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Rehabilitation after surgical interventions in bisphosphonate related lower jaw osteonecrosis

Medvedev Y.A., Filimonova L.B., Zhuravlev A.N.


Rehabilitation after the maxillofacial operations plays a significant role in dental practice as the surgical interventions can impair mastication, swallowing and speech. Rehabilitation creates a lot of difficulties not only from the side of restoring function and aesthetics, but it requires psychological care. Due to the fact that the chemical maxillofacial osteonecrosis are quite common this theme recently remains relevant.

The ethiopathogenesis and clinical aspects of the bisphosphonate related lower jaw osteonecrosis have been studied by us. 9 patients have been examined with this pathology, some certain conclusions about outpatient interventions for patients taking bisphosphonates medications, rehabilitation recommendations have been formed.

Competent rehabilitation aimed at close cooperation between the doctors of related specialties and also an active patient's participation are the pledge of a favorable prognosis in postoperative period.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):4-8
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The prevalence of malignant neoplasms organs and tissues of the RT and the red border of the lips in the Ryazan region

Mezhevikina G.S., Wagner V.D., Peshkov V.A., Grishunova J.A.


The prevalence of malignant neoplasms of the organs and tissues of the mouth and the red border of the lips in the Ryazan region was analyzed in comparison with data across Russia for the period from 2018 to 2022. It is concluded that the figures for the Ryazan region practically coincide with the data for Russia. It is noteworthy that stages III and IV of malignant neoplasms of the organs and tissues of the mouth are diagnosed more often than in 35% of cases, of which only on average 19.36% of patients are diagnosed actively. In this regard, the need for a program of preventive measures and those measures aimed at mass inspection of the population and the detection of precancerous diseases and malignant neoplasms of the organs and tissues of the mouth and the red border of the lips is confirmed. These measures will contribute to the timely diagnosis of malignant neoplasms, effective treatment and long life of patients.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):9-13
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Gostev M., Dyachkova E., Tarasenko S., Timashev P., Kazumyan S.


Introduction. In dental practice, biological materials based on collagen are used to eliminate defects in the oral mucosa.

Materials and methods. Based on the Central Vivarium of the First Moscow State Medical University named after. I.M. Sechenov (Sechenov University) conducted an experimental study on rabbits (n=12) to create a wound surface in the oral cavity and cover it with collagen membranes in order to study the biological properties of a personalized membrane, the course of the postoperative period and conduct a histological study of biomaterials.

Research results and discussion. On the 14th day, complete regeneration of the postoperative wound was observed in the group using a membrane with lactoferrin (p<0.05). Histological examination of samples of the hard palate reconstructed with a collagen membrane with lactoferrin revealed areas of defects that were lined with stratified squamous non-keratinizing epithelium without signs of degeneration. In the dermis and underlying tissues at the site of implantation of the collagen membrane, newly formed connective tissue was determined.

Conclusions. Thus, the developed collagen membranes from the Achilles tendon are effective when used to eliminate extensive wound defects of the oral mucosa.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):14-17
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Analysis of the change in the temperature of the implantation bed depending on the duration of drilling and irrigation regime in the experiment

Chuguryan M.А., Stepanov I.В., Kharitonov D.Ю., Podoprigora A., Kuznetsov D.


Analysis of the change in the temperature of the implantation bed depending on the duration of drilling and irrigation regime in the experiment 

Incorrect implant positioning remains the leading cause of complications in the dental implant treatment of edentulous patients. The problem is both aesthetic and functional. Slight inclinations of implants up to 7° are not clinically significant and can be restored with standard abutments. When implant inclinations exceed 7°, angled abutments or multi-units are more common. In cases where the implant shaft extends onto the vestibular surface of the crown, a noticeable stain remains when closing the shaft with filling material, due to diverse optical properties of ceramics and filling material; or a cement fixation option is applied. In some cases, with significant angles of the implant inclination, prosthetics are impossible for orthopedic or surgical reasons; therefore, such implants are removed and re- implantation is performed. 

To improve positioning accuracy, surgical navigation templates are used. Their effectiveness has been evidenced by numerous studies and every year they become more popular among oral implantologists. 

