run exercise.
Results: In the course of the study, the anthropometric indicators of athletes, the results of general working capacity according to the PWC170 step test, and data on the strength of the hand flexors were collected.
Conclusion: As a result of the work carried out, positive dynamics were revealed for all points of the experiment: PWC170 improved by 20%, BMD-15%, flexor strength -10%. It can be concluded that regular training has a beneficial effect on the dynamics of physical performance indicators and muscle strength. - flexors of the hand. Due to the increase in these indicators, there is an increase in the effectiveness of the basketball game.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):310-311
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Changes in adaptation indicators in second-year students involved in Nordic walking and swimming

S R.


Relevance: due to the fact that currently students are subjected to an enormous academic load, their active lifestyle is increasingly being replaced by a sedentary one. And as a consequence of this lifestyle, the number of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and endocrine systems is increasing. Therefore, this topic is very relevant.
Purpose: to reveal the effectiveness of Scandinavian walking and swimming lessons for individual indicators of adaptive potential among second-year students.
Methods: this article is devoted to the study of individual indicators of the adaptation process in second-year students who were engaged in Scandinavian walking and swimming during the academic semester, as part of practical classes at the Department of Physical Culture and Sports Rehabilitation in accordance with the schedule. Three groups of students were taken as a basis, who consistently attended practical classes during the study period.
Results: it was found that regular swimming and Nordic walking have a beneficial effect on such individual indicators as: blood pressure, heart rate, vital capacity of the lungs. As a key piece of evidence for the reasoning, work has been done that is presented in this article and proves the importance of Nordic walking and swimming.
Conclusion: in the course of the work done, the results were obtained, on the basis of which, it can be concluded that regular training in Scandinavian walking and swimming as part of practical training has a beneficial effect on the physiological parameters of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and, as a result, the health of students in the whole.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):311-313
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Effect of exercise complexes on human visual acuity

Stefanova Y.A.


Vision is one of the most important, fragile and socially vulnerable systems of the human body. The problem of reduced vision can be solved if it is detected in time and appropriate prevention and treatment measures are applied. As the population grows older, there is a tendency to increase vision problems in people of young age (schoolchildren, students). According to WHO, more than 2.2 billion people have vision problems. At the same time, more than 1 billion people can improve their vision with correctly selected measures to improve vision.

The goal: to develop and experimentally justify the method of improving and strengthening the body both as a whole and separately from the organs of vision, based on the method of Yu.I. Kurpan and E.S. Avetisova, S.V. Bondarenko, E.I. Livado. A specially selected complex of physical exercises is one of the ways to maintain and improve your vision.

Methods: Development and implementation of special complexes of physical exercises and visual gymnastics for students based on the methods of Yu.I. Kurpan (on myopia), E.S. Avetisova, S.V. Bondarenko, E.I. Livado.If properly applied, these complexes are able to maintain and improve the visual acuity of students. General strengthening physical exercises, such as walking, running, swimming, mobile and sports games (volleyball), have a favorable effect on the formation of full-fledged vision.

Results: In the process of my work, I managed to identify the dynamics at various stages of the study among students during physical education, as well as on the recommendation of a specialist, students were engaged at home and in sports (gym) halls. The most effective are considered: volleyball, badminton, swimming, Scandinavian walking, aerobics cycling, skiing, running, yoga. Cardio exercises should be preferred, they positively affect the acuity of a person's vision.

Conclusions: Based on the results of the study, a survey of students, as well as a planned consultation with an ophthalmologist before the start of the new semester, it was revealed that most students feel improvement from the visual organs after conducting selected complexes of exercises. Physical activity has a positive effect on both physical and psychological health. There is a decrease in the degree of fatigue and eye tension after the working day, spasm is removed, visual acuity increases (especially at a distance), general well-being improves, and students also talk about raising mood and the tide of energy charge.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):313-315
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Comparative analysis of physical working capacity of 2nd year students of V.G. N.N.Burdenko

T A.S., R M.V.


Relevance: Physical performance is the ability of a person to perform a given physical activity with the lowest physiological costs and with the highest results. The Harvard step test is based on recording the heart rate after a planned physical activity (the faster the heart rate returns to its original values, the higher the body's endurance). With it, you can assess the level of physical performance, the rate of recovery of the body after exercise. An increase in the level of physical fitness is accompanied by an increase in the Harvard step test index. In turn, poor physical fitness manifests itself in the form of a decrease in the index of the Harvard step test, or in the inability to fulfill a given load during the Harvard step test. Purpose: Comparative analysis of the physical working capacity of 2nd year students of VSMU. N. N. Burdenko. Methods: 1) Harvard step test; 2) Use of specialized literature and Internet resources. Results: in the course of the study it was established that physical exercises used in the educational process are effective when these exercises are varied and regular. Conclusion: The introduction of stress tests allows you to monitor the effectiveness of regular physical exercise in practical physical education classes.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):315-315
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Физиологические механизмы адаптации в норме и патологии


Amanmukhamedov D.A.


Structured annotation. 

Relevance. With the digitalization and computerization of modern society, mankind has faced many new problems related to health of human being. These problems are: a sedentary lifestyle, bulimia, eating disorders, migraines, increased physical and mental fatigue, provoking the development of metabolic syndrome. It has been proven that almost every second obese patient has metabolic syndrome. They also have a higher risk of diabetes type 2 developing. 

Purpose: to identify excess body weight and the risk of developing metabolic syndrome of medical students. 

Methods: The questionnaire method was used for the students' criteria for the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. To determine excess body weight, the students were examined using the hardware-software complex “Medscaner Wellness”.

Results: It was found that 16 (26.6%) of the surveyed students met the criteria of MS diagnostics. Every 3rd student from the MS risk-developing group noted that they have close relatives with cardiovascular diseases. Every 2nd student indicated the presence of emotional stress and lack of inclination to a healthy lifestyle. During survey of the students from the MS risk-developing group, with the hardware-software complex “Medscaner Wellness”, it was revealed that they have first degree obesity or excess body weight. 

