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  • Authors: Bryzgalova E.V.1, Semenikhina E.S.1
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    1. Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko
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This article is devoted to great people with the willpower that helped them become a strong personality. On the way of becoming they did not think of failures, about failures, obstacles that could prevent them, because the only goal is to become meaningful to this world and contribute to it. On their way were: cold, hunger, sadness, joy, disappointment, pain, death, disease, but it did not break anyone and did not prevent becoming a hero. From those times and to date, there were archives with their merits, interesting stories, victories. The purpose of the article is to educate the reading, people who have given themselves in the medical sphere. The actions and achievements of the following people are described: N. Burdenko, Kashevar-Rudneva Barbarian Alexandrovna.
and a small part of the names of doctors working in the COVID-19 pandemic. Media materials

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Man in life largely determine his personal qualities, how responsive, good, honest, but the main thing in it is character. Choosing a profession of a doctor, you need to know what you will face and how to behave in such a situation. The stories of every famous doctors clearly show us their difficult path, which requires not only a large number of knowledge, life experience, but also confidence in their decisions, hard work and willingness to help at any moment.
So in this article I want to discuss the most famous doctors, initials of which always pronounced and will be pronounced with a large letter.
One of these is Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko. His desire to become a doctor could not prevent anything. And he became a brilliant clinician of his time, the founder of domestic surgery and outstanding organizer of military field surgery.
In June 1876 Nikolai Neilovich appeared, who lived in the village of kamenka Nizhnya-Lomonovsky County of Penza province in the family of priests. Nicholas had been a lot of persistence and hard work since childhood. At 5 years went to school, graduated with distinction and entered Tomsk to the medical faculty. Where in perfection learned knowledge on the subject "Anatomy". He owned an autopsy and preparation of anatomical devices.
During the Russian-Japanese war, being a student (1904-1905g.G.) entered the military sanitary unit, participated in the liquidation of the epidemics of typhus, black pox, scarlatin. Since the middle of winter, the student was involved with military-field surgery, acting feldsher and sanitar. Awarded the soldier's George cross for participation in combat operations in Manchuria. During this time he thought about making a separate discipline on neurosurgery.
In 1906, he brilliantly finishes his study on the title of a doctor and receives a diploma with distinction. At the same time works surgeon and writes doctoral dissertation, which (1910) excellent protection and continues to try themselves in different spheres. From 1910 associate professor of surgery Department of Yuriev University, and from 1917 professor the same Department.
During the first world N. Burdenko was a major surgeon and went volunteer to the front. There he was appointed a surgeon-consultant and performed surgery with brain injuries in soldiers, while developed his method.He was engaged in sorting problems of wounded, evacuation.
In 1918 he became professor of Voronezh University and on November 12 he read the first lecture to students.
And already on January 5, 1977 in recognition of the huge contribution of N. Burdenko in the formation of medical education in Voronezh, this Institute was awarded his name to the Russian Federation.
During the second world war Burdenko continued to engage in science. In 1937 loses hearing, but not derives and continues to operate actively. In 1940 he goes to the Soviet-Finnish front, there he had the first stroke. The consequences are speech loss. 1945 - second stroke, 1946 - third.
On November 11, 1946, Nikolai died of hemorrhage.
The outstanding doctor had enough one minute to see the wounded man! During this time he thought out the operation plan and immediately started to it. Not everyone could. Nikolay Neilovich Burdenko is an example of the strength of the spirit that is expressed in the desire to help everyone.
There is a brief story that can give even more understanding of Nicholas as a strong, purposeful man. "One day, having carried out a very complex neurosurgical operation, silently and confidently, N. Burdenko urgently went to the preoperative, and one jerk hands removed his tooth itself. He exhaled in relief and said he had suffered five days...". It is difficult to imagine that at the age of 65 with acute pain in the tooth he could perform a complicated operation. That's where the character of the surgeon and military was shown.
Nikolay Neilovich Burdenko, in honor of which Voronezh University was named, is now an example for imitation of both future doctors and highly qualified candidates and doctors. Because people who are in the first failure are looking for a way of solving it differently and make an attempt a hundred times better, attract and cause a sense of admiration and want to take an example. [1];[2]

The next character I can call a hero, or rather heroin, because it will be a girl who, despite all the difficulties she could get the name of the doctor thanks to her purposeful nature.
Currently, the doors of universities are open to both men and women, i.e. the right to receive education is provided to everyone. Before, such a right was granted to men, and if the girl wants, there were significant obstacles.
So our first girl who received medical education in Russia, as well as the title of doctor and doctor of Sciences name-Kashevar-Rudnev Varvara Alexandrovna.
Barbarian was born in 1841 in Vitebsk region. Her parents died early and they gave her to the poor family. They taught her to do business, sew, clean up the House, babysitting with the kids. In this family taught only boys, and Barbara attended their classes and absorbed knowledge, so learned to solve arithmetic tasks in mind faster boys.
At 12 years Barbara decided to leave the House to live in St. Petersburg on the advice of the neighbor, whose husband served in the Royal village. She was locked in the basement where she was ill with typhus, then thought about getting a doctor's education.

After the discharge she was taken to the family of the sailor. Their son taught Varya to read. When the money from the family on the second child ended the girl to the officer-topographer. He wanted to bring a good manners and teach him to dance. And somehow, in one of the classes she met a merchant of Cougher. He was older than her for 20 years. Varya was married to a condition that he would give her an opportunity to get education. But it didn't happen, and Varya left him to learn. First, these were courses on obstetrics for help in maternity women Muslim women who were forbidden to have a man, religion. Having passed these courses, Barbara decides to enter the institution of the institution. She finished it with distinction.
In 1863, the girl was enrolled in St. Petersburg medical and surgical Academy, where she studied 5 years. On December 9, 1868, the barbaric handed a gold medal that testified to the end of the Academy. The news that the woman appeared in the ranks of students did not please society. Vara had to keep on from various organizations and scientific societies, as they were all the time watching. Barbara Alexandrovna was the first girl student in Russia, who received a doctor's diploma. In 1868, Varya released a scientific article, which was placed in the medical Journal.
On may 27, 1876 Barbara defended the thesis on "materials for pathological Anatomy of the uterine vagina", and received the title of doctor of medicine. But then she could not engage in scientific activities, because society did not quite perceive it. The girl decided to start treating patients, but there was still nothing. Barbarians Alexandrovna had a lot of bad-wishers who tried to blame her for incompetence, illiteracy, some even openly hated the girl.
After the barbarian husband died, the girl helped the sick in her city and lived on pension husband. At the end of her life she was ill and died in January 30, 1899.
Barbara is a worthy example for our time. She has a strong character, purpose and love for her business that helped her achieve and do what she wanted. On her way there were many obstacles that tried to break her, but she could win them and still became a doctor, worked and tied her life with it. [3];[4]

Next in my work I want to pay attention to the work of Russian doctors during the pandemic of COVID-19. The fight against the virus continues to this day, but in the midst of medical workers had to wear respiratory goggles and protective suits to study the disease and seek vanckzin. Everyday, risking their lives, save another life in the most difficult fight against dangerous virus. For each recovered patient is a huge work of those who spent in hospitals round the clock without sleep, rest, go around the chambers with patients and watching their condition. It should also be given to volunteers who helped and help the elderly to deliver the necessary products to the House, only if they did not leave the House and passed the troubles.
Those protective suits in which medical workers went in contact with infected were sometimes uncomfortable, places heavy, hot, protective masks hurt face, lacked air. Liters of spilled sweat, blood spilled, tears, 24-hour duty without sleep, eternal peroxide, shifts without weekends. All for the sake of life of man.
Dean Rashidovna Semenova - head of the Republican clinical infectious hospital for them. Agafonova in Kazan. In the last two weeks of February 2019, a flash of coronavirus infection was observed. Three duty doctors left on the hospital, who were in a clean area, and behind the glass were sick. Doctors stayed in hospital to watch round days to maintain the condition of patients.
Sergey Vasilevich Chubchenko - head of Moscow city flebologic Center GKB No 1 them. N.And.Pyrogov. During pandemic, his main goal was to hospitalize the patient as soon as possible, thought out scenarios as possible to make it faster, thanks to it it turned out without queues. He also noted that the hero does not consider it his work.
Vasily Yurevich Travinichev is a doctor who could not imagine himself without his work. Always carelessly all helped, because it's his meaning of life. He worked for two bets at the Podolsk clinical hospital, and during the flash he decided to go to the coronavirus Department. One day, being replaced, he felt bad. Some days he was lying in the hospital, feeling better. But the next morning his condition was instantly deteriorating. He was connected to the IVL machine, but less than a day later he died.
Alexey Nikolaevich Vasilchenko, was founded by X-Ray Department in the Labinsk central hospital of Krasnodar region. In April 2020, it was reoprofilated for treatment of patients with coronavirus. He was energetic, erudated, highly qualified doctor optimist. He helped the sick, never gave them to dismay, always cheered them, but he himself very longed for the family that left behind the city to protect them. Sometimes he sat down and looked blank eyes at one point, sad and thought that all save could not be saved, people died on their hands, the disease would not spare anyone. Even such a beautiful man. In mid April, Alexei Nikolaevich was discovered bilateral pneumonia lungs, he began severe chest pain, lomot in the body, high temperature. Relatives tell that they couldn't meet him, because it was forbidden to enter the red zone. His wife and children were in contact with him on the phone, but they were very little talking, because he was hard to talk. But the doctor still cheered his family, said that it would be good that he could not die, he had no right to do it. He was already in a difficult condition, thinking about his patients, giving advice to colleagues. Unfortunately, on April 26, 2020 Vasilchenko Alexey Nikolaevich died in hospital aged 52 years.
"True hero is a man in a White jumpsuit" [5];[6]

This is only a small part of the examples that were given to show people how things are really happening. Initials of such doctors should write with a large letter, because they are truly heroes. And heroism is their proper education and will character, which is expressed in actions. Not everyone is ready to give their lives for someone else. It is capable only strong, honest, loving and respectful of his business man.

 Thus, this article considered three examples of not just people, but real heroes and experts in their field. Even when they speak by hand: "you can't", "you won't succeed", these people took and did, after which they received the result. Such people are strong in spirit and character, which no one has been able to break throughout their lives


About the authors

Elizaveta Vladimirovna Bryzgalova

Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0009-0005-1050-8988

First-year student

Russian Federation, 10 Studentskaya str., Voronezh, 394036, Russia.

Elena Serafimovna Semenikhina

Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko

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Teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages

Russian Federation, 10 Studentskaya str., Voronezh, 394036, Russia.


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