The aim of this study is to comparatively analyse the position of implants when fixing them using ‘the free hand’ technique and virtually providing the most favorable position (hereinafter referred to as the virtual position) of the implant. 

A comparative analysis of the virtual and actual position of the implant after implantation using the free hand option was performed based on the following parameters: 1. distance of the implant axes in the shaft area, 2. distance of the implant axes in the apex area, 3. the magnitude of the angle formed from the intersection of the axial lines of the implants, 4. the ratio of the first and second parameters as the value of parallelism of the actual and virtual implants. 

Based on the data obtained, a 100% discrepancy between the virtual position of the implant and the actual one has been evidenced. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):18-24
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Fursik D., Shkhagoshevа A., Khmyzova T., Shishkov K.


A study was conducted with the participation of 186 children aged 1 to 5 years. Noninvasive fissure sealing with glass ionomer cement (GIC) was performed in 1189 primary molars. In children, the index of hygiene of molars was determined according to the author's method, the state of hygiene was assessed as good, satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Examinations of the children were carried out after 6, 12 and 18 months. The efficiency of fissure sealing was assessed by the number (%) of molars without signs of fissure caries. As a result, it was found that the sealing efficiency decreased from 96.3% (95% CI 95.2-97.4%) after 6 months to 94.1% (95% CI 92.7-95.5%) after 18 months, increased with increasing 

age of children from 90.2% (95% CI 80.3-100%) in one-year-olds to 95.8% (95% CI 90.7-100%) in 5- year-olds, was higher in children with good and satisfactory hygiene of molars than in children with poor hygiene: 95.0% (95% CI 92.5-97.5%) and 95.6% (95% CI 93.6-97.7%) vs. 90.8% (95% CI 87.2-94.3%), 

respectively. However, the revealed differences were not statistically significant (p>0.05). Thus, the use of GIC for sealing the fissures of primary molars in children aged 1-5 years has a high efficiency. The influence of the primary molars hygiene state on the results of fissure sealing in 1–5-year-old children was not statistically significant in all periods of observation. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):25-28
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Oleinik O., Yurchenko A.


Dental restoration is a method of restoring their natural structure with various synthetic materials. This procedure also allows you to return the dentition to its previous appearance and functionality. Composite sealing materials are used for restoration. This procedure is also known as artistic or cosmetic restoration. 

Numerous studies and development of materials for the restoration of various groups of teeth every year lead doctors to find new methods for their use. Our research suggests that "chameleon effect" nanocomposite materials are the optimal solution to this problem under current conditions. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):29-36
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Aerographic application of composite dental materials: effective elimination of tooth enamel destruction and improvement of aesthetic qualities of discolorite treatment

Zakharov V., Rostovtsev V., Chuev V., Posohova V.


In dental practice, various techniques of air abrasion are increasingly used. There are situations where airbrushing is ideal: removing remnants of old composite restorations or preparing the tooth surface for further restoration, removing surface stains or clearing all manner of deposits on the surface of hard tooth tissues, and removing shallow carious cavities. Among the existing professional methods of cleaning and treating discolorite of hard dental tissues, the most popular method is Air-Flow air-abrasive cleaning or ultrasonic tooth cleaning, which allows you to remove pigmented plaque (especially smoker's plaque), dental stones and hard plaque, as well as return the natural shade of teeth, but change the color of enamel towards a whiter shade, but impossible. This is usually a mandatory procedure in preparation for tooth enamel whitening using peroxide systems. This approach requires special equipment, is long in time, often causes tooth sensitivity, which entails additional remineralization therapy, and therefore a high cost of the procedure. Therefore, our study is devoted to the issues of a new concept of applying a universal adhesive agent with a decorative effect using an airbrush in order to eliminate tooth enamel destruction and improve its aesthetic properties in the treatment of discolorites. 


Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):37-42
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Assessment of acid solubility of enamel in patients with dental hyperesthesia accompanied by gum recession

Tokarev V., Chirkova N., Chirkova X., Vecherkina J., SY`RECZKIX F., Savelieva I.


