Vol 25, No 1 (2024): Опубликован 29.03.2024


Assessment of drug interactions according to prescription lists in therapeutic departments of hospitals in the Saratov region

Ruta A., Luchinina E., Shelekhova T., Luchinin E.


A drug-drug interaction (DDI) can occur when two or more different medicines (medicines) are taken at the same time, whereby one drug may increase or decrease the effectiveness of another. In case of drug-drug interactions, the following scenarios are possible: an increase or decrease in the effect of drugs, or the combination may lead to a reaction that is not observed when taking one of the drugs. The purpose of this prospective study was to evaluate drug interactions according to the prescription lists in therapeutic departments of multidisciplinary hospitals in the Saratov region. The analysis of drug interactions was performed using the modern information resource on medicines www.drugs.com. Results: Out of 230 cases, 330 drug interactions were identified in 120 cases (52.17%) out of which 10 (3.03%) were clinically observed and the remaining 320 were potential drug interactions. Majority (80.86%) of the potential drug interactions were pharmacodynamic in nature. It was found that out of 330 drug interactions identified, 82 (24.85%) were significant in severity, 176 (53.33%) were moderate and 72 (21.82%) were minor. Conclusions: The study found that potential drug interactions did not cause serious problems in patients. Nevertheless, careful monitoring of the prescription list is necessary to identify in advance potential undesirable drug interactions that could lead to serious clinical problems in patients.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):5-10
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Personalized approach to dual antiplatelet therapy based on phenotype and genotype of patient with acute coronary syndrome

Dubrovsky A.


Clinical recommendations as one of the key elements of therapy is dual antiplatelet therapy for 12 months or more in the presence of high risk factors. Main objective of this drugs is to prevent recurrent ischemic events. Resistance to antiplatelet therapy is associated with high risk of recurrent vascular events. In article discusses existing methods for assessing the effectiveness of antiplatelet therapy, results of observation of 44 patients with acute coronary syndrome, receiving dual antiplatelet therapy. In article presented clinical examples of individual response to clopidogrel and acetylsalicylic acid, with results of pharmacogenetic testing of CYP 2c19

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):11-17
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Bibik E., Krivokolysko S., Bukhtoyarova D.


Changes in the biochemical analysis of rat blood by the level of alkaline phosphatase and alanine aminotransferase after two weeks of administration of the most commonly used NSAIDs and new cyanothioacetamide derivatives with the most pronounced analgesic activity were studied. Of the studied five new original cyanothioacetamide derivatives with pronounced analgesic properties, administered daily intra-gastrally for 14 days at a dose of 5 mg / kg, the safest in terms of effects on liver function in terms of alkaline phosphatase and alanine aminotransferase is a compound with the laboratory cipher d02-123

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):18-23
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Vaccination in the analysis of the phenotypic variety of the human papillomavirus

Zhdanov V., DIADINA X., Berezhnova T., KORZH E., Luneva E., Chechelnitskaya A., Kuzmenko N.


The spread of HPV-associated infections, which have assumed epidemic proportions, has led not only to serious health problems, but also to significant material costs for the state and, directly, for the patients themselves. The paper provides information on the results of the analysis of indicators of the phenotypic affiliation of the human papillomavirus, which makes it possible to make a choice for more effective vaccination in female patients. Constant scientific interest in the phenotypic variety of the detected viruses is associated with the proven carcinogenicity of specific types of HPV. It can be stated that HPV infection in the male and female populations is a serious problem, as there is a tendency towards rejuvenation and an increase in the incidence of HPV-associated infections with severe consequences. In this regard, an increase in disability, mortality is predicted, and most importantly, it worsens reproductive health, because sexually it is most common in groups of sexually active young women who have not fulfilled their reproductive function, which ultimately leads to an aggravation of demographic problems in Russia and the world as a whole.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):24-28
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Effect of molecular hydrogen on severity of fatigue symptoms in students

Chechelnitskaya A., DIADINA X., Berezhnova T., Luneva E.


