Vol 23, No 1 (2020)



Moshurova L.V., Ledneva V.S., Leshcheva M.Y.


The attention of doctors of various specialties - neonatologists, pediatricians, nutritionists is attracted by the modern concept of "Programming nutrition in the first 1000 days of life." This is the antenatal period and the first 2 years of a child’s life. The influence of nutrition during this period on the formation of the foundation of health has been proved [1]. Currently, the concept is becoming increasingly important in connection with the growth of allergic diseases, metabolic syndrome in children and adults. Therefore, the preservation, duration of breastfeeding and its effect on the health of children is of great importance. The composition of human milk is unique. It contains all the necessary substances for optimal growth and development of the child. But finally, the composition of breast milk has not been studied and at the present stage, its study and impact on the health of children and mothers are ongoing. A strong physiological and psychological connection between the mother and the child, which was established in utero, is preserved after birth due to breastfeeding and forms long-term health. In our country, as well as throughout the world, the downward trend in breastfeeding continues. In this regard, it is very important in preparing for motherhood and shaping the correct nutritional behavior of the child to convince the expectant mother of the benefits and advantages of breastfeeding. It is necessary to actively promote breastfeeding, the duration of which depends mainly on the development of the "lactation dominant" even before the birth of the baby. The article discusses the attitude of high school students as potential mothers to children, breastfeeding, shows the willingness to breastfeed and the need to develop a "lactation dominant".
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):4-8
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Nemikh L.S.


The article deals with the issue of domestic violence as a factor of satisfaction with marriage. The relevance of the issue of domestic violence in modern society and the influence of this factor on women's satisfaction with marriage are traced. Violence in the family does not go unnoticed, it has consequences for all family members, and to a greater extent destroys the quality of life and satisfaction with marriage of the woman who is subjected to violence. Most experts define satisfaction with marriage as an internal subjective assessment, the attitude of spouses to their own marriage. The article presents the concepts of domestic violence and marital satisfaction. The results of a study of marriage satisfaction of women with and without domestic violence are discussed. In our study, we tracked the phenomenon of domestic violence as a factor of satisfaction with marriage and satisfaction of basic needs in marriage for women. The relevance of this study was to study the differences in the degree of satisfaction of women in marriage who had a history of domestic violence and women who did not have a history of domestic violence. Satisfaction with marriage is a woman's subjective assessment of the relationship in marriage. Emotional stability between spouses is important, and perhaps paramount, for marital satisfaction. According to the results of the study, it is concluded that women who have a history of domestic violence are the least satisfied with marriage. The greatest dissatisfaction is found with regard to the need for security and social needs.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):9-15
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Khoperskaya O.V., Enkova E.V., Enkova V.V., Kiseleva E.V.


It is known that as the psychoemotional state of a person affects the possibility of somatic pathology, so various somatic diseases can affect the psychological sta-tus of the patient, aggravating main pathological process. The study is devoted to assessing the levels of neuroticism and anxiety in patients with cervical intraepithe-lial neoplasia of various severity - a common gynecological pathology which is of-ten encountered in everyday work оf practicing gynecologists. The study involved 80 patients: 20 HPV-positive women with cytologically, colposcopically and histologically confirmed low - grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, 20 HPV-positive patients with high - grade cervical intraepithelial neo-plasia, and 40 healthy women who went for a preventive medical examination (NILM Cytology, normal colposcopic picture). The levels of neuroticism and anxi-ety were assessed using the methods of rapid diagnostics of Heck and Hess and Spielberg-Hanin. A pronounced effect of the disease on the psychoemotional status of patients, regardless of the depth of the epithelial layer lesion, was established. Patients who visited the oncological dispensary showed higher levels of both situational and per-sonal anxiety, which indicates the severity of not so much the fact of the presence of a somatic disease, but the strength of the stressful impact of the diagnosis, which requires consultation of oncologist. According to the doctrine of psychosomatics, expressed psychoemotional experiences can negatively affect the immune defense of the body and lead to a worsening of the underlying disease, which indicates the need for the participation of a psychologist in the management of patients with cer-vical intraepithelial neoplasia.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):16-21
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Burkov O.M., Shamray A.V., Mokhova E.V.