Conclusion: It was found that out of all the surveys, 6 students had a significantly higher risk of developing metabolic syndrone, which is associated with the peculiarities of their diet, lifestyle, and the presence of a hereditary predisposition. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):316-317
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Assessment of the level of comorbid mental disorders in medical students

Borzilova A., Minakova A.


Stress is currently a constant companion of every person, and learning stress is an integral part of a student's life. By affecting the mental sphere of the individual, stress can cause cognitive disorders and dysfunction of the body's physiological systems. As a result, this process is the cause of the formation of many diseases, for example, psychosomatic. A special feature of medical students is the presence of clinical and preclinical forms of mental disorders. The latter are characterized by an atypical and erased clinical picture, a long course and the formation of comorbid States with somatomorphic symptoms. Depressive disorders and somatic diseases mutually complicate the course of each other.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):317-318
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Search for available means of correcting violations of the oral microflora.

Vasilieva A.B.


Purpose. Searching for the most effective remedy for correcting disorders of the oral microflora after eating. Methods. Conducting a dental examination of 36 people, interviewing, collecting plaque from the surface of the tongue and teeth before and after using the test agents, bacteriological sowing of the material, calculating and analyzing the results. Results. A study was conducted of the five most popular products that, according to the respondents, are capable of maintaining oral hygiene in the absence of the possibility of brushing their teeth. These remedies were: water, an apple, sugar-free gum, sugar-free black tea, and oral cleansing foam. The conditions for the sample of participants in the study were: normal acidity of saliva, normal oral hygiene, the absence of active carious processes, the absence of chronic somatic diseases, which made it possible to reduce the influence of factors that could interfere with the study. Control samples showed an accumulation of small rounded colonies of microorganisms measuring 1-2 mm in the amount of 700. The best result was shown by the use of water: after rinsing with water, the samples contained 20 small colonies and 17 medium-sized colonies. The use of tea resulted in the formation in the Petri dish of about 40 colonies with a diameter of 2-3 mm, as well as 80 small round colonies. When apple was used on a nutrient medium, about 800 colonies up to 1 mm in size and about 7 colonies of 5-7 mm in size, round and irregular, were found, respectively. The sugar-free chewing gum produced 30 irregular colonies and 100 small round colonies on the medium. The use of the foam to clean the interdental spaces resulted in the appearance of 10 colonies 12-3 mm in diameter in the Petri dish, as well as 30 rounded small colonies. As a result of the counting of colonies of microorganisms, after using the indicated means of affordable oral care, the most effective remedy was water. After rinsing, 17 colonies of medium size and about 20 small colonies were found.If it is not possible to maintain oral hygiene during the day, according to the data obtained, water can be called a remedy that can reduce the number of microorganisms in the oral cavity after eating, and, therefore, prevent the occurrence of caries. Water showed the best result. Rinsing with water can mechanically remove food particles from the oral cavity, which, during fermentation, can lead to the development of carious processes. It is important to understand that rinsing your mouth with water alone is not enough. To maintain the health of the oral cavity, it is necessary to undergo regular preventive examinations, professional hygiene procedures at a dentist to prevent the development of the disease.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):319-320
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Voronina A.A., Kolyagina A.V.



A standard examination by an ophthalmologist is usually limited to checking clinical refraction and visual acuity, which does not always reflect the state of the visual system as a whole. To achieve the highest possible visual acuity, studies of other visual functions, such as phoria and fusion, must also be considered. A clear visible disorder in binocular function disorder is strabismus, but hidden manifestations are also possible, most often in the form of heterophoria, in which the eyes constantly make efforts to compensate for the lack of a symmetrical image position on both retinas. However, a decompensated form of heterophobia may occur, which will manifest itself in the form of double vision and asthenopic complaints: headaches, irritability, migraine attacks, feelings of fatigue and pain in the eyes, decreased performance, lack of understanding of the text, and impaired attention. In extreme cases, it leads to impaired sleep, appetite, and even mental disorders. Such symptoms often go unnoticed by patients and do not clearly indicate a problem, which is the reason for the widespread prevalence of binocular disorders. In many cases, patients are examined and treated by neurologists and psychologists for years without knowing the true cause of their complaints.


To analyze and evaluate the frequency of visual analyzer pathology, in particular binocular disorders, among students and schoolchildren.


A survey of students was conducted, according to the results of which, a group of people with visual pathologies was selected among the participants for further examination. The selected group was surveyed with an expanded list of questions. The next stage of the study included a survey using specialized equipment. The medical records of patients in the ophthalmology clinic were also analyzed. At the final stage, a statistical analysis of the obtained data was carried out.


As a result of the study, 72.2% of the total number of examined patients suffer from myopia, farsightedness - 7%, astigmatism - 9.7%, strabismus - 11.1%, respectively. About 47% of the sample does not have optical correction or it does not correspond to the optimal one. In 41.7%, heterophoria was detected by the type of hidden divergent strabismus, in 13.9% - convergent. Weakness of accommodation accounted for 36.1% of the study participants, lack of convergence-58.3%, stereoscopic vision impairment-25%, difficulty reading-13.9%, impaired performance-36.1%, double vision-5.6%.


The results of our study demonstrate the need for timely diagnosis of heterophoria and the importance of constant use of correction to improve the quality of working capacity, as well as the need for regular monitoring by an ophthalmologist. The lack of proper correction provokes the development of complications such as asthenopia, strabismus, and the progression of myopia.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):321-323
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Gutnik V.