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is one of the most common pathologies to date, which is explained by frequent stress, fast pace of life, impaired biorhythms, and frequent overwork. Women are more likely to experience CFS than men, according to various sources, about 14% of young people aged 14 to 25 are susceptible to the development of this syndrome. Medical students often complain of constant fatigue, decreased concentration, impaired memory and attention. All these symptoms disrupt the quality of life, because students need to remember large amounts of information, be able to quickly answer the questions posed. To correct this condition, various methods are used, for example, mineral baths, correction of the daily regime, setting up a work and rest regime. Sometimes the use of these methods is impossible, while the use of water enriched with hydrogen is the simplest method of possible correction of this state.

The aim of this work is to study the effect of water enriched in molecular hydrogen on chronic fatigue in students.

Materials and methods. The study involved 45 volunteer students of the 3rd year of the Faculty of Medicine. The study lasted 21 days. All participants were divided into 3 groups of 15 people. The first study group received in addition to the usual diet plain water in a volume of 600 ml per day in three doses. The second group studied received in the same way as the first, water enriched with molecular hydrogen. The third group is control. In hydrogen water, the concentration of dissolved hydrogen was 0.8-1.1 ppm. On the first and last day of the study, students were tested to identify the degree of chronic fatigue.

It was revealed that in the group receiving water enriched with molecular hydrogen, participants noted an improvement in mood and performance, an increase in attention, while reducing the severity of fatigue symptoms.

In the 1st and 3rd groups, students, in general, did not notice an improvement in their condition.

Intake of water enriched with molecular hydrogen helps to reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue and improve well-being.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):29-33
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The ratio of purine metabolites in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Cheprasova A., Popov S., Pashkov A., Myachina O.


One of the acute problems of biomedicine is currently diabetes mellitus, the prevalence of which is constantly growing in the Russian Federation and other countries. Hyperglycemia leads to a violation of carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism, as well as to the development of an energy imbalance.

The aim of the work is to study the ratio of purine metabolites in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The study included 120 people, the control group consisted of 20 conditionally healthy men and 20 women. The experimental groups consisted of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, 20 men and 20 women each. Saliva was collected in the morning on an empty stomach. The content of purine metabolites in saliva was determined by chromatographic method.

The study revealed that purine metabolites in saliva are eluted in the form of 6 different fractions: adenosine (A), adenosine monophosphate (AMP), adenosine diphosphate (ADP), guanosine diphosphate (GDF), adenosine triphosphate (ATP), guanosine triphosphate (GTP). Significant deviations in the content of adenylic and guanylic metabolites in the saliva of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus compared with practically healthy individuals were revealed.

The ratio of purine metabolites of saliva is an important indicator of the physiological state of the body, reflects energy metabolism, the development of tissue ischemia and oxidative stress. Thus, the study of purine metabolites in saliva can be a useful tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):34-39
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Malyugin D., Zoloedov V., Nekrasova N., Elizarova I.


In the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), there are difficult tasks for both the physician and the patient, one of which is therapeutic training (TT) of the patient. TT includes activities that allow the patient to master effective methods of self-control and treatment of DM aimed at preventing the progression and complications of DM. The purpose of this review of national (elibrary.ru, Google Scholar) and foreign (Scopus, Web of Science, MedLine, Cochrane Library) literature is to summarize current data on TT of patients with diabetes. This review examines the advantages and disadvantages of various models of TT (group and individual, inpatient and outpatient), as well as education programs for which structured programs are the standard. In modern medicine, the concept of a personalized approach is being actively introduced, which is successfully used in training programs. Patients of different age groups have specific characteristics that also must be taken into account: in childhood it is preferable to use a game format; in elderly patients it is important to take into account their functional dependence, the presence of sensory and cognitive impairments. This review also addresses such issues as: 1) features of the psychological state of patients that must be taken into account when conducting training; 2) features of patient education during the COVID-19 pandemic (distance learning); 3) development of resources for patient self-education. Thus, training patients with DM is an important component of endocrinological care. Education programs should be clearly structured, comprehensive, continuous, personalized, and understandable to the patient.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):40-50
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First aid: studying tactics and practicing practical skills as part of the training course for employees of the internal affairs bodies of Russia to serve

Babichev S., Melnik K., Dudkin Y.


The issues of forming and improving sustainable skills of tactical medicine both among employees of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and among the civilian population of our country in the modern international situation are extremely important. The authors consider the basic components of tactical medicine needed to build first aid and self-help skills for the injured. The main aspects of self-help in special conditions of service are considered, aimed at minimizing negative consequences, reducing the risk of a threat to life and health, and fulfilling the assigned service and operational task.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):51-55
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About the role of iron and the consequences of its deficiency in young children

Cherkasov V., Nastusheva T.


