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    1. Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N. Burdenko
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Voronezh State Medical University has a rich history. Many talented, outstanding scientists and doctors were directly involved in the formation and development of the Institute. Before their eyes and with the help of their labors, an unshakable frigate of science was created, plowing the expanses of medicine. At the origins of the development of the pediatric school in Voronezh was Lev Davydovich Steinberg - a pediatrician, teacher, public figure, doctor of medical sciences, professor. The department of faculty pediatrics was organized in 1946. The first head of the department was Lev Davydovich. During the Great Patriotic War, he headed various pediatric departments of the Voronezh and Astrakhan institutes. He had many monographs, including those translated into European languages. Under his leadership, 6 candidate and 1 doctoral dissertations were defended. After himself, in memory of his descendants, Lev Davydovich left not only the richest library of works devoted to the study of various childhood diseases, such as rheumatism, tuberculosis, etc., but highly qualified specialists who are well versed in their field and who love the medical profession just as passionately as and he himself - his devoted and loving disciples.

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Lev Davydovich Steinberg was born on October 17, 1896 in the city of Kursk. He was from a family of hereditary doctors, which predetermined his future path and the choice not only of a profession, but also of a life's work.
In 1914, Lev Shteinberg graduated from the gymnasium and entered the Medical Faculty of Kyiv University, successfully graduating from it in 1921. It was pediatrics that resonated in his soul - he decided to devote his whole life to children, maintaining their health, preventing and diagnosing the development of diseases. Under his leadership, a children's consultation was organized in the city of Kursk, which later became the head of Lev Davydovich, and after that - the head of the children's department of the Kursk district hospital.
Lev Davydovich decided to connect his life with scientific activity, in 1930 he became an assistant at the children's clinic of the Voronezh State Medical Institute. Steinberg devoted himself entirely to science. In 1935, he was already an assistant professor of the department, in 1936 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic: "Clinic of glandular-mediastinal tuberculosis in children." In the same year, he became the head of the departments of faculty pediatrics at the Voronezh State Medical Institute and propaedeutic pediatrics at the Astrakhan Medical Institute. And already in the next year, 1937, he was approved with the rank of professor.
The Department of Hospital Pediatrics was organized in 1944 on the basis of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital of the city of Voronezh and from the moment of its foundation until 1955 was under the leadership of Lev Davydovich Steinberg. Also during these years he was a consultant of the Altai Regional Health Department.
The Great Patriotic War made its own adjustments to the life of Professor Lev Davydovich Steinberg. He took an active part in the revival of healthcare in the Voronezh region, for which in 1944 he was awarded the government badge "Excellent in Health". Lev Davydovich passionately and reverently loved his work, his vocation, and therefore made a significant contribution to the restoration of children's medical institutions destroyed after the war in the Voronezh region. He organized medical and advisory assistance to children who suffered during difficult war and post-war periods, and also did a lot of work to improve the specialization of pediatricians and their training, invested in them love and respect for the profession, shared experience, was not only a teacher, but also mentor. In the period from 1943-1944 he was the chief pediatrician of the Voronezh region, headed the Voronezh Society of Pediatric Doctors.
From 1944 to 1955, Lev Davydovich concurrently headed the departments of childhood diseases and hospital pediatrics at the Voronezh State Medical Institute.
The main areas of scientific activity of the pediatrician, teacher, public figure, doctor of medical sciences, professor Lev Davydovich Steinberg were respiratory diseases and rheumatism in children. He wrote about 100 scientific papers, his works were translated into many languages ​​of the world and published in European countries. His works were distinguished by a special style of writing. As if to his good friends, Lev Davydovich addresses us from the pages of manuscripts and shares his knowledge about important clinical aspects of diseases. “Simply about the complex” is the main principle of teaching and research activities. On the pages of his works, complex medical issues are very intelligibly and with interest.
Lev Davydovich died on December 8, 1955 in Voronezh. He rests at the Comintern Cemetery.


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