Relevance. Significant prevalence of iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) and persistent growth of iron-deficiency conditions in young children are urgent problems of modern clinical and fundamental medicine. Objective: to study the pathophysiological aspects of the occurrence and development of IDA in young children. Methods. The study included an anonymous survey of 388 mothers whose children ranged in age from 1 to 3 years. The study was carried out on the basis of the health care institution "6th city children's clinical clinic" (Minsk) in 2019. Results. The significance of differences was estimated by the calculated Chi-square correspondence coefficient (χ2). The p<0.05 level was considered statistically significant. When analyzing the presence of IDA in children, it was found that in the group of mothers who noted the presence of IDA during pregnancy, 84 (31.11%) children also had IDA and 186 (68.89%) children did not have IDA; in the group of mothers who deny the presence of IDA during pregnancy, 7 (15.91%) children had IDA and 37 (84.09%) children did not have IDA; in the group of mothers who do not remember the presence or absence of IDA during pregnancy, 18 (24.32%) children had IDA and 56 (75.68%) children did not have IDA. The distribution of children with IDA by type of feeding in the first year of life was as follows: 18 (16.51%) children were breastfed, 73 (66.97%) children were artificially fed, and 18 (16.51%) children were mixed. Among children without IDA, the distribution by type of feeding in the first year of life was as follows: 54 (19.35%) children were breastfed, 60 (21.51%) children were artificially fed, and 165 (59.14%) children were mixed. Conclusion. When analyzing the data obtained, it was found that children whose mothers had IDA during pregnancy have a statistically significantly higher probability of developing IDA after birth (p<0.05). Children who are artificially fed have a statistically significantly higher probability of developing IDA compared to other types of feeding (p<0.001).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):323-324
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Modern understanding of the physiological and pathophysiological role of the amino acid glycine

Dankovtsev R.Y.


Several decades ago, the function of glycine as a neurotransmitter of inhibitory processes in the central nervous system was described, its importance in the metabolism of proteins, ATP, heme, etc. was established. However, over the past years, many new scientific facts have accumulated about the previously unknown functions of glycine in the body, in particular in the development of CNS and the pathogenesis of certain diseases. The relevance of this study is due to the need to systematize the results of the latest scientific research on the functions of glycine.
Purpose: Analysis of foreign scientific studies published over the past decade, the generalization of their results, and presentation in the form of a review article.
Methods: Selection of the most informative scientific papers of a medical and biological profile devoted to the physiological and pathophysiological role of glycine, summarizing and summarizing data, writing a review article
Results: Based on the analysis of foreign studies, modern data on the physiological and pathological role of glycine are presented.
Conclusion: Over the past decade, several important discoveries have been made that explain the role of glycine in the pathogenesis of obesity, schizophrenia, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, and non-ketotic hyperglycemia. The role of glycine and glycine receptors in the process of antenatal development of the embryonic nervous system is also described.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):324-326
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Drobysheva V.



The adaptation of students to the educational process is accompanied by a significant tension of the compensatory-adaptive systems of the body. In this regard, it seems relevant to study the indicators of heart rate variability (HRV) in medical students from different climatogeographic regions of permanent residence, obtained over a 24-hour observation period.

Purpose to conduct a comparative analysis of HRV indicators among students from different climatic and geographical regions when adapting to the temperate climate of the middle zone.


The study involved 59 students, who were divided into 2 groups depending on the climatic zone of permanent residence before coming to study. Group 1 included 29 people, 15 men (51.7%) and 16 women (48.3%) living in a temperate climate, in the 2nd 30 people (13 men (43.3%) and 18 women (56.6%)) who came to study from tropical and subtropical climatic zones. The study of HRV was carried out using 24-hour monitoring of the electrocardiogram using the Holter method (HM-ECG). The most temporal and spectral indicators of HRV, heart rate (HR), values ​​of the circadian index (CI) were analyzed.


As a result of the analysis, we obtained data on the high stability of the average daily values ​​of heart rate, CI in students of both groups.

Comparison of the mean values ​​of the HRV time analysis indicators, reflecting the total autonomic regulation of the heart rate, did not reveal statistically significant differences in the indicators between the comparison groups, but showed the predominance of parasympathetic regulation in the group of students who changed the climatic zone of residence (SDNN 221.89 ± 124.68 msec, SDANN 204.15 ± 107.53ms, RMSSD 106.84 ± 19.60ms, pNN 50 17.79 ± 14.14%) compared to students permanently residing in a temperate climate (SDNN 192.465 ± 50.19 msec, SDANN 173.09 ± 49.51 msec, RMSSD 68.332 ± 44.2536 msec, pNN 50 20.69 ± 9.77%). The results of a comparative analysis of high-frequency parameters showed some predominance of the sympathetic influence of the autonomic nervous system in the group of students living in a temperate climate.


As a result of the analysis, we did not reveal any changes in HRV indicating the mobilization of the functional reserves of the body and the tension of the regulatory systems in students of both groups, the strengthening of the autonomous circuit of heart rate regulation indicates satisfactory adaptive capabilities of students in the process of acclimatization.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):326-327
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Zajceva O.V., Milovankin V.A.


Aim: Evaluate liver regeneration abilities after injecting hemopoetic stem cells and multipotent mesenchymal stem cells (HSC+MMSC) after subtotal resection.

Methods: 30 white non-species male mice age 7-8 months were used in experiment. All mice were divided in 2 groups of 15 animals. HSC+MMSC were injected in experimental group after producing ⅔ liver resection. 5 mice of each group were sacrificed on the 1st, 3rd , 7th day after resection. 4 million cells/kg of MMSC and 300 000 cells/kg of HSC, dissoluted in 0,2 ml 0,9% NaCl, injected in animals of trial study group in 1 hour after resection. 0,2 ml 0,9% NaCl injected transvenous in control group of animals.

Results: As a result it became possible to consider that injecting MMSC+HSC decreases cytolysis enzymes activity. Сombined cell transplantation (HSC+MMSC) is promising method of correcting  tissue regeneration.