Iron, as an important macronutrient, takes part in a large number of biochemical reactions of the body. Iron deficiency (GI) is most common in infants and adolescents. The main reason is an unbalanced diet. Iron deficiency leads to the development of anemia, incomplete development of the nervous system and impaired cognitive abilities in children, an insufficient immune response to vaccination. The deterioration of the health status of young children due to iron deficiency is associated with considerable economic damage.

The purpose of the study: to study the main causes of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in young children and assess economic damage.

Materials and methods: a retrospective cohort study was conducted, in which 70 medical histories of children hospitalized with a diagnosis of IDA from 2017 to 2021 were analyzed.

Results: the cause of IDA among young children was most often irrational nutrition, namely, the consumption of whole cow/goat milk, insufficient consumption of meat products. Among those hospitalized, 50% of patients had severe anemia.

The economic damage caused by IDA is quite difficult to assess, but it can be reduced by prevention due to the achievements of nutritionology and the effectiveness of therapy with iron preparations.

Conclusions: the high prevalence of JA leads to the need to develop and comply with effective prevention measures. The main strategy involves dietary diversification of foods with more bioavailable iron and/or the use of basic iron-fortified foods such as formula milk or cereals.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):56-64
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Follow up of interstitial pneumonia caused by covid-19 in a child: a case report

Cherkasova O., Moshurova L., Savelieva J.


A new coronavirus infection, the causative agent of which is the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Pediatric patients have a high significance in the spread of COVID-19, but more often adults carry COVID-19 in mild form. The clinical picture of the disease in children differs significantly depending on their age and the strain of the pathogen, and a burdened comorbid background increases the risk of developing interstitial pneumonia against the background of COVID-19, while atypical pneumonia can be diagnosed in patients without a history of chronic diseases, as well as in people with mild infection.

Objective: demonstration of the catamnesis of interstitial pneumonia against the background of an atypical course of a new coronavirus infection in a 9-year-old child.

Materials and methods: a clinical case of viral polysegmental pneumonia against the background of a new coronavirus infection based on the child's developmental history is described.

Results: the new coronavirus infection in the described case had a severe course complicated by bilateral viral pneumonia (CT-2). Bilateral coronavirus pneumonia in the catamnesis was resolved by the development of pleuropulmonary adhesions and apical fibrosis in a 9-year-old girl. COVID-19 in the patient proceeded with toxicoderma, manifested by a polymorphic rash.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):65-68
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What come primary: autism spectrum disorder or gastrointestinal pathology?

Terentyeva A., Zavyalova A., Yakovleva M., Novikova V., Pankratova P., Gritsinskaya V., Grechanyi С.


Recently, increasingly, parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are committed to an aglutenic casein-free diet. A number of children showed a positive effect of dietary correction on the child's behavior, probably due to the relief of gastrointestinal syndrome.

The aim of the study: to assess physical development, typical complaints, gastrointestinal symptoms and nutritional preferences in children with autism.

Materials and methods: 2 groups of children (n = 62) with gastrointestinal complaints with diagnosed autism by a psychiatrist (n = 32) and without (n = 30) were examined, the average age was 5.6 years (2-14). Food history, food addictions were studied, the physical development of children was assessed. Laboratory diagnosis for food intolerance is based on a high level of IgG to food allergens. Statistical processing of material: SoftStatistica 12.0. for Windows-10.

Results: children with ASD were more likely to have decreased appetite (34% and 10%, p ≤ 0.05), Wolfson eating disorders (28% and 5%, p ≤ 0.05), and BEN (28% and 13.3%, p ≤ 0.05). Equally often, children of both groups preferred sweet foods with a high glycemic index, french fries and pasta. Food allergy in children with ASD was more common (50% and 6.7%, p ≤ 0.01). The incidence of atopic dermatitis was similar in both groups (9% and 6.7%, p ≤ 0.05). Of the gastrointestinal complaints in ASD, diarrhea (22% and 6.7%, p ≥ 0.05) and flatulence (28% and 3.3%, p ≥ 0.05) were more often detected; constipation (28% and 20%, p ≤ 0.05) and abdominal pain (50% and 53.3%, p ≤ 0.05) were equally common.

