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Chronic inflammatory bowel disease attracts the attention of many specialists. As a result, the resulting half-life of many pathological changes in the intrauterine organs during chronic disease of that organ. Differentiated systemic bedwetting in children with bronchiectasis has been reported to be temporary and fragmentary. The purpose of the study: the study was conducted on intrauterine devices in children with bronchiectasis.

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Materials and methods of follow-up Study valves and segments of legumes in children aged 5 to 12 years, operated on the occasion of bronchiectasis of the liver. From the operation material, 5-7 short-circuits were installed, which were fixed in the Bujina grids. After the conduction, the spiral material flooded into paraffin. Concealed embellished gematoxylinom and Gjosinom, by the method of Van-Ginzons and Vegherts.

Results Follow-up of histological preparations, indicating that the lesions are located in the modified chronic inflammatory process of the organ. We have recovered small and medium-sized arterial arteries. The elastic membranes of the arteries are sharpened, and the flexibility of the incision is sharpened, which results in a clear judgment. In the vein, the gypsum plaster is softened. In some parts of the arteries, the myocardial arteries are dislocated. Obstetric vacuolation cytoplasmic myocytes. Adventitial disease of the uterus and sclerosing. We are disturbed by the disruption of the structural arteries of the arteries, which also change the endothelium. Endothelial cells in large and medium-sized arteries do not form a splint, but they do form subtle cells with hyperchromic nuclei. In some schools, thin arteries are exposed to light under the endothelium. Therefore, to the best of our ability, they look like a swollen subconscious. The most changed changes in the judging process. Vaccination of endothelial cells increased to a higher degree, and some endothelial endocytes were not detected.

Outputs In patients with bronchiectasis, the child is exposed to a disturbed vascular structure. I decided to try to get rid of the pathological changes.

In children with bronchiectasis, all of these structures are affected by intrusive judgments. The most common changes occur in the judging of small diameters. I decided to undergo a reversible pathological change. Structural changes in the autoimmune system can lead to a disturbance in the metabolic function.


About the authors

Rajabali Ilkhomovich Mirzoev

Samarkand State Medical Institute

Author for correspondence.

Faculty of Medicine 4th year student

Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, Samarkand, AMIR TEMUR str., 18.


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