Conclusion: The experimental research on mice allowed to discover  trustworthy positive effects in recovery of liver functional activity.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):327-328
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Dependence of attention concentration on musical accompaniment in different age groups

Karpova D., Masalova O.


Currently, it is difficult to imagine the modern world without multimedia. Various animations, images, videos and, of course, audio recordings surround us not only in our free time, but also during physical and mental work. According to the results of the survey, 94% of pre-university students and students of VSMU named after N. N. Burdenko regularly perform homework with musical accompaniment. There may be a relationship between concentration and listening to audio recordings. Identifying songs that have the highest level of attention when listening to them can help improve the quality of the educational process.
Objective: the Aim of this study was to survey students to identify differences in the level of concentration when listening to musical compositions of different musical genres and the analysis of the research results and the establishment of dependence of concentration from the music.
Methods: The study was conducted under the same conditions with equal time intervals. Two age groups were examined: schoolchildren aged 16-17 (67 people) and students aged 19-20 (37 people). The Munsterberg test to determine the level of concentration of attention (presented in three versions of the same complexity) was performed with each student and student, accompanied by three compositions in the genres: classical, jazz and opera.
Results: In the group of pupils the highest level of concentration was when listening to musical compositions in the genre jazz and 26.9%, in the genre of classic - 14,9 %, in the genre of Opera - 11,9%, 6% of pupils had a high level of concentration when listening to music of all genres. It is worth noting that 40.3% of schoolchildren have an equally high level of attention, both when listening to jazz and when listening to classical music. In the group of students , 48.6% of those tested had a high level of concentration when listening to a musical composition in the jazz genre, 29.7% in the classical genre, 18.5% in the opera genre, and 10.8% of students had an equal level of concentration when listening to jazz and classical music.
Conclusion. The study showed that the level of concentration of attention of schoolchildren and students was the highest when listening to musical compositions in the jazz genre.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):328-330
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Study of eating behavior and quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Korchagina Y.P., YAkovleva M.V.


Abstract: The relevance of diabetes mellitus (DM) is explained by its high prevalence and a tendency towards an increase in the number of patients. In view of the peculiarities of the course of this disease and the tendency to chronicity, it affects the quality of life of a modern person. The need to create centers for specialized care is due to the growing number of patients.
Purpose - to study the quality of life and eating behavior in the subjects
Methods. We identified the quality of life and eating behavior of the subjects using various questionnaires.
Results. The results obtained, showing fatigue of patients and a decrease in their vital activity, reflect indicators of physical functioning and general health. Eating behavior studies show a tendency to “seize” stress.
Conclusion. The Eating Behavior Questionnaire revealed the following pattern: for the majority of the respondents, food is associated with their emotional state.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):330-331
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Analyses of the application's effectiveness of the mechanical method for labor's induction.

Lankin A.O., Sokol V.V.


Purpose: assessment of the application's effectiveness the method of labor induction with the use of Foley catheter.
Methods: there was carried out the hind-sight analysis of 95 women case records that were on hospital treatment with indications for surgery in State-Funded healthcare Instituon `Voronezh maternity hospital No. 3`. There were used mechanical (Foley catheter) and medical methods of labor induction in the delivery in the setting of pathologies' development.
Results: according to the received data it was revealed that application of Foley catheter reduced the risk of delivery with the use of cesarean section and increased the number of spontaneous vaginal delivery. Many women with different pathologies managed to avoid cesarean section. However, it was found that Foley catheter wasn't effective in case of such pathologies as acute intrauterine fetal hypoxia and clinical contracted pelvis. Moreover, Foley catheter wasn't always effective in the case of severe gestosis and severe preeclampsia compared with prepidil gel.
Conclusion: in spite of the fact that cesarean section is necessary to carry out for health indications, doctors are increasingly recoursing to surgery for relative indications. But there are methods allowing to avoid surgical procedure and their effectiveness can be proved by reducing the frequency of cesarean section.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):331-333
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Abnormal use of electronic devices by students, influence on the development of refractive errors

Kolupaeva M., Lyzhina A.


Relevance.The problem of preserving vision in modern times is quite significant.Since the late 90's of the last century, another factor has been added to the factors that have a negative impact on the health of the visual system: the abnormal use of electronic devices for educational, entertainment and other purposes.[1]
Goal.To identify indicators of screen time among boys and girls, to determine gender differences in the average time and frequency of use of various programs, as well as the impact of an electronic device on vision.
Methods.A survey was conducted, with the provision of a screenshot of the phone screen reflecting the time spent in the smartphone among students of Voronezh Universities, then the data obtained was analyzed in the MicrosoftExcel program.
Results.90 respondents took part in the survey. The results were predictable: there is a dependence of the influence of time spent in electronic devices on the quality of vision among boys and girls.
Conclusion.The study found that girls are more likely to use mobile phones to communicate, and guys spend more time in the entertainment sphere. Deterioration of vision is observed in both boys and girls.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):333-335
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Analysis of the awareness of students and schoolchildren about the causes of allergies, symptoms and methods of its treatment

Naraeva I.R., Bogatyrenko E.K.