This article discusses the use of such a method of treatment of borderline patients as a schema-therapy. With regard to client data, Aaron Beck's cognitive therapy, which works well with depressive and anxiety disorders, is not very effective. Such patients do not perform homework, are ambivalently attuned to therapy and need special alignment of the therapeutic relationship. They respond to offers of cooperation from the therapist with passivity, helplessness, in some cases aggression, and also expect the therapist to do all the work for them. When the therapist invites these patients to change their minds and try new behaviors, they feel misunderstood. Schema-therapy is a new version of cognitive therapy. It began to pay attention to the early maladaptive patterns of patients, their reactions and relationships, in which the therapist surrounds the wounded "child part" of the patient with special care. Such people, unbeknownst to themselves, find themselves in similar situations and behave not quite adaptively. It's all about activating dysfunctional modes and circuits. Scheme - a complex of rigid emotional representations of oneself and reality, formed in early childhood and come to life in a stressful situation. In childhood, such behavior could be regarded as adaptive, but activation of such schemes at a more mature age leads to maladaptation of a person. Modes are parts of the patient’s personality. The goal of treatment regimen is to weaken dysfunctional regimes and maladaptive regimens and strengthen functional ones. This article lists the main pathological patterns and modes of patients in the Department. The prevalence of modes and patterns depending on gender is reflected. Assumptions are made about which specific dysfunctional regimens and schems can impede treatment and prolong hospitalization.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):22-27
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Ivanov V.G., Lazareva E.Y., Nikolaev E.L.


The results of the study of clinical and psychological features applying for psychological assistance through Internet technologies are presented. Research shows a wide range of possibilities for the use of the Internet in the psychological counselling of persons with various psychological problems of a prenosological nature. In turn, in order to create effective strategies of psychological interventions online, research is needed on clinical and psychological characteristics of the person and the reasons for seeking psychological assistance online. The article presents the results of the assessment of the state of mental health of the examined, features of the spiritual and value sphere, individual meaning, characteristics of attitude to yourself and others, features of coping strategies of behavior, research of family values and features of family communications. Signs of reduced life energy, motivation to activity, feelings of unnecessary, hopelessness, somatic characteristics of depression, suspicion with ideas of attitude were revealed. The subjects experience tensions related to the desire to make the most rational use of their time and forces. In difficult situations, the subjects tend to underestimate their achievements and merits. Most of those surveyed prefer to solve their problems independently and, in extreme cases, to use the help of specialists. In the examined, dysfunctional relations of catastrophe, perfectionism and estimated relations were revealed, as well as the presence of dysfunctional communications in the parental family. Therefore, remote psychological assistance is perceived by the surveyed as safer and more accessible. Those seeking psychological assistance have problems in family relations, dissatisfaction with their own achievements, self-determination and material well-being.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):28-34
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Kutashov V.A., Ulyanova O.V.


CADASIL syndrome (cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical heart attacks and leukoencephalopathy) - common genetic disease caused by a gene mutation Notch 3 on the 19th chromosome (locus 19 p 13.1), a feature of this pathology is the defeat of white matter near the temporal horns of the lateral ventricles and external capsules. For the first time, this pathology was described as an independent nosological form in 1993 as a heditary disease of small cerebral vessels, which manifests itself clinically in middle-aged people and leads to disability and dementia. An important role in the development of CADASIL, as well as other diseases, is played by concomitant acquired diseases and environmental factors. Probability of CADASIL's earlier clinical debut and its galloping progression is directly related to the presence of risk factors for myocardial infarction and stroke in a patient. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to diagnose this pathology, since this is due to the subclinical course of CADASIL up to 40 years old, the polymorphism of its symptoms, and similarity with other vascular diseases. This very serious neurological pathology can be suspected on the basis of neuroimaging data, clinical presentation and genetic analysis. To date, there are no methods and methods for pathogenetically substantiated treatment that slows down the progression of the disease. It should be noted that the identification of patients probably depends on the awareness of the doctors, which affects the data on the incidence. The article provides an analysis of the clinical case with probable CADASIL.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):35-41
pages 35-41 views


Romanova M.M., Chernov A.V.


