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Основными задачами публикации статей в Научно-медицинском вестнике Центрального Черноземья является освещение главных проблем и перспектив в развитии диагностики и лечения заболеваний всех возрастных групп населения.

Журнал способствует повышению квалификации научных и врачебных кадров, их ознакомлению с современными достижениями медицинской науки

Научно-медицинский вестник Центрального Черноземья реализует свою деятельность по следующим направлениям:

3.1.18. (14.01.04) – внутренние болезни

3.1.21. (14.01.08) – педиатрия

3.3.6. (14.03.06) – фармакология, клиническая фармакология

3.1.21. (14.01.25) – пульмонология

3.3.8. (31.02.03) – клиническая и лабораторная диагностика

В качестве своей специализации имеет общий институциональный контент по медицинской тематике.

В издании размещаются следующие виды научных публикаций: оригинальная статья, обзорная статья, анализ клинических случаев.

Приглашаем к публикации всех специалистов, работающих в области направлений специальностей нашего журнала.






Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

The procedure for reviewing articles submitted for publication in the journal "Scientific - Medical Bulletin of the Central Chernozem Region"

Incoming author's materials undergo technical editing and scientific review. The editorial board reviews incoming materials by members of the editorial board and invited experts.

Stages of reviewing:

  1. Preliminary examination:

checking the "Anti-Plagiarism" system for the presence of illegal borrowings by the conclusion on the admission of the article to consideration if the originality of the material is at least 75%;

referral to a specific expert in accordance with the specialty of the submitted work (the performer is the responsible editor).

  1. The review of the work is carried out for the purpose of their expert evaluation.The reviewer draws up a review, as a rule, reflecting the relevance of the stated topic, the correspondence of the title of the article, goals and objectives, the adequacy of the conclusions of the goal, as well as the presence of scientific novelty and practical significance of the work (performers are members of the editorial board, experts who are recognized experts on the subject of peer–reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the reviewed article).
  2. The reviewer is appointed from among the members of the editorial board or invited qualified specialists on the subject of peer-reviewed materials who have published on the subject of the reviewed article within the last three years. The reviews are kept in the editorial office of the publication for 5 years.
  3. The editorial board sends the authors copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal to publish their article on the pages of the publication; further work with the authors to eliminate comments made by experts; technical editing and layout of articles (executive – executive editor).
  4. The editorial Board, at the request of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation or other competent authorities, sends copies of reviews to the requesting party.


Open Access Policy

The articles of this journal are available to everyone from the moment of publication, which provides free open access to research results and contributes to the progress of science and medicine.


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