Relevance. Allergy has become a global medical and social problem. People around the world are increasingly suffering from allergic diseases. An increase in the incidence is recorded everywhere.
Goal. The purpose of this study was to study the awareness of students and schoolchildren about the factors causing allergies, methods of its prevention and treatment.
Methods. Theoretical analysis of the literature, development of a questionnaire, anonymous survey, processing of the results in MS Excel, the formation of conclusions and recommendations.
Results. The survey involved 153 respondents aged 12 to 20 years: students of the MBOU "Ertilskaya secondary school with UIOP" and students of different faculties of VSMU named after N.N.Burdenko. We conducted a survey, analyzed the research results, formed conclusions and recommendations.
25% of all survey participants, in their opinion, suffer from allergic pathology, the main forms of which are itching and redness of the skin and mucous membranes, nasal and lacrimation, nasal congestion, cough, suffocation, general malaise, weakness.
39.5% of respondents sought help from a doctor or specialized clinics. 2.5% are currently observed by allergists and immunologists.
74.5% of respondents believe that the main cause of allergies are various environmental factors (allergens), stressful situations, weakened immunity. 24.5% of the surveyed students associate the development of allergies with the influence of a genetic predisposition.
52% of respondents know about methods of prevention and treatment of allergies. 62% of those surveyed would like to know more about allergies. 30% of boys and girls have plans to be examined by an allergist or to check their immune status.
Conclusion. After analyzing the data and medical literature, we came to the conclusion that the most common factors contributing to the development of allergic pathology are: environmental pollution; tobacco smoke and dust of residential and work premises; eating food containing potential allergens; irrational use of drugs; various infectious pathologies of viral and bacterial origin; household chemicals. Also, the development of allergic diseases contributes to a burdened allergic history. 72% of the respondents know about the methods of prevention of allergic diseases and the rules of first aid. 53% of respondents would like to know more about allergic diseases and measures to prevent them. 28% of schoolchildren and students expressed a desire to talk with an allergist about this pathology.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):335-336
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Semyonova E.V.


For modern society, the use of electroencephalography as a means of the most effective assessment of health-saving technologies is extremely necessary, since in addition to educational activities, one of the main activities of the university is the direct care and preservation of students' health.
The purpose of the research is to study individual characteristics of electroencephalogram rhythms in university students in the state of physiological rest.
Materials and methods. A group of students aged 20 to 23 years was examined. The registration of the electroencephalogram was carried out in 16 leads according to the international system 10-20 with the help of the Neuron-Spectrum-4P AIC (Neurosoft LLC) using a special helmet-mesh and electrodes, which, using conductors, are commuted with the panel of the biopotential amplifier of the electroencephalograph. When directly analyzing the results, two epochs lasting 5 seconds (open and closed eyes) were distinguished. Using "Neuron-Spectrum.NET" software of company "Neurosoft", a spectral and amplitude analysis of the isolated epochs was carried out.
Results. Localization of delta rhythm and theta rhythm in the frontal-temporal region at the time of EEG recording in the subject in the "open eyes" state was established. The focus of alpha rhythm in the parietal and occipital regions of the brain in the subjects in the state of "closed eyes" was revealed.
Conclusion. The activity of delta rhythm during the epoch of "open eyes" may indicate that the subjects have a strong concentration on something. The absence of a pronounced delta rhythm in the "closed eyes" state can be explained by a decrease in the concentration of the test subject on someting particular.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):336-337
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Application of the bioimpedance measurement method among students engaged in sports before and after a diet

Sdvizhkova S., Safaryan E.


Assessment of the dynamics of body composition among students involved in sports allows you to keep under control vital indicators of the body's health, detect diseases at an early stage, allows you to create an individual nutrition menu taking into account the results obtained. All this will allow us to develop the most effective training programs for students, in order to increase physiological and intellectual performance, endurance and reduce the risk of morbidity.objective: to analyze the dynamics of the body composition of students of the 3rd year of vsmu engaged in sports before and after a diet.
1) To study the characteristics of body composition by measuring the impedance-electrical resistance of body parts in different parts of the body;
2) To compare the obtained individual indicators with anthropometric indicators;
3) Evaluate the indicators using bioimpedance measurement;
4) Analyze the results obtained
5) Study the dynamics of body composition before and after a special diet.
Results. Using the method of bioimpedance analysis, quantitative indicators of fat, fluid in muscle/bone mass and metabolic processes in the human body were studied in students engaged in sports before the start of the diet and after its completion. it was revealed that the body composition in the period from november 2019 to march 2020 returned to normal in many indicators, the subjects subjectively noted that they began to feel a surge of energy and an increase in performance. Conclusion. after analyzing the results obtained, we can say that the diet had a positive effect on the physical and mental functionality of students, as well as a positive effect on the emotional state of students, which makes it possible to include this diet in everyday life on a permanent basis in order to increase the efficiency of working capacity.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):338-339
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Assessment of the risks of developing certain cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases among students

Skvarkovskaia I.V.


Relevance: Currently, there is a tendency for the development of metabolic diseases and arterial hypertension among young people. Determination of such indicators as blood glucose and urine, cholesterol and uric acid, as well as blood pressure measurement allows early diagnosis of a number of diseases. Most of these diseases can be prevented by taking preventive measures based on knowledge of risk factors.

Purpose: To identify and assess the risk of developing diseases in students according to the indicators of blood tests, urine tests and questionnaires conducted during the study. And also to assess the influence of nutrition, hereditary predisposition and lifestyle on these indicators.

Methods: Conducting questionnaires and laboratory diagnostics of a number of indicators in the blood and urine of students.

Results: As a result of the survey, information was collected on the hereditary predisposition to certain diseases of students, on the nature of their daily diet, on regular physical activity and lifestyle. Further, laboratory diagnostics of blood and urine tests were carried out. An analysis was made of the relationship between the deviations of diagnostic indicators and the statistical data of the subjects.

Conclusion: Based on the analysis of the questionnaire, the results of laboratory diagnostics and the personal data of each participant in the study, we can conclude that a family history, namely, a hereditary predisposition to diabetes mellitus, is one of the prevailing factors in the onset of this disease. An increase in blood glucose suggests the development of diabetes mellitus, the presence of glucose in the urine also indicates the risk of diabetes mellitus, pancreatic damage and Cushing's syndrome.


Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):339-341
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Comparative characteristics of the parameters of voluntary attention in school-age children and young men.

Solodovnikova A.A., Muradova A.S., Skriptsova M.A., Plekhanova A.I.