In modern dentistry, the problem of dental hypersensitivity is becoming increasingly relevant, which is explained by the significant spread of this disease, its not fully understood pathogenesis, complex and not always effective treatment. Increased sensitivity of teeth to cold, chemicals and exposure can be a common symptom associated with non-carious lesions of dental hard tissues and periodontal disease. The presence of hyperesthesia in patients with periodontal diseases aggravates their course and complicates local treatment. We assessed the acid solubility of enamel at the dental clinic of VSMU named after. N.N. Burdenko at the Department of Propaedeutic Dentistry and the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry of VSUIT, Voronezh. For the study, the methodology of V.K. Leontyev and 

V.A. Distel (1973) was used. The concentration of calcium and phosphorus ions in the extract in the test sample was determined. The patients were divided into 3 groups, depending on the treatment provided. The most significant increase in the acid resistance of enamel after 1 month was noted in the 3rd group, whose patients used the complex of prevention and treatment developed by us: the values of Ca and P yield decreased by 1.5 times, in comparison with the indicators of the 1st group. After 3 months of the study, the Ca output values in patients of the 3rd group decreased by 1.67 times, and P by 1.71 times, in comparison with the indicators of the 1st group; Ca yield values. The data obtained allowed us to conclude that the treatment and prophylactic complex we developed for the prevention and treatment of dental hyperesthesia and inflammatory diseases of periodontal tissues against the background of gum recession showed its effectiveness, since its use led to an increase in the indicators of hard dental tissues, due to the process of Ca accumulation and P in the surface layer of enamel, leading to increased resistance of enamel to acids. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):43-49
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Assessment of individual hygiene, expectations from upcoming treatment and assessment of the quality of life of patients with dental hyperesthesia against the background of gum recession

Chirkova N., Tokarev V., Чиркова X., Vecherkina J.


In the structure of dental diseases, one of the leading places is occupied by inflammatory periodontal diseases. Pathology of periodontal tissues leads to gum recession. This occurs as a result of bone tissue atrophy after incorrect use of ultrasonic equipment, resulting in mechanical damage to tooth structures. Complex therapy for hyperesthesia of hard dental tissues consists of remineralization of hard dental tissues. In the dental clinic of VSMU named after. N.N. Burdenko conducted a survey of 75 patients with hyperesthesia of hard dental tissues, accompanied by gum recession against the background of periodontal tissue diseases at the age of 25 - 45 years. An improvement in individual oral hygiene was revealed; more patients began to use additional means to maintain oral hygiene, such as a tongue brush and dental floss. Patients who used the prevention complex we developed had a decrease in the level of tooth sensitivity. Therefore, we can conclude that there is an obvious need to develop, implement and monitor a prevention and treatment program, which includes promoting a healthy standard of living, combating bad habits, rational nutrition, oral sanitation, professional hygiene and training in rational individual hygiene

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):50-55
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Evaluation of the enamel resistance test in young patients

Evdokimova A., Chirkova N., Vecherkina J., Donov A., Bobeshko M.


The main structural unit of the enamel prism are crystals of apatite-like origin; the main one is hydroxyapatite, which is covered with a hydrate shell about 1 nm thick. It is known that the process of enamel mineralization depends on the quantitative content of calcium and phosphorus in their distribution in various teeth and in certain areas. The composition of hydroxyapatite should correspond to the formula Ca10 (PO4)6 (OH)2, where the molar ratio of Ca/P is 1.67. The degree of mineralization of enamel, the level of its remineralization is an important factor that determines the resistance of teeth to caries. During the carious process, the permeability of the enamel increases. The permeability of the enamel depends on the composition of the oral fluid and the pH of saliva. The intake of substances into the enamel both normally and during demineralization depends on a number of factors, such as the condition of the enamel, the pH value of saliva, the action of enzymes, the nature of nutrition and the effects of external factors. The effect of the remineralizing gel for teeth "ASEPTA - PARODONTAL" was studied. The study of the acid resistance of enamel was carried out using the enamel resistance test, which was proposed in 1984. Okushko V.R., in 80 selected patients before treatment, after 1, 3 and 6 months. The most significant indicators of the conducted research were noted in the 4th group of the study, to whose patients we recommended the use of a developed program for the prevention of major dental diseases in young patients.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):56-62
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Manifestations of dental pathology: correlation with the severity of the course of infection caused by COVID-19, long-term results

Belenova I., Hriachkov V., Popova O., Solovyov A.L., Belenova M., Булкадарова A.