The article reflects the results of a study on the structure of nicotine dependence and the relationship with somatic pathology among urban residents for subsequent optimization of prevention and rehabilitation programs for the population. According to the data obtained, men predominate among urban residents with nicotine addiction. The index of smokers among men is higher than among women. The structure of tobacco smokers is dominated by people of working age from 25 to 50 years. The relationship between tobacco dependence and the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems was revealed.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):42-47
pages 42-47 views


Afanasyev S.O.


The article reports about the analysis of literary data on social anxiety, comorbid with eating disorders among young people, in particular students of medical universities. In the text was emphasized the importance of mental well-being among students in higher education institutions. It was established that nervous and mental diseases prevail over other diseases among students. Also, in the article is mentioned the formation of eating disorders as dysfunctional compensation of primary social anxiety, arising due to permanent monitoring of evaluation of others, cycle on themselves. The text mentions that the fear of evaluation (both positive and negative) is directly related to dysmorphomania, dissatisfaction with appearence, overweight, which is especially relevant for young people due to strict standards of beauty in modern society. Also, according to the analysed literature, it is pointed out, that symptoms of social anxiety disorder tend to precede the development of eating disorders and are a risk factor for the development of food disorders. The article describes pathological mechanisms to compensate for fear of assessment in the form of excessive food consumption (bulimia) or overcontrol. Moreover, in the text are considered cognitive-behavioral patterns (persistent features of cognitive processes of personality) arising from comorbidity of social anxiety disorder and eating disorders. The article also mentions the trends of increasing frequency of mental disorders among students of medical universities, in particular anxiety, depression, eating disorders due to changed conditions of cultural and household environment, rapid, accelerating scientific and technological progress, high emotional loads, stresses, reforms in education in higher school. The text also covers correlations between fear of negative and positive assessment and formation of eating disorders and anxiety.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):48-52
pages 48-52 views


Sudakov D.V., Nazliev D.K., Belov E.V., Pospelova E.S.


The article studies the psychoemotional aspects of managing patients with cancer. The study was conducted on the basis of the Voronezh Regional Hospital and the Voronezh Regional Clinical Oncology Center. The objects of the study were 90 women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. All women were divided into 3 groups, depending on age: from 20 to 39 years old, from 40 to 59 years old, from 60 years old and older. Subsequently, in each group, the following subdivision was performed depending on the identified stage of oncopathology: 2,3,4. Stage 1 patients were not included in the study. Then, the study conducted identification of possible depressive conditions in patients, as well as the determination of their personal and situational anxiety. The next stage in the study was the questioning of patients. The subjects were asked to evaluate various aspects of the treatment, as well as the correctness of communication of their attending physician. At the final stage, negative moments were revealed in “communication” with the attending physician, according to patients. It was found that from the 2nd stage of oncopathology to the 4th, the psychoemotional status worsened in patients, the signs of depression intensified, and situational anxiety increased. However, despite this, the vast majority of patients were satisfied with various aspects of their treatment. The article is of interest to both oncologists and psychologists and can be used not only in the medical, but also in the educational process of medical universities.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):53-59
pages 53-59 views


Gayvoronskaya E.B., Rogozina M.A., Podvigin S.N.