Voluntary attention is a basic function of the Central nervous system that plays a role in organizing behavior and learning. The purpose of this work was to compare the performance of visual - motor tasks for arbitrary attention in students aged 8-13 years and young men aged 18-19 years. Methods. We studied the features of voluntary attention in school-age children (8-13 years old and 18-19 years old) in the implementation of simple and complex visual search tasks. We analyzed: the average time of sensorimotor reactions (MS), the number of errors (missed goals and false alarms, expressed in%). All data were processed using nonparametric Z-statistics (nonparametric Wilcoxon rank test), as well as one-factor ANOVA analysis of variance. The Statistica 10 software package was used. Research result. The effectiveness of a simple task is correlated with age. Performing a complex task is accompanied by an increase in the target detection time, presumably requiring a high.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):341-342
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Study of the dynamics of the functional state of students in the course of educational activities and search for ways of non-drug correction

Sorocina V., Judina M.


Ранее в наших исследованиях синдрома выгорания, ведущих механизмов психологической защиты и копинг - стратегий, установлено, что студенты младших курсов находятся в фазе острой адаптации и у значительной части из них возможен срыв адаптации, что повышает риск развития заболеваний. По этой причине поиск здоровьесберегающих технологий преодоления стресса является актуальной медико-социальной задачей, где важная роль отводится немедикаментозным способам сохранения и коррекции адаптационного потенциала личности. Цель. Выявление надежных маркеров оценки функционального состояния и степени риска развития дезадаптации, изучение влияния нелекарственных способов коррекции стресса с учетом индивидуальных психофизиологических особенностей личности. 


  1. Исследование ситуативной и личностной тревожности по Спилбергеру –Ханину
  2. Определение объема и распределения внимания по таблицам Горбова-Шульте.
  3. Методика Бойко –оценка степени эмоциональной адаптации и дезадаптации.
  4. Определение времени сенсомоторной реакции на приборе «Психофизиолог-Н»

Результаты. При обследовании студентов 2 курса показано, что из 48 обследованных в ходе обычного занятия 42 имеют высокий уровень ситуативной (СТ) и личностной тревожности (ЛТ), после зачета отмечено снижение как СТ, так и ЛТ, не достигающее статистически значимого уровня и остающееся на высоком уровне у всех испытуемых. При определении ВСЗМР испытуемые разделены в исходном состоянии (ИС) на две группы: с коротким ВСМР 374,6±15,1мс с удлиненным ВСМР 623,9±50,9мс. Межгрупповые различия статистически достоверны (р=0,02). После проведения зачета в первой группе с коротким ВСМР наблюдалось статистически значимое удлинение ВСМР до 455,7±29,8мс (р=0,02), а в группе с более высокими значениями ВСМР отмечено укорочение до 430,7±30,1мс по сравнению с исходным (р=0,001). Межгрупповые различия по ВСМР после зачета нивелировались и статистически не различались. Отмечена положительная корреляция с данными прохождения теста Горбова-Шульте. Если в ИС у 18 обследованных в прямом тесте и у 22 в обратном тесте время превышало нормальные величины, то после зачета таковых осталось соответственно 1 и 4 человека. При исследовании степени эмоционального выгорания по Бойко выявлено, что 44% находится в стадии адаптации к учебному процессу, 43% - в стадии перехода от адаптации к дезадаптации, 13% - в стадии дезадаптации. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):342-343
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Assessment of different approaches to the diagnosis of obesity

Tikhomirov V.R., Tikhomirova A.P.


All over the world, obesity has taken the form of an epidemic. And due to the fact that this pathology is difficult to treat, primordial diagnosis is necessary for earlier detection and prevention of the development of obesity.

The aim of this work was to assess the objectivity of the Body Mass Index for the primordial diagnosis of obesity among men and women.

Materials and methods. The research material consisted of 250 people, average age 23.5 ± 10.3 years, men accounted for 29.2% (n = 73), women 70.8% (n = 177). To diagnose obesity, anthropometric methods were used: the Quetelet index, WHR index, WHtR index, and WAR index were determined. Statistical processing was carried out in the Microsoft Excel program.

Research results: After dividing the respondents by body mass index, the following was obtained: men accounted for 73 h / 29.2%, among which groups were formed: with underweight 4.1%, normal body weight 60.3%, overweight 21.9%, obesity 1-2 tbsp. 13.7%. Women 177h / 70.8%, in turn, shared in the ratio with underweight 14.1%, normal body weight 62.7%, overweight 14.7%, obesity 1-2 degree. 8.5%. These groups were analyzed using the indices of the circles (WHR, WHtR, WAR), which made it possible to draw the following conclusions: the Quetelet index with normal body weight or obesity is reliable, and with overweight it is very often not informative.

Conclusion: As a result of the study, it was revealed that the body mass index (Quetelet index) at the primordial stage of diagnosis is not objective in the group of people who are overweight (BMI 24.9-29.9). For a more objective assessment, it is necessary to use BMI in combination with such indicators as WHR, WAR and WHtR, as well as use other methods for diagnosing obesity.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):343-344
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Methodology for assessing human tactile sensitivity

Filippova E.


Relevance: violation of tactile sensitivity is observed in many pathologies affecting all body systems. Recording the tactile sensitivity of human skin plays a key role in the diagnosis of various types of neuropathies. The proposed technique can be used for examinations of a neurological nature, as well as for a general assessment of the state of the body. Most of the methods used are of a qualitative nature and the measurement results are distorted by subjective components.
Purpose: development and assessment of the effectiveness of a method for quantitative assessment of the tactile sensitivity of human skin. Measurement of tactile sensitivity of the back of the forearm and dorsal region of the neck.
Methods: creation of a set and calibration of polymer testers, development of an algorithm for measuring tactile sensitivity, approbation of the technique.
Results: a set of polymer testers has been created that allow assessing the tactile sensitivity of human skin in the load range from 62.4 to 199.7 mPa. A survey of 133 subjects was carried out. The values ​​of tactile sensitivity of the dorsal side of the forearm and the dorsal region of the neck were determined, and a correlation comparison of the data obtained was carried out.
Conclusion: the proposed technique allows for a quantitative assessment of the tactile sensitivity of various areas of human skin and, along with traditional methods of analysis, can be used in the diagnosis of various conditions of the body.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):344-345
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Analysis of assessment scales and laboratory data of diabetic polyneuropathy

Khodarina Y.V., Grebennikova I.V.