Since the emergence of COVID-19 infection, many symptoms, manifestations and complications have been identified in various organs and organ systems, including the oral cavity. By affecting various organs and organ systems, complications can enter a vicious circle. The impact will be on both the oral cavity and the systems associated with the digestive tract. Direct and long-term observations describe numerous manifestations of SARS-CoV-2 symptoms in the oral cavity of patients. However, to date, there has been no characterization of oral pathologies in patients long after suffering from COVID-19. The results of the study in patients with COVID-19 allowed us to conclude that it is necessary and advisable to include a dental examination even after their clinical recovery in the long term. In addition to the clinical examination, it is necessary to consider the data from the patient survey and record dental diseases associated with COVID-19 in the documentation. At the same time, the dentist needs to timely diagnose dental symptoms in patients who have suffered coronavirus infection and select the most rational treatment algorithm for them, based on the clinical manifestations that are present in the oral cavity, respectively. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):63-68
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On the question of the importance of orthopedic treatment in comprehensive therapy of patients with manifestations of lichen planus of the oral cavity

Leshcheva E., Chirkova N., Vecherkina J., Leshcheva E., Каверина E.


At the present stage of development of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases, questions remain relevant regarding the effectiveness of orthopedic treatment of such a common nosology as complete or partial absence of teeth. Despite the expanded possibilities for treating this pathology not only with the help of traditional designs of removable dentures, but also with the use of structures based on dental implants, the choice of removable denture designs by patients aged 50 years and older reaches 56%, at the same time among young people (from 40 to 50 years) removable dentures are also used quite often (from 15 to 20%). A difficult area in practical dentistry remains related to the management of patients with chronic diseases of the oral mucosa, which is the subject of this work. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):69-74
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Caries and inflammatory periodontal disease: review of the relationship of dental pathology with obesity in pediatric and adolescent patients

Belenova I., Vasilyeva M., Kazarian D., Popova O., Kudryavtsev O.


Oral pathological conditions, including dental caries and periodontal disease, are chronic, widespread, multifactorial diseases that have a significant prolonged impact on the lives of children and young people. It should be borne in mind that the pathological manifestations described above occurring against the background of obesity require closer attention. 

The review includes an analysis of current trends in the evaluation of obesity-associated dental nosologies in pediatric and adolescent patients, as well as an analysis of available scientific evidence on the correlation of obesity and oral pathology (caries and inflammatory periodontal disease). The study of this relationship is a relevant and promising area, as it opens up the possibility of developing effective methods and technologies aimed at reducing the prevalence of both obesity and oral pathology. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):75-82
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Immunobiochemical profile in the treatment of a new moderate coronavirus infection with interleukin-6 inhibitors

Kostenko S., Tulinova I., Muha T., Andreyas S., Kostenko D., Zotovа E., Khmelevskaya T.


Hyperinflammatory damage with additional immunoparalizing effects on the innate reactions of the host organism provides a complex sequence of regulatory disorders, creating chaos of a certain type of cells, which leads to a change in the severity of a new coronavirus infection and varies during the course of the disease. The wide variability of the individual inflammatory response to COVID-19 is responsible for a significant part of the differences in responses to therapeutic interventions involving specific cytokine inhibitors. The increased concentration of IL-6 is due to a compensatory response in which IL-6 tends to compensate for the insufficiency of other inflammatory pathways. Inhibition of IL-6 is not linearly associated with improved survival, since the inflammatory response does not depend on a single inflammatory mediator. The rationality of the use of interleukin-6 inhibitors/antagonists in patients with a new coronavirus infection is currently ambiguous. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):83-91
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Isaeva M., Abalenikhina J., Gadzhieva F., Shchulkin A., Yakusheva E.


