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Author Guidelines

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to place your work on the pages of scientific electronic journals of the V.G. N.N. Burdenko of the Ministry of Health of Russia "Applied Information Aspects of Medicine" - editor-in-chief Dr. med. Sci., Professor Shumilovich Bogdan Romanovich

The publication is registered by the RF Ministry of Communications and Informatization as a network electronic scientific publication.

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Materials are accepted for printing in the form of a full-text article, no less than 5 pages (standard - 65-70 characters per line, 30 lines per page).

The article should be structured according to the scheme of scientific work and contain the following headings: relevance, material and research methods, results obtained and their discussion, conclusions, literature.

After the Russian-language text, a translation into English of the surnames and initials of the authors, the title of the article, the name of the department of execution, summary, keywords, list of references must be placed.

The full text of the article ends with the heading "information about the authors".

Articles are accepted by the executive editor Peleshenko Elena Ivanovna at the address: Voronezh, st. Student, 10 "a", educational and laboratory building of the medical academy named after Burdenko, room 206 (second floor) or E-Mail tel. 8 (903) 854 53 69

Submission form - electronic version and one printed copy with a visa of the head of the department.

The order of execution: Initials and Surnames of the authors separated by commas, centered, hyphenation in words is not allowed; Title - capital letters, located in the center of the line, hyphenation in words is not allowed; The name of the department or department in which the work was performed; resume in Russian; keywords. The text of the article follows.

The section "information about the authors" includes:

Full Name

academic degree

academic rank

position held

Place of work

Contact information (e-mail; phone)

The main text is designed in Times New Roman font, size 14, line spacing one and a half, margins - 30 mm left, 15 mm right, top and bottom 20 mm each. The first line of a paragraph is indented. Place tables and figures directly in the text.


А.А. Иванов, Б.В.Петров

ФГБОУ ВО ВГМУ им. Н.Н. Бурденко Минздрава России,
 кафедра название

Резюме. Изучены вопросы (объем не менее 800 и не более 1500 символов).

Ключевые слова:слово; словосочетание.


Материалы и методы исследования.Текст, таблицы, рисунки

Полученные результаты и их обсуждение. Текст, табл., рис.

Выводы. Текст


  1. источник (Не менее 8-ми источников, до 30% от объема списка литературы источники последних 3-х лет)


A.A. Ivanov, B.V. Petrov


Voronezh   State Medical University


Keywords: high school, educational process, adaptation, students, affective disorders.


  1. Source

Сведения об авторах: Александр Александрович Иванов – к. м. н., доцент кафедры



Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • Эта статья не была раньше опубликована, а также не представлена для рассмотрения и публикации в другом журнале (иначе объясните это в Примечаниях для Редактора).

  • Отправляемый файл рукописи имеет формат Microsoft Word или RTF - *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf.

  • Интернет-ссылки представлены в виде полных URL.

  • Текст набран с одинарым межстрочным интервалом, шрифт Times New Roman, 12 pt; для выделения используется курсив, а не подчеркивание (кроме интернет-ссылок); все иллюстрации, графики и таблицы расположены в тексте там, где требуется по смыслу (а не в конце документа).

  • Текст соответствует стилистическим и библиографческим требованиями Руководства для Авторов, расположенном в разделе "О нас".

  • Были удалены имена авторов из заголовка статьи и выполнены другие требования документа Обеспечение Анонимности при Рецензировании.


Privacy Statement

The names and addresses specified by you when registering on this site will be used solely for technical purposes: contact with you or with reviewers (editors) in the process of preparing your article for publication. They will in no way be provided to other individuals and organizations.


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