Vol 26, No 4 (2023): Опубликован 29.12.2023



Borovoj V.N., Lis E.S.


Сemento-osseous dysplasia is a quite (rather) rare fibroblast lesion of the jaws, characterized by the disorder of normal components of spongy bone with a predominance of fibrous tissue and cement-like substance, having a periodontal origin, which at an early stage can disguise an infectious periapical lesion. Often dentists are poorly informed about this pathology and take сemento-osseous dysplasia for one of the forms of apical periodontitis, starting endodontic dental treatment. We analyzed the medical history of the patient P. with сemento-osseous dysplasia, who was treated in the maxillofacial surgery department. We also studied available publications in Russian and English language devoted to clinical and radiological data of this pathology. This article describes the main forms of dysplasia and the features of clinical manifestations, knowledge of which will help practicing dentists avoid diagnostic errors and choose the right tactics for managing the patient.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):4-12
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Kireev V.v., Sevbitov A.V., Grinin V.M., Zakharova k.Е.


Dental implantation in Russia is very common and has taken a worthy place in the system of comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with various defects in the dentition. If earlier this operation had a lot of contraindications, now there are practically none. [1]. In modern society, older people who do not agree to use removable dentures are increasingly turning to surgeons. Prosthetics of this category of citizens is one of the urgent problems of dentistry. The same trend can be traced in the GBU RO "Dental Polyclinic" in Rostov-on-Don, where the number of appeals of elderly people for surgical intervention - dental implantation increases annually.

The purpose of the study is to trace the dynamics of the circulation of elderly people due to dental implantation of teeth in the GBU RO "SP" in the city of Rostov-on-Don, to assess the most frequently used methods of surgical intervention.

Study results. The number of elderly patients who underwent dental implantation increased by 1.94 times compared with 2020. The proportion of surgical interventions in elderly patients increased significantly in 2022. compared to 2020. - by 6.9%.

Conclusions: Dental implantation surgery is a common surgical intervention in the elderly. Older age of people is not a contraindication for dental implantation surgery.


Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):13-17
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The effectiveness of direct composite dental restoration when using various algorithms for complex treatment of patients with abfraction defects

Shashmurina A.B., Gladarevskaya E.I., Bunakova N.A., Nikolaev a.I.


Effective treatment of patients with abfraction dental defects is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. Comparative clinical trial study of the effectiveness of various algorithms for complex treatment of patients with abfraction defects of teeth, taking into account approaches to normalization of occlusal relationships and adhesive preparation with direct composite restoration. Efficiency of a modified adhesive protocol application (preparation based on glutaraldehyde and the creation of an adaptive layer with flowable composite) and elimination of the functional overload of the teeth by splint therapy (muscle relaxant kappa) and functional restoration of the occlusal surface of the teeth was researched. Assessed the quality of composite restorations of teeth according to the criteria: shape retention of restoration; marginal fit of the material; hyperesthesia / postoperative sensitivity. Higher clinical efficiency (p<0.05) of the studied methods in complex treatment of patients with abfraction defects compared with "traditional" approaches was established.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):18-25
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Hydrogen index of oral rinses as a criterion for the effectiveness of caries prevention

oleinik o.I., Kalugina Y.V.


Relevance. Properly selected oral hygiene products directly affect the quality of hygiene and preventive measures. However, when choosing hygiene products, the pH of the patient's oral fluid is not always taken into account, which leads to a decrease in the level of oral hygiene.

Materials and methods. The study involved 30 subjects aged 18 to 25 years. They were divided into three groups depending on the pH of saliva and each group was assigned an oral rinse suitable for its saliva hydrogen index. Determination of clinical parameters and saliva sampling were carried out before the start of the study, on the 10th day and after 3 months. Oral fluid was collected in the morning on an empty stomach, without stimulation.

Results. As a result of the study, after regular use of liquid hygiene products in the main group, we received a decrease in the acidic activity of plaque in 74% of cases, in the control group – in 37%. Reduction of the oral hygiene index to the assessment of "good hygiene level" (1.1±1.01) in 57% of patients of the main group, "satisfactory hygiene level" (2.2±1.31) in 43% of individuals. In the control group, whose representatives used neutral toothpaste and mouthwashers, oral hygiene indicators mostly remained at the same level.