Myogenesis is a complex process that involves many stages, starting from the formation of precursor cells of muscle tissue and ending with the formation of mature muscle fibers. Succinate is an intermediate product of metabolism and metabolites of the tricarboxylic acid cycle (Krebs cycle). During myogenesis, it participates in the synthesis of mitochondrial proteins that provide cells with energy and is a donor of protons and electrons for the II complex of the respiratory chain (succinate dehydrogenase). The aim of the study is to study the effect of succinate at a concentration of 1 mM on the differentiation of the C2C12 cell line. Microscopic (assessment of cell length, width and myogenesis index) and Western blot methods (assessment of the transcription factor regulating the initial stages of differentiation - MyoD) were used for the study. The experiment showed that succinate at a concentration of 1 mM stimulates accelerated differentiation of myoblasts, increasing MyoD levels and stimulating the formation of myotubes in the first days of differentiation. Thus, succinate at a concentration of 1 mM can be considered as a promising drug for rapid stimulation of muscle tissue regeneration for athletes after heavy muscle loads and for astronauts during adaptation after a long stay in zero gravity. 

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):92-99
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Oksuzyan A.V., Butolin E.G., Pastushkov T.A. Peculiarities of metabolism of fucose-containing biopolymers in rat liver, gaster and small intestine tissues on a fructose-enriched diet when administered s-adenosylmethionine. Izhevsk State Medical Academy 426034, Kommunarov St. 281, Izhevsk, Russia.

Oksuzyan A., Butolin E., Pastushkov T.


Objective. To evaluate the metabolism of fucose-containing biopolymers in liver, stomach, and small intestine tissues of rats fed a fructose-enriched diet when given S-adenosylmethionine.

Material and methods. The experiment utilized two groups of animals: 32 rats on a fructose- enriched diet for 35 days, and rats on a high-fructose diet who received an intramuscular injection of S- adenosylmethionine at a dose of 20 mg/kg starting on the 21st day of the experiment. The experiment was evaluated using histological and biochemical methods to study the metabolism of fucoglycoproteins in the liver, stomach, and small intestine tissues.

Results. The administration of S-adenosylmethionine resulted in a decrease in decay processes fucoglycoproteins in serum, liver, gastrointestinal tract tissues and demonstrating hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects.

Conclusion. The tissues studied undergo both synthesis and decay processes due to various factors, indicating multidirectional biochemical mechanisms. Hepatoprotectors containing S-adenosylmethionine can correct the observed changes, as evidenced by the reduction of hepatocyte cytolysis products and decay processes in gastrointestinal tract tissues.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):100-108
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Investigation of the effect of a new composite enterosorbent on the intestinal microflora

Ryabinina E., Ryabinin S., Peleshenko E., Zotovа E., Nasonovа E.


Functional bowel disorders are one of the most common gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. Early use of enterosorbents in these disorders has a normalizing effect on microbiocenosis. We have created a composite enterosorbent based on apple squeeze powder, obtained according to a previously developed and patented method and having a proven sufficiently high sorption activity, with the addition of starch, kaolin and pectin from zoster sea grass. The article provides data on the effect of this drug on the intestinal microflora in comparison with Smekta. It was shown that both enterosorbents have a positive clinical effect on the intestinal microflora and, as a result, on treatment. They lead to an increase in the level of bacteria of normal microflora, as well as a decrease in intoxication and the frequency of detection of opportunistic microflora in feces. The new enterosorbent, due to the presence of pectin in the composition, contributed to a greater increase in the specific ratio of bifido- and lactobacilli, and a decrease in clostridia compared to Smekta, which ultimately contributed to a more effective decrease in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):109-115
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Phytochemical study of horse chestnut flowers from different growing regions

Dunilin A., Trineeva O., Deeva A.


The article presents the results of quantitative determination of some groups of biologically active substances (BAS) of horse chestnut flowers (organic acids, tannins and ascorbic acid) and also determined the antioxidant activity of medicinal plant raw materials. The data obtained indicate trends in the accumulation of the studied groups of BAS in raw materials, depending on the combination of natural factors of the zone of different growing regions, and also characterize the component composition of the studied medicinal plant raw materials. The criteria for the quality of raw materials according to indicators


(in terms of absolutely dry raw materials) are proposed: the content of the sum of tannins is not less than 3%; the content of ascorbic acid is not less than 0.03%; the content of the sum of organic acids is not less than 0.5%.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2024;27(1):116-122
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