The article analyzes "interference" in establishing emotional contacts and the level of social frustration of the 1st year students of medical university in the 2nd semester. It has been shown that women, unlike men, are more prone to disorganizing emotional reactions and states. Among the specific "interference" in establishing emotional contact in the general group of students among men in the first place (27.6%) there is inflexibility, underdevelopment, inexpressiveness of emotions, while women are dominated by inadequate expression of emotions (25.2%). In the screening study of social frustration in women, high levels of satisfaction (lack of social frustration) were found, while in men the response was "rather satisfied" indicating that social frustration was not clearly declared. These results showed a sufficient level of social adaptation for the 1st year students in the 2nd semester. In order to prevent the consequences of disorganizing emotional conditions, medical students in the 1st year were asked to carry out medical and psychological prevention with the maximum approximation of psychological assistance to the student environment. In addition, it is proposed to carry out active work on the introduction into everyday life of students activities aimed at leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as activities aimed at improving interpersonal communication, the formation of humanistic values, empathic abilities and social life skills in the group and the medical team as a whole. Such activities should meet not only the tasks of theoretical training of students on these issues, but also have a practical application in the student environment, contributing to the humanistic interaction of teachers and students.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):60-64
pages 60-64 views


Grechko T.Y., Protopopova A.M.


The article presents modern approaches to the diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder (BAR) and the main trends in the treatment of this disease . BAD refers to diseases of the affective sphere. In accordance with the existing classification, affective mood disorders are combined into a large group of heterogeneous mental disorders, the main manifestation of which is a pathologically altered mood. Affective disorders are observed in 25% of patients in psychiatric hospitals, in 65% of patients in an outpatient psychiatric network, and in at least 10% of all patients in non-psychiatric hospitals (A. G. Hoffman, 2019 [7]. Exacerbations alternate with states of remission, which are characterized by a complete reduction in painful symptoms. This allows us to consider BAD one of the most favorable endogenous mental disorders. Patients with this disease belong to the group of the most preserved in psychiatry. However, this does not remove a number of issues related to this disease. One of the biggest problems of patients with BAD is a high risk of suicide (29 times more than in the general population). In addition, the article discusses the issues of modern diagnostic approaches and the terminology of affective disorders. Characteristics of BAD types are given, Including those that do not yet appear in the ICD -10. The questions of the choice of modern psychopharmacotherapy of BAD are considered. Characterization and classification of normotimics as a leading base group of drugs this disease is given.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):65-72
pages 65-72 views


Semenova E.A., Harin V.V., Chernova M.S.


Benchmarking study of psychopathologic disorders signs severity among adults and teenagers addicted to the most frequent psychoactive substances such as: heroin, amphetamine, cannabis, synthetic drugs, alcohol. Psychic disorders comorbidity among drug users of single shot of multidirectional psychoactive substances able to inhibit and depress CNS. The mortality rate among drug addicts is rising. 90% of them are ill with hepatitis, and ¾ with AIDS. The situation with death of drug use is very severe in Russia. In this respect we are ahead of developed European countries. Annually tens of thousands of people die because of drug abuse in Russia, most of them are young.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):73-84
pages 73-84 views


Larskikh M.V., Filippova T.V., Milovanova V.Y.


The article is devoted to the study of social fears in patients with neurotic disorders. The study involved 38 patients (5 men and 33 women) of the neurosis department of THE VOCPND. The methodology "The questionnaire of the hierarchical structure of actual personal fears" by Y. Scherbatykh and E. Ivleva was used. It has been found that social fears are not only interconnected but are associated with biological and irrational fears (fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of disease, fear of heart). The total number of fears depends on the patient's marital status - single patients have more fears than family patients. The results of the study allow us to recommend when a patient asks to work with social fears (public speeches, critics, bosses, etc.), to start with biological fears, and, first of all, with fear of death.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):85-90
pages 85-90 views


Pokachalova M.A., Selyutina M.V., Chernov A.V.


Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a consequence of the progression of all cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Moreover, in the development of many diseases, psychosocial factors are of great importance, emphasizing the relevance of the role of cognitive impairment (CN) during CHF. Therefore, the presence in patients with CHF of CN leads to the fact that patients are not able to follow the doctor’s recommendations, violate the treatment regimen recommended by the doctor, which in turn leads to an aggravation of the clinical course of the disease. Laser therapy has long been widely used in almost all areas of medicine. Low-intensity laser radiation (LILR) stimulates the biochemical and physiological reactions that arise as a result of the primary effects not only in tissues, organs, but also in the body and contribute to its restoration. LILR is a non-specific factor, the effect of which is not directed against the causative agent of the disease and clinical manifestations of the disease, but on increasing the body's resistance. LILR acts at the body level only as a therapeutic agent. Laser light eliminates the imbalance in the central nervous system (CNS), which disrupts the sanogenetic function of the brain (GM). As a result of the LILR action, the regression of pathological processes, physiological reactions come back to normal and, as a result, the regulatory functions of the central nervous system are restored. LILR with adequate and timely use allows you to restore disturbed system balance. This article describes in detail the clinical case of a patient with heart failure and heart failure who underwent complex treatment using LILR.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):91-97
pages 91-97 views


Sklyarova T.P., Petrova A.V.


The article considers a retrospective analysis of occupational morbidity among flight personnel. A psychophysiological survey of aviation service specialists was conducted, which resulted in a decrease in adaptive capabilities. In 70 % - revealed tension of adaptation mechanisms, 20% decrease in functional reserves of the body. As a protective mechanism, the syndrome of emotional burnout (exhaustion phase) is formed. The resistance phase of the burnout syndrome is formed and manifests itself as symptoms of inadequate emotional selective response, reduction of professional responsibilities, emotional and moral disorientation, and expansion of the sphere of emotional economy. The gradual loss of emotional, cognitive and physical energy is manifested by symptoms of physical fatigue and a decrease in satisfaction with the performance of professional tasks, which negatively affects the performance of professional activities.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):98-102
pages 98-102 views


Sudakov D.V., Yakusheva N.V., Shevtsov A.N., Pospelova E.S.


The article discusses some psychological aspects of the learning process in a medical university. Among the most diverse psychological components that can influence the learning process in a university, “stress” is especially distinguished. Stress is able to negatively affect not only the students' current performance, but also reduce the general interest in mastering the specialty. The aim of the work was an attempt to find out the severity of stress among students of the 5th year of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as ways to deal with it. The objects of the study were 200 students, who were divided into 2 groups depending on gender (100 people each). Subsequently, the subjects were asked to answer a number of questions of a specially designed questionnaire. Some of the questions dealt with aspects of the occurrence of stress, and some of the questions dealt with how students struggle with it. It was found that almost all students periodically experience stress. However, the vast majority of students experience only periodic stress and only a small part is constant. A certain pattern of increased stress during the periods of the session was also noted. Among the ways to deal with stress, many students turn to the family, their hobby, or the Internet. At the same time, it should be noted that a small part of students resort to alcohol and smoking, as attempts to relieve stress. The article is of particular interest for teachers of higher education engaged in the educational process with students of different courses.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):103-108
pages 103-108 views


Libina I.I., Morozova N.N., Khutoretsky M.E.


Currently, there are several options for implementing pre-university training: traditional general education classes, preparatory courses, profile classes, a special place in this series is given to preuniversaries. Education in a specialized medical class, which is part of the preuniversity of a medical university, can be considered as one of the means to improve the quality and effectiveness of specialized school education by expanding the educational environment, which contains both traditional and innovative components of education. This kind of training is focused on individualizing instruction, as well as on vocational guidance for students, taking into account the interests, inclinations of the student and the real needs of the modern labor market.
Applied Information Aspects of Medicine (Prikladnye informacionnye aspekty mediciny). 2020;23(1):109-116
pages 109-116 views

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