Conclusions: the physical development and nutritional status of children with ASD does not differ from that of the control group. At the same time, complaints of flatulence, diarrhea and selective/absent appetite were more often diagnosed in patients with autism. Assessing the dynamics of immunoglobulin G levels to diagnose food intolerance requires accumulating evidence-supported data. The effectiveness of the gluten-free and casein-free diet is confirmed by the relief of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):69-77
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Study of clinical and epidemiological features of opisthorchis felineus invasion in the voronezh region

Krivoruchko I., Paraskevopulo M., Lagutina S., Pashkova A., Dobrynina I., Skuratova O., Yesina E.


The epidemiological features of chronic opisthorchiasis have been studied and it has been established that the leading factor in the transmission of opisthorchiasis in the Voronezh region is the fish consumed. A detailed analysis of the clinical manifestations of helminthiasis was carried out and the main syndromes of chronic opisthorchiasis were identified - asthenovegetative and dyspeptic. It was noted that there were no significant changes in hemogram parameters in the form of leukocytosis and eosinophilia. Biochemical blood parameters of patients with chronic opisthorchiasis also did not show deviations from normal values. When conducting a parasitological diagnosis of helminthiasis - a coprooscopic study using the acetic-ether precipitation method - eggs of Opisthorchis felineus were found in 80.4% of infested patients. All patients underwent coprooscopic examination once. It has been established that the most valuable diagnostic method for verifying the diagnosis of “chronic opisthorchiasis” is coproovoscopy.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):78-83
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Assessment of the fertilizing ability of sperm by the content of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha in seminal plasma

Galkovich K., Sosnin D.


Violation of male fertility is more than 40% in the structure of barren marriages. The search for indicator components of seminal plasma with diagnostic value for identifying spermatogenesis disorders is of interest. The purpose of the study is to determine the fertilizing ability of sperm in men by the concentration of tumor necroses factor-alpha (TNFα) in seminal plasma.

Material and methods. Settlements of sperm of 95 men of reproductive age were investigated: the main group (n = 61) compiled patients with a decrease in sperm concentration and their total content in the ejaculate, a comparison group (n = 34) with normal concentration indicators and the total number of sperm in the ejaculate. The concentration of the TNFα was determined by the method of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using the alpha-TNF-ELISA-BEST test system (A-8756, Vector-Best LLС, Russia).

Results. The content of the TNFα in the seminal plasma compiled (median and inter-worshiping range) 9.18 [5.61; 14.71] pg/ml, the concentration of this protein in the main group was statistically significantly higher than the similar indicator in the comparison group (p<0,00001). The possibilities of applying the concentration of TNFα in seminal plasma as a marker impaired ejaculative violation by identifying the value of the positive and negative outcomes of in vitro fertilization (IVF) as a marker. In couples undergoing infertility treatment with the use of ARTs (men of the main group), the largest number of IVF outcome was represented by truly positive results - 55.74%. The diagnostic sensitivity of the method was 80.95%, a diagnostic specificity of 73.68%, diagnostic efficiency of 78.69%.

Conclusions. The content of TNFα in the seminal plasma of patients with subworical ejaculate statistically significant is higher compared to healthy men. The concentration of TNFα in seminal plasma can be used as a criterion for selection of ejaculate for use in the implementation of the programs of the assisted reproductive technologies

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):84-91
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Laboratory-clinical correlations of immuno-metabolic status parameters of patients with anxiety and depression symptoms

Bakuleva N., Zemskov A., Shiryaev O., Andrianova A., Myamina E., Osadchaya A.


Laboratory parameters (immuno-metabolic status) in patients with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder and their correlation with the frequency of psychopathological symptoms were studied. The study involved 92 people diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder. The identified psychopathological symptoms were accompanied by changes in the immuno-metabolic status, which were formed into diagnostic formulas. Thus, changes in immunological, metabolic and clinical parameters are consistent elements of a single pathogenetic mechanism in patients with anxiety-depressive spectrum disorders.

Medical Scientific Bulletin of Central Chernozemye (Naučno-medicinskij vestnik Centralʹnogo Černozemʹâ). 2024;25(1):92-99
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