Rationale: A feature of diabetes (D) type 2 is that neuropathy symptoms are often detected at the time of diagnosis. However, despite the frequency of occurrence (up to 100%) and typical symptoms, diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) is poorly diagnosed, especially in the early stages. Therefore, the use of specialized scales and questionnaires to identify neuropathies is necessary for the timely detection of this pathology.
Objective: Assess the presence and severity of DPN symptoms using modern questionnaires and compare the obtained data with clinical and laboratory indicators.
Methods: Collection of history, complaints and analysis of laboratory data of 104 patients with type 2 D complicated by the development of DPN for 2018. To assess the severity of neuropathy manifestations, they used: MNSI (Michigan Neuropathy Screening Questionnaire), NSS (Neurological Symptom Scale), and TSS (General Neurological Symptom Scale). 2 groups were formed in accordance with patients' complaints. The first (main) group included 56 patients with type 2 D, which was complicated by distal symmetric senso-motor polyneuropathy and complaints associated with limb damage. In the second group (comparison group), 48 patients with type 2 D and DPN were selected, but without the above complaints. Statistical analyses were performed using the Wilcoxon and Spearman criteria.
Results: Analysis of two patient subgroups revealed no significant differences by age and gender. It is noted that in the group of patients complaining of limb damage, the level of points scored on each scale is higher (MNSI questionnaire 5.8 ± 2.3 and 5.7 ± 1.7 points, MSS scale 6.2 ± 1.9 and 5.7 ± 1.9 points, respectively), but a significant difference is observed on the TSS scale (7.8 ± 2.7 and 6.9 ± 1.6, respectively, p < 0.05). In addition, the level of glycemia and cholesterolemia was also higher in the 1 group (glucose 8.1 ± 1.3 and 7.7 ± 1.7 mmol/l, cholesterol 5.2 ± 1.5 and 4.6 ± 0.9 mmol/l, respectively). When comparing the results of the questionnaires and laboratory indicators, it was revealed that there is a direct correlation between the TSS scale and the levels of glycemia and cholesterolemia (r = 1.0, p < 0.05) in the compared groups). Correlation between the NSS scale and glycemia, blood cholesterol is weak, r = - 0.14, p > 0.05.
Conclusion: Application of specialized scales and questionnaires on detection of DPN is necessary for timely detection of HC lesions. To assess the severity of neuropathy, the TSS scale is most informative. The presence and severity of DPN in patients with type 2 D is associated with hyperglycemia and hypercholesterolemia, which indicates the importance and need to monitor these indicators in order to prevent the development of D complications by the NS.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):345-347
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Analysis of comorbid pathology in therapeutic patients using the Charlson index depending on the available of pathologies of carbohydrate metabolism

Chernyavskaya D., Shlykova A.


  • Purpose: search for informative criteria for comorbidity in patients with a therapeutic profile, assessment of the prognosis of 10-year survival.
    Methods: 55 patients of the endocrinological and pulmonological departments of the city clinical hospitals # 8 and # 10 of the city of Voronezh took part in the study. The structure of the combined pathology was assessed using the Charlson comorbidity index. The main anthropometric indicators were determined. The analysis of case histories was carried out.
    Results: in the study group of patients with impaired carbohydrate metabolism, 82% have a score of 5 or more on the Charlson comorbidity index, which is an unfavorable indicator of 10-year survival. Patients with diabetes mellitus, in comparison with patients without this pathology, are more likely to suffer from diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, oncology, chronic pyelonephritis, as well as various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
    Conclusions: the Charlon comorbidity index in patients with diabetes mellitus may be an important prognostic criterion for 10-year survival.
Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):347-349
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A clinical case of a combination of tuberculosis and lymphoma in a patient with HIV infection

Chumakova O.G.


This problem is relevant today, since due to the increase in the incidence of HIV infection, the incidence of the combined pathology of HIV infection / tuberculosis is growing.

Purpose: to study the problem of combined pathology of HIV infection / tuberculosis on the example of a clinical case.

Methods: in the course of the study, the medical history of a patient who was treated in the department of HIV / TB combined pathology of the V.I. N.S. Pohvisneva.

Results: this article presents a clinical case of tuberculosis in combination with lymphoma in a patient with HIV infection who arrived from prison to continue treatment at the Voronezh Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary. Pohvisneva. In the period from 2015 to 2016, which periodically left without permission. At the next hospitalization, lymphoma of the lower jaw on the left was revealed. During the last hospitalization (2016), there was a lethal outcome, the cause of death was HIV infection in stage 4B, which manifested itself as a secondary disease of generalized plasmablastic lymphoma.

Conclusion: based on the results of the analysis of the medical history, it can be concluded that with timely initiation of antiretroviral therapy, it was possible to improve the patient's condition.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):349-350
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Педагогика и гуманитарные дисциплины

The phenomenon of love

Alekseeva D.


This topic is relevant, because each of us sooner or later begins to think about eternal questions – about life, death, God, Truth, and in this category, love is the most romantic component of a person and the engine of life.
Goal of the work: the Goal of the work is to get closer to the nature of this feeling, to understand what is necessary to create a harmonious and happy relationship.
Methods:The method is an analysis of the work of the famous philosopher and psychologist, the genius of thought of the twentieth century Erich Fromm "the Art of love".
Results: As a result, we get acquainted with the content of this work, in which the author gives his interpretation of the concept of such a significant feeling, explains the difference between true love and its immature forms, lists the qualities and skills necessary for mastering the ability to love, and identifies several types of love, depending on the object to which it is directed. As a result, after studying this work, some aspects of love become clear from a philosophical point of view, its components and place in our lives.
Conclusion: Thus, this work is called E. Fromm is worth paying attention to and carefully studying it, because it contains interesting ideas that generate new thoughts and give answers to questions that concern all of us.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):351-352
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Amanmukhamedov D.A.


