Nowadays, dental treatment is impossible without aesthetics. There exists a tendency to treat not only with the purpose of eliminating pain, but to save the naturality of the appearance. Together with such achievements as an assisted reproductive technology or progress within endoscopic surgery, medicine steps onwards, making possible or sometimes even obligatorily to keep it aesthetically while manipulating. It means that finally the result is tendentially guided to achieve the perfection as much, as it is possible. Dentistry is not an exclusion. Thus, the aim of our study is to consider the necessity of aesthetics in modern stomatology. To underline the importance of our study topic it is important to allocate the mission of aesthetic medicine: Saving naturality and bettering in place of medical intervention Recovering directed tactics Minimizing the post-interventional procedures. Dentistry as a medicine field considers the aesthetics solutions within oral cavity, while the process of treatment. However dental manipulations presume to keep aesthetics prevailing than other medical manipulations. It came up due to the fact, that from time immemorial to nowadays teeth are determined as an aesthetic function completers and the proper condition of oral cavity is the underlining attribute of people’ status. Moreover, dental manipulations are taken without such big risks as other medical interventions and the procedures are not so radical, as well. Operating by modern stomatology conceptions it is possible to differentiate aesthetic dentistry by this way: The manipulations, which are done for saving a normal jaw functioning, providing aesthetics within. The manipulations, which are generalized exactly for aesthetical perfection and beauty. The first point means that the doctor together with providing normality within chewing function and jaw functioning makes a try as much as it possible to attach a special aesthetics while manipulating. The last point expects not the clinical cases but expects manipulations without any medical necessity, as such, characterizing by cosmetological nature. Nowadays the abilities of aesthetic dentistry allows to restore anatomical and functional integrity of any tooth due to using modern compositional materials, veneers, lumineers orthopedic constructions, according to individual anatomical specifies; to change the teeth location in dental row and to correct the bite by different orthodontic methods; to get a snow-white smile or to eliminate discoloration of different etiology by various teeth whitening methods and systems. Osteoplastic and implantology significantly take place in aesthetic stomatology due to the fact, that more and more people refuse wearing removable prosthesis. Nowadays, dentistry and medicine in general make us forget about problems, we could not solute some years ago, proceeding in technological development day by day. Due to aesthetic medicine we can forget about many problems of our appearance: consequences of diseases, injuries or even causes of abnormal development during gestation. Moreover, many of things can be realized as we wish them to be. But we should not forget that the excesses in ambitions and to insuperable aspirations can be the reason of harm and can even lead to physical disability. So, we always should remember, that it is always necessary to complete any medical manipulation, according mainly to medical need.

P Y Andreyev

I Zubenko

N Skokova


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