Vol 25, No 2 (2022)


Comparison of the use of amoxicillin for premedication and treatment for the removal of third molars

Kharitonov D.Y., Kvashnin D.V., Shcherbinin A.S.


90 patients were examined who underwent extraction of the third impacted molars according to orthodontic indications. The patients were divided into 3 groups: 30 patients - the appointment of 2000 mg. amoxicillin before surgery, 30 patients - a full course of amoxicillin according to clinical recommendations and instructions for 500 mg. every 12 hours for 7 days immediately after surgery, 30 patients – antibacterial therapy was not used. The most favorable course of the postoperative period was revealed in the first group of examined patients.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):4-10
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The role of cholecalciferol in the process of bone resorption of alveolar processes in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis and partial adentia

Polushkina N.A., Bobeshko M.N.


Diseases of the human oral cavity have acquired such a large scale that they give reason to speak not only about a purely medical problem, but also of a social nature. Periodontal diseases occur in almost all people over 40 years of age (WHO experts, 2006), including in industrialized countries. According to various data, 90% of the population have signs of gingivitis, 50% and 3% have symptoms of moderate and severe periodontitis, respectively. At the same time, a severe course of periodontitis is increasingly noted with an increase in the number of patients with aggressive forms of the disease. Violation of the formation of hormones and their deficiency can cause the development of periodontal pathology. The deficiency of one of them, D-hormone, commonly called vitamin D, which has a wide range of biological properties and participates in the regulation of many important physiological processes, also has negative consequences and underlies a number of diseases. Until recently, the most studied property of vitamin D was its regulation of calcium-phosphorus homeostasis. However, new data from domestic and foreign authors allow us to expand our understanding of the true effect of this hormone-like substance on a variety of biological effects.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):11-15
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Kunin V.A., Lesnih N.I., Azizov K.S., Zapina A.A., Onuprienko O.Y.


Prevention of complications is an important aspect of improving the quality of orthopedic treatment. One of the criteria for high-quality orthopedic treatment is the rapid adaptation of the oral and periodontal mucosa to the fabricated orthopedic structures.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):16-19
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Study of polymerization shrinkage of composite materials

Bayazova O.A., Vusataya E.V., Oleinik O.I., Sushchenko A.V., Krasnikova O.P.


A wide range of restoration materials dictate researchers to study the properties of composites, the most important indicator is polymerization shrinkage, on which the properties of the composite and the success of the long-term restoration service depend. The article is devoted to the study of the shrinkage of modern composite materials, which was studied during the experiment. The experiment demonstrated the relationship between the fullness of the composite and polymerization shrinkage. The lowest polymerization shrinkage was shown by the composite material SDR (Dentsply).

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):20-23
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Popova A.V., Ippolitov Y.A., Kovalenko M.E., Zolotareva E.Y., Gavrish A.V.


Summary. Epidemiological data on the frequency of occurrence of dentoalveolar anomalies are presented. Attention is focused on the continuing trend towards an increase in the frequency and great social significance of this group of pathologies. The success of orthodontic treatment is mediated by the impact on the alveolar wall and the reaction of the teeth and surrounding formations to the magnitude and duration of artificial force loads. The application of excessive force to the crown of the tooth leads to complete compression of periodontal vessels, stopping blood flow and slowing down bone remodeling. Thus, the study of the state of the pulp-periodontal complex is important for monitoring treatment, predicting its effectiveness and determining side effects. In the available literature, there is not enough information on the reaction of functional indicators of the pulp-periodontal complex to orthodontic treatment.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):24-32
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Features of dental care for children with autism spectrum disorders

Bavykina I.A., Bavykin D.V.


Autism spectrum disorders are widespread all over the world. Every year the number of patients who have this diagnosis increases. The features of the disease contribute to the occurrence of dental pathology and in many ways complicate the process of providing professional dental care. The article presents up-to-date data on the main barriers to providing dental care to patients with autism spectrum disorders.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):33-37
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Antibacterial efficacy of removable dentures made of thermoplastic polymers with anti-inflammatory biosoluble adhesive film in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus

Polushkina N.A., Vecherkina J.V., Chirkova N.V.


It is known that the human oral cavity is an ideal place for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This process is facilitated by parameters such as pH, humidity, optimal temperature, as well as a constant supply of nutrients. Fungi and bacteria are able to adhere to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, dentures, and the surface of natural teeth. Microbial adhesion is undoubtedly a condition for increasing microbial colonization and the development of invasion in tissues. The material used for the manufacture of removable prostheses enters into a complex interaction with the tissues of the patient's prosthetic bed and can have an adverse effect on the condition of the oral cavity, associated, among other things, with the accumulation of microbes on the elements of the prosthesis (biofilm). It is important to study in detail the properties of the materials used that determine the adhesion of microbes, in particular, representatives of the microflora of the oral cavity, since different groups of microbes (viruses, fungi, bacteria) affect the condition of tissues

The oral cavity is characterized by a certain microflora with an established qualitative and quantitative composition of microorganisms. The constancy of the microflora is maintained due to the normal functioning of the salivary glands, the mucous membrane, as well as antagonistic relationships between microorganisms through the phenomenon of "bacterial interaction".

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):38-42
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Development of the chemical composition of a topical drug for the treatment of psoriasis

Ryabinina E.I., Zotova E.E., Peleshenko E.I.


Psoriasis is one of the most common dermatological diseases that greatly affects the quality of life of patients. At the same time, about 70% of patients need only external therapy. The aim of the study was to develop the chemical composition of a cream with antiproliferative and keratolytic effects and to evaluate the result of its use in the treatment of psoriasis. The article presents and substantiates a set of ingredients, describes the preparation technology and shows the positive effect of using the developed topical drug for the treatment of psoriasis.

Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2022;25(2):43-48
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