Structured annotation. 

Relevance. Despite the fact that during the civil war the country was at a very low level of social and hygienic development, our predecessors and teachers laid a solid foundation for hygiene science in Voronezh and the Voronezh region, created a scientific hygienic school, which has survived, is developing nowdays and is relevant at the present time. 

Purpose. Consider the history of the development and formation of hygiene as a science in the Voronezh region


Methods. In the course of the study, methods of searching, analyzing and synthesizing articles presented in the free Internet access were used.


Results. Professorial and teaching team of general and experimental hygiene department prepared doctors for the fight against epidemics and infections that existed and reached a large scale at that time. The staff and students of the department carried out sanitary and preventive work, lectured on the basics of hygiene, distributed leaflets and newspapers of infectious and inflammatory diseases, organized sanitary meetings, held conversations on sanitary and preventive topics in order to improve the situation in the region. 

Conclusion.  Hygiene as a science in its formation and development has passed a difficult path and made a great contribution to the development of sanitary-preventive work in the Voronezh region. 

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):353-354
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Philosophy is the source of the medicine. Influence of the thinkers and the peoples on the medicine.

Ayubjanova E.V.


Aim: People's education as to the philosophy's influence on the contemporary life.

Methods: Studies of the literature on the topic of the research.

Results: As a result of the research the materials on the respective topic were thoroughly studied.

Conclusions: "Philosophy is the sister of medicine" (Hippocrates).

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):354-355
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Money and happiness in the medical profession

Vorob`eva V.


Purpose: to study the idea of students of VSMU named after N. N. Burdenko about the happiness of medical workers. Methods: Theoretical analysis of literature, questionnaire development, anonymous survey, drawing conclusions.

Results: 106 students of the Voronezh state medical University named after N. N. Burdenko were interviewed Using the Google Forms online service. A survey was conducted, the results of the study were analyzed, and conclusions were drawn. For a medical student, being happy means having a good state of health (92.5%), having a favorite job (82.1%), a family (84%), real estate (62.3%), and helping people (50%). The sum of percentages exceeds 100, because respondents could choose several answers. To the question "How much money do You need to feel happy?" 57.5% answered more than 100,000. per month. In order to feel satisfied, 43.4% of respondents need to 12 000 - 44 000 rubles. To the question "in Your opinion, does a person's income level affect how they are perceived in society?» 84.9% answered in the affirmative. The question "if people around You didn't think money was important, would You want to increase your income?" was answered positively by 84%. To the question " What makes a healthcare professional happier?» only 44.3 per cent responded "the number of cured patients." 29.2% of the respondents help regardless of their income, 9.4% are against doing charity work, and the rest are ready to help only if they receive a certain amount of monthly income. To the question "what kind of volunteer / charity activity do You carry out? "48.1% answered no, the option" I am a volunteer/medical volunteer " was chosen by only 13.2%. 67% know that points are added for volunteering when entering the residency. 61.3% would engage in charity/volunteering if it did not give any advantages.

Conclusion: Treatment of patients is noted by most students as the main factor that makes the doctor happier. More than a quarter of students are engaged in charity and volunteering. A third of all respondents are not aware of the accrual of additional points for volunteering in medical institutions when entering the residency program. Most importantly, high wages are not the reason why people decide to go into medicine or choose to stay in it.

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):355-357
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Relationships doctor and patient. Comparative analysis analysis of Western Europe model and Russian version practices

Skriptsova M.


Process treatment – two-way, in which always present patient and doctor. Relationships doctor and patient they are permanent items many studies, what does he say about relevance this topic.

Goal: Identify features applications relationship models, historical data background formations various relationships between a doctor and the patient, study the dynamics development relationships.

Methods: Analysis of scientific information references for this issue.

Results: A gradual process has been identified switching from paternalistic relationship models doctor and patient to the collegial system and contractual.

Discussion: The article has passed discussion at the meeting SNK of philosophy 21.11.2019. During the discussion occurred necessity studying paternalism as an integral part part of the Russian Federation history and culture.

Conclusion: In the Russian Federation medical information practice the most common application paternalistic models. At the same time time is happening permanent development of high technologies technologies, extension market of medical devices services and economic efficiency perestroika public services relationships, what does it entail a direct link to the contract form models

Молодежный инновационный вестник. 2020;9(2S):357-359
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Chaadaev's philosophical letters and their role in the development of Russian thought

Solodovnikova A.A., Plekhanova A.I.


The subject of our research is the problem of the influence Of p. ya. Chaadaev's philosophical views on the development of Russian thought. The work Of p. ya. Chaadaev is a huge legacy, because, as you know, it was this author who was one of the first to raise the question of the meaning of Russia, its place in the world and its fate, in connection with which, by and large, the currents of Slavophiles and Westerners arose.
The purpose of this research is to study the views of p. ya.Chaadaev in his philosophical letters, to determine their role in the development of Russian thought. 
Methods: Analysis of scientific literature on this problem. The study also used the dialectical method and the system analysis method.
Results: the questions raised By p. ya. Chaadaev in his letters, in our opinion, are eternal, have not lost their relevance until now. You can definitely agree with his opinion or try to challenge it, but you can't deny his unlimited influence. So, it was the thoughts of Peter Yakovlevich that became one of the main "stumbling blocks" between Slavophiles and Westerners. 
Conclusions: Chaadaev's Philosophical letters are a special combi