Conclusion. Individual selection of oral hygiene products, taking into account the pH of the patient's oral fluid, will help improve the quality of oral hygiene, enamel resistance, reducing the risk of caries and its complications, as well as inflammatory processes in the periodontal.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):26-33
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Comparative analysis of implant stability in single-stage and delayed dental implant placement

Chuguryan М.A., Stepanov i.V., Kuznetsov d.E., podoprigora A.V.


Tooth extraction is one of the basic procedures in dentistry. Despite the prevalence of this surgical intervention, public awareness of the procedure and subsequent stages providing the improvement of the quality of medical care, tooth extraction remains the most stressful for patients. In addition to stress, patients are most often worried about missing a tooth for several months. An aesthetic defect causes complexes during social interaction, and patients strive to compensate for the defect as soon as possible. Due to medical indications, including the need to preserve the volume of bone and soft tissue, the need to prevent from the developing phenomenon of Popov-Godon, or depending on the aesthetic preferences of the patient, the dental surgeons always face a choice between single-stage and two-stage dental implant placement.

The aim of the study was to determine the effect of the implantation technique on the implant stability quotient (ISQ), as a parameter of the successful osseointegration.

This paper provides a comparative analysis of the implant stability depending on the technique of dental implant placement. After osseointegration, the stability of the implant was assessed by recording resonance of electromagnetic oscillations of the implant and surrounding bone tissues using a Penguin RFA apparatus. The ISQ measurements were assessed for single-stage (immediate) and delayed (conventional) implantations on both the vestibular and palatal sides. After recording the findings and performing statistical analysis, the data obtained allowed choosing an implantation option with predictable treatment outcomes. The results obtained support the fact that the implant stability after osseointegration does not depend on the timing of implantation after tooth extraction.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):34-39
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Guskov a.v., Oleynikov a.A., Zhukovets d.G., Levashov N.E., Vasilyeva T.A.


Surgical interventions in the dentoalveolar system and maxillofacial area inevitably lead to the formation of long-term healing postoperative wounds or acquired jaw defects. An accessible method of choice for early rehabilitation is considered to be direct removable dentures, however, traditional approaches to this type of treatment can lead to postoperative inflammatory complications. At the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics of Ryazan State Medical University carried out orthopedic treatment in 120 patients aged from 21 to 89 years after teeth extraction and surgical interventions in the maxillofacial area during the period from 2021 to 2023. The proposed approach to treatment was to manufacture structures of immediate dentures depending on the type of oral mucosa of the prosthetic bed using additive manufacturing technologies and the creation of elastic elements of dentures bases with dynamic control of inflammatory postoperative complications using an improved Schiller-Pisarev test. The effectiveness of the proposed approach was compared with the traditional immediate dentures. According to the results of the study, it was found that the proposed protocol for treatment and diagnosis made it possible to achieve a reduction in the area of wound healing by 50% and a decrease in the area of inflammation by 78% faster compared to the traditional method. Normalization of the microcirculatory activity of the wound healing zones was achieved in the period from 10 to 20 days of observation, with the traditional method, insufficient microcirculatory activity was noted by the 30th day of observation.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):40-55
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Laboratory assessment of the dynamics of hematological and immunological parameters during the treatment of a new coronavirus infection with Janus kinase inhibitors

Kostenko S.M., Tulinova I.A., Andreas S.V., Dushkina n.V., Muha T.A., Zotova E.E., Kostenko d.S.


The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes complex and multidirectional changes in the antiviral immune response, both at the beginning of the disease and during it. With COVID-19, the regulation of the innate and adaptive immune systems is disrupted. Critical cases of COVID-19 are characterized by an excessive inflammatory reaction, both in the lungs and in the bloodstream. Hyperstimulation by inflammatory cytokines of the cell surface receptors of adaptive immune cells, such as lymphocytes and monocytes, can cause a paradoxical immunosuppressive effect. Hyperinflammatory damage with additional immunoparalizing effects on the innate reactions of the host organism provides a complex sequence of regulatory disorders, creating chaos of a certain type of cells, which leads to a change in the severity of the disease and varies during the course of the disease. Janus kinase inhibitors baricitinib and tofacitinib are used to treat a new coronavirus infection. Janus kinase is a family of intracellular non-receptor tyrosine kinases that transmit cytokine-mediated signals. Blockade of these kinases can prevent the pathological production of cytokines and can significantly reduce the transition to severe and lethal forms of COVID-19.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):56-65
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Obraztsova I.A., Popov S.S., Verevkin a.N., Pashkova A.A., Krylsky E.D.


Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common non-infectious human diseases. In this regard, a significant problem for practical health care acquire complications of diabetes, among which the key role in severity and course belongs to diabetic neuropathy. Oxidative stress is considered to be the leading mechanism of development of this complication. In this regard, the aim of this work was to analyze the activity of glutathione antioxidant system enzymes in patients with diabetic neuropathy under baseline therapy. Materials and Methods. The study included 45 patients with diabetic neuropathy treated in the endocrinology department of the BUZ VO "Voronezh Regional Clinical Center for Specialized Medical Care". Clinical and biochemical parameters were analyzed at the patients' admission to the hospital and before discharge. The concentration of reduced glutathione, activity of glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase and glutathione transferase were determined spectrophotometrically. Results of the study. After the conducted therapy was observed a change of biochemical indices in the direction of values characteristic for norm. At the same time, there was an increase in the studied indicators of antioxidant system, which indicates an increase in the protective ability of the organism. Correlations between blood biochemical parameters and oxidative metabolism disorders were revealed.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):66-72
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Alabovsky V.V., Vinokurov a.A., Khamburov V.v., Maslov O.V., Arustamyan A.A., Zemchenkova O.V., Popova L.I.


The influence of hypo- and hypersodium extracellular environment on the development of lesions initiated by the «calcium paradox» and the possible role of Mg2+ ions in this process were studied on isolated hearts of white Wistar rats by comparing the effects of EDTA and EGTA.

In the course of the research, it was found that the hypersodium environment has the ability to prevent the development of myocardial damage in the «calcium paradox», while the low level of the transmembrane gradient of sodium ion concentrations significantly enhances disturbances in energy production in cardiomyocytes compared to the control. Thus, the use of a hyposodium solution (30 mM) is accompanied by the most significant damage to cardiomyocytes, assessed by the intensity of myoglobin release into the perfusion solution flowing from the heart. At the same time, ATP and phosphocreatine in cardiomyocytes are completely destroyed. Increasing the level of sodium in the extracellular medium to 200 mM significantly weakened energy metabolism disorders: the indicators of respiration and phosphorylation in mitochondria approached the control figures obtained using sodium chloride at a concentration of 140 mM. At the same time, the concentrations of ATP and phosphocreatine in the heart muscle remained at the initial level.

The use of the EDTA chelator instead of EGTA, which binds not only calcium ions, but also magnesium ions to create a calcium-free medium, did not reveal significant differences.

Thus, a decrease or increase in the sodium concentration in the perfusion solution during perfusion with a calcium-free solution, respectively, increases or weakens the intensity of myocardial damage when modeling the "calcium paradox", regardless of the type of chelator used, and, consequently, the presence of magnesium ions.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):73-82
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Khmelevskaya T.N., Vandyshev D.Y.


Physiological and pathological processes of the body determine the formation of metabolites of a certain composition and concentration, their qualitative and quantitative assessment makes it possible to diagnose the general condition and identify diseases. The currently known methods of instrumental analysis of biosamples are characterized by a number of disadvantages, according to which the search for new test systems is urgent. The article contains information about known biomarkers of diseases, and also evaluates current sensors for diagnosing bioassays. The specific behavior of fluorochrome as an analytical test system is considered. Already existing progress and prospects for the development of the search for new sensors for preclinical and clinical diagnostics are noted.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):83-88
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Biomarkers and biochemical parameters of venous blood as criteria for the effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 therapy with intracellular non-receptor tyrosine kinases

Kostenko S.M., Tulinova I.A., Andreias S.V., Dushkina N.V., Muha T.A., Zotova E.Е., Kostenko Д.S.


