Biography and Life Path of the Physiologist Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov

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Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov is one of the most memorable faces of the Soviet and Russian scientific community in the field of physiology, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), performed significant public work for which he got to the Doctor of Medical Sciences, he embodied his great work in the walls of Kursk Medical University, where he also occupied an important place, heading the Department of Physiology.It is worth noting his life path, which dates from 1933 to 2003, he found it in medicine and service to it.
Goal.To get acquainted with the biography and work of the outstanding physiologist Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov.
Methods. The general scientific method of research was used in the work.
During his long service as the head of the department at the university, which together with his scientific work is 25 years, he was able to write 250 scientific papers, 9 certificates for inventions and patents.He was distinguished by a special ability to see the potential and capabilities of people, so his team included highly qualified specialists from different fields, about 36-45 people. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the amazing monographs: "Correlation of physiological functions in norm and pathology". In the practical part, I would like to mention a number of devices and devices for functional diagnostics and physiotherapy, as well as the device "Skat", which belongs to the class of electrical stimulators. For the invention, which was well appreciated by foreign researchers, he received an honorary gold medal at a special exhibition in Brussels in 1977.
As a scientific mentor, A.V. Zavyalov began a large-scale selection of specialists in the field of clinical pharmacy, nurses with higher education, workers in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical production.Also, with the arrival of the Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Kursk Medical Educational Institution has undergone major changes. One of the most significant was that it turned from an institute into a university.He has trained six doctors of sciences and more than forty candidates. Such colossal achievements could not but be noted within the walls of a state institution, therefore, in 2011, according to the idea of architect-restorer Tretyakov S.V., a commemorative plaque was unveiled.By the decision of the Academic Council, the Department of Normal Physiology was named after Professor A.V. Zavyalov.

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The younger generation should remember and honor the memory of great scientists, doctors "with a capital letter", build their professional activities on their example; appreciate their contribution to medicine and science in general, continue their research activities.
Zavyalov A.V. began his life in a quiet place in the village of Baylovka in the Pichaevsky district of the Tambov Region. From an early age, he decided to devote his life to medicine, namely the study of normal physiology. The professor took the first steps towards his dream within the walls of Ryazan University.Already there he was able to show his potential and, thanks to his efforts, graduated with honors.But the basic postulates of science found him at KSMU, where, after years of hard work, he became at the helm of the Department of Physiology.Namely, such a significant event occurred in the 60s. Before this turning point, the great scientist was able to work in the Trans-Baikal Territory in the city of Chita, where he was a teacher at a medical school and worked part-time at a neurological dispensary. Since this area of clinical psychology seemed interesting to him and little presented to society, he depicted this in his dissertation on the topic "Materials on the study of the degree of correspondence of the magnitude of the reflex reaction to the strength of the stimulus."The obtained results allowed us to substantiate a new approach to the development of methods for diagnosing the functional state of a complex biological system.
But he is known in world circles not only as a dedicated man of his craft, a Russian physiologist, but also as a good-natured, sympathetic person. In one of the interviews, his student, and later the professor, spoke about him and his work as follows: "with him, our "ship - university" mastered all new horizons.The rector has always been of the opinion that there is no need to be afraid of innovations, and he especially singled out the most courageous pioneers and showed them respect.He was characterized by strategic thinking, breadth of outlook, aspiration to the future." But it is significant that he is a student of Professor I.D. Boenko.Therefore, we can say that Alexander Vasilyevich has some connection with the Burdenko State Medical University.As it is known from the VSU Bulletin, co-authored by I. E. Yesaulenko, E. V. Dorokhov, V. A. Semiletova, Igor Dmitrievich was the head of the Department of Normal Physiology for many years only at the VMI.
Alexander Vasilyevich Zavyalov defended his doctoral dissertation in 1970, in which he summarized the results of research on the patterns of correlation of physiological functions at the cellular, organ and organizational levels. The dissertation was performed at the junction of neurophysiology, psychophysiology, biophysics, neurocybernetics and clinic. He summarized his results in the monograph "Correlation of physiological functions in norm and pathology".Based on
a new class of methods for studying the functional state of an organism based on a quantitative assessment of the systemic cooperation of functions of different biological quality has been developed. They make it possible to identify systemic disorders that precede obvious shifts in the state of a particular function, that is, to carry out prenosological diagnostics.Zavyalov A.V. proposed a new method for studying
complex coordinated purposeful arbitrary hand movements - supportmetry, developed a set of indicators that characterize
coordination. For the first time, sexual differences in coordination of movements were revealed. The shifts of cerebral blood supply, manifested in the restructuring of hemodynamics at the microcirculatory level in favor of sensory and motor zones caused by voluntary motor activity of the hands, are described." No wonder he was able to create and educate the next generation of scientists who continued his scientific direction. Among them we can find the following surnames : M.G. Gazazyan,
L.V. Silina, D.V. Plotnikova, I.A. Saraeva, T.A. Dronova, etc.
Alexander Vasilyevich devoted a lot of effort and attention to the creation of the material base of KSMU, his merits occupied very important positions in the physiological society. For example, he was the chairman of the Kursk regional branch of the Russian Peace Foundation, also a member of the Council of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.Since 1991, a specialized Council for awarding the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences in normal physiology and immunology began to work at the University, which was chaired by A.V. Zavyalov. The scientist believed that true science should serve only for the activities of the entire human world. To ensure the health of people. Protect us from natural disasters. Give people enough food, clothes. It is science and nothing else that will also be able to contribute to the development and progress of society . Create universal abundance when work becomes not a burden, but a joy.


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