Severe acute respiratory syndrome associated with coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a systemic disease characterized by various severity of pulmonary symptoms, cardiac conduction disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as neurological and endocrine disorders, renal insufficiency, myalgia. SARS-CoV-2 infection contributes to the imbalance between innate and adaptive immunity, which becomes more pronounced, especially in patients with severe form. Its effect on the pancreas, liver and other organs may be due to both direct cytopathic action and immuno-mediated mechanisms. The pathological effect of this virus on lipid metabolism and the blood coagulation system has been proven. Excessive and uncontrolled release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, characteristic of a new coronavirus infection, contributes to the development of a "cytokine storm". Janus kinase inhibitors have been proposed as a new type of immunomodulatory drugs. With a new coronavirus infection, these drugs can prevent the development of a "cytokine storm".

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):89-95
pages 89-95 views


Kuchmenko T.A., Khmelevskaya T.N., Vandyshev D.Y., Umarkhanov R.U., Morozov A.V., Skorikov V.N.


The results of assessing the sorption properties of cadmium sulfide quantum dots without modification and modified with rhodamine 6G in vapors of highly volatile organic compounds - biomarkers of inflammatory processes - are considered. Sorption properties to vapors of alcohols, ketones, amines, organic acids and water were studied using a highly sensitive piezoquartz microweighing method. New ways of ranking data obtained from the use of an “electronic nose” gas analyzer based on piezoelectric sensors with nanostructured modifiers are shown. The possibility of using an array of sensors for the analysis of biosamples of gynecological mucus has been demonstrated. Additionally, the correctness of conclusions about the condition was assessed based on the response results of test systems with a phosphor reagent. The results were confirmed by the diagnosis of specialists.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):96-102
pages 96-102 views


Mikhailova E.V., Popov S.S., Bredikhina T.A.


The purpose of this work was to search for new highly productive natural sources of biologically active substances and effective therapeutic agents based on microalgae. To achieve this goal, systematization and analysis of data from Russian and foreign studies devoted to the study of the chemical composition, pharmacological activity and possibilities of using diatoms of the genus Navicula in pharmaceutical practice was carried out. It has been shown that representatives of the genus Navicula have great potential in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological field due to the content of valuable biologically active compounds and various pharmacological activities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifibrotic, antitumor effects and the possibility of using biogenic silicon oxide, which is part of the algae shell, in as a nanoporous material for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):103-114
pages 103-114 views


Shestakov A.S., Kushchev P.O., Samotina I.Y.


A series of poly-N-isopropylacrylamide (p-NIPAM) microgels using N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide (0.25, 5.0, and 10.0 mol %) as a cross-linker was obtained by radical precipitation polymerization in an aqueous solutions without using of surfactants. A sample of a cross-linked microgel (5.0 mol.%) was obtained using sodium dodecyl sulfate as an emulgator. The hydrodynamic radius of particles were measured by dynamic light scattering, which amounted to 260–400 nm for dispersions obtained in the absence of an emulgator and 145 nm for dispersions obtained in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate. The differences can be explained by the processes of adsorption of the emulgator on the surface of polymer particles and the appearance of an electrostatic stability factor. The ζ-potentials of particles were measured by microelectrophoresis, which amounted to -0.84 mV and -6.57 mV for dispersions obtained in the absence and presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate, respectively. This proves the phenomenon of adsorption of the ionic surfactant at the "solution-polymer" interface.  Thermoresponsivity curves for the synthesized microgels (heating and cooling) were obtained by dynamic light scattering at the temperature varied from 20 to 45°C. The dispersions demonstrate the classical behavior for a thermosensitive microgel, which appears on the graphs as a hysteresis loop.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):115-122
pages 115-122 views


Dunilin A.D., Тринеева O.V., Bokareva J.A.


The article presents the results of determining some commodity quality indicators of promising medicinal plant raw materials - horse chestnut flowers harvested in various regions of the Russian Federation. The evaluation of the indicators "Humidity", "Extractive substances", "Total ash", "Non-soluble ash in HCl" was carried out. The results obtained do not exceed the norms established by the RF GF for medicinal plant raw materials of the morphological group "flowers". The regional variability of these characteristics of the quality of raw materials has been studied. Their numerical criteria are recommended for inclusion in the draft FS "Horse chestnut flowers" for the State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation (section "Tests").

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2023;26(4):123-128
